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By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

40 thoughts on “MMA Content Writers Wanted”
  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Is this a paid writing position? Not saying that its not a great opportunity for writers, but was just curious.

  2. congrats on the project and some of my friends are big MMA fans. SO ill let me know about this post.

  3. Are you looking for experienced fighters to write???

    Do we get press passes and such to go to the fights?

  4. This shoulb be a great gateway site into this world of MMA. You are on the cusp on the emerging sport. Great idea.

  5. Great opportunity! I think I will share this with my self-defense forum. I am sure someone there would love to put in an application.

    Rob West

  6. Instead of writing about violence – try writing about LOVE
    Jeez – what types of people are you?!

  7. I didn’t know you were coming out with a MMA forum. what is it all about?

    I love watch UFC but writing about it is not my interest,

  8. Do you own the domain That’s a great domain. The site will probably be very successful!

  9. I’d get Matt Hughes to write up an article on how not to kick GSP’s ass. Sorry, couldn’t resist… πŸ˜›

    Looking forward to checking out the site!

  10. ops. i thought already up n running.. great idea.. martial arts.. must be an instructor or practitioner of taekwondo, judo, boxing, muay thai or what?

  11. Who is that silhouette dude in the logo? Looks like some bodybuilder pulling off a Frank Zane pose… nice.

    P.S. I’ll have to shoot an email that way, i’d like to think I’m a great writer and I love fighting!

  12. Great potential. As long as they didn’t overpay in an ROI sense it should be good. It is amzing the price that some urls are going for though!

  13. Application sent, looking forward to your reply πŸ™‚ It would be great to work on such an awesome project.

  14. Shoemoney and his investors spent more then 10x the highest amount he ever spent on a domain…so if you find the most times it by 10 and there you go πŸ˜‰

  15. Yeah Shoe announced it earlier the expected launch date was March/April so they look to be on target πŸ˜‰

  16. De logo only of which I see here above I like much. Nice done that work man.

  17. Wish I had the time to even write content for my own sites. Looks like it will be a good one, Shoe. Looking forward to it. So when can we order our co-branded Tapout / t-shirts?

  18. […] known to most folks as Shoemoney. He’s on the cusp of launching a new website and he needs MMA content writers. If you’re looking to break into a freelance writing career, could prove to your […]

  19. I just won. midnight passed. according to the rules I had 300 max had 391

    Aaron – of Digital vegetarian.

  20. I really like the logo of the site. I can’t wait to see the finished product. It should be very successful considering the growing popularity of mixed martial arts. I am looking forward to seeing it in March or April.

    If you are looking for paid writers you may think about posting job ads on classified sites. There are probably a lot of freelance writers that could fill your position.


  21. We have the only nationally syndicated radio show on MMA our interviews appear transcribed on other websites including Yahoo Sports. Feel free to contact us.

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