I am pretty frickin excited to see this card. UFC 79 has 2 incredible matchups. Matt Hughes Vs. George St Pierre rematch and Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva.

Hughes vs St. Pierre:

In the past I have been pretty harsh on GSP but its mostly just because I know a lot of GSP fans read this site and I like to mess with them a bit ;). St Pierre has such a arsenal of offensive weapons… pretty unreal. On paper St Pierre wins this fight 6 ways till Sunday. On Bodog right now he is currently a 2:1 favorite. Also.. as most people know we have sponsored Matt Hughes for quite a bit…

I think Matt Hughes wins this fight. This will be his last great victory before retirement. If he loses this fight GSP will have beaten the real Mat t Hughes. Everyone in his camp is saying he is training hard for the first time since fighting Royce Gracie.

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva:

Chuck Liddell is a slight underdog in this fight. Both are coming off of 2 losses. Silva is coming off of 2 VERY devastating knockouts to Mirko Flipovic (highkick) and Dan Henderson (spinning backfist and vicious ground and pound). Also Wanderlei is coming from the Pride fight league where there was no steriod testing and no enforced weight classes. Also there is a lot of talk that Pride executives paid threw a lot of fights to keep the popular fighters champions. Anyway it will be interesting to see how Wanderlei Silva does in the UFC.

I am picking Liddell in this fight. What a crapshoot this fight is. Its too bad they are not in their prime but still should be a very exciting fight. I do not expect this to be much of a ground fight.

Bets: I am up over $1,000 this year from UFC betting and I do not feel very confident either way in these fights. I will be putting only 50$ on both Hughes and Liddell.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

58 thoughts on “UFC 79 Nemesis Matt Hughes VS George St Pierre”
  1. Holy cow… I am cheering for St Pierre… Hughes is too old now… and as stated Pierre is already a Saint .. LOL.. Go St. Pierre!

  2. GSP all the way. He dominated Hughes the first time and he’ll do it again this time. I’m sure Hughes has been training hard but so has GSP since his loss to Serra so they’ll both be at the top of their game.

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  4. I have hated Silva for years for fighting no-name fighters, but this one will be close, that dude is a warrior and i believe he is ready for war. this will be fight of the night and a fight of epic proportions. I dislike both fighters so im not sure who i wan to win, so go GSP!!!! LOL

  5. I live in Aus and my sports are Rugby and Cricket. The only fighter from UFC that I know is chuck liddell from Entourage (Damn thats a good show!)

  6. I want Pierre to win, but I really wanted to see Serra beat the crap out of Hughes. As long as St Pierre doesn’t over train himself before the fight again I think he should win.

    There’s some fighters that seem to be doing really well from Pride, once they get used to the Octagon cage that is.

  7. You should know that betting is not risk adverse. Don’t confuse luck with skill. If you are doing it for the entertainment value it is all good. Sometimes it makes things a bit more interesting. I would be putting my money down in the same spot. I love the UFC.

  8. I’m with you on these two fights, Jeremy.

    I’m a HUGE Liddell fan and I hope he can make a comeback.

    GlobalMasterPlan dot com

  9. You incorrectly state that there were no “no enforced weight classes” in PrideFC. This is simply a false statement. Their were, in fact, established weight classes in PrideFC, they just differed in breakdown from the UFC weight divisions.

    Sure Wanderlei did fight Cro Crop who is a heavyweight, but this fight took place in the Open Weight Grand Prix of 2006 where there were no weight divisions. Other than that, Wanderlei was the PrideFC middleweight champion (which was Pride’s 205lb division comparable to the UFC’s light heavyweight division)

  10. I’m not really into UFC but good luck. Hope you played the bookie though, betting at two different places with different odds so no matter what you profit 😉

  11. It’s the end of the year, why not just let all your winnings ride on these two fights? That’s the point of gambling isn’t it? To “gamble” for bigger earnings?

  12. Correct. That fight took place in the open weight GP – where there are no set weight classes.

  13. Pride is way different than the UFC. They forced fighters to stand up, the fighters didn’t cut basically any weight, and they were all juiced up. Not only that, there was referee bias and the Pride officials were corrupt.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want hughes to win this fight badly. It’s hard to really imagine anyone beating GSP because the guy has friggin SICK striking and wrestling ability. I mean the guy handled Koschekcs wrestling and the guy was world class. I’m really hoping he’ll pull out a big one….if he can get him to the ground, he’ll win the fight.

    Silva/Liddel…I really want liddell to win bad. If he loses, he’s pretty much done in the UFC i think. Silva can take a loss because those 2 previous losses were in pride. A loss for liddell would put the cap onto a horrible 2007 for him.

  14. Who in the world are Nemesis Matt Hughes and George St Pierre? Seriously, maybe this post is very local in your country or city… And I thought this blog is a global blog.

