Jen and I were getting ready to do the show and testing our cameras. We logged in to our Live Yahoo account and people started showing up in the chat. We twittered for peope to come to the Yahoo! Live chat… Evidently someone at Yahoo! still has a beef.

All of a sudden it said we had been banned. WTF Yahoo! ?????

I later got this email.

Dear shoemoneyshow

By creating and using your Yahoo! account, you agree to abide by
Yahoo!’s Terms of Service (TOS). Pursuant to the TOS, Yahoo! reserves
the right to terminate your account or otherwise prohibit use of your
account in the event that, among other things, Yahoo! believes that you
have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the

It has come to our attention that you may have violated the TOS
Please reread the TOS and cease any use of your account that may
violate the TOS.

If your use of your Yahoo! account is brought to our attention again,
and we believe that such use violates the TOS, then we may terminate
your account without further notice.

Please do not reply to this email. Any questions concerning Yahoo!’s
Services should be submitted through the on-line form in the help area
( ).


Which makes it sound like its a temporary thing…. but as you can see its not.

Actually getting booted from Yahoo! was the best thing that happened to us. Ustream has a much better service.

For those asking on twitter and in comments the beef with Yahoo goes back quite a while.

There was the whole myblog log thing (which turned into like 5 smaller things). Yahoo publicly apologized but there have been hard feelings since. I still cant access mybloglog.

Then the whole yahoo search marketing pr nightmare for them

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

78 thoughts on “FU Yahoo”
  1. Why did they ban you? That’s weird. Ah, well glad you benefited from it. Sucks for yahoo, because over 100 people were watching the show with Ustream.

  2. “”Evidently someone at Yahoo! still has a beef.”” would love to hear this story

  3. I’m wondering the same thing. I haven’t read their TOS but did tune in to one of the live shows and nothing seemed out of the ordinary or ban-worthy. UStream is a good service though and a very worthy, if not better, alternative to Y! Live from what I’ve read.

  4. hahaha that’s comedic, it would’ve been more credible if they said what you did… their email was BS. oh well, everyone else who does this stuff uses ustream anyway

  5. YaWho? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You would think with Google being the big guy on the block, YaWho? would want to get their name onto as many computer screens as possible. And with you, they’d have plenty of people following you to do just that.

  6. I totally agree–Ustream has a much better set of services than Yahoo Live. I was using Yahoo for streaming events several times this past spring, but it just seems, well, clunkier than Ustream.

  7. Thanks for keeping the spirit going for all us kats and kittens in cyberspace. Don’t you worry about a thing. Much love and aloha

  8. They block you so that they could get a free review from your blog, lol… I think you need to pay them for your planned broadcast Shaz.

  9. Hehe first dmoz extortion.. And now yahoo live chat ban. Whats up with the web and Shoemoney?

  10. I just learned you used to be real fat, shoemoney…congrats on all that weightloss

  11. They did not even gave an exact reason why they banned you, weird. I also think they wanted some free review haha

  12. As you said USTREAM is a good service. And while listening the service stop 1 times just
    for a second and i think its because of my internet connection. I tried to understand what you are talking about and i did it 80%. Because i dont have a good English. I can understand what i read but while listening sometimes i miss pronunciations. But if we look at as a whole its helpful to improve myself and my English. Thanks.

  13. haha thats great they will regret that ! neg press ! Anyway sounds like you are now using a better service !

  14. Its just that ustreamtv is better than Yahoo! Live, Yesterdays show was really awesome, I really enjoyed it, I was trying to call you, but your phone was really busy ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Am I the only one thinking that these types of blogposts is kinda low.
    If you have a problem with a person or company, take it up with them.

    Continue your posts on how to make money on the web instead, and not how to nag and complain about stuff that any overpriviliged millionaire like yourself should be able to hack anyways.

  16. Can this blog post rank first page for “Yahoo” if so, this would fuckin ruin their reputation.

    Try if you can. You know revenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Yahoo can’t even figure out how to keep easily-identified spam out of an inbox. They have sucked big time for quite a while.

  18. It sure seems like to have had your share of problems with them but it sounds like your doing ok with out them and MyBlogLog sucks ever since they stuck there noises in it.

  19. Cool, another bookmarked site to use later.
    Maybe the Internet is turning against you. It doesn’t like it when anyone gets too powerful. The Silicon Valley Cartel is out for you.

  20. I am still waiting for Yahoo to add Scheduling into their ads. They said it was coming soon back at PubCon in December. They are just full of S. I wasn’t sure about Microsoft buying them before, but now I am.

  21. Man, Yahoo just can not seem to keep it together. They are like a large truck on a downhill icey road with wet brakes! Its not going to end well for them.

    Anyway, I am glad to see the show on the new host. It is much better over there!

