By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

213 thoughts on “Making 1,000.00 in 1 hour”
  1. Bahahaha hilarious. I’ll also be using the one method tonight where you &&@#^(*@*#%&^@%*& then you tie it into the ads on facebook. All you do is &*#%^@#*^ then you get an ROI of 20 within 2 hours. LOL

  2. Wow, what a brilliant, easy idea. I’m sure I’ll be able to make a couple of grand off of this tonight! Thanks Shoemoney!

  3. Gotta love the “Wer’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” Not sure if it was taken down or just messed up temporarily…

  4. Hey, There are something wrong with the sound ! when i get the the ” create and account at facebook ” @@@@@@@@@@ That’s it !

  5. @shoe.
    i couldn’t understand you – there is an obvious sound problem.

    re-do it, with fixed sound…
    so i can learn how to make $1000/hour

  6. Shoe,

    I think I could ad lib what you are saying (carefully reading lips), but not sure how to proceed (precise action items/next steps).

    Do you mind re-recording the sound so all of us fans, can also follow along.

  7. Yeah! Worked for me! Thanks for the tip, shoemonkey!
    I’m filthy rich and bathe in champagne!

  8. Haha! Very original, going to try it right now! I’ll get back to you if it didn’t work.

  9. I think I’m going offline for a day or two – can’t believe anything today….. 🙂

  10. Totally awesome, dude! I’m already working on it, and the cash is starting to trickle in… totally cool! You so rock, man!

  11. Ha ha ha….Yep, that’s great. I was actually sitting on the edge of my seat. Ha ha ha.

  12. Well the cat’s out of the bag now… everyone and their brother are going to be doing this and pretty soon the strategy won’t even bring in $1/hour. 🙁

  13. great, knocked further down in the serps for “$1,000 hour” by a prank vid 🙂

  14. So I think if I can read between the lines… you’re saying it’s all about creating “static” pages… I get it now…. thanks for the tip.

  15. You expect something like this from Lost or Heroe’s where you hear enough just to get interested, but not enough to explain.

    Should have put a dharma logo at the end show.

  16. Man…. I think I just lost $1000 worth of laughter!!

    Whats today anyway? Great post…

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    […]  Making 1,000.00 in 1 hour […]

  18. just lost time in my life i will never get back. neither funny, nor very original. plus the static was really load and annoying. i think i have officially lost respect for this site…

  19. Took me 3 hours for $5k, but still, I’m lovin it!

    (If you’re having problems with the audio, this tip is worth buying new speakers!)

  20. Register at my site and get the real video without the static.

  21. At least problogger is in Australia so he has an excuse for being “early”

  22. Yep worked for me too. I’m only at $2.6K but I’ve only done it for about 45 min. now. Hurry up and get your speaker fixed Lawrence before it becomes saturated!

  23. Know the feeling, you had a idea. Then saw it somewhere else later. This is one of those mements for me. LOL

  24. Prank = Stupid

    Comments still coming thru frm people asking for video to be uploaded again because of sound issues = Bloody Hilarious

  25. LMFAO! I knew from the title it was a joke and once the static hit man…i honestly couldn’t stop laughing…then my 3 yr old joins in…lol CLASSIC!

  26. *L* man shoe i was waiting for you to do something like this just for kicks 🙂 The funny thing is there are probably some people BLARING their speakers trying to figure out the words thru the static.

  27. WTH! I emailed you that in confidence! Anyway have fun everyone there’s a ton of money to be made with this.

  28. HAHAHA! Making fun of the get-rich-quickers, are you???

    thanks for the laugh!

    The Story Lady

  29. I havent even seen the video, but just reading the comments above, I made $2000 in an hour.

  30. I don’t know why others are complaining about the sound. It was fine for me. Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing : )

  31. Good video I love it…. You kind of got me since i hit the “rewind button” but that is pretty good. You really give it your all trying to act like you’re giving away some secret advice and then we’re trying to hear and LOL I like it.

  32. Mr. Shoemoney, I believe your video is inoperable. It is not April Fools day either just so you know. I haven’t seen Mr. Shoemoney post any comment so maybe there is something wrong with the video and it will be fixed later. Either way, I saw the picture of Mr. Shoemoney in the video preview screen and that was enough to make me about $3000 over the last 3 hours. If you are someone who can’t figure out how to do it, then you’ve got some practicing to do.

  33. I made that much in 15 minutes. This is so easy I can believe everyone isn’t doing it.

  34. I heard it fine and made $1,000 in just under 5 minutes! I’m going to do my own video now and show people how to make even more with this technique.

