2 years ago when I just was getting started in PPC (see 10k experiment part 1 and part 2) it was all about quantity… generating massive lists of keywords and bidding the absolute minimum trying to hit the long tail.

Since then a lot has changed in PPC and now you really need to dial it in if you want to compete. You need to create landing pages, ad copy, all very related to your keywords to get a good quality score (and lower prices). You can do all of that manually…. but that sucks… and it just does not scale well.

A while back I heard about some new tools to help increase productivity with PPC and I gave Efficient PPC a shot. I was disappointed at first because it is only for Windows based computers but after setting up parallels on my mac with coherency I can run the application right from my mac so its fine 😉 (macs for the win).

Within efficientPPC you build your lists… keywords… buy words.. states… then specify which lists you want to use to build your keyword list. Then you want to write your ad and use some of the dynamic tags.

its really hard to explain so I did a video here (actually the video is acting up. I will post it when I get back). Its not very good quality but I think it shows how sweet this application is.

I gave a few prices in the video but it had been a while since I originally signed up so I went to the site to get exact specifics:

US $99.00 One time setup fee + US $19.00 Monthly subscription (quit anytime you want) or US $347.00 Single Payment (no more payments)

  • Efficient PPC software
  • Efficient PPC video tutorials
  • Access to ready-to-use word lists
  • Dynamic landing page example
  • Access to Efficient PPC support forum

Updates & Upgrades
30 Day money back guarantee

I HIGHLY recommend everyone who is doing PPC try the free, fully functional demo.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Mister Shoemoney, are you going to put up a video on this later? I tried working it a few days ago when you recommended the program and watched the demo, but I’m a pure beginner when it comes to PPC and never really understood it. Does this program actually recommend keywords? I was a little confused, I saw that you have to come up with keywords on your own and it just looked like a filing cabinet to organize keywords and lists. Does this automatically import these lists right into Google or other PPC campaigns though?

  2. ya i will……. for sure.

    It does not recommend keywords but instead users all combinations of your keywords. Its kind of a middle man between something like keyword discovery and the google adwords editor.

  3. I like PPC and such things, the only thing to think about is unfortunately that it is too expensive for me and I don’t know how to use. Of course is it designed for the US market.

  4. Effecient PPC looks good. I could definitely use some help in the PPC game so I’ll have to try the demo.

  5. That sounds great. I looked at keyword discovery and downloaded google adwords editor, both I didn’t know existed although I use the free 7 search keyword thing for writing articles for SEO, I guess is like keyword discovery. For some reason, I’ve always sucked at the PPC thing, always being so confusing, time consuming and never got a sale, even for the crappier keywords at high bids. I’ll try checking this out more and await your video, I gotta run.

  6. Well the good thing is its free to learn. All of the major PPC engines have free training videos which are a very good source of education.

  7. Efficient PPC is designed for all markets, not only for the US market. We have successfully built campaigns in Hebrew and other languages. Additionally, we have a very quick support team that can add support of any language in a matter of hours.

  8. while you are waiting for Jeremy’s video, you can check out the video at the Efficient PPC website.

  9. What kind of question is that?

    I would expect its made any one, its simple to use I used it the other day and I have been making profits from 80 dollars profits from 10 dollars

  10. I tried the free trial earlier but they sent me a 0kb download (thanks). I didn’t know about the one time payment of $347. This seems more interesting now that you can buy it one time as the same as the monthly payment system and after 13 months you broke even.

  11. I think it all depends on how you value your time… even coding this out ourself would cost us 10x in our time.

    I agree though… if you are unemployed and have 24/7 to write ads for weeks you could do what this does in a few minutes

  12. I think he ment, that its kinda expencive for a tool you can put together yourself in a couple of hours. I know that its not everyone that can do that, but it’s not worth $19 a month. If you can have patience for a day or so, i will post a similar tool at http://www.kennowich.com as soon as the (just registered) domain becomes valid. I will even throw in a feature that will make more than 100 times as many keywords out of the same pool.

