I recently was interviewed by Web Pro News about both organic (SEO) and pay per click advertising.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

50 thoughts on “Organic Search VS Pay Per Click”
  1. great interview and good arguments, i think if you have the budget and are starting a new site pay per click is a must if you want success

  2. Great stuff – I can’t keep up with your posts, by the time I finish reading the last one a new one appears!

  3. Great video, and an important topic. PPC really confuses a lot of people, especially many that aren’t sure when they should be investing in it, and if its worth it.

  4. I recently tried PPC, Google said no to my ads after a few days. Apparently a user of my site is advertising their referral link already so they don’t want duplicate ads for the same site. I’m fine with that =P

  5. Too bad I don’t actually have a product to sell. If I did I’d definitely buy some PPC advertising to get that initial surge of traffic like Jeremy suggested.

  6. You only need to watch the first 30 sec of this… SEO can be cheaper than PPC – but what gives you butter on the bread probably will be both!

  7. saw this yesterday when it came across the email – i kept waiting for a live interview…oh well. I guess that PPC is best when you actually have a live product – not information so-to-speak.

  8. Very cool… But some PPC these days isn’t the highest quality traffic vs that coming from search results.

  9. I don’t think any one is better per say and both have their draw backs but it really comes down to your market, resources and time allowed. If you need results instantly then yea put some money in PPC but for long term traffic invest in SEO. A good marketer would find ways to leverage both even with a small budget.

  10. Organic SEO all the way, out of the two. Less disappointment, compared to your PPC campaign crash landing.

  11. It’s a good newbie video to SEO vs PPC. The real winner here is Shoe for the additional links and buzz this will cause for him and his site in true SEO style.

  12. agreed. PPC is great…IF you have the budget! That is the problem with many sites or owners is that they need PPC to survive, but their budget is not high enough to pay the ridiculous new account bid limits that Google usually implies. Jeremy you make a really good point about blogs using SEO and ecomerce using PPC. I personally think a good combination is usually the winning recipe! PPC if you can afford to get it started and optimize your site right for SEO and you are good!

  13. even though PPC is recommended to use to gather data, to reduce the cost, we still need to work on a little seo.

  14. given choice i really would like to have SEO.
    you can setup ppc campaign much more easier and successful then SEO.
    After working for months, SEO might not reach your expected result.

  15. Good job Jeremy and nice hair Dana.
    However this is such a trivial question. They thought of this piece because they couldn’t think of anything better to talk about.

  16. I thought the same thing…webmaster 101. But webpronews does have slick videos…I am always amazed on their quality and bandwidth.

  17. This is a good basic piece that really sums up and gives some good arguments for PPC and SEO work. Of course it’s basic stuff and experience marketers already know this stuff, but new folks are coming online everyday, and really have no clue. This report puts things in a very clear, well-rounded perspective. Really like how Shoe simplifies the explanation of the quality score.

  18. question: if a popular site, like this one, were to use PPC, would it not make you more money? I know the main goal of this site isn’t to make money, but it does, so how much more could be made with PPC?

  19. My guess is this site would not make as much as it does now if it were to use PPC. I have nothing to substantiate this, but I am confident I’m right πŸ™‚

  20. PPC would be targeted if longtail keywords are used, Organic SEO is free, but it would take a long time to build…

  21. Good interview and Im loving the black turtle neck, it makes you look like Dr. Evil!

  22. probably depends on shoe’s goal. his goal is to increase subscribers.
    using ppc to get interested people into this site have high chance to convert into subscribers… then monetize from these subscriber in the long term πŸ˜€

  23. It’s not an either or. It’s a both if you have the money. If not, you have to do good SEO. I saw a study a couple of years ago showing that if you have both paid and strong organic rankings you increase your chances of getting picked by 60% (or some other high number).
    Also – if you do your organic work correctly you can dramatically cut your PPC costs. If for no other reason alone do quality SEO work for savings.

  24. Id say eventually there will be no other choice but to rely heavily on PPC. Its only a matter of time before all the top ranking are dominated by high authority sites or Google owned properties.

  25. Organic is always the best! but a combination will have good results and it is just about getting people on your site!

  26. it we know how to play with ppc that it would be a great idea. since it is a fierce competition market it got to take lot of work to challenge the already ppc master. if you don’t do it right so long internet world.

  27. I have to agree with a few others, SEO is the best unless your doing strictly affiliate sites or stores.

  28. Dude, I’m 42… but thanks, I appreciate you noticing my appearance more than my intellect. That’s what I strive for, ya know. All those years of college and industry cred-building are FAR less important than my face.
    It’s always a joy to work in a male-dominated industry πŸ™‚

    Funny how no one disses the dudes in SEO for their looks, just the women. Hm…I wonder…threatened much?

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