I had Tigh drop me off at the airport for my 6pm flight. It was delayed 15mins but I did not think it was that big of deal. Ended up landing in Chicago over 1 hour late and had 8 mins to catch my flight to NYC. Needless to say I did not make it but they did let me switch to goto Newark which was the last flight out for the night to the New York City area. This of course is the really short version. So I am on that flight…. no clue where my bags are and to be honest I did not really care. I was just happy to not have to stay the night in Chicago.

So I got in to my hotel about 1am and course they had given away my room… but they upgraded me to a 2 bedroom + living room penthouse suite free of charge. Score! I met Dave downstairs for a few drinks then I crashed.

The next day we met Loren Feldman at the world famous Friars club for lunch. I also met Simeon Margolis from Utterz . We had a UNREAL lunch and then after hit the steam room then watched TV cooling down. It was a really great experience and it felt like something right out of Good Fellas. So many multi million dollar deals have been done in that steam room over the years… the history of that whole place is just amazing. After getting dressed went down to the Sinatra Room and had a few drinks before heading out. Thanks Loren for hosting us at the Friars club. Was a really memorable time! (and the last time I can remember wearing a dinner jacket in so long!)

Now it was about 3:30 and we grabbed a cab to the AzoogleAds HQ for there publisher appreciation day. When we got out of the elevator I was pretty blown away with how nice their facility is. Its by far the most modern of about any affiliate/seo/sem/search company I have ever visited let alone in NYC where every building is 250 years old.

It was a really good time hanging out at the office. We talked for a long time in the board room about affiliate issues, what top affiliates want from Azoogleads and got some sneak peaks into new things they are working on with generic offers (modeled after the area they pioneered with the generic ringtone offer).

Other top affiliate contributors to the boardroom meeting were Jonathan Volk and Ian Fernando as well as Super Affiliate managers Ryan and Erin from Azoogleads.

We toured around the rest of their office and met the rest of the staff. Very cool people!

Then it was time to party!

AzoogleAds took over the Latitude Bar where it was time to party! They had awesome food and of course a open bar.

It was really fun to hang out with all the affiliates and affiliate managers putting faces to names and also meeting new people!

Jon Fisher wickedfire.com owner rolled in with a friend and while he was probably the last person in the world I wanted to see it turned out to be cool and we talked like civilized human beings (which we have always gotten a long in person). Jon even rolled with us to the unofficial after after party which was a real blast!

I got in to my hotel room about 4AM and WHOLA my bag had arrived! (yes my suitcase with all my clothes and stuff in it) Just in time for me to catch my 11AM flight back home!

Awesome time. Thanks a lot AzoogleAds for having us out!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

45 thoughts on “Azoogleads Publisher Appreciation Day Trip”
  1. jeremy – great times – glad to finally meet you. their staff was extra cool and it was fun – but wow 4am!

  2. Wow, did those guys in the top picture shave their head in honor of Shoemoney? Looks kinda like it. Funny that Azoogle didn’t want to “honor” the $1.23 in misdirected clicks that I made for them in 2007 – dang! Well – maybe next time.

  3. As long as you had your branded t-shirt I’d say you were good to go. Must be tough for you in the morning when getting dressed… hmm, black shoemoney shirt, white shoemoney shirt? 🙂

  4. What’s wrong with Joe Fisher?

    Oh btw Shoe, all I see is you partying! Where is the hard work etc? If there’s none, I wanna be just like you when I grow up! heh!

  5. hey shoe, did you work things out with Jon? because last i heard you sent him a C&D letter about what he wrote on his forum about you…

  6. As I stated before there was nothing left to work out (on my end). I regret how that was handled but I do not regret the actions that took place.

  7. Hanging with Wickedfire? Now that must have been a bit awkward… Sounds like you took the high road. Good for you.

  8. Honestly it was not awkward at all. We have met in person several times before. Jon even asked me to be on his super affiliate panel in Vegas a couple years ago. Like I said in person we have never had a issue getting along. Honestly I have met many WF members in person and in person never had any issues what so ever.

  9. cool event – i think that’s the first time shoemaker smiled, lol.
    you usually have that neutral, lawyer look.

  10. Here is what I don’t understand, Jon and his sheep call you all kinds of bitches and ho’s and when you see each other in person there is nothing on your end to work out? These people are calling you a fraud and that does not bother you? I guess if you consider the source it might not mean much to you. I must say if that is the case you are a better man than I. I however even if the better man would not have anything to do with that sort of person and would not spend any time with them.

  11. He smiles just look at the pic with the $132k adsense check, behind that check it’s a big smile! 🙂 Am I right?

  12. Sounds like you had a good time and your clothes showed up fashionably late. 😀

    At least you got some good logo placement 😉

  13. lol – he’s holding a $132K check…you’d think he could put on another face, besides the funeral face

  14. Hey Shoe. Very nice pictures. I would just like to say looking at you in those conferences with some very important people is motivating. Also i was looking to hear your views about simply making a big site and a living off blogspot? Is it possible?

    Thanks mate, look forward to your response


  15. Azoogle does well within the US market but not internationally as i am not seeing results on targeted asian markets on my other websites.

  16. Sounds like a great party ! Great to hear they are accomodated in a modern facility and a “250” year old building. Gives me mixed thoughts as in they likely have a high lease cost and leases on fancy cars for all the exec’s. Hey, I have no issues with nice cars but always ask, who’s paying for this ? 250 year old buildings are great or keeping year accomodations costs down as well as costs for your customers.

  17. It was a nice little social indeed… the Azoogle folks are an awesome bunch. Shoe it was really nice meeting you (I was the only Jamaican at Latitude LOL). See you in Jamaica so your Jamaican readers can treat you some great tasting “Jerk chicken” 🙂

  18. Looks like quite the time and party you had there with the Azoogle appreciation day. Hey Jonathan, cool, you got in on the fun too.

  19. LOL I know that feeling when you see someone and your thinking to your self this ain’t who I want to see LOL too funny. At least you guys got along..

  20. To all appearances it was a very interesting meeting, so will you tell us what are talking about in the board room in details? 😉

  21. and how to work less doing so (i assume tools were discussed as well as building pyramids, etc…)

  22. Hey Jeremy, It was nice meeting you at the Azoogle office (in the lunch room) briefly and wish we had a bit more time to chat but we were hanging out at different ends of Latitude later on and ended up at different after parties later on. I did get to talk to Dave for a while at Marquee. It was definitely nice meeting you both.

  23. Probably more than my measly $200 per month. Somewhere in Shoemoney’s pics he’s got an Azoogle check for $500,000, that’s probably enough.

  24. Do share. Was there anything new going on that you can tell or cannot tell either way we will not tell.

  25. wish i was there ! You should do a competition, the winner is your guest ?!

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