Been twitting (or is it tweating (twatting??)) for 2 weeks now and I really like it. Its a decent middle ground between instant messenger and and a blog. Its very cool to be able to interact with people who you otherwise would have no way of contacting. I don’t enjoy really bsing all day on instant messengers

I think it will be a cool tool to use for contests…. and yes we will have more contests. Probably late April early may. I plan on taking a short vacation after the Elite Retreat.

I am actually kind of surprised more affiliate & CPA companies do not use it as a tool to let their affiliates know of new deals… especially 0second ones.

Anyway how do you describe twitter to those who have never used it?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I read that twitter played a big role in the Zuckerberg interview. People at the convention twittered about the annoying journalist and word got around quickly. It only took a short while for everybody to dislike the lady.

  2. It seems kind of a fun thing but it also seems kind of time consuming. I haven’t really used it much.

  3. I like it too. I think your description is perfect. A cross between instant messaging and blogging. That is exactly how I would describe it.

  4. I just joined a few days ago. It doesn’t take that much time. Just open up GTalk and have the screen open and drop a few words each time you move onto a new task.

  5. I hate to say it but I have only 7 people that I follow and you are one of them. I get more than I give. I find that the people that I follow give me good content and that is the best that I can expect.

    I am still not sure where Twitter is going. Are we supposed to be turning it into another style of blog? Is it an SEO way to short circuit reliance on Google? Is this really the future of communications after blogging? I have many more questions than I have an understanding of Twitter but I have to admit that right now I am getting a lot of great stuff information from the top Twitter users that I follow.

  6. I’ll have to check out Twitter. I sit infront of a pc all day and instant message a bit.

  7. I have checked out twitter. i just think it isn’t for me as i enjoy Im’ng and all that… just be an extra thing i have to post to.

  8. I use Twitter usually via netvibes.

    How to describe it?
    It is like changing statuses on Instant Messengers, but more fun, practical, time consuming, profitable, dynamic and allowing to contact plenty of interesting ppl.

  9. I am still not that used to twitter. I have been using it for 3 days now and it rocks. I am now updated to post of different friends in the net. No need to go to Readers. Only problem I got is it , most of the links is in tiny url and tinyurl is banned from saudi arabia 🙁

  10. I haven’t really found it as a good use of time. I prefer the good old fashion IMing of my friends.

  11. Not a bad idea! I wonder how many companies are setting up their twitter accounts now…

  12. Its not if you have time for it, its rather if you remember to twitter something you are doing now.

  13. I used Skype. As long as you are on cable or higher, it is really clear. Twitter may be something to definately check out.

  14. That’s a good question since I’ve never used Twitter and am trying to find a reason to even check it out.

  15. I describe twitter as a mix of im-ing and foruming (message board. Some people actually don’t know what a forum is).

    I think people who are new to twitter could be use it as a :
    Group events reminder. Like the leader of a club could have a twitter for that club that all its members could follow, and then unfollow when they leave the club.

    Special section for multiple site. Like a “tip of the day” or “quote of the day” section, and you can put it on all of your sites/personal page (myspace, xanga, etc..) without writing it multiple times, just by putting the twitter code on all of them.

  16. I have become a twitter fan 🙂 it is a great tool to communicate with friends and colleagues, plus it is also useful as you can follow what is going on in your industry with news updates and can also become a “marketing” platform to promote your ideas and services…

  17. Our deal site, DeaLoco, actually just launched a twitter feed very recently. Check it out at 🙂

  18. I just love Twitter! It can be a definite time-sucker, though, if you’re not careful! The ability to connect with people I might not otherwise be able to – or in a more intimate way – is priceless. Sure – commenting on people’s blogs is great and it’s a good way to get to know someone. I think this would be more like the ‘chatter, sometimes worthless and fun, sometimes extremely valuable’ side of an office. Or in conference terms, the blog is the sessions, and Twitter is the hallways.

    I think I would tell a person who’d never used it that it is a completely versatile platform, onto which you can spew – ‘having mac and cheese for lunch’ – or on which you can make cool announcements – blog updates, sales, and such – or on which you can instant message, with multiple people all at once.

  19. Love Twitter! It’s a great tool to keep in touch with colleagues.

    Glad you are on it Jeremy.

  20. I also like twitter. It becomes extremely powerful the more people you get to follow you. Actually, I only have a handful of people following me and I’ve found it very useful!

  21. been following your twitter posts in the upper right of your site. Interesting in a voyeuristic kind of way although it is hard to follow what is being said tho. What is the protocol for responding to twits? If you don’t respond right away do people get annoyed? seems like it has the possiblity to become invasive. I mean how connected do we really need to be?

