I noticed today in Google trends you can get website data. The Google toolbar is installed by more users then any other toolbar and no doubt has the most accurate data.

Its nice to see shoemoney.com has pulled away from our arch rival John Chow.

John Chow Graph

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

103 thoughts on “Google Trends Kills Alexa, Compete.com, and Quantcast.”
  1. Well…how hard is it to pull away from a blog that posts 50% paid reviews and 50% posts about food?

  2. Documentation beats conversation….jc seems to have to may ads for my taste. I am new to blogging I just think quality content will win out imo

  3. lol, rock on! however, it looks more like chow is dropping away rather than shoemoney pulling away πŸ˜‰

  4. seriously though, theres only so much that you can post about making money online, john chow has some really useful content

  5. Is that actually website data or is the the URL an actual search term?

    I.e going straight to your address bar and typing in shoemoney.com wil take you to here through I’m Feeling Lucky, so its counted as a search??

  6. OOH – ramping up for the big challenge starting July 1 at http://TopAffiliateChallenge.com. This will be a heated competition for sure!

    I liked what you said in the video where you reviewed the top 10 contestants: that a strong work ethic is most important and everything else can be learned.

    Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady – & the only apple at the sausage fest!

  7. […] on the long tail to be useful for me. I need more granular information. That said, it seems to work just fine for ShoeMoney: I noticed today in Google trends you can get website data. The Google toolbar is installed by more […]

  8. Very nice. Would be nice if they put something on the Y-Axis… why leave it blank?

  9. OMG OMG you pass the jhon πŸ˜›
    sorry for the omg stuf, but i think is good be “best” than jhon.

  10. Google trends bites. I just tried my website and it said their wasn’t enough data to calculate.

  11. I agree with Sports Picks, Chow is falling away. Shoemoney just hanging in there!

  12. That does look awesome, unfortunately, my site is still you young to use it. πŸ™

  13. You beating Chow really isn’t surprising. I mean, after awhile no one gives two shits about what you had for lunch.

  14. I wish they would put some more solid data behind that Y axis. For starters, I wonder if it starts at 0.

  15. Google trends is a competitor to Alexa, and you’re right Shoe, they most likely have more toolbars installed so the data is probably more accurate.

    @winning startup, you might need some traffic to that site first ;-P

  16. It appears not to be up on some datacenters and up on others. I didn’t see any results myself, but tried through ninjacloak.com and it came up well

  17. I always think about… “Why do I read shoemoney.com each day?”. I never browse blogs regularly, but for some reason I continue to check shoemoney.com daily. I check googles blog, and matt cutts blog daily too, but I’m not sure what drives me to it. It seems like shoe, google, and matt are blogging to pass information freely, and because they enjoy it. It seems John does it purely for money. I may be wrong, but as far as I know, John makes all his money from his blog. Google, shoe, and Matt all do a blog onside of their regular occupations. Don’t get me wrong, John has some good stuff, but you are bombarded by ads it seems. Nice work Shoe.

  18. Thats right totally, and if you didn’t know if you post on going out for dinner or your trip to blog world expo…..you can write it off (tax deduction)

  19. bwahahaha! some idiot actually lives and dies by their alexa ranking and thinks they are somehow doing better than you two based on alexa stats. shoe me the money I say

  20. This is useless! For 80% of the sites I tried, Trend couldn’t find any data.. Even sites that have been around for years and are getting hundreds of thousands of hits each month.

    I’ll stick with the tried and true (Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, etc)..

  21. OK, I am really confused by this post. Google Trends receives its data from all Google search queries, not just from the Google Toolbar. Secondly, Google Trends measures search volume. However, Alexa, Compete.com, and Quantcast all measure web traffic. These are two completely different stats that should be used in conjunction with each other to make well rounded analysis.

  22. The only problem with that argument in this case is that the ads are his content… his blog is about making money and he is showing how…

  23. stats of chow and shoemoney look like they are grappling and wrestling to get the higher one.. πŸ˜‰

  24. not really dropping… as in the stats, there are some “bad times” and good times for both bloggers…;-0

  25. actually, i dont see anything wrong about chow doing it… i don’t think hes losing his audience…

  26. JohnChow was the first internet marketing blogger ive read and I liked him for a long time, also being from Vancouver its interesting when he talks about something local but now a days he does focus all on paid reviews and where he went for dinner and led away from helping people make money, shoe still finds a way and shows where the industry is going. Keep it up mr.shoemaker

  27. they aren’t even providing the y axis values…How can you tell what the lines represent?

