Mike asks:

What do you consider rich?

Just financially speaking… not the common “I’m happy, so I’m rich” definition.

ShoeMoney: If you limit me to simply financial I would have to say when you can purchase everything you need and not go into debt.

Party Clothes asks:

What would you do to make a good party great?

ShoeMoney: Invite me

Justin asks:

When are you going to post pics/video tour of your new office?

ShoeMoney: We are still doing some small construction in the new building and outfitting the kitchen, conference room, and the 4 offices will be a bit. Its possible we might do a video eventually. Its possible there will be some of it on the top affiliate challenge.

Zak asks:

How much do you make per month? not only from this blog but your grand total earning ( Adsense + Affiliate + Private ad sales etc… )

ShoeMoney: My personal salary is 120k per year so that would be 10k per month. We are looking at taking on some investment money so I am unable to disclose company financials at this time.

team ray asks:

whats the least you spend on ppc yet made a huge margin on?

ShoeMoney: 5$?

petsfunky asks:

sorry i remake the question: Can you give me some advice on how to bring more traffic on petsfunky.com

ShoeMoney: Make a good site/service people want to use then make it very easy for them to share it with there friends.

Jagdeep asks:

what are your views on mahalo? is calacanis gonna appear on the failblog?

ShoeMoney: I think Mahalo is great. Its already getting good market share and I expect it to grow. I think its probably on schedule.

KodrutZ asks:

What do you think about www.SoftDistrict.com and what techniques do you think will help it grow?

ShoeMoney: At first glance I have no clue what the site is about. Most of its content seems to mirror other new sites. For this site to be successful its going to need to find its edge and give people a reason to come there for news vs the 10,000 other sites they can read the same news on.

GiladG asks:

Starting a new social website would you use a pre-built solution (Ning/Souped up Drupal/Other) or would you build from scratch?

ShoeMoney: I actually really like wordpress from a user/content management system. This is a new thing for me coding around wordpress. I will report more as I dink more with it but I love how easy it is to hook into.

Rajaie AlKorani asks:

If there was one other thing you could do for a living, what would it be?

ShoeMoney: Own a baseball team.

Adi Moga asks:

Did you know any search engine based on human feelings or other service(like social networking) that use human feelings as an engine ?

ShoeMoney: honestly I have no interest in that

Christian Flickinger asks:

What is your favorite beer?

ShoeMoney: I don’t drink bear. I drink Skinny Pirates (captain morgan and diet coke)

Graham asks:

Whats one of the craziest things you have done?

ShoeMoney: A couple weeks ago in las vegas I was on this radio station with professional fighter frank trigg. After the show we went out for lunch at TGI Fridays. We started tanking long island ice teas. After about 5 in 1 hour I passed out then wokeup 5 hours later in a bathroom with my pants around my ankles and puke all over my shirt. There was a note that said “Take a shower and there is fresh clothes for you in the closet” I was in frank triggs house. I have not talked to him since. That was the most recent craziest thing to happen to me.

Hubert asks:

ShoeMoney, being a business owner you are exposed to the best and worst of the world. I was wondering how do you deal with anger and not get something negative get to you?

ShoeMoney: I think the best way to learn to deal with anger is just experience. I have been trying to make money online for the last 15 years but only really doing it for the last 5-6. Its also a lot easier being that I have a team of people and its not all on me.

Tom asks:

So you have mentioned Google Trends as being a category killer but I have sites that get over 2,000 unique visitors a day and GT does not even recognize them yet. When do you think Trends will be a stable product?

ShoeMoney: I think its probably pretty stable for decent volume sites now. Similar to regular google trends.

Pogung177 asks:

Still with your NextPimp. How many server you provide NextPimp ?
I have a single Dedicated Server for single site with up to ten thousands uv/day, some time this get Server Load and Memory Used get Overload too. So I need suggestion from you, what should I do..? Upgrade memory, Add addition Server or just Optimizing my code ..?
Thanks, Jeremy

ShoeMoney: 1 server. Learn memcached 😉

Anil Gupta asks:

Do you think link exchange is still effective?

And if don’t mind sharing, what are the ways you follow to promote your blog and its individual posts?

ShoeMoney: I think there is always value in link exchanges(although maybe not SEO) I try to create a service/site/content that people will want to use then provide a easy way for people to share that content.