    Anyway, happy holidays to all.

  15. Good picks!

    My picks will go with GSP also, it’s true he is a really well-rounded fighter. I think he can take Hughes but Matt been training really hard lately.

    I’ll have to go with Wanderlei on this one! PRIDE guys are some crazy fighters and at a whole other level. Chuck just got those heavy hands that Silva gotta watch out for!

    It’s gonna be a great fight!

  16. it is actually the biggest thing going here. all the cool people go to it and all the others watch it…

  17. I was waiting for this for such a long time. I was shocked to see how well GSP fights. he’s a well rounded fighter and i must say it kind of hurt to see Hughes lose to him.
    I want Hughes to win but i also like GSP (we both speak french :-)). It’s going to be great.
    Go Hughes
    Go GSP
    Man i wish i were in UFC.

  18. I agree… these fights are so tough to call. It could easily go either way…. I do think that GSP will win this one. I think GSP is a more talented fighter with more arsenal. Matt Hughes is great, don’t get me wrong, but has ground game only. Josh Koscheck is a phenomenal wrestler too, but didn’t faze GSP. I give this fight to GSP.

    That’s the beauty of this sport…. I never thought Matt Sera could win…

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  20. I think the GSP – MH fight is the worst thing Dana could do. It is a losing proposition for both of them, because instead of both of them having one chance to fight for the belt, one will won’t get the chance and the other one will have to fight twice.

    On the other hand it will be nice to see GSP whip little MH again. Let’s face it, MH is one of the luckiest fighters around. Watch his fights closely, he rarely dominates a fight. In most cases he is getting his butt whipped and then catches the other guy. Yea that is the game, but ‘great’ he is not. In the first GSP fight, GSP was scared of him (his words) and still almost took the belt from him. You can bet that he won’t be scared of him this time around.

    The only thing Matt has going for him is catching GSP off his training schedule, and Matt admits that. It is the only shot he has and he knows it.

    Chuck… Poor Chuck, what a downfall from stardom. Unlike Matt, Chuck had ‘it’. He dominated and whipped guys for four years (give or take). Losing to Keith Jardine was it. This fight is the one everyone has been waiting for, but what a shame it won’t be Chuck’s greatest. Better to go out of the game to someone like Silva, who is a damn good fighter, than to someone who is a good fighter, Jardine, but not yet a great one.

  21. Nice picks shoe! But you never know, these fights are hard to call. Hopefully your bets turn out to be good ones!

  22. incorrect. Pride had weight divisions but the fighters were not required to make the weight

  23. matt hughes is 41-5 and a 9 time UFC champ, even though you may not like him, he’s the greatest UFC champion of all time. He’s beat BJ penn, GSP, and everyone else the UFC has thrown at him. To say he’s not great is pretty idiotic.

  24. Shoe, you must be taking a long break. This post has been the top one for 4 days now.

  25. Seems to be an obsession with UFC of late. Never, ever watched it. Well clips now n then but never got into it. Much prefer boxing.

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  27. Shoemoney, will go 0-2 with those two picks.

    Hughes doesn’t want it as much as St. Pierre does. St. Pierre takes this.

    Wanderlei Silva for the first time in his career got his own training camp and is training at Couture’s. Chuck’s still stuck in the pit, pun intended.

    Silva wins this one and fights winner of Rampage vs Forrest. Can’t wait!

  28. I’ve just started watching UFC because is being mentioned here some times. Not bad at all, but I still prefer basketball

  29. Can’t see Hughes beating GSP unless it go’s to the ground. That being said GSP’s ground games was awesome against koscheck.
    GSP AND Chuck to win both by TKO’S in the second round.

  30. WOW. For GSP to submit Hughes the way he was submitted was pretty freaking unreal. Strangely enough I was never a Hughes fan until last night. “You have the heart of a Lion”

  31. Even I guess… Payouts look intersting from 411mainia

    Georges St. Pierre ($160,000) def. Matt Hughes ($100,000)
    Chuck Liddell ($500,000) def. Wanderlei Silva ($150,000)
    Eddie Sanchez ($46,000) def. Sao Palelei ($5,000)
    “Lyoto” Ryoto Machida ($60,000) def. Sokoudjou ($40,000)
    Rich Clementi ($28,000) def. Melvin Guillard ($10,000)
    James Irvin ($16,000) def. Luis Cane ($5,000)
    Manny Gamburyan ($20,000) def. Nate Mohr ($6,000)
    Dean Lister ($22,000) def. Jordan Radev ($5,000)
    Roan Carneiro ($10,000) def. Tony DeSouza ($7,000)
    Mark Bocek ($6,000) def. Doug Evans ($3,000)

    Total disclosed fighter pay out: $1,199,000

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