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53 thoughts on “3-4 on UFC 81”
  1. He may have lost but he showed a lot of promise. Each punch he threw looked like it might end the fight.

  2. Well, Brock definitely has a lot of potential. Did Mir even hit him with a punch at all prior to the leg lock?

  3. Imagine how UFC feels. They paid him a huge sum and a victory would have made them look better. Look for Lesnar to destroy his next opponent.

  4. There was some very serious hype… for a fight that lasted 1 minute and 30 seconds that went the way of the reported underdog. Not only did the UFC have to pay Brock huge money, but what about Kurt Angle, Mark Calaway, and Steve Austin who all had bumper shots.

    To me it proves what I think the UFC has always set out to do, prove that no matter how big and bad you make people think you are, in a real fight you probably will not live up to expectation.

  5. I am gonna be the the weird one and say this really helps MMA. You have a huge guy they paid a ton of dough to get into the ring. Then you have a real MMA Master…and the MMA guy one. Validates the current UFC champs.

  6. I think Shoe calling Lesner a potential “lock” is what made me bet on Mir 😛 Oh and I hate Tim Silvia so I had to bet against him.

  7. srsly I was thinking about placing a bet as well, thank God I didn’t do it though.

    For the love of God though that was horribke, I mean lesner did dominate the match no doubt about it but h tapped out really really quick.

  8. Although Brock lost, he won over a lot of fans last night. I mean he was humble in defeat and vowed to return.

    With a little more ground work and time to mature, he is going to be an animal. Not a Bob Sapp animal who can’t really do jack squat, but a real beast that can destroy you standing, on the ground, or wherever your heart desires. Brock had me up in the air jumping around screaming my head off. He is definitely an exciting fighter.

    Oh yeah, no one should ever count big Nog out. He has come back from so many knock downs like that – it isn’t even funny. He is a beast and his jitz is just sick with it.

  9. You lost, Brock got his ass kicked… he should have stayed in wrestling, you should have stayed in marketing 🙂

  10. Dude…How can you think Lesner would beat a submission EXPERT? While Lesner was surely pounding Mir you can’t help but think that the Pro wrestling establishment is not at the skill level of actual fighting the UFC represents.

    And Sylvia..he is a just a big ass guy but he is NOT talented. Time and time again he only beats opponents that simply can’t reach his enormous size. Yet Sylvia DOES lose and it’s almost always guys that are close to his height as possible. Sylvia is one of the worst UFC guys around imho.

    Your two bets were terrible. Next time you want UFC advice Shoe come talk to me. I been into UFC since the early days. It’s someone I am passionate about. Living in Vegas has really enhanced my UFC outlook. I meet a lot of guys in the town that train with top fighters. Last night I was at the Pure afterparty from a free invite to the VIP area. hehe..

  11. I would still make the same bets again. I am disappointed they lost but they were good bets with great lines. Can’t win them all. I am still way up in ufc betting. Everyone loves to talk but nobody shows their bets =P

  12. I lost $100 on Brock – he looked sloppy and got caught pretty easily bu Mir, probably due to the big occasion. Ref should have given a warning for the hit to the back of the head not a restart and a point..
    I won on Nog – as soon (if he could get top) as Nog was on top of Sylvia it was over.

    I want to see a losers match between Sylvia and Lesnar because Lesnar has the tools to destroy Sylvia.

  13. Yeah it sucked for Brock… i was a fan of him even when he was in WWE for a while. This guy have a nice physique.

  14. I don’t think he needs to work on his ground skills, he just needs to “use” them instead of trying to put on a big show for everyone. Knowing that he is a wrestler makes it obvious that by using no wrestling skills at all in that match, he was simply trying to show off with big striking. I’d say his motive was to create a big bad ass image of “if you fight me you’re going to get seriously hurt” to make people fear him.

    I guess he overlooked the motives of his opponent.

  15. I watched it again and he does one wrestling move haha he spins around on top of his body .. to get a better angle.. Mir makes the leg lock look so easy. I guess it is though, there’s so many submission opportunities in MMA matches but they miss out on them because they’re too busy trying to knock them out or something..

  16. I dont care what everyone says even if mazzagati would have let them go after brock hit him in the back of the head then it would have been just a matter of time before mir caught him in some type of hold because brock looked inexperienced and for those who say he showed promise then you must not know MMA because Brock needs atleast another 6 months of training in brazilian ju jitzu defenses to compete in the UFC and to compete in the top of the heavyweights which is a weak class anyways he will need atleast 2 years of fights and training. UFC made a mistake throwing him out there too early.

  17. Haven’t seen it yet but by the comments Brock lost 🙁 damn too bad! I was hoping a fellow Minnesotan would win!

  18. Jeremy:

    I guess this means that you should never let a “home-town” contestant influence the way you bet! If you would have approached the Horn v. Marquardt like you do on business decisions…I think you would have been better off!

  19. brock lesnar is way too overrated. mma is a tottally different league than wrestling…you can’t win with power alone.

  20. I’m not going to doubt Frank Mir’s Juijitsu skill, but let’s be honest, Lesnar was kicking his ass until he made a rookie mistake against a former champion.

    Lesnar will go back into training and his coaches will kick his ass until he gets that he can’t leave himself open like that again, at least not with someone of Frank Mir’s calibre.

  21. My brother was telling me about this last night. While it may look like his punches could have taken Mir’s head off they probably weren’t that great.

    When you join sports entertainment you are taught to pull your punches and not hit as hard as you normally would. It will take more than 1 match for the brain and the body to figure out that he can now hit the hardest he could.

  22. was out friday night with my buddy – big UFC fan – and he called Brock getting submitted easily in the first. I was expecting more than that from Brock. Let Down all around.

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  24. I’m not a big Brock fan myself. Personally I can’t wait for the UFC and St-Pierre to come up to Quebec…there will be a crazy street party that day!

  25. I heard that Brock kicked some @$$ until his inexperience in grappling got him in a ankle lock. I think that he will be here to stay.

  26. Brock looked good. Seemed like he was only lacking experience and that he can become a good fighter. I thought Mir was done for and may have been if the fight wasn’t stopped.

  27. Brock isn’t an MMA fighter, you just can’t expect him to come in and dominate on a sport he knows nothing about.

    Before this fight I bet Brock would loose. His stand up might have been decent, never doubted that, but its his BJJ skills I knew were lacking and thats the most important skill he could have going into the cage.

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