Sebastian asks:

Do you use the mobile web and if so what websites do you visit?

ShoeMoney: I dont.

EricWerner asks:

As someone who has put together a few sites in your day, how would you respond to this? Should one try several niches, domains, ideas, verticals to see which one gets traction and then put more effort into that one? Or would you say that more sure success is to focus on one idea and spend the time and resources necessary to make it work?

ShoeMoney: It really depends on the time you have available. Many times you can focus on 1 long term site and build many short term money makers in the mean time.

Sketch Online asks:

Shoemoney seems like a personal blog and get-rich-quick site.

ShoeMoney: hmm get rich quick site?…. thats sad. I have tried to be very transparent on how to build successful businesses over time and discourage the whole get rich quick mentality.

VaBeachKevin asks:

Do you think that more subscription based sites will dump that model and open their content up for free because of the increased revenue that can be generated from the additional page views and ad impressions of having a site fully open to the public?

ShoeMoney: It depends. Most people have to give away great content in order to demonstrate they know what they are talking abut to charge for their content.

Rasim asks:

Which affiliate network do you think is the “best”, meaning if you “have to” use only one, which one would it be?
Thank you.

ShoeMoney: Azoogleads I have worked with the most. They were previous sponsor. I still use them more then anyone else. There SOAP API is pretty impressive.

Edgar asks:

Does Fighters.com attend fights with credentials ?


ShoeMoney: We are credentialed with every major Mixed Martial Arts Organization. (have you seen our interviews?)

Jagdeep asks:

still accept guest posts?

ShoeMoney: I am always accepting guest posts but rarely see one that I would post. I like posts where the author takes a risk. Gives an opinion that has not ben heard before. Sometimes its rants.. The last thing people need is 10 ways make more money… or something lame like that.

Melvin asks:

jeremy, do you believe in God? Because most americans I believe do really feel that believing in God is trivial? Any thoughts to share?

ShoeMoney: I am agnostic. Normally people that front their religion is a major red flag to me.

Adi Moga asks:

and one more question… if i`ll build a web site that use human feelings would you test it(for sure i’ll not have money for a review due to the fact that i can’t build the matrix by myself, and i`ll have to pay few psycho-analysts 🙂 ) ?

ShoeMoney: I think that is pretty stupid.

David Parkinson asks:

Have you seen the screenshots for UFC 2009?
Are you going to be getting this game?

ShoeMoney: Yes when the ufc first showed it like a year ago =P

Greg asks:

Have you ever considered affiliating for casino or poker?

ShoeMoney: We have done some casino stuff but I have never been very good with it.

browie asks:

In a previous question session you mentioned that you would announce the iphone apps you’re working on. I may have missed it but what are they? and In talks with other developers have you gotten some info on what others are creating?

ShoeMoney: ya man… really a bummer. The people we were working on this with totally flaked. Massive let down and a huge opportunity missed. This is why I do not like to outsource =(

Devil May Cry asks:

Which are you current top 3 favourite websites? Just curious!


ShoeMoney: digg, techcrunch, googlenews

shamess asks:

If you started up a project, and after a few months it hasn’t done as well as you’d expected, would you carry on or drop it before you waste any more time?

ShoeMoney: It happens all the time. Sometimes I will sell it off or change gears with it. It all depends how much I believe in the service.

Bench Press asks:

Going to get an iPhone 3G?

ShoeMoney: no

Scot asks:

Is there still money in creating incentivized sites? Enough incentivized affiliate offers to make it worth creating a site?

ShoeMoney: Sure there are always idiots who will sign up for incentivized offers. The human mind always wants to believe its really possible. Its not my thing but tons of money to be made in it.

Tom asks:

What kind of advantages do you see in a static website over a blog type site?

ShoeMoney: huh?

Bryn (Internet Is My Life) asks:

Why don’t you display feedburner RSS stats?

ShoeMoney: RSS was fun last year building a base. Now I am having fun with twitter.

GO Zone Jeremy asks:

Why do you shave your head?

ShoeMoney: Its easy.

jason asks:

I have a network of 10 blogs on a cheap hosting plan. Is there a cheap way to back up my blogs so if my host is down, i can switch them to another server for the day? Basically I want a white trash version on load balancing server.

