Browsing the most dugg stories this week on the digg home page I came across this which was called “Does Google Hate America?”.

Reading through all the fluff in the article It seems the main beef is about Google changing its logo for other countries holidays.

Key Quotes from the site:

“It’s kind of sad. They change their logo for all sorts of holidays and occasions. Just last week they paid tribute to Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday. But Memorial Day doesn’t seem to rate anything at all”

“What, no Easter? I wasn’t expecting a risen Christ, but at least an Easter bunny?” Last June 6, Lopez sniffed, “So today is the D-Day anniversary. Today is the day RFK died 40 years ago. So Google is celebrating Diego Velazquez’s birthday, natch.”

Googles Webmaster Dennis Hwang responds:

“This is just something that grew organically, a culture that developed over the years,” Hwang says. “It made Google feel like it wasn’t just a cold machine, not just an algorithm.”

“We got e-mails complaining that we celebrated Earth Day,” Hwang laughs. “I was just surprised. We all live on this planet, and celebrating that just seemed like a harmless thing to do.”

Cmon srsly? I am pretty ignorant of foriegn holidays and I enjoy seeing Googles logos and in finding out more about them also learn about some other cultures. No offense but I already know when easter and memorial day are…

Maybe next week we will see a article saying Google is too PRO America because they assume everyone in the world knows american holidays so they don’t make a deal out of them.

What is your thoughts?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

91 thoughts on “Google Hates America Article”
  1. Agreed. I guarantee they will have a logo for the 4th of July… how many foriegers will whine about that?

    It is ridiculous. Honestly I didn’t give a hoo-hah about them changing their logo either. People seem to be trying to find something to bash Google on and are reaching quite a bit.

  2. Bah. Why do people expect anything from a company like this? Google never said they were going to support this of that. I agree with Shoe in just enjoying the diversity and remembering there are tons of cultures out there. But they damned well better cover Canada Day or else.

  3. i think these so called different culture logo are only shown to specific IPs address for specific country. you don’t see australia’s national day google logo coz ur in america but I get to see it because I am in australia. likewise, i don’t think i get to see much of those special american google logo.

  4. Some people just take things too seriously and need to relax, I agree with you they are interesting to see and I always click the new logos to read about whatever it is.

  5. How ridiculous to beef about something as insignificant as the Google Doodles which Hwang himself quotes as bringing a little quirkiness and humour to the search engine. However, I did find it bizarre to find a succession of doodles celebrating the death of Florence Nightingale, something to do with hot air balloons and other seemingly insignificant events. How do they define which events to make a Doodle out of? Obviously there could be one every single day of the year as there is always a death/birthday/holiday/innovation/anniversary/event etc

  6. Good for Google for trying not to seem like they don’t care about anything other then there business.

  7. they shoul quit complaining and make their own search engine that celebrates those holidays.

    Don’t tell someone else what to do with THEIR company. Its their’s not yours!

  8. I don’t think they should celebrate any “national” holiday. Apart from that, stupid article.

  9. seriously WTF. Its for that very reason that they probably are extra careful about U.S. holidays. Everybody is so sensitive and its so hard to be PC.

  10. “No offense but I already know when easter and memorial day are…” Yet pop open any calendar and there they are.

  11. Who really cares? Seriously, I think it’s kind of fun to see some of the stuff they come up with (such as changing the page to black for “lights out” day) and the different logos they come up with and don’t really give much thought to the inspiration behind it most of the time. Besides, they can’t recognize every day of importance worldwide or they would never get to use their actual logo. I think they have a pretty good mix of US and non-US holidays so that everyone gets represented and nobody should feel too slighted.

  12. It seems that anybody that pays attention to countries other than the US are unAmerican? Seems odd to me!

  13. I don’t think you can lable Google as a company that just deals with America. Google is used all over the world by many different cultures. I can understand this guys beef, a lot of people in this country are ethnocentric. We sometimes forget that there is are countries outside of our own. I actually enjoy seeing Google changing it up for other holidays, I might learn something new.

  14. I love that the persons complaining that they’re not celebrating American holidays such as Easter.

    Since when did Easter become an American only.

