After being featured in Zac Johnsons article on affiliate workspaces a few people have seen pics of our new pool and asked how we did the ShoeMoney logo. I did quite a bit of research on how to put the logo on the pool… everything from painting to stickers.

Our pool contractor told me I wanted to get something removable so it did not decrease the resale value of the house (he must not know people would want the shoemoney logo). Any way he told me to goto which redirects to and its the worst flash site ever… I could not find the pool things to save my live… But thanks to google’s site: paramater I found the pool logos page.

I got the 299$ one and tried to bargin with them saying how I was “kind of a big deal” and would give them exposure… they had heard that one before and was steadfast on the price. We ordered and about 5 days later it showed. Put it down in the pool… I think it turned out pretty good.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

75 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Pool Logo From”
  1. OK, so when is the pool party being planned for the official celebration? 🙂

  2. Ya, pretty gangsta! I would have liked to see you floating on an innertube with the laptop like your working, sipping Cristal and you have a make money online advertisement!

  3. I honestly think it looks damn good. It’s inspired me to do the same thing for myself, so I’m now designing my own cool logo, and once it’s done I’m going to put it right on the bottom of my bath pub.

  4. Did you have to drain the pool or hold your breath and slap it down there?

  5. Shoe,

    Now that is cool.

    I don’t want to be a copy cat, but I’ve gotta get myself one of those…..whith PJ’s logo of course.


  6. Wow, i would like that. Sitting with my laptop at the pool with my feet in the water.
    I only have a small tab to stay cool.

    Of course in reality someone comes and makes a big splash sending my laptop to hell. So maybe i am better off.

  7. Damn, your pool is massive! Do you have pics/a tour of your house anywhere? it would be interesting and impressive to see.

  8. That’s pretty cool and the fact you can remove it so you don’t devalue the house is a nice feature too. Definitely a neat way to brand yourself in your own home too.

  9. That’s a great photo. Thought you had it painted on. Funny how companies say they have heard it all before when someone offers to get them more exposure. Enjoy the summer!

  10. I’m not a big deal but I try that line all the time… that’s why it stops working. 🙂

  11. Looks nice. Now you need a Shoemoney decal for your car and some Shoemoney christmas decorations, maybe a reindeer with the Shoemoney logo riding it. Now that’d be really cool.

  12. Are you going to be making underwear as well, if so where can I buy them?

  13. “No need to drain the pool, simply place the emblem in the pool and push it to the bottom” – I clicked the link

  14. I found the pool logos with one click from the site. Wutcha’ talkin about you couldn’t find it? :p

  15. Looks awesome! They will be shocked when they see all the traffic you send them 😀

  16. Looks nice!

    They wouldn’t give him a break on the price but agreed to create an affiliate program solely for him and let him have 10% of every sale that was a result of a referral by him 😀

  17. Too bad these companies don’t know about Mr. Shoemoney 😛 The logo under the pool is great and totally rocks!


  18. Why does the second photo instantly bring to mind those “Beach Bum earns thousand with laptop” ads, lol…

  19. I want a logo that would go in my bathtub! So I can put my feet in there while I work on my old 486 laptop hoping to make a few pennies with adsense! LOL

  20. Yeah, you look lonely by yourself there and you need that pool full of people, BBQ going, brews on ice, while double clutching a couple cold ones 😉
    See you on the weekend k? 😀

  21. Gosh, if you can get a discount, what hope do I have???

    Does this not constitute bringing work home??? LOL.

  22. Forgot to say – and yet you were still kind enough to give you a link. I think they should now give you a nice little refund for all your trouble. 🙂

  23. Daaaayum that looks cool. If I had a pool its something I’d like to get. I dont know if everyone else in my family would appreciate it though…

  24. Base of the pool looks cool.. Nice one. Now have your house painted all over with Shoemoney logos on the walls.

  25. The pool looks beautiful, the water color & the shoemoney matches perfectly….Now that’s a Blogger Style !!

  26. Well, now I wanna make my own logo in pool like you did…but I need to get pool first of all(((

  27. You don’t ship to Canada I guess! That sucks 🙁 well if you get a few emails about this and want to have someone who will ship for you up here let me know I can take care of a Canadian store for ya or at least handle the shipping anyways if it is to much if you are to busy.

    You do have fans up here you know – Just look at the might John lol

  28. ya international shipping is a massive pain in the ass for us =( we get a ton of inquires about it too =(((

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  30. Yep i always wonder that, may be super man is the inspiration for Shoemoney 😛

  31. Well if I get on the Top Affiliate Challenge then maybe you and I can go for a bear and work something out, worse case I can give you five bucks for a shirt if you don’t want to work out something for setting up a store in Canada its really just an idea.

  32. i will give everyone at the TAC whatever shirts they want from any of our companies 😉

  33. not on the diving board. To be honest I was more worried about my laptop getting wet. It was tricky.

  34. The Logo looks really classy in the pool. Simply love the ShoeMoney logo!

  35. That’s awesome, i agree with everyone that the pics will look much better when you got lots of people around you. Super Shoemoney.

  36. And t he deal just got sweeter…..I really need to gt on that show now for sure 🙂 I wander if John is going to give out some of those rare reviews you see from time to time on his site?

  37. It really looks awesome, what is the exact process used to do the logo?

  38. OK, went and had a look at their website, it says that it is a PVC decal that doesn’t get stuck….does the weight of the water keep it in place? You don’t have a Kreepy Krawly pool cleaner, do you Jeremy?

  39. You’re missing one pic Jeremy, the one where Google Earth spots the logo :p

  40. Missing from picture:

    –Shoemoney gold medallion chain around neck.
    –Jewel and gold-encrusted wine goblet with sapphire Shoemoney logo.
    –2 Shoemoney hos in official Shoemoney thong bikinis. Where ma hos at??

  41. I love your logo in the pool. The colors match like it was made for it!
    I use to compete in gymnastics. My coach had coached a few Olympic gymnast so she had the Olympic rings tiled into the bottom of her pool.

  42. A pool logo? That is extremely decadent, but makes for impressive pics to post on your blog, must say. I went andf had a look at their website, but am still unsure as to how this process actually works. Is the vinyl self-adhesive or not? How does it remain in place if not? Cheers.

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