I was all pumped to see I Am Legend on Friday but the 5, 7, and 9 pm showings were all sold out =(

Saturday night there was HDNET fights in which Frank Trigg and Mayhem Miller both had fights so I stayed in and watched that.

Sunday I finally got to see the movie!

So I gotta tell ya… bit disappointed. I thought it was a 3 hour movie condensed into a 1:40 minute movie. There was so much more story there… I just left felling very unsatisfied. Like how there was clearly some sort of game being played with the vampires when they caught him in that trap… What was up with that? And what was up with that one vampire like being the leader of them all? I would have liked to have seen how that chick (and 4 others?) was immunized… and what happens to the girl he “cured” ? The story just seemed so rushed.

Will Smith I thought did a great job.

blah =(

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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64 thoughts on “I am Legend Review”
  1. Exact thoughts I’ve heard all around. Pity, the trailer made it look so compelling
    ~ Dave

  2. Shoe, see the original movie that starred Charleton Heston. Much better flick, and you will understand the vampire scene.

  3. I was disappointed too – after seeing it I kind of wonder how it broke records this weekend – i guess just great marketing – the best part was the trailer

  4. ya really the whole movie was in that 2 minute trailer… except the ending which was very short

  5. You know what, I had the same reactions! Other than the things you have already said, the boss “monster” also looked liked it was one of the boss mummies from The Mummy series.

    The end of the movie just wasn’t enough. Why did it have to end there? All in all, I liked the movie…but it could have been better.

  6. I was disappointed. The ending was like.. WTF? There was more room! Could of waited for dawn!

    What was it he poured on the trap, on his jacket and on his front steps?? Or did I miss him explaining that to his dog?

    The ‘Dark stalkers’ reminded me of the mummies from the Mummy. I’ll have to see the original I suppose.

  7. i would say that “28 days later” was the original.
    try to get a copy of that, you will love it shoe!

  8. Com’on Shoe, go watch “Alvin and The Chipmunks” just like me 🙂 It is more of a “MAN” movie than Will Smith’s. Take your wife and I’m sure you two will be very happy!


  9. The girl he cured definitely blew up when he detonated everyone in the lab. You are definitely right about the time. It would have been better as a longer movie with more explained. I don’t think I would call those things Vampires. They were a new breed of sci-fi character, split between zombies, vampires, and something completely new. They called them Dark Seekers.

    On the other hand though the message of the movie was very well though out and small details like how he got power / water in his house and how everything came to have happened was pretty clear. I don’t think they should have showed everyone get cured. Maybe a quick scene of someone formerly a Dark Seeker opening their eyes for the first time as a person again in a hospital. But I thought the ending was pretty well done.

    There were just a few things that were left unsaid in the flick. Again, definitely should have been longer. Do you know if it was originally a novel or anything like that?

  10. I was so disappointed with the movie. If you have read by Richard Matheson, the novel has a much better ending, I do not know why they did not use more things from the novel. It is almost like they read the back of the novel and decided to make a movie. I do not think they used Big Will’s talents to its full potential, the novel was all about him being by himself (without the dog), and dealing with it. Overall it was a good movie, but if you have read the novel you will be disappointed.

  11. Just got back from seeing the I am Legend.

    I was so damn excited up until the point where he takes out the grenade. Then there were so many questions left unanswered that I just needed to know more. I’m going out and getting the Original I Am Legend book this was based on.

  12. I disagree. I thought it was perfect in nearly every way (other than the terrible CGI “vampires?” The girl + 4 others were immunized because the virus only affected 90% of humans, but the 90% attacked most of the remaining 10%. The girl at the end died with will smith but her blood (with the immunization) was passed on. I don’t think it was rushed at all.

  13. yea one of the questions I had was what the hell was the stuff he poured walking into his house. I thought it might be some repellent but not for those vampire dudes.

    Also if he blew up the whole room with the grenade, wouldn’t there be 100 more behind them? Guess you gotta just make the jump. I’m reading the book.

  14. So there IS an original, I didn’t know that. I was wondering why it had (2007) in the title.

  15. Will Smith was good in the film, it was a bit short and the story did leave you wondering about certain things (only certain % actually became vampires? is that right?). In the end I thought it was solid 7/10

  16. Agreed! It had so much potential, and Will did a wonderful job acting out what the writers gave him, but the story itself just lacked so much. Too bad.

  17. Now that I think about it, totally agree with “bit disappointed. I thought it was a 3 hour movie condensed into a 1:40 minute movie.”

  18. I was saying the same exact thing walking out of the theater. It started of super stong then just sorta ended.
    Why couldn’t will have climbed in the safe, tossed the gernade, and closed the door?