  35. You’re going to make $10,000 just from all the inbound traffic to this video, and the search engine hits for “$1000 in 1 hour”

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  37. Great Post !!! Only one thing though, the first time i listened to it there was a lot of static.

    But after i installed my NEW, Static-Clean-Super-Dooper-Buster-Pro 2008 Limited Edition (Only Available To The Next 14 342 654 124 987 132 765 people for just $999.99), everything was just fine !!! Click Here To Purchase Today…

  38. I just made a few thousand in the last hour because of this video. Thanks Shoe 😉

  39. LOL. I hope you let us know how much traffic you get from this in the future, brilliant.

  40. I imported the video and cleaned up the sound issues. Tried this method on facebook and it works great! Thanks Shoe

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  44. “I will give you ‘sand bucks tonight” – I would laugh too…

    “Mix them all to-, in between, all the way around and whatever.”

    This method is amazing! I love the trickle effect of money. I am now making it rain with the social networks…

    What do you guys mean “sound problems”?

  45. I used a special audio program to eliminate the static, and am now well on my way towards raking it in.

  46. […] and wouldn’t raise suspicion immediately. For example, a video post from Shoemoney describing how to make $1,000 in one hour is credible, because he is a well known blogger who makes a lot of money from the […]

  47. That was a good one – I am pretty sure many are still trying to figure it out, increasing the volume of their speakers. 🙂

  48. I am pissed. I followed the steps for like 8 hours today and only made $294.
    I think you left something out!

  49. Shoe is being modest (as usual). If you really dive into what he’s saying, you can pull down 3-4K by tomorrow night.

  50. Wow Jeremy,

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    You just made my day. I needed $1000 to pay of a mob boss I had been oweing and having had to spend my last dime on some learning ebooks I didn’t know where those $1000 bux would come from but now you have saved me from getting my legs broken.

    This is the quickest, easiest $1000 bux I have ever made in my entire life.

    Thank you and God bless you.


  51. Damnit Shoe, You keep giving away my secrets and blowing apart the best strategies by telling all the noobs. Now I gotta come up with something else!!! >:(

  52. Well guys an gals this technique didn’t work for me. =( I tried it like 3 times and shoe held to his guarantee and paypal’d me a 1000 bucks!!! Thx Shoe! He was right, easiest $1k to date!

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  54. Thanks, Shoe! It was a great advice, i’ve just made a thousands of buxes in a one minute! No more!

  55. I’m sorry but I had to forward this on to the Facebook account fraud department. I don’t know how you can encourage people to create “several social profiles” and still sleep well at night. I mean, I knew you were into some shady things, but this is too much.

  56. Great tips man, works amazingly well. 😀

    ps. What´s that hiss sound people are talking about???

  57. ITT: people who sit around waiting for Shoe to tell them how to make money instead of going out and learning themselves.

    Hilarious joke, by the way. Great way to reel people in, especially the leeches and freeloaders. 🙂

  58. Dude, if you didn’t even try the method I don’t see how you can demand your $1k. Just follow the directions on the video and you’ll make plenty.

  59. Ive allready analyzed this Video several times ago, but everytime on the same Lenght of the Video there is maybe an Error occuring or something!! I cant hear the real interesting stuff!!!!

    Please reupload a better version again!!
    thanks!! Philipp Sch.

  60. Hrm, this only brought in $462.50 in the last 12 hours. Kelly’s transcripts helped in understanding the rest of your video so thanks for the link.

  61. lol. I’ve been waiting MONTHS to see what you were going to do on 1st of April. Since your post about how excited you were waiting for it 🙂

    Was it as good as you hoped? I bet its been a biitch waiting to post that vid 🙂

  62. OH wait nevermind! I guess there really was a video that was supposed to load up, it didn’t load up the first time I tried to play it. HAHAHA!

  63. […] across a post on linking to Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney) where Jeremy shows you how to make $1,000 an hour. About half way into it it gets to be full of static and hissy. I immediately knew where this […]

  64. Haha, this is funny. Great one. I will definitely use this to make $1000/hr for the rest of my life.

  65. So THIS is how Bill Gates did it! Wow, thanks for the tidbit! Just made a fortune in the past couple hours myself!

  66. DOes this method still work? I’ve tried it and made only something like $900 for an hour, and that was all.

  67. Hey do you think yourself intelligent enough to fool me then let me tell you what I observed.Your facial expressions near 0.16 seconds showed that you are going to lie.Before that you were feeling guilty, your face say so..I did not watch you whole video or I would have ended writing a good post for your blog.

    Want to know who I am to say so much.I am an expert in these things.Do not visit my blog.You are not intelligent enough to catch me.