  13. It looks like a very good app, but i am a bit concerened of buying a ppc softwarte tool from someone who is an affiliate themselves. How can affiliates be sure that you are not collecting all the keywords and data that your customers are loading into the system and then copying it to your own affiliate campaigns?
    It seems like since you have admin access, you could potentially profit twice:once from selling the product and then again from copying the campaigns and using them for your affiliate campaigns.
    This isn’t a problem for a newbie but for someone who is a serious affiliate it is.
    I would like to try your product so please could you or anyone who is reding this address how you are protecting your customers privacy?

  14. Interesting … Here’s a question … how can you make a static front page on WordPress into a dynamic landing page? Any good plugins that anyone knows of?

  15. I can understand wanting to back up your bet. But do you not agree that with effective SEO you don’t need to do PPC at all? I know that you hate 98% of all SEO people and so do I. That is why we do all our own SEO so I don’t have to deal with any of them. But we spent a lot of money on PPC and are seeing more traffic just by implementing correct SEO.

  16. I will even throw in a feature that will make more than 100 times as many keywords keyword phrases out of the same pool.

  17. while this tool is good it isn’t earth shattering… people that have been doing ppc for a while should already have some tool to tag their lists together etc… I think this tool puts it togther from what i have seen… (note i have not used this software, just from what i see in vids etc..)

  18. I’ll check out the free version. I do most of this myself currently, but if it makes it easier, it may be worth my time.

  19. I didn’t realize you were still using ppc at all — i thought since you were out of the ringtones game that you made acquisitions through other means …

  20. Wow! This is a great application. Thanks for sharing- it’s something I’ll have to spread around!

  21. This is a great point, but I think it all depends on the audience you are trying to reach and the industry you are in. In extremely competitive industries (insurance, perhaps) bids are high and usually not worth it to purchase. In this case SEO may be the best choice. However, in non-competitive niche areas, PPC may be extremely advantageous.

  22. I especially like te tools on the Microsoft AdCenter site. Yeah, AdSense has the traffic, but it is almost worth the $5 to get the Excel AdCenter tools!

  23. Here’s a dew questions:

    Is this a software download or is it hosted?
    What’s the difference btwn this and SpeedPPC?
    Does it only support Google? (you might want to change the demo to have a different display and dest. url now that Google is enforcing this soon.

  24. These work ok for building out a campaign framework, but there’s no substitute for manual touch.

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  26. Jay from SpeedPPC.com here.

    I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 🙂

    To answer Mike 11|15 Media:

    We’ve been testing out EfficientPPC and there are quite a few differences between SpeedPPC and this product. I’m not going to try and steal their thunder, so I won’t do the full comparison here. We’ll try and post a balanced comparison soon on our blog to clarify things. I know as a buyer with so many tools out there and so many affiliate driven marketing messages it’s hard to sort the truth from the hype.

    The two most fundamental differences would be that SpeedPPC supports AdWords, MSN, YSM and a few more in the pipeline. It also includes a pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves) landing page generator that pulls from affiliate datafeeds. Oh… and our product is a 1 time fee forever.

  27. Efficient PPC is not any kind of spyware or a hijacking tool, your keywords are saved on your computer only, and are not sent anywhere else. And if it wasn’t clear enough, Efficient PPC is a desktop software and not a web based tool, so we can’t access your data. To be sure, you can monitor your internet connection while using Efficient PPC and see that the only information sent is the username and password authentication when the program starts. The fact that we are affiliates doesn’t make us hackers, and you can read our privacy policy to be sure.

  28. I really need to get my hands on PPC and you seem like one of the best sources of info about it.

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  30. Hey Shoe!

    I’m trying the demo but getting errors in the resulting uploaded text ads. Have you had trouble? Seems the {result: _________} call doesn’t get picked up properly in the text ad titles ONCE uploaded to adwords.

    Any ideas?

    Waiting for your example video!

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  32. @jay are speedppc , I didn’t know you guys support YSM. I have only seen the Adwords/MSN version. which version supports YSM ? may be you guys can respond to support tickets ontime instead of wasting time pluging your products around 🙂

    anyways I will check and see if their is a new update from you to support YSM

  33. I might try this out for my PPC campaigns soon. It has some great features and if the product is good quality, then the prices they charge are very reasonable!

  34. I haven’t actually tried this application out, just checked out their landing page demo. But I have tried the techniques before. Isn’t it just a sure-fire way to get your content into Google’s supplemental index?

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