is a social networking site for sailors and veterans of the United States Navy.

With all of the stuff that is currently going on in the world, I think this is a great site for those people to connect who have served in the Navy, past and present.

Thanks for the shirt guys.

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

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  1. At lease you dont look as bummed in this photo compared to last Friday’s, that was baaaaaaaaaad.

  2. With a great idea they are making a niche social networking web site. Thats really good for navy veterans. And the t-shirt with their logo is good too.

  3. Awesome Shoe. My dad is a Navy vet. He’s 82…will pass this along to him. Maybe I could get him a shirt like that. cool! Thanks.

  4. Oh! I thought YOU were in the Navy or had been until i understood the concept 🙂

  5. Do you take a bunch of photos with different shirts all at once and then just time stamps several posts to auto-appear each Friday for several weeks?

  6. A really nice shirt. I’d put the emblem a tad higher on the shirt though.

  7. it’s great because my dad is working overseas and most dads in navy.. great site..

  8. Thanks so much for putting this up Shoe! And thanks to your readers for the great support and humor!

  9. I like that one. Every time I’m in the airport and see the soldiers leaving and coming home on leave I think about all they are doing to make sure folks like me can live a cushy life in a great country. I think about how they are leaving their kids and family so that I can spend time with mine. Those men and women mean the world to me.

  10. […] comparison, purchasing a shirt for Jeremy was approximately $16 and we received 8 new reservations within 24 hours of his […]

  11. Just checked out…Very cool site.

    I also like your marketing techniques, shoe. A great way to build a community of business owners around your site.


  12. Much happier looking, Jeremy, and you got your photo and a big thank you on the front of the Navy Vets site too, I see! Good on you for supporting these brave boys!


    WOW ! Seeing the shoe happy for the 1st time !!

  14. Great idea for a website! In times like these, the armed forces deserve as much recognition as possible!

  15. Do they have something like this for the Air force as well? Any site where vets of AF can meet up?

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