ShoeMoney: Sure learn mysqldump

Storm asks:

Hey Shoe,
Which ads would you go with on a site that is getting enormous traffic via image searches, particulary from Google Images search.

Simple Google ads or affiliates related to the products that are being searched?

Cheers Storm

ShoeMoney: I have never found a way to monetize from Google Search. Even if you break them out of the google frame the bounce rate is huge.

Heather asks:

Do you think you can put a little more time and effort into your responses?

ShoeMoney: no

Justin asks:

How many random people IM you on AIM on a daily bases?

ShoeMoney: None. I have to add you in order for you to message me.

MouthyGirl asks:

Not sure if you’ve discussed this before, will search after I ask, lol, how valuable do you consider LinkedIn to be, and do you think that it’s effective for web presence and in real life?

How would you leverage a network on LinkedIn if you were to do so?

ShoeMoney: I think linked in is a piece of crap. I have blocked all email from linked in.

ROW asks:

There are times when I feel don’t feel like doing anything, not sure whether this happens with you or not but if it does what do you do to bring back your missed timelines on track , basically it boils down to, what do you do for time management on a bad day ?

ShoeMoney: I often feel very overwhelmed but I take a step back and break out the job into some very small jobs and get them done. Its all about making progress.

Rasim asks:

Would you use affiliate advertising on a general site that has no specific topic? Such as a general web directory for example?

ShoeMoney: Seems to work well for BOTW

Joe asks:

At age 24 and fresh out of college, I quit my day job as a project engineer (construction) 7 months ago to develop affiliate sites and promote exclusively through SEO. I currently have 4 sites and 2 are making money and have essentially replaced my previous work salary. I plan on developing a total of 10 sites this year. It’s still very risky since I’m essentially at the mercy of Google, Yahoo, and MSN. I haven’t hit that homerun yet, but I’m trying to getting close. What is the best way for me to sustain growth and mitigate risk?

ShoeMoney: Ya you need to get off of your Search Engine dependancy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Focus on retaining your customers that ind you via the search engine but helping them share your site so you can survive without the search engine traffic.

Darren asks:

Is PPC traffic the only type of advertising worth buying?

ShoeMoney: Depends on the niche. Sometimes ppc is the worst type of advertising….

Sports Picks asks:

Is fighters.com doing better or worse than expected as compared to any projections made prior to launch?

ShoeMoney: Its on par. I think our writing staff is way way way above where we thought we would be. We also never thought we would have gotten press credentialed with all the organizations so early. Many people told us that would never happen. Marketing wise we are backing off a little bit for now and instead focusing on building relationships in the space. We also are working on buying a few well established sites in the space. The development side of fighters is on par and we will be rolling out some more features throughout the summer getting to phase 3.

Nick Throlson asks:

Do You Think Google Or Adbrite Will Copy Adtoll’s Peel Away Ads ?

ShoeMoney: I doubt it. There are so many scripts that let you do it yourself.

Paulo Faustino asks:

Hello Shoe. This week i want to ask you if you do any kind of sports at this moment?

ShoeMoney: I just follow MMA.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. make sure your images are watermarked with your domain. Also make sure your domain is something people can remember, the user may return to your site if the domain is easy to remember. Although the bounce rate is huge, those users may turn into direct hits. Make sure you have a brilliant design though because chances are the user will only look at your site for 10 seconds which is very little time to gain a good first impression

  2. Thats a good point… I think most of the time when people do image searches its so they can steal them.

  3. 120k/year- that’s so warren buffett like of you. i’ve done the math on what you bring in so you must be reinvesting pretty well.

  4. Wow, great interview. That was quite a bit of questions. It is reasons like this you prosper on the web. Not many bloggers take the time to recognize their audience.

  5. Thanks for answering my question, as I value your opinion, I suspected that LinkedIn wasn’t “all that” so to speak as it has a very webby, don’t take me seriously feel to it with the status update capability, etc. Doesn’t come across very professionally.

    Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer all these all the questions! Looking forward to the next round 🙂

  7. Frank Trigs house with your pants around your ankles… That sounds like you had a good night! LOL

  8. Anytime I want to Photoshop a friend into an odd situation, Google Images is where I start.

  9. Your comment on Search Engine Dependency really got me thinking about my site…. and maybe another blog site…. hmmmm

  10. Thanks for the input, I helped a friend showcase some collectable products online and the site has a sizable amount of image search traffic. I was thinking we could possibly do something with this traffic and build upon it.

