Being from the Midwest I love steak… love love love it. That is one of the things I hate when I travel coastal is they *think* they have decent steaks…. its kind of like how we have decent seafood here in the midwest *blah*. Anyway if you are looking for a last minute gift for someone or for yourself for Christmas I highly recommend going with Omaha steaks . Also I have used Omaha steaks to compensate people who do work for me but are unmotivated by money (DAMN THEM!). When you order Omaha steaks they come in a sweet little cooler packed in dry ice that lasts a while.

ADD SIDENOTE: If you never have played with dry ice there are many fun things you can do…

They currently have a 55% off deal which is pretty fricking awesome:

The Holiday Fanfare (#7870YHZ)
4 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
4 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
2 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crab
4 (4 oz.) Gourmet Burgers
8 (3 oz.) Gourmet Franks
10 Potatoes au Gratin

All for only $99 (normally $222.00)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

70 thoughts on “Give Nebraska Beef for xmas ;)”
  1. Those steaks are mouth-watering to tell. I have ate lots of state in my life; $2 McDonalds to $80. These steaks are grilled to almost perfection. If I ever been there, I gonna try for sure. Until then I have to settle with our east-coast sea-food.

  2. Agreed it’s a great gift. But… I’ve had some problems with them in the past. Ordered some gifts and they tele-spammed me afterwards. I don’t mind the ocassional email from people I’ve bought things from, but calling me out of the blue asking me to re-up is not ok. You haven’t had that problem?

  3. I get a lot of regular mail and email from them but I have never gotten a phone call… that would piss me off

  4. If a steak is done right you shouldn’t have to put any steak sauce on it. Actually, some places don’t even have sauce for your meat and it may be seen as an insult to the chef if you ask. If it is a poor cut of meat, OK, fine slop some sauce on there.

  5. Has anyone been able to make the Omaha Steak offer work with PPC? I’ve tried it and lost money. But I didn’t try that hard. Just curious.

  6. I agree here in the midwest if you ask for a1 the chef will come out and ask you what the problem is =P

  7. Also when ordering in the midwest or in Alberta for Canada… Anything but well done = really bloody. The way it should be.

  8. My favorite is the Angus steak.

    I agree with No steak sauce. You can really that the meat with out it.


  9. went to buy some and forgot, my family doesn’t eat seafood 🙁
    Maybe I will send them out for Christmas gifts to some family. If so, expect a affiliate check from me (indirectly) for your Christmas present. I think you are smart to post this so close to Christmas, you are bound to do very well with it. (BTW, I have already given you $47 when I bought BANS.)

  10. Was considering them since I’m a big meat lover. Until I read they are GRAIN FED cattle. Sorry but this is settling for less – nothing short of GRASS FED, free range, 100% organic for me. Try blackwing meats when you’re ready for the real deal – I just ordered over 100 lbs of their bison.

    PS: In the United States, cattle in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are typically fed corn, soy and other types of feed that can include “by-product feedstuff” such as stale pastry, candy, and recycled municipal garbage. As a high-starch, high-energy food, corn decreases the time to fatten cattle and increases yield from dairy cattle. These cattle are called corn-fed or grain-fed.

  11. As an avid barbecue fanatic I can tell you that Omaha Steaks is the real deal. The meat you get from them is top choice and high quality…….. Not too fat not too lean….just right. When it arrives it is packaged very well.

    I definitely agree with “Shoe” on this one……………. makes a great gift too.

  12. Have heard a lot about the steaks but have not tasted them before. $99 does seem like a pretty good deal for what all you get tho.

  13. From the midwest too, and know what you mean about steaks on either coast. Great review on Omaha Steaks. Have considered ordering from them, and now I think I will give them a try. (now I’m hungry) lol

  14. OMG Shoemoney! I have done some crazy shit with dry ice. Believe it or not, you can actually swallow it, and it won’t hurt you, just drink water. You’ll have the best burps you’ve ever had in ur life. Also, blowing bottles up with it is classic fun.

    Love the site, I’m learning how to put money in my pocket every day. Late!


  15. Please everyone note that this is an advertisement. Shoemoney is so desperate to make $ now, he has to advertise steaks on his website with Azoogle affil links. How low will you go?

  16. […] I was the cow, I would do what Shoemoney did and offer up some nice Nebraska beef. I’m hungry […]

  17. im really unimpressed with this post. This is a blog about making money ( you even talk about affiliate stuff) and your pushing steak offers to us.


  18. i thought it was a good change of pace. its 1 post, he probably didnt have another post ready or something

  19. Hey Shoe, are you going to let us know how much you make from this post like on the Yahoo Search Marketing one you talked about at BLogworld?

  20. What a bum out. Way to bring us down. My mouth is watering and all I’m thinking about is meat. Damn, I even got the meat sweats just thinking about it.

  21. it’s packed with dry ice, it’s okay, but to be safe you can just buy them from the local store and you probably wouldn’t be the wiser

  22. That’s a pretty sweet deal. I’ll have to look into it (and see what the wife thinks…)

  23. This post ties excellently in to your post below on smart ways to monetize your blog, now if I could just get you to use my Omaha Steaks affiliate ID I would be rolling in the moo-lah.

  24. I sent a package to a client this year. Omaha Steaks make a nice gift. I wish I had seen this deal before ordering though.

  25. Not pimpin’ for the place, but when you get to Tampa try Bern’s … been here forever, claims world’s widest wine variety available (wine list is like a phone book). Steaks are their specialty the way stone crab’s are Joe’s.

  26. […] I was the cow, I would do what Shoemoney did and offer up some nice Nebraska beef. I’m hungry […]

  27. Omaha Steaks make a great corporate holiday gift. People are always EXTREMELY impressed when they get a nice package like this.

  28. I’ll be honest with you, that looks like a good meal right there 🙂 But I see Omaha Steaks all over and maybe its the size of the pictures but the meals look small… call me stupid but they do =-O

  29. funny I ran across this, I got a box of Omaha steaks for Christmas and they are the most delicious cuts of meat I have ever eaten. What do you get the guy who has everything? Omaha steaks! Love my mom!

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