  22. I think it’s too late to ruin Yahoo’s rep. They have already done it themselves, big time.

  23. It would be interesting which rule you broke. If there isn’t one, someone should lose his privileges to ban accounts…

  24. Sounds like getting banned by Yahoo did you as much good as it did me some years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I agree U stream is better. Not only is it faster but I find it doesn’t slow down my internet at all when I’m on a slower connection.

  26. They are always beefing each other…shoe and yahoo are enemies ever since that mybloglog saga the faces hasnt been cool.

  27. im going to check out the ustream but what yahoo doesnt know is that they are lossing alot of valued customers fuck em anyways!

  28. Wow, that really sucks eh, I can feel your anger bubbling! and it makes me angry too!
    Time to bring out the chainsaw ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. yea yahoo is fucking lossing it. They are lacking good management. it is not getting the whole programs on there but managing the damn programs that makes the difference…they are fucking lossing it!

  30. yea i second to that that yahoo is full of shit. i dont know when they are gonna change! one day im gonna run them down and run over their asses!

  31. Just when I think Yahoo can’t get any stupider, they do.

    The latest thing where they claim the right to execute “optimizations” on YSM accounts at will and without prior consent (see sphinn today) is the last straw.

  32. Yahoo is digging themselves into the ground. They’ve already got the worst customer service on the planet, nothing like a couple of rogue employees to top that off.

  33. It’s sad the way that things are going right now at Yahoo! I hope they are able to turn things around.

  34. Interesting. So there *are* people behind the Yahoo! Live product? I’ve had tech support issues for 3 months now and have been trying to contact them to no avail. It’s ridiculous. If you have an email address on file, Jeremy, please send it over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. What I hate about violation of TOS, doesn’t matter if it’s Yahoo, Google, or anybody, is they always warn you with a canned letter. It would be nice if they actually TELL US why they are banning us (ie. which item on the TOS we are violating) so we can get things fixed.

  36. i really don’t understand why yahoo wants to piss-off industry leaders

  37. hey shoe,

    what is the software you use to create pic-in-pic and to have stuff on the live video?

  38. it seems they are trying to make money versus services the users will enjoy (which in turn make money)…

  39. for those that did not watch, it is definitely worth it. this is probably the most “CONTENT” i have seen in a post on any blog in a long time. btw, he mentions ballpark figure on what he paid from…

  40. They say all advertising good or bad is good advertising as people only remember the brand and not what the brand did, unless its a personal experience, so what you say makes sense, Discount Web Design

  41. Yahoo is getting sued by share holders for not what is the legal term forget it. By not selling out to Yahoo their share holders claim that they are not being taken care of. And I have heard that one of Yahoos largest share holder is planning to take control of the company.

  42. Things like this are just one of the many reasons why Yahoo can’t play with the big dogs at Google. They do one thing after another when there services are being surpassed by all kinds of companies. Yahoo at one time was good, now everyone is doing everything better than them. Dugg.

  43. is good too. They already have a built in audience and have people doing radio broadcast and all on them also.

  44. Your grudge against Yahoo is turning into a big joke. Just drop it, you’re making yourself look like a complete dipsh!t

  45. I guess they just decided that they hate Shoe and are applying this to every aspect of their business. What an F-ing PR disaster on their part.

  46. Dump them! Yahoo can’t seem to do anything right nowadays. They even try to get rid of the Microsoft bid, then cry about it when it’s gone.

  47. I agree, TOS are used for lawyers to speak to each other. Tell us laymans what we have done wrong, in English.

  48. I don’t know about taking control, but he’s putting a lot of pressure on them. Yahoo should have taken the good deal they were offered back in 07.

  49. Karl Icon has done the corporate take over before so I wouldn’t put it past him. Of course Yahoo should have taken the deal.

  50. This is why I enjoy your site so much – it has that “what’s this guy gonna do next?” appeal.

  51. I’ve done great with uStream – broadcast a whole campaign event for 3 days with relatively few hitches, and that was almost a year ago. Regardless, Yahoo!’s service is a nightmare – avoid them at all costs.

  52. It seems that Yahoo! is indulging in loads of really bad decision making these days. Their loss is Ustream’s gain. May many more disgruntled Yahoo! Live users migrate to this service.

  53. You sure can say that again! Just been reading about them losing more top personnel, and their share price dropping significantly this friday gone by (14th)

  54. Yahoo does seem hell bent on shooting themselves in the foot. Their thought processes and decision making is mind boggling. Oh for a worthy alternative to google!

  55. […] friggin amazing dough from managing websites. Sure he may be tricky and do some things that get him banned from Yahoo but all in all, he is a blogging […]

  56. Yahoo wasn’t always the good choice anyway. Many other livestream service also could provide better than this.

  57. My problem was always focused on a design. Well ofcourse because I am a full time designer and a part time blogger. But slowly but surely I am getting over my addiction.

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