    Anyway, I think watermarking will at least protect the work, cheers guys.


  11. Done the math? How would you even begin to put figures together without knowing what he is involved in? Obviously the blog income brings that in within 6-12 months, but he wasn’t including blog income. I doubt it’s significantly reinvested either… Shoe has done a good job of setting up several businesses and monitoring / controlling the income of those businesses. He is probably keeping the income in the bottomline, net worth of his companies.

  12. Shoe has very little value for linked in because he runs his own show. He probably wont be looking for a job any time soon.

    I think it’s a good way to track your career progress and recruit referrals. It’s also a great link to put on your resume since it shows your education, your previous jobs, recommendations etc.

  13. shoe says his blog accounts for around 10% of his income, he earns 40 000 a month from this blog so that suggests he earns around 400k a month

  14. kudos, Shoe – for posting your income.
    Alot of people are so otherwise secretive, it’s rather annoying.

    I thought you netted more, being how relatively big you are – online.

  15. Shoe, how can I get info on advertising on fighters.com? I tried the contact form on fighters.com over a month ago and never heard a thing…

  16. Shoe stated he pays himself a salary of 120k, that does not show what he make in profit sharing, bonuses, and other income!

  17. Great Q and A. With reference to the question about photos of your new office. It would be fun if you were to hook up webcams and stream live video during your set up and after you start. I’m a big webcam fan……i know i know…….bandwidth…….but maybe for a couple days after your grand opening………… enjoy………..eric

  18. “and one more question… if i`ll build a web site that use human feelings would you test it(for sure i’ll not have money for a review due to the fact that i can’t build the matrix by myself, and i`ll have to pay few psycho-analysts 🙂 ) ?”
    The Ranked Hard team will test your human feeling search engine deep into the night, carefully caressing every nook and cranny.

  19. I can tell our party Sunday night at Top Affiliate Challenge will be a great one with you there, based on your answer. 😀

  20. Sorry I missed the round ten questioning time.
    I’ve got one more question for you…
    Who is your inspiration?

  21. I agree with the value of it, I think it’s possible that it means more to people who work at home and through the net, as I’ve yet to see a practical use for it, however, I DO keep it updated. 😉

  22. What’s good program to apply a watermark? I know it can be done with photoshop, but I am wondering what other people use. And is there an easy way to apply a watermark to images already residing on a (my) website or to images as they are uploaded? I am thinking of something that could be built into the website code. Thanks!

  23. Fairly straight forward. It gives you results based on what your feelings want. You just hook your mind up to the engine.

  24. but, can you answer my question….. where is Bali? so clever if you can answer it 🙂

  25. I guess I was too late to get in on the questions. BUT, if I may, ask 2 quickies for Shoe!

    1) What is the best way to get a user to share your site with someone else?

    2) How many active websites do you own ?


  26. Keep up with these Q and A’s they are very insightful and provide good info on a number of different questions somebody might have about you and other topics.

  27. Shoe…. Thanks for the memcached tip. My server flies now. Such a perfect solution. 🙂

  28. […] Shoemoney’s Q & A, Round 10(Shoemoney.com): Shoemoney is one of my favorite well known bloggers. And despite his smart-ass tone in most of the answers, there is some good stuff in there. […]

  29. Heh, no iPhone 3G. Me neither. Do you already own a 1st gen one, Shoe? It’s the best.

  30. there are few steps to understand before understand how a search can be build upon human feelings.
    1. what means e=mc^2 (to understand how world is build)
    2. how psychic is build
    3. how psychic grow
    4. what is conscious and unconscious.. and where the are located(located as a generic functionality)
    5. understand that in our universe exist only two type of answer for a specific action.. yes and no.. other type of answer are conditional, because at the end of that answer you will find yes or no
    6. understand that everything happen for a reason
    Those things come in my mind now, but for the future if i’ll build such a site, I will announce on my blog.

  31. Thanks for answering my question Jeremy. I think now I know what kind of question you like.

  32. Shoe, I have a question about question 2….what would it take for you to accept an invitation to a party?

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