  28. Sean just beat me to what I was about to say. I love seeing lines, but it would be nice to know what the numbers are that they’re trying to represent.

  29. Thats exactly what google is trying to do – take over the whole internet. They know which sites get popular and they either do their own – better version or just buy it out. Wait 5 years and half of the internet will belong to google.

  30. Yes, your comment is 100% true. Google Trends is a measure of search popularity, not traffic. This graph just means people are searching more for shoemoney.com than johnchow.com. Which in itself is a retarded search. If you already know the domain name, why search for it?

    A better search and comparison is Jeremy Schoemaker, shoemoney, john chow

  31. @Watchu, Not only is the toolbar a spy, they mash up data from ad clicks, se clicks, toolbar pings and now Firefox 3!
    @Rasim 5 years is being too generous, I say six months.

    How does Firefox 3 recognize a “web site that is known to install malware” or a “page that’s suspected of being a forgery”?

    “Johnathan Nightingale: For Firefox 3, we have an agreement in place with Google to use their phishing and malware databases.”

    Look at your firewall log if you have one, mine shows a ping to Google for every website I visit.
    It reminds me of the IE6 “related links”/Alexa spyware uproar.

  32. Don’t even think about comparing shoemoney.com with tonyrocks.com. Talk about a no holds barred, utter destruction of the Shoemoney brand πŸ™‚

  33. I don’t think that it’s very accurate. I’m SURE it’s more accurate than any other though. I just checked my one website that get’s hundreds of unque visitors a day and it doesn’t show up. It has Google Analytics on it as well. I wonder if I could share let Google show that data at some point. This could be highly valuable for purchasing sites.

  34. “Its nice to see shoemoney.com has pulled away from our arch rival John Chow.”

    About damn time Shoe. Dude doesn’t even rank for his own name, and your link won’t help one lick. Google has given him a lifetime penalty. Even if stopped selling links that passed link juice, he’s done too much damage to EVER be forgiven….(this is based on nothing). Everyone forgives and forgets in time…

  35. Shoemoney, both you and John are HUGE e-celebrities. In real life, that translates into an “E-list” celebrity, putting you behind far behind Gilbert Gottfried and Pauly Shore in status.

  36. i wonder if i compare my site, kurasan.blogspot with john chow.com, what graph would appeared? hoho. Shoe, i wonder if your Rss readers exceeds Jchow

  37. I think John Chow’s popularity is falling off since he blocks me from his Top commentators widget!

  38. great i never tought that alexa will die..this quicker…
    but remember google dont win every time , the Google Q&A vs Yahoo questions
    Wikipedia vs knol ?
    Great for you shoe to bypass mister chow …


  39. The war of internet metrics will be a really interesting one!

    Can’t wait to see who becomes the Nielsen of Internet…..

    Thanks for always providing useful information ShoeMoney….

  40. hmm you fail at both attempts.

    1) This new feature measures website traffic not searches done on google.

    2) John is the most common name in America and chow is the most common chinese name… so big surprise it has search volume…..

  41. Wow, that is really cool. I didn’t know Google even had a trends site. It seems like they continually duplicate every great feature on the web.

  42. There is A LOT more to post about making money online if you combine knowledge of a coding language like PHP (and other topics – IMO I see shoemoney doing this more than John Chow). Shoemoney posted a php snippit of something months ago (forgot what it was but remember it being useful to me at the time) – That kind of overall experience is the kind of stuff that brings you out front in the end. I spend more time coding instead of blogging like these guys do so it can be detrimental too if you dont manage it well ;).

  43. No doubt Google Toolbar is used by More people as compared to other toolbars like Alexa and Compete. But I don’t see many people using Google trends to check their ranking or reach compared to Alexa

  44. […] I noticed today in Google trends you can get website data. The Google toolbar is installed by more users then any other toolbar and no doubt has the most accurate data. – Shoemoney […]

  45. Ahhhhhhh, my bad. I didn’t see the different search tab at the top for the new feature. I was keying my search into the searches tab, not the websites tab. Makes a huge difference. Strike my last post from the record.

