if you dont watch LOST on ABC then forget about this post 🙂

74 days 22 hours 8 minutes is the current time left until the Season 4 opener of LOST is on. THIS SUCKS. The premier is scheduled for Wednesday Feb 6 at 8PM. Here is a youtube video that has a really bad tv cap of the season 4 trailor.

There is also a interesting Hanso video here:

Now thats interesting… a new station…

But dont forget about the Mysterious ShoeMoney Station!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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62 thoughts on “Lost Season 4 Bring It Already!”
  1. I am definitely going to be watching lost season 4 this time. It helps that ABC has all the episodes available online!

  2. I can’t wait until January. Have you been checking out the mini webisodes on the official ABC LOST site?

  3. eh, its been wayyyyy too long. that does suck. i almost forgot about the damn show.

    that video has been on the abc lost site for a while now.

  4. Hahaha … never really been a LOST fan. However, Battlestar Galatica’s mini-series “RAZOR” starts tonight. The last season ended back in January, so you want to talk about a break in the story? That one takes the cake this year. Unfortunately, this will be the last season for Battlestar. 🙁

  5. They TOTALLY screwed up their momentum by essentially taking almost a year off in the middle of a hot show. Many of the casual fans have forgotten about the show and don’t care anymore.

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  7. Yea. That’s true. It seems like it was a long time ago… Hopefully they can pick up where they left off though.

  8. Maaaaan, wot is it with Lost. How can they be Lost for so many seasons?

    It’s like Prison Break, how come the keep breaking out?

  9. […] subscribe to shoemoney and had the absolute pleasure to find a leaked preview of Lost Season 4 in my feed this morning. […]

  10. Jeremy i have been subscribed to your blog for months now but have never posted a comment.

    I think your posts are amazing the majority of the time, and now I know you’re a lost addict like me I think even better of you. Cheers for the countdown, I can’t wait. I’m hope you post loads of cool videos as gossip during the series!


  11. I cant wait to see first epizode of new 4 season!! Damn why its in february..
    Best serial ever for sure! 😀

  12. I started watching the first season, but I wasn’t able to keep up. I’m seriously considering getting each season on DVD and starting over though.

  13. heroes is cool and appeals to my inner kid. I always lived in a fantasy world like the one heroes provides. its cool.

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  15. dang, is that some kind of clone thing going on? Lost is the best. I didn’t start watching it until season 3, I watched all the episodes via iTunes, it cost me a small fortune to catch up, but worth it.

  16. Lost’s delay is completely uncalled for. I have no idea why ABC insists on making fans wait this long for another season. Last year, they ended for 3 months mid-season, I am still bitter over that! Anyway, I will watch in February. Also looking fwd to JJ Abrams movie Cloverfield in January.

  17. I heard that they only had 8 of the 16 Season 4 episodes done and that the writers strike will force them to show only 8 episodes and the powers that be admit that they will have to tweak the storyline to account for this. (I’m not sure if this is predicated on the strike lasting longer or if this is the current satus).

    They said they had the option of holding off on the whole season to be able to write the rest of the episodes but they chose not to do this (understanably).

  18. I missed a couple episodes of that show, now I have no clue wtf is going on, even when i see the episodes again online it’s “wtf” for me.

  19. I cant get into LOST anymore. I used to be a huge fan, but last season just went downhill for me. It’s getting too strung out and they are really reaching with some of the plots.

  20. I agree! I’m ready…now!

    If you ever play the game “6 degrees of Separation” Kevin Bacon game

    You are now 1 person away from Henry… Our Mothers still play bridge together. So you would freeking think I would get really good spoilers! Not… their lips are sealed. That and my Mom just doesn’t get Lost…so she forgets what Mike’s Mom says! Argh

    alright off to read more of your blog

  21. hopefully they will run straight as well, having month gaps in the season is not cool… i thought that was the intent with the late start. will see.

  22. i was a huge fan of the show but now its getting rather silly. After Ms. rodrigues got shot i stopped watching.

  23. The show is good and all but I think they have stretched it a bit too far. I still watch it occasionally, but Prison Break is my number one show now!

  24. I’ve thought about watching lost just because of how fanatical people are about it, but then I don’t have time to cram another must-not-miss show into my schedule.

  25. Lost is going to get 3 episodes for me this season. I felt really cheated by season 3, pretty crappy most of the way through and it got marginally better towards the end.

    Heroes is sooo much better.

  26. I thought season 3 was the best yet, even though a lot of folks disagree with me. The end of season 3 left me wanting more. I’m “lost” myself now.

  27. exactly. both are decent shows. speaking of which prison break will not be on for another month and a half.

  28. hopefully they will conclude some of the plots (and not just kill the people)… this is a show that you love and hate. it makes you want to write for the show to speed some things up.

  29. i have a feeling it is going to be a long season as well. i wish it were somewhat like 24, where they did double episodes and ran it straight.

  30. we know they made it back, just thinking of the last scene from the last episode, i doubt they will get into that though the first episode, we will see though. hopefully they get into it all quickly.

  31. both great shows. prison break has been a bit rough. the characters kinda change roles so much on pb. one minute they want to kill one another, the next they help, the next they kill, lots of flopping

  32. Prison Break sux imo, only 1 season was really good but 2 and nwo 3 are really bad, in lost i like more characters and actors, and this mysterious climate 😉

  33. They already have the rest of the episodes (all seasons) laid out. I think that will make for a great show the next few seasons. It’s better than the writers just making stuff up to keep the show going. Now everything has a reason.

  34. I’m about to get crayzy of this all situation. And the thruth is, that im not gonna wait any longer that is possible to watch this film cause i’m maniac of LOST. If I were a director of this film it would go faster and within two weeks we could see next season on TV. But unfortunatelly I’m not. By the way I think Jacob is simple story for people to think that there is another Ben on the island but a little bit smarter and being given a huge power and that can cause panic fear in big group of people on the beach. They don’t know anything so just like Ben before now someone else can manipulate them. I would never belive in such a piece of schit. And once again we can see how important is to be self helpful and clever on separated from the rest of world island. The more we don’t trust to anyone the biggest chance to survive we’ve got. So Jack’s theory about staying in group being save isn’t so sure and extremely obwious. Now I wonder who’s gonna shake this all mess behind the dark curtine. I’m not so sure if our magic and mystical morpheus can be more longer multi epizodes hero like John Locke or Jack and many others characters in this magnificant super story, that LOST indeed is. Forgive me my mistakes but I can’t write in english very well cause I come from Poland and let someone do me a favour. Send me enything more about season 4. I aint belive that’s all on this web site. World would be to boring if It might end on one server and if people have to wait till february. By and have a nice watching LOST 5 if some wize guy thinks about it….

  35. I can’t wait to see LOST again this season. How many more seasons do you think they will get out of it? They were already starting to flash forward at the end of last season…

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