so… pretty weird eps last night on lost eh? I guess we knew for a while Michael was coming back. What a wild story.

So the oceanic six are- Syaid, Michael, Sun, Hugo, Kate, Jack?

Sucks there is like 6 weeks until a new episode comes out.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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48 thoughts on “Lost season 4 – Michael Returns”
  1. I haven’t seen last night’s episode, so thanks for spoiling it for me. Just kidding…it’s not a big deal. Anyways, I thought that the oceanic six had been revealed already – Kate, Jack, Syaid, Ben, Hugo, and Claire’s Baby?

  2. Well, they told us there would be death. And there was. Two of them at the last minute. Then again, is Rousseau REALLY dead? I doubt it.

    Question is, why did Sayid turn in Michael unless he thought he was lying about everyone on the island dying. I’m not sure I follow.

    You might say… I’m lost. 😉

  3. You have forgotten about Walt his son who is safe at his grandmothers house. That would make seven. Guess again.

  4. Even if Mike manages to get back home again, I don’t think he’ll count as one of the Oceanic 6.

  5. Hey Shoe…thanks for the title of this post. I DVR-ed Lost to watch basketball. D’oh! Don’t you just hate you can’t look at words without reading them.

  6. That episode was actually the very first episode I could watch live on ABC (since I´m here for SES NY, and not in Germany, where I always have to download them the next day) – and I really gotta say, that it was a pretty lame episode.
    It´s just getting more and more weird, like the writers just don´t come up with good ideas anymore, and are now just trying to confuse the people even more.

    So Michael feels bad about killing two people on the island, and now he wants to make up for it by killing even more on the boat?? WTF?? That´s the stupidest story-twist they could ever come up with.

    That´s like Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3 killing all those innocent jedi (even all the kids), only to might be able to safe his wife – that´s just bad storytelling!

  7. Shoe, I don’t think Michael or Walt are part of the Oceanic 6. I don’t know that Michael will survive this trip (he’s there “to die” remember), and no one is supposed to know that Walt survived. When they were showing the previews for the next episode, they said “You know who the oceanic 6 are” and then showed Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron.

    I know people have been saying that Aaron can’t count because he wasn’t on the plane but Claire was pregnant before the crash so technically he was on board.

  8. During the episode where he reappears I was thinking about how he just kind of disappeared and nothing was written about him again and then he pops up!

  9. Michael/Walt are definitely not part of the 6 considering they now go by different names. No one knows they exist back home.

  10. michael and walt are not part of the oceanic six. they go back to new york immediately after ben lets them leave on the boat and are in new york when the “wreckage” from oceanic 815 is found. michael then decides to go back to the island, or the freighter, anyway. so that all happens before the oceanic six are discovered. it was very confusing, especially since michael’s flashforwards actually looked like the seventies!

    i didn’t want aaron to be one of the ocean six, but the promo showed him during the voiceover so i guess that’s settled.

  11. “Michael” didn’t come back from Oceanic 815 – Kevin was created. So he’s not part of the 6, neither is Walt. The 6th, according to the teaser shown at the end of last night’s episode, counted Aaron.

  12. how can aaron be one of the oceanic 6 when he was not even on the plane… he was born on the island

  13. I would disagree with you. Michael feels bad about killing two fellow survivors, so he’s willing to kill everyone on the boat to help save the rest of the survivors.

    The plot is getting more and more twisted but I don’t think they’ve entered any territory that they hadn’t laid groundwork for in the previous seasons. To me we’re simply getting into the knot or tangled web that the writers had already woven. I’d expect it to be like this for at least the rest of this season before we start getting to untangling it all.

  14. Get over it! If you don’t watch the show when it’s made available can you really expect to avoid all mentions of it? The episodes are available online and via iTunes so there’s really no excuse for not keeping up.

  15. Shoe, as I said in my comment, since Claire was already pregnant before getting on the plane, Aaron was on the plane, just in the womb. Now maybe you can argue that the writers should take a more “pro-choice” approach to it but I don’ t think they’re trying to fool us on this one. I could be wrong but that’s my guess.

  16. It makes you wonder how Michael kept from being “discovered” when he got back to the States (considering all the hype around the Oceanic 6 when they’re found). Michael and Walt never caused a blip when they got back. I guess it would be easy for Michael to go sort of underground, but Walt? Weird.

  17. We saw Michael in last weeks episode, and was even shown in the commercial for the episode that ran last night. If you didn’t know he was back 8 days later, its totally your own fault.

  18. The wreckage hadn’t been discovered yet so there probably wasn’t quite as much attention as there will be when 6 people who are supposed to be dead show up. Plus, a father and son on a boat would look much less suspicious than a group of 6 people.