  68. Shoe,

    I’ve known it was April 1 all day and still fell for it.

    Keep up the good work!


  69. Views: 2,633
    Shoe tricked 2633 people so far not bad for an april fool’s day.

  70. Well, I guess I am one of the only few who didn’t find the Aprils Fool joke so funny.
    Smart move though to get tons of traffic with such a catchy title and video 😉

  71. My favorite part about this was that innovative new tactic that you proposed for marketing f&%$^% ^&n%* on ^$&##%. Seriously – those things practically sell themselves! I can’t believe I didn’t think of &#%ing the #%^@^ to %&#&#$&#$& thousands of dollars.

  72. Cool one Shoe….
    But I guessed this is an April’s fool video right after you said… “I’ll send you a 1000 dollars”… You smile a little.

    Good one anyway.

  73. lol … I listened to it twice because of the hisssss …. almost went out and bought new speakers. Drop by and read my April Fools message.

  74. I had sound problems too. Love the way this video is viral – has everybody talking – is is true – not true – what ! For me I am scrambling to Facebook now. I need to find out for myself. Regards.

  75. lol … listened to it twice and thought there was something wrong with my speakers. Drop by and see my April Fools post. This one almost cost me a new pair of speakers.

  76. Boy, this one is tame compared to some of the other evil ones I’ve come across today.

  77. Yep, John Chow sure got a few people pissed with his 2nd April Fools joke of the day.

    No one had anything nasty to say about this one. Happy April Fools 🙂


  78. I think I’ve learned to just turn off my computer on April 1st, lol. Still, I liked this one better than the Rick Roll thing, which is everywhere.

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  80. Thank you, shoe.

    I finally figured out that the one important fact that was covered by the static was

    // d0dwt ww;weirqttwe$$$$ 44$$444 EOR ****************”###

  81. That’s GREAT info Jeremy! Thanks a thousand! I’ve already made my money back!


  82. I can’t image why a big cheese like yourself would ever reveal your secrets! God bless! You’re the best!

  83. Can’t hear the sound? I fixed it — Just do a 301 redirect on the source code and then upload everything to a secure ssl database. Just be sure to disable cookies first, then wrap the file in ASP.

  84. Go to John Chow’s April fool’s joke if you want to lose respect, this was nothin.

  85. […] have been some good ones (Google, John Chow, Shoemoney, ‘Dirhma’ Geezer and The Net Fool) and some not so good ones (I’m with Malin – […]

  86. Whoop-Dee-Do! Why would I even waste my time watching a lengthy, one minute video, just to make a thousand bucks? PLUS, I have to spend an hour of my time doing it? Please!


  87. shoe you’ve done it again yet another great money making idea!! they don’t call you MONEY for nothin

  88. Shoe, this was hilarious! Loved your April Fools joke. Very entertaining. You got my click! LOL

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  90. […] most anticipated prank was from Shoemoney, and his Make $1000 An Hour video turned out to be pretty cool. It was pretty obvious, but still funny… and the joke kept going […]

  91. I think…that when you come and go in a hummer…making money while sleeping , you can get the luxury tu f#$% with people brains a little bit…
    hillarious ..all together

  92. really? 🙂
    *lol* I watched this three times – it’s my favorite april joke this year. great!

  93. I think at one point, you started laughing and had to get back into character… Pretty good!

  94. Yes, i believe we can get it !
    It is only needed hard work and believe with your self !.

  95. April’s Fools jokes are usually funnier when they are posted on the first of April…

  96. Thank, I actually tried this earlier, before your vid, and have been making an astounding 1500 Dollhairs an hour.

  97. […] of, “Make 1,000.00 in 1 hour” I also caught this one through Twitter but was hesitant to check it out figuring that it […]

  98. Rude… but funny. Beautiful! I was like “what the hell is wrong with the sound…. Oh.” I’m kind of bummed I’m not going to make $1,000.

  99. Amazing – I made many thousands just by not reading the comments or listening to the video – can’t wait ’till next April

  100. […] Shoemoney has a video where he shows you how to make $1,000 in 1 hour […]

  101. I did the same thing and didn’t make the $1,000. Thats false advertising!

  102. Better than John Chows April fools blog post, which Hijacked my browser window. Nice effort 🙂

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  104. This post was a perfect example of link bait along with good humor on April fools day 🙂

  105. Yeh that really was annoying I had to shut my browser with an article I was writing in because of that stupid thing and I lost it!

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  108. […] Playing on the get-rich-quick crowd, this was a very nice prank by Shoemoney. […]

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  110. Yes, you are right but i don’t absolutely agree. I think it’s only partial right. But post is god i think.

  111. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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