  19. I think Will Smith did an excellent job to capitalize on the emotion of being truly alone. Yet, one of the, many, things I questioned throughout the film was that during his time trying to find a cure and recording the mannerisms of the “vamps” he didn’t speak about the trap they laid out for him. They were evolving and he doesn’t realize it? Seriously? The ending was horrible – it felt forced and far from natural.
    If i remember correctly this is actually the 2nd remake of the book (from what i’ve heard).

  20. Very exact same thoughts for me. The film missed something to be more than just good and btw Will Smith did a great job, as always.

  21. Kickass movie. But I agree about the length. Before we left to go I noticed the running time of 100 minutes. Surprised me.

    I would still recommend seeing it. Will was the man.

  22. There have been four film versions of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend.
    The Last Man in the World – Vincent Price
    The Omega Man – Chuck Heston
    I Am Legend (forgettable actor straight to video)
    I Am Legend with the Fresh Prince.
    None of the movies have nominally remade the book, but the Vincent Price version was closest in my opinion despite the low budget and that it was shot in Italy of all places. (the original takes place in LA).

  23. The main zombie/vampie was the Alpha male, he was attacking Will Smith because Will captured his Alpha Female, that girl. I believe that girl that he cured was killed in the grenade explosion because she was not protected. Also, I think will was going crazy and had set that trap himself and they may of moved that figure or he did but didn’t remember because he was infact going crazy.

    I teared up when his dog died!

  24. I think he didn’t have time between when they set the trap and everything that followed. The next day he set the trap down at the pier and didn’t seem to be in his lab. Then the woman and her son showed up and everything happened so quickly.

    Also, why does the girl have to be the dumb one that allowed them to find his hiding place? She’s been alive on her own for 3 years and yet does something so stupid to have them follow her? Then he has to save her and then stuff blows up. Plus hearing the voice of god, finding the colony (She says the virus can’t live in the cold, so, then all of Canada, Scandinavia, Russia must have been ok?) There were so many things that didn’t add up but it felt like they rushed toward the end and decided that there must be big explosions to satisfy the audience after such a sad, contemplative movie at the beginning.

  25. What happened to the girl he cured? She got wasted by the grenade he used to kill everyone in the room with, including himself.

    They aren’t supposed to be looked at as vampiers or monsters or whatever, they’re supposed to be human with EXTREME aggression and a natural hate of light. Hating the light isn’t an un-natural thing btw, a lot of sick creatures will avoid it. When you get a massive headache do you not run for a dark room too?

    I liked the movie, it definitely missed a chance to be even better though. the first half was amazing, the second half was only good, we wanted amazing throughout. I bet theres a part two, a will smith + monsters movie was big.

  26. Perfect? Hardly…one glaring oversight was the scene where the vampire dogs attacked Will and his dog. Why on earth weren’t the 100+ other vampires out there trying to ravage him as well? Theres no way he should have gotten out of that. And the biggest oversight…Will goes 1000 days without seeing a human and then a cute girl wanders into his life and what does he do? Yell at her and quote Shrek. Righhhtttt..

  27. I have heard quite a few reviews, some good, some not so good. The bad thing is, most people don’t want to sit in a theater longer than an hour and a half, and so those with the powers do what they have to, to keep the movie goers coming without having to spend hours in the theater. Maybe they will have an un-cut version on DVD? Would be nice 🙂

    Ron Killian

  28. I think you got it wrong. I think that the girl Smith captured was a girlfriend/wife of the leader. Why else would he expose himself to the light when he knew it would burn him? So Smith took someone he loved, and as revenge I think he sent his dogs on Smith’s, an eye for an eye sort of thing. And as far as freaking out when he saw someone, have you ever read about people they put in solitary confinement for a year, or two most? Not to mention the phsycological damage of the vampires, night after night. You were looking for a cheap “hook up” or something dumb that would’ve ruined the movie anyway. I think they did a fine job with all of it, but I agree they should’ve taken an extra hour or so to expand on it all a little.

  29. I liked it. I though Will Smith did a really good job. You are correct, they could have made it into a 3 hour movie and that would have been cool. But I left satisfied and give it a B+.

    I always complain to my wife when I watch a movie and I feel like I’m watching a music video because they play music in every scene. With this movie, there was very little music and it added so much more realism to the film.

  30. What a movie Man Nice Concept First and Solid Work By Will Smith Every Body Should Watch One Time This Movie

  31. I agree with you but there are many plus point too.
    I am still amazed how immortal the novel can be. This sci-fi novel was published in 1950’s something and there are atleast 4-5 adaptations earlier. With this latest adaptation, the story goes to next level. Will Smith is just Great. The Psychological act of an isolated man without any human contact for more than 3 yrs is amazing.

  32. I’m a huge Matheson fan and I’m just glad that maybe the success of this film will bring Matheson more book buyers! Not only I AM LEGEND, but HELL HOUSE (one of the best horror novels of all time).