  46. And assuming the IRS doesn’t decide to audit you (if her were in the US instead of Canada), just because you deduct it doesn’t mean they’ll let it go. πŸ™‚

  47. “I noticed today in Google trends you can get website data. ”

    It does help to actually read the first sentence of a post sometimes. πŸ™‚

  48. “but now a days he does focus all on paid reviews and where he went for dinner and led away from helping people make money”

    This does help you make money. You have to learn where to eat. Without food, you will die and won’t make any money at all.

  49. Anyone notice you can get great trends and data on every website, including key words, but nothing on google.com? Do no evil my @ss.

  50. After further looking into Google Trends it seems as though it needs some work. As of now it only takes sites with high traffic volumes. Alexa takes practically any site. I will still use Alexa as long as Google lists only big sites.

  51. i don’t think john chow web too slow. Perhaps it was your internet connections. But no doubt shoe blog was faster than jc

  52. Google Trends is actually a great tool for finding traffic. Take a look at what’s popular on Google, and you can earn a lot of search engine traffic by writing about it. On one of my sports blogs, I wrote a couple posts about the Boston Celtics, and traffic from Google went up like crazy during the Finals!

    Have people finally tired of “fine dining” posts? It looks like Shoemoney is winning this year.

  53. But the real question, or metric, we want to know, who had the better dinner tonight?! Come on shoe, show us your food for once. Until then you will just be a second rate gazillionaire πŸ˜‰

  54. This is awesome to see…..both the fact that you can get web site data, and that you are pulling ahead of Chow. I just don’t get why he publishes all that garbage on his blog, it detracts from what little brand he has going.

    I will definitely be using the google tool now to compare all kinds of web sites!

  55. Here in South Africa our Internet bandwidth is restricted especially international bandwidth, 1mb line is one of our fastest

  56. About Chow’s fine dining posts, it’s time for him to start using them as linkbait. If he eats as many odd foods as possible, like cats or zebras, people will look to the post due to it’s overall weirdness. He doesn’t do nearly enough controversial things, and so many people poke fun of him that he’s really wasting an opportunity. I remember when he filmed someone giving him a haircut. He should have had the hair dresser accidentally poke him in the eye. Does he want people to talk about him or not? If Shoe had done a haircut video, it would actually be something that people cared about.

  57. HometownQuotes Insurance Affiliate Blog » Blog Archive » Want Good Web Traffic for Free? says:

    […] Jeremy Schoemaker pointed out on his blog Saturday, Google Trends now has web site traffic […]

  58. This is something I haven’t observed so far. Well, bye bye, Alexa…

  59. Agree 1,000 percent. Alexa is the best. You are changing the definition of best to mean worst, right?

  60. I haven’t quite figured out what that trend data means on Google yet.

    most impressions?
    most visitors?
    most people with the toolbar installed?

    and I do think it is probably more accurate then alexa, whatever the data means on google trends

  61. Dont you have to be a member or join google trends? I can see how it would provide better info than alexa being the toolbar is installed by many people online. I might give it a try as I use alexa now.

  62. Alexa is dying and Amazon seems like doesn’t care. Amazon doesn’t show their own rank. So, we can use Google to see their traffic: http://www.google.com/trends?q=www.alexa.com
    It shows that 2 years ago traffic was 30-40% higher.
    Alexa developers should work more to build more relationships with other companies to track statistics when people use other than Alexa toolbars.

  63. You know, I just tested it and it shows stat for popular websites only. It can’t track websites with low traffic.
    So, Alexa can survive only because small websites…

  64. […] Webmaster Blog had to say about it, what Search Engine Land had to say about it and well even Shoemoney did a little mention on […]

  65. Congrats. It seems that ShoeMoney is gaining more readers. πŸ™‚
    I am trying hard to get more readers to my blog but it is hard.

  66. […] Google Trends Kills Alexa, Compete.com, and Quantcast. […]

  67. just so you know alexa and quantcast tries to mesure traffic for sites

    while google trends mesures the volume of searches done on google for a given keyword so if you enter your domain name it does not mean anything other than how many people search for your domain name.

    it has nothing to do with counting the traffic on your site

  68. some website are easily become on top of google trends do you know how they did it?

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