  19. 8 people supposedly survived the crash – but only 6 ultimately survived – so this could be backstory to explain Aaron. Which means the other 2 are Claire and ??

  20. I think he doesn’t count just yet… but I do think he is one that makes it back again to be counted as an official Oceanic Six club member.

  21. And I remember reading somewhere that a producer said… that by this episode a we’d all know who the six are.

  22. Michael is in a difficult period 🙂 And the end of the episode left me with the idea that Ben wanted his “daughter” killed. I can wait to see ep9

  23. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you live outside of the US. Now lets pretend that you get the episodes 1 week later. Would that be a worthwhile excuse?

  24. I agree totally with this comment. Michael and Walt are supposed to stay secret, I think.

  25. What does that have to do with “pro-choice?”

    I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t put it past lost to try and fool us (the whole birth from last week)…

  26. OKAY! WTF? Six weeks until a new episode? I hate it when the networks stack too many shows on one night to give the other network a ratings hit. I know it’s about the all mighty dollar, and they have to shoot the new episodes, but 6 weeks is an eternity without LOST. I can handle 6+ weeks without Gray’s (hospital of infidelity) Anatomy, but not LOST.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to find something else to entertain me on Thursdays.

  27. I actually watched lost for the first time in like a year the other day…Things changed so much, it was nearly impossible for me to keep up. Extremely interesting how the story changed though from the first season…

  28. Well they’re not part of the public Oceanic Six. I bet Michael dies at some point anyway.

  29. Does anyone remember when Jin was running to the hospital and then he said he was only married for 2 months? Was that a flash forward? Wouldn’t he be a part of the 6?

  30. Sayid is becoming quite a hero. Who would have thought that so many Americans would be rooting for a charachter portraying an officer from the Iraqi Revolutionary Guards? Interesting that from the entire flightlist there’s no charachter portraying an American soldier (notwithstanding the militiamen on board the freighter).

  31. Yeah, Michael isn’t an oceanic six, since the public (the world) doesn’t or cant know he’s back, remember his mom says she cant call them by their names, plus: if he was an oceanic six he would be a celebrity, we can see he’s not.

  32. Technically he WAS on the plane, although in Claire’s tummy, but he was on the plane, he was a survivor, and he came back, we can see him in Eggtown (Kate’s flash-forward episode).

  33. I don’t think that Michael is an Oceanic six. I think that “the six” will be rescued by the Widmore’s ship, from the island, like sayid, jack, sun…. Ben freed Michael, not these new guys.

  34. The only reason that there is a large gap is because those were all the episodes they filmed before the writer’s strike hit.

    It wasn’t planned this way.

  35. No one knows he made it off the island, his own mother said that he didn’t allow her to tell anyone that he and Walt had made it off the island.

    If he counts, then Walt counts, and we have the Oceanic 7/8 depending on whether you count Aaron or not (which I don’t).

    In theory, the last member of the Oceanic 6 could be Ben. He has the clout to get his name onto the passenger manifest.

  36. yeah man, you’re wrong. The six are Kate, Jack, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Aaron. Just because there’s a grave doesn’t mean Jin’s actually in it. And/or he could’ve died on the island and been brought back or not be dead at all since all of the six have agreed to keep it a secret about the others who are still left on the island, the grave could be a fake.

  37. I have just caught up on all the Lost episodes. It has taken me like a month of constant watching online. woot!

    It was a flash back when Jin ran to the hospital. I believe he is not one of the oceanic 6 survives. I don’t think Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6 survivors either. I bet that they are saving that till the end of these season or the beginning of next season.

  38. I must now be addiceted to the internet because I cant TV for more than anout 15 minutes without wanting to change the channel – or go back to my computer. The only thing I can watch on TV that holds my attention these days is a football game – Aussie Rules that is.

  39. That wasnt a fash forward for Jin it was a flashback, to when he had only been married to Sun for 2 months and was in China on business for his father-in-law, hence the Panda bear for the baby (Koreans have no connection to Panda bears!). That whole episode was brilliant, it had me guessing right up until the shocking end (wha! Sun is getting ready to hook up with another man! Wha! Its Hurley? Ewww, Wha! Jin got divorced and then remarried to someone else? etc.) but yea it was a “flash-forward with Sun and a “flashback” with Jin, meant to make it seem like he was rushing to get to his wife’s delivery when in fact he was dead when Sun gives birth, although my wife floated the idea that maybe Jin faked his death to get out from under the iron fist of Sun’s dad and they are both going to reunite in America or back on the Island or wherever. Either way that was one of the most jaw dropping and emotional episodes ever.

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