Go support my team by bidding on a auction for the following prizes. Just leave a comment with bid amount by 4pm CST, and you need to tell them the name of a specific team member of your choice, Big Jason, Ronda, Furry Hat Guy, Jani.

  • An Amazon Kindle ($360 value)
  • A LIFETIME subscription to ShoeMoney Tools ($250/month value)
  • 2 VIP Tickets to Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live Conference ($2500 value)
  • A FREE Paid Post on whiner John Chow’s famous blog (a $500 value)

If you I don’t want to play favorites, but Big Jason has taken it to another level. If you have the winning bid (currentyly ($1200) in Big Jason’s name, he will also give you the following in addition to the above prizes:

  • $200 cash back
  • a copy of peelaway ads by Harris Fellman ($37 value) 
  • a copy of 15k in 7 days by Brian Edmondson ($67 value)
  • a 1 year lease of Xiosoft Lead Generator by Rick Raddatz ($497 value)
  • a copy of Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed by Pro Blogger Alex Sysoef ($97)
  • a copy of PR Traffic by Marc Harty ($697)
  • a copy of Web Traffic Orgasm – Buzz Marketing Manual by Dean Hunt, World’s Leading Buzz Marketing Expert ($97)

That is over $10,000 in cash and prizes if you are the winning bidder in Big Jason’s name but still over $5000 for any member of my team. So go comment now with your bid. i..e I'm bidding $1250 for Joe Blow.

P.S. Make sure you use an accurate email and be available at 4pm CST to pay for your winning bid.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

32 thoughts on “Top Affililiate Challenge Auction”
  1. Well i am definitely checking this out and have been reading up on both sides of the story from John too.

    Instant Community

  2. What if this was all just a big scam/game they made up to get us all to click links, sign-up for offers… and make them a lot of cash.



  3. it is a bit of a circle jerk… has anyone been able to actually watch the show? They seem to be having some video issues.

  4. I am watching it now … but I let it load up before trying to watch. I’m sure the servers are being beat up with all the requests!

    Keep trying … so far it’s funny as hell 15 minutes in!


  5. OMG! where are you been J, I don’t believe what happened in the TAC blog.

  6. This is very circle-jerkish. Shoe said that he’s always hated the typical IM approach to marketing/affiliate stuff where you mail for each other and then the affiliate piles on the bonuses to get people to buy through their link. I guess he had a change of heart.

    Personally, I think the show would be a lot more exciting if they weren’t allowed to leverage freinds sites, their own sites, or existing lists. I would find a show like that much more interesting rather than just see people spam their lists/blogs more because they are in an affiliate contest. It turns into who can spam their customers more.

  7. I’ll start bidding @ $1000 for Big Jason.

    Hope I am doing this right.

  8. Ah never mind I realized I needed to post it on the Top Aff challenge blog.

  9. My Take on Affiliate Challenge:

    1. Pretty gay official website
    2. Contestants have been acting like babies
    3. The rules suck. I thought we would see some serious skills but so far its been all begging and using connections, sources to help ‘a brotha out’ and make a click or generate a lead…
    4. Collin (the 18 year old) made it to the challenge because another candidate and him spammed it and they helped each other by clicking on votes….and collin happened to get more vote than his buddy… it was self promotion and self voting system.
    5. This is gonna be the end result => Just to be crowned the top affiliate, challengers are going to spend large sums of money from their own pocket to generate leads/clicks (through their own personal contacts and friends). As a result azoogle will make loads of money and challengers will use this as a advertising platform to call themselves the Best and attract more traffic to their blogs….which means they can recover the funds in the long run.

    6. So far this has been a disappointment. I do not doubt the skills of Jeremy or John Chow or others…. but so far it has been quite lame. (Sorry just my personal opinion)

  10. I completely agree with your comment which is why I deleted my post about the contest and used other marketing methods. I will not be posting any more on this blog about what we are doing.

  11. I appreciate your opinion. I am not sure about some of your claims but I think everyone will agree that its impossible to do normal internet marketing only working a few hours a day on a challenge.

  12. “ShoeMaker” they don’t even know how to pronounce your name. It’s your chance to give them e lesson!

  13. hey jonathan,

    been trying to get in contact with you. haha. dean hunt beat you to it and won with $1000 bid. thanks man. hope to ttys

    big jason

  14. That show kinda went up in flames. Was anyone able to watch the complete episode?

  15. Hey Shoe so far the show looks cool but what the hell is up. It took like freakin two hours to watch 20 minutes of the show. I finally had to close it due to my a.d.d. Tell Thor it freakin blows ass that you are losing viewers for lame load times.

  16. Ya he knows… he knows…

    Like anything successful their is a scale issue =(

    The servers got hit really really hard from all the people trying to watch the shows. I know thor is working on it.

  17. Great to see I won. I sent the cash, great speaking to you ShoeMoney. Looking forward to exploiting your tools 😉


  18. Methinks you’re on the right track here. Interesting marketing experiment. Would love to see the stats on this one. Will you share with us, please Jeremy?

  19. But the seed has been sown! Good luck from here on in….as if you need it….methinks you’ll be needing sleep soon tho!

  20. Love this experiment! It is putting the online world to thew acid test. It reads like a soap opera!

  21. That sounds interesting indeed. One usually associates tools with SEO, so am quite interested to see exactly what is being offered here.

  22. Yup, one sure has to employ some serious time management here. Don’t envy you this task, Jeremy. Running several businesses, a baby on its way (if not freshly arrived…) and still trying to make this TAC a success. Thought only women can multitask!

  23. congrats Dean, If i was close to the computer I would have gotten in the auction!


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