  15. *L* its thier store front they can do what they want… I mean common they are a Global company…..

  16. thats not an important thing for me.

    google doesnt have a special page for America like france. you know is the global page and because of this they didnt change the logos for Americans holidays.

    I am living in Turkey and here google users open a web site to make google hear their voice and want from google to have special logos for special days for Turkey. And they win. now google is creating new logos. and here is some competitions abput this too.

  17. One of the most important features of customer service is terms and expectations…Google’s terms and our expectations involve search engine algorithm…Terms have never been to celebrate holidays, so our expectations are not Google induced and we need to get a life.

  18. Sounds to me like they wrote it to get attention and it is working. Bad attention is the same as good attention here on the web. I, on the other hand, would never write something to get bad attention.
    As for holidays, the only holiday we should celebrate is “All Hallows Eve”. I celebrate it every year dancing naked with friends around a campfire in the woods, while sacrificing goats and chickens.

  19. Kind of petty/silly as is, but hope it isn’t part of a larger, more sinister scheme to whip up ant-liberal sentiment in election time.

  20. I like it when google changes its image. Who cares to what. It’s just amusing and you get to read up on something new and interesting. I think that’s the intention. Not to repeat what everyone in half the world knows.

  21. If someone wants to come out with a search engine that has a fish symbol on one side of their logo and an american flag on the other side and that obersves Robert E. Lee’s birthday and goes into mourning on whatever day it was the Federal Reserve officially came into being, I’m happy to use it if it’s any good.

    Meanwhile, I’d rather question Google on what content it agrees to filter and at whose behest. A lot of people who complain loudly when Yahoo! or Google filter things the Chinese don’t want their people seeing are also the first ones to complain when something that is considered racist or anti-semitic *isn’t* filtered.

    Wasn’t the whole idea of the internet that all ideas were allowed to be in play and that we would allow people who believe fluoridation is a Zionist plot to make their case?

    As Google exercises increasing editorial prerogatives, it will inevitably become less useful for a growing subset of folks whose biases don’t run parallel with Google’s. At that point, it is in danger of being supplanted by a more neutral (hence more useful) resource.

  22. i am using igoogle now and probably miss all the changing, my “theme” changes all the time though

  23. I do not think that google should have replied to this… it would have died and I would have never had to hear of it.

  24. Slate used to have decent articles, but it appears they are just attention whores now.

  25. I don’t think Google was thinking anything negative or positive. They were just having fun and trying to educate a little. Google loves American I’m sure. It was in America, and only possible in America, where Google grew into the giant it is today.

  26. Google is a business not a Post Office or Courthouse who cares what they do, don’t like it use

  27. It seems pretty harmless to me. The people at google have a right to put up what they want when. It’s their company. The Right wing American Nut jobs complaining here are forgetting that both they and the people at google have the FREEDOM to do what they like. They have no responsibility to anyone but themselves and can do as they please. To insinuate that their is a conspiracy here is making a mountain out of a mole hill, and it’s stupid paranoid bullshit.

  28. Why will Google Hate america, few days back there was a controversie that google hates india, Does google hate all ?

  29. I also enjoy google changing their logos.. i dont see why people should complain with google celebrating earth day,,,

  30. you are doing the best. google change its logo on very well known days. you know them and everybody knows.

  31. “Google Hates America Article” – unbelievable, impossible…. probability = 0

  32. If they don’t stick up a couple of jugs to replace the O’s to celebrate the founding of Hooters (whenever that is) then I think people will have a point to start complaining about stupid shit like this.

  33. At the end of the day, if they are providing good SERPs, does it even matter?

  34. I’m in South Africa and we’ve also got our unique google geographical locale, but we don’t have anything locally relevant though. Suppose we’re small-fry….

  35. they don’t seem to have a deliberate policy on why and when they change the logo and that can be as bad as having one that excludes some affinities

  36. I still remember the day Lego toys celebrated it’s 50th birthday and Google made the logo out of Lego.

    What a great day for Denmark 😉

    I like the randomness and I wouldn’t know about the laser’s birthday if it wasn’t for the Google logo changing.