  33. For me the film seemed to have been cut short. I felt like only half of the story was told. Things could have beeen much better, and as much hype that was laid on this film, it really failed to deliver. Did you guys catch the Batman vs Superman poster in the film?

  34. I have to agree….the movie kept me on the edge of my seat…..bbbbuuuuuutttttt it could have been 10 times better than it was.

  35. A lot of you guys are missing things. I did too, then I watched the movie again, the power of the internet! Anyways, a few clarifications, the girl wasn’t alive for three years, her and her son bit Will and came back, they were cured from his blood. Remember, at the end before he blows himself up, he says “the cure is in the blood, I think that’s how you got here.” Shoe, they do show how the Chick was immunized, at first the immunization almost kills her, he brings her back with the virus, then he lowers her body temperature, and reinjects her, and it works eventually. The reason Will didn’t realize they were evolving is because he didn’t realize he took the monsters female, that is why he ran out in the light. Then he copies the trap, and cathces Will. He didn’t chase after him because there was still sunlight out, which is why he sicks the dogs on him. If you recall, the move forward but stop again and again until the sun sets further, allowing them to attack once it goes back far enough.

    You guys are right though, the ending blows, totally ruins the movie. But, I think the point is, no matter what, when humas mess up and push things too far, someone has to die for our sins… maybe I’m reading too much into this, but they start bringing god into it heavy right before he dies for mankind,,,

  36. i would like to know, however, how the hell would they immunize all those monsters,,, they should have shown this, that was my first thought when she went to the compound… how do they fix the monsters?

  37. oh, and to the guy that says he doesn’t have a dog in the book. it was neccessary here, how else would they carry the story line? Would he walk around in silence? I was sad as shit when the dog died though, and this added a level of suspense that wouldn’t have been there if the Sam was absent from the script.

  38. Nick! I don’t think that it’s right that they bit him and were cured…because remember how the woman said that they heard his message and were at the pier waiting for him and he wasn’t there? You’re theory makes sense except for that. man, this movie was a good, but it certainly was a stretch.

  39. One flaw in your arguement Nick, if biting an immune person cured them then surely all of them would be cured as they’ve eaten all of the other immune people.That sort of writes off your rather crazy suggestion that they bit smith and were cured. He also injects them and rats with his blood on an almost daily basis.

    His comment that the cure was in her blood was related to the cured zombie who now carried the cure in her blood.

    There are too many plot holes in the film and you get the feeling they’ve cut a few scenes out of it. I look forward to the uncut version where all will be explained ref frank and the trap.

  40. Great movie. Haven’t read the book, but will. Wish I knew how they did the scenes in nyc. Stuff he sprayed was ammonia, destroys blood and scent. The girl and kid came from a ship, and were just some of the immune 10%. The dog is vital for screen, to reflect the characters emotions and thoughts better since we can’t listen to his thoughts for 2 hours. Agreed that the one monster was the alpha male, and Will had taken his partner, that’s why he was after him. Would have liked more focus on that and the seemingly intelligent organised nature of the hive – as Will called it. Great performance and gripping story.

  41. a view through a directors eyes and added spice for hollywood. Take the time to read the book and see why it changed the way later horror and sci-fi was written. the book is a true masterpiece written around 1957 and really does a great job of explaining nevelle as the monster and the hive evolving to form a society out of violence.

  42. You can watch I am Legend online on my site for all that havent seen it. Good movie but I really thought it would have been a better movie.

  43. I’ve just seen it here in Denmark now, and I was very disappointed! It never took off…… a movie should be like walking over a mountain……. but, this was just like taking the highway to the end!

  44. As much as I like the actor, too many of Will Smith’s movies are overrated these days. He’s just gotten too much of a reputation as “summer blockbuster” actor.

  45. it was actuali 90 % of the world got the virus anddied straight away then 9% turned intothe mosnter things and there were 1% of the earth were immune
    but obv they all got wasted by the monster 9%

  46. I’m disappointed that this didn’t get a better review, but I’m still excited about seeing it. I think Will Smith is a phenomenal actor. Loved him in iRobot.

  47. will did a excellent job in acting the movie definity needed to be longer and they cut a scene out also where in the 2nd trailer at the end he was surrounded by dark seekers so im like why didnt they put that in the movie mann lol any way he has another movie coming out soon called handcock he play a homeless super hero the trailer is great . wills makin that paper

  48. i’ve been wanting to see this film. Still haven’t, pretty obvious considering I said I’ve been ‘wanting to see this film’ 🙂

    Will Smith is cool.

  49. Sad.. =( It seemed like a 1 man show. I agree with what you said shoe, the story is so rushed and it could actually be expanded with a much better story plot.

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