  22. I agree with that. To me it just seems like something else to take my time away.

  23. […] one of the most grueling and perilous that any person can pursue ?? especially in …www.nytimes.comtwitter for 2 weeks now Been twitting or is it tweating twatting?? for 2 weeks now and I really like it. Its a decent […]

  24. I usually explain twitter in “facebook” language- it’s like your status line. You write what you are doing or how you are feeling, and it’s broadcasted to all of your friends.

  25. I haven’t used it at all…I’d still like to try it out sometime soon (hopefully), when I have time to play around with it and see how I can use it! My time right now is just so consumed with work, blogging, keeping up with everyone’s blogs, and preparing for my GMATs.

  26. I agree!! I have so many online activities that take up all my time, I’m sure I would forget to post and it would go un-updated for a while.

  27. I went to a Calpirg conference at USC a few weeks ago. And it was suggested that if doing some kind of a campaign for quick results to use twitter. People are use a form of twitter for politics as well is called politweets. And a McCain aid who used a twitter feed about Obama was suspended for posting a youtube video in his twitter blog. So I guess in a few ways, using twitter can create a lot of buzz or the snowball effect very quickly if you are connected to the right people,,1,4329132.story

  28. its about time i give twitter a shot. i just signed up, great stuff here guys.

  29. It sounds like my worst nightmare but I guess you can’t fight progress so I’d best take a look and see what all the twittering is about !

  30. […] His exact words where "I am actually kind of surprised more affiliate & CPA companies do not use it as a tool to let their affiliates know of new deals" on this post. […]

  31. How come you don’t follow more people? I feel like responding to you sometimes but its a waste of time because I know you wouldn’t see it.

  32. It seems that it can longer to understand the concept than to actually implement it but once understood it seems easy and fun and useful. I will give it a try.

  33. If you do not have any online friends that use it… is it worth using?

    Better yet… if you do not have any online friends… is it worth using?

    I have neither… 😉

  34. I started Twittering following the SEO experts, but it’s harder and harder to manage with the more you follow- but I’ve gotten some great current links by following them- even finding out national news via Twitter. People who follow me are sometimes just wanting me to visit their sites and services- I do check them out, so marketing works-both ways.
    I was happy to see you start posting recently Shoe.

  35. Sorry guys, but in my opinion that’s waste of time. Are you need a ppl management tool? So just use BaseCamp, in other cases instant messengers will be right choice.

  36. or ‘twitting’ as it’s a slang term in Brit. Eng. for an idiot used as a noun!

    You Twit! Why did do you that?


  37. […] Jeremy at thinks that Twitter is somewhere between IM and a blog. […]

  38. Same here, I guess I’ll have to install some offline client. I’m just too lazy to log in and twitter.

  39. Hm. I am exhausted from using things like Facebook and before that Friendster, and my own blogs, and my friends’ blogs, and email – I don’t want another way to keep up with them or anyone else! I think if it did something that none of those other things did I would be more interested. I liked imood, back in the day, because it would show similar information and would also show random imoods or let you search by mood or graph your mood over the past year and so on.

  40. I don’t have a twitter account and I think social networking is not working for me.

  41. How do you add that crapy widget thing to the site? It said copy to clipboard which did nilche nada zip, what a crock of cow dung.

  42. I do want to check out twitter as well when get a spare moment in an insane life.

  43. Hey, that was a good video. But just try explaining twitter in 140 characters.

  44. I kink of agreee with Oakling above. Like, how many more ways do we need to keep in touch? I cant keep up with all my emails and sms messages leave alone someone who ahs the gaul to send me a snail mail, what is that called – oh, a letter !

  45. I’ve found it’s often a little difficult to explain, to those who have never used it. In fact, it took me several months to really understand the value in it. Now, I’m addicted to Twitter.

  46. Shoe, I have been getting some good results in the search engines with twitter posts.
    I added to follow you ie…… semcents
    …..You know what they say once you Twit you never go back. I am getting addicted to Twitter. There are allot of news headlines where I learn something new.


  47. I am using since 1 week, and I must say its great.
    My blog gets good traffic too from twitter. And thats free. 😀

  48. Twitter is perfect for those of us with blogs that aren’t so “niche” and kind of random…my readers appreciate (so far) my randomness, and Twitter is perfect to make me more “normal” to them. Several of my readers signed up to interact with me and have found they love it and now have their own followers…

  49. Tons of contests by marketers, Zappos was giving away a free pair of shoes to a random follower and to 10 of their friends if they were also following Zappos…

    I’m finding it to be a great tool for getting out there too, lots of clickthrough traffic to my site..

  50. Awesome! Is it creepy to say…I’m following you now? LOL

    I’ve always believed we are a people that love to follow….LMAO!

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