    If I want to know about an American holiday I’ll look at my “Pearls Before Swine” Dekstop calendar 😉

    It’s great to see an international service, not being pro-American all the time.

  37. Ahhhh but fluoridation of drinking water supplies is another can of worms altogether….it definitely isn’t benign…..

  38. Google is trying to make historic moments memorable, so I am all for learning about holidays and occasions I previously haven’t known about.

  39. Google is already a global company. Though it is based in the U.S., Google is catering information needs for all people in the planet. Changing Google’s logo does not bother me.

  40. People will take umbrage at anything! I say if Google wants us to know more about the world in their inimitable, quirky, humorous way, I say ‘Thanks!’ not ‘Why? I’m so upset’. I think Americans need to be less insular not more so!

  41. And earth day??!! Why on earth would someone mind Google observing Earth Day! That’s insane! I can understand someone minding if Earth Day was NOT observed. Like i said, people will take umbrage at anything! And conspiracy theories abound!

  42. And earth day??!! Why on earth would someone mind Google observing Earth Day! That is insane! I can understand someone minding if Earth Day was NOT observed. Like i said, people will take umbrage at anything! And conspiracy theories abound!

  43. come on, like if the rest of the world was unaware of US’s holiday.

    I’m argentinian myself and nevertheless, outsourcing has gone so far that a fifth of the country gets holidays on memorial day. wasn’t that enough for knowing american culture?

  44. I think too many people are jumping on the bashing google bandwagon. i agree with you shoe, I wouldn’t be aware of alot of events outside of the US if it wasn’t for google making a custom logo about them…

  45. I don’t see why they are making it sound like a big thing! At least google is trying to be fun and we all need to keep in mind that google is a SEARCH ENGINE, it’s not here to remind you what is being celebrated in whatever country.

  46. Its difficult to please everyone all the time. Afterall why should something so small become such a big issue?

  47. Who cares, as long as the holidays presented are interesting. I don’t live in the US and have no problem with the choices google makes for their logo. Guess it’s something not everybody seems to be able to live with.

  48. People making a big deal out of nothing…it’s what a lot of news is all about.

  49. […] know what it feels like to know almost everything about you is getting chewed over by the likes of Jeremy (Shoemoney) John Chow and Ken McArthur. That has got to be the worst feeling I have ever had online […]

  50. I don’t find any bad thing in Googles logo, I only think Google’s old favicon is much more better than the new one.

  51. Looks like we have digressed into a society that bitches about every little thing. Do we really have nothing better to do than watch Google’s logo change?


  52. I personally feel that Google is almost too American. They are based out of the United States and it should only make sense that they celebrate American holidays. Some holidays I am not surprised they do not celebrate.

    Easter is a religious holiday. Although we as Americans embrace it as a National holiday it would not be smart for Google to celebrate a religious holiday. As for the celebration of Memorial Day, that is celebrating our veterans of war. Google isn’t making a religious or political stance. If people would take time to think about it Google is being intelligent.

  53. Easter is a bit tricky. He don’t actually get a paid day off for that so it isn’t actually a holiday.

  54. Most countries have their own .co… address anyway. should be showing holidays for that audience, which is American. should show UK holidays, etc.

    Another problem solved for Google by me today, damn..

  55. I like the learning about foreign holidays. I also like seeing what Google puts together for our holidays as well. Obviously there’s a lot of interest in these logos and Google has a tremendous opportunity to get people to click over even when they’re not performing searches (which could inevitably lead to many more searches of which a good percentage will click on ads and Google will generate even more revenue).

    I wish I owned Google!

  56. People need to get a life. If this is the top story on digg, no wonder why I never visit that site.

  57. It’s commentary like this, Shoemoney, that makes me love your blog. Personally speaking, I can’t for the life of me imagine the dumbasses so upset over this. Get over it!

  58. I like that Google celebrates something different and quirky that not a lot of people know, helps you learn something new every day. There isn’t enough days to celebrate everything all the time and you are always going to get the people that think you are not catering for a certain sector.

  59. dude google is used internationally, why cant they celebrate holidays from around the world? usa isnt the center of everything

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