In the last episode of the the Next Internet Millionaire you saw Thor Schrock was eliminated. So who did Joel choose as the winner of the $25,000 cash prize and chance to do a Joint Venture?


Instead he is having each of them launch their own products and whoever generates the most in sales revenue will win.

Charles Trippy, proven YouTube viral video celebrity is going to sell a video set on how to make viral videos. Charles seemed to seperate seperate himself as the “think different guy” in the show who doesnt really do the typical squeeze page/mass mailing type stuff. I guess that goes out the window when your trying to make money ;). Charles program has a very nice affiliate program paying $20 per sale.

Charles Trippy is one of YouTube’s most popular channel owners, with over 30,000 subscribers to his videos.

His product is a 2-hour DVD series called “Viral Video Fever”, in which he teaches the viewer how to create viral videos that can be used to promote themselves, a product or service, or whatever else they want. It is an EXTREMELY entertaining and educational DVD which has mass appeal.

As the popularity of YouTube demonstrates, the marketplace is hungry for this type of product, and Charles overdelivers with a DVD that people are going to snap up!

Jamie Luchuck is going to sell a tell all book on her experience on the TV show.

From the site:

Jaime’s product is a brand new book called “From Cubicle Slave to Next Internet Millionaire.” It is a fantastic read that covers her journey from finding out about the show to the final judgment room. It contains her day-by-day on location telling of her story and lessons learned on the set, as well as life lessons that she clearly communicates to educate, entertain and inspire others to break free from the cubicle and step out to reach their dreams.

So who do you think has the better product/marketing strategy?

I asked Thor Schrock to do a video with me to recap the show(s) and talk about the 2 finalists.

Sorry the video quality is so bad =(. The audio is good though !

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

49 thoughts on “Charles Trippy VS Jaime Luchuck NIM Final Episode?”
  1. I think Trippy too. Video, I may buy but book…hmmm not really. No matter what, both are winners as they will make money with their product sales.

  2. Why mess with what works? Besides, a book on the show only has an extremely targeted audience that are unlikely to actually buy… too bad.

  3. Too bad they still use the 1 page – mile long sales letter format to sell this stuff. I realize it converts, but man it’s fugly and screams spam.

  4. Oh come on. I just got to episode 4 this morning! LOL I kinda forgot about it till your post the other day =P

  5. Very interesting video, although I’ve never seen the show before so I didn’t know who most of the people were. Shoemoney, I was posting in your forum the other day about it being a great idea for writing a book, I’ll be one of the first to buy the Shoemoney Playbook! Now that I know that you are actually writing a book now and that you already know about who can get it published, along with the guys from the show who made a book being sold at barnes and nobles, I should tell you that I am in the process of writing a book myself and was wondering if you could help me find some publishers or if you know how to get it into barnes and nobles, I’m having trouble with this phase. You’ll be the first to get a copy when I’m done. It will be great and it deals with a lot of the stuff in this video and has technical coding SEO aspects as well, it will be a big book… Ok, I got too excited so this comment is getting too long and off topic but I’ll write about it in the forum later sometime. Great post, and I like the idea about widgetizing.

  6. to us, we know it is ugly and spammy but it really works for non-internet savvy visitors and really believe in the sales pitch.

  7. Trippy is going to win because of his audience. Shoe nailed that point.

    But I think Jamie has the much more interesting product, at a great price with a ton of bonuses.

  8. Jaime has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink in her offer… a Free health and fitness guide?! I guess you would have to expect a Joel Comm protege to pitch an ebook. I am going to go w/ Trippy too. He did go w/ the long sales letter but he also freshened it up a little… it doesn’t look like the tired highlighter and tables layout that Jaime went w/. Ohhhhh but I won’t be buying either one.

  9. My vote is 100% for Trippy. Even if he ended up with a sales page, it was different and you could get all of the information in the sell page in the video at the top. It also only has one bonus. Too many bonuses makes the product seem less valuable to me. I think that is going to be the case for a lot of others as well.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to buy VVF but that’s mostly because it’s not something I’m even vaguely interested in. My partner does all the video creation/editing for our clients. Of course, I could sign up for the affiliate program and then send him that link *grin*

    I like the Charles Trippy “too cool for school” approach that is honest and not just done to scream “I’m being different from the gurus!”

  10. Charles has this nailed because he’s targeting his audience with a much easier guide to making money. Most people want to get rich quickly and the majority are too lazy to even read the book, but a DVD you can fast forward through if needed? That’s gold.

  11. I can’t say I am going to “support” Jamie, but she does have a lot of great information on her site. Her book looks very interesting and I plan to pick it up. Comparing her with Charles I have to give Trippy the the edge. Although Jamie is very professional and informative 1. her site is terrible and 2. Trippy is targeting a much larger audience with the videos! If i had to vote on one of them I would have to go with the rest of the crew on this thread and say Trippy.

  12. I feel like I am in high school again when I watch the video on Trippy’s landing page.

  13. I agree, Jaime’s landing page has too much stuff offered/thrown in. I forgot what she was selling by the time I got to the bottom.

  14. Haven’t followed this at all. Been meaning to watch a clip or two on their site. Just never got around to it.

  15. mr. trippy will win, people don’t care about the journey she made, they want to know how to do something.

  16. omfg, Jamie’s book has a sales rank of #211 on Amazon and is on 4 of the “best sellers” lists under relevant categories.

  17. The video interview was pretty good. It reminded me of Howard Stern interviewed by David Letterman…David is always thinking about how can I manage the interview. It thought Shoe was doing the same thing.

  18. A lot depends on who handles the distribution of the book… My wager would likely go for Trippy though….ok so the real question is………………….WHEN is Joel going to release all of his ‘guru sessions’ from this series as a product, and for how much? 🙂

  19. Maybe it’s time to stop targeting “non-internet savvy visitors”. Not many of them left around.

  20. For some reason, the interview with Thor isn’t working for me, so I’ll have to try again later on watching that. That said, I’m not completely convinced Trippy will win out. Jaime’s following in the successful steps of Joe Vitale and others who have done the “Ethical Bribe” deal, which does work. Plus her product is priced so low almost anyone would go, “Yeah, I could buy that.”

    Trippy, on the other hand, is definitely an expert in his product and has a great product. It’s refreshing to see such a short sales page as his, as well as the lack of the normal hype. And since I’ve been looking at doing videos myself lately, this is definitely a product I’m interested in. However, it’s priced *just* high enough to give me pause and consider waiting until Friday, when I get my paycheck.

    Of course, some common advice I’ve heard on pricing services and products is that you want the hesitation–if people just snap it up without blinking twice, it’s priced too low. If they hem and haw and go buy a cheaper product, it’s priced too high. If they hem and haw for a bit, then buy *your* product, it’s priced just right.

    It’ll be interesting to see who finally wins.


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  22. trippy will definitely win – his sales letter is short and you are not introduced to the sales letter right away, rather just the video playing automatically grasping your attention

    jamies sales letter is REALLLY LOOOONG! and those buy it now links are every where with so many freebies and other crap!

    trippy all the way

  23. I can’t watch the google video, this one in particular, I don’t know why. I’m from France, so have you restricted the video to USA only or some countries in particular?

  24. The out come of this competition between Charles and Jaime seems to be almost a competition between styles and ages more so between products, Jaime’s book and on-line build your own business course versus Charles’s video course. The new method versus the old standby one. The young funny guy versus the more mature professional. If Jaime had not been a good looking blonde I wonder what many of the comments would have been. Or is this just simply YouTube versus the rest of the world.
    I personally think that Jaime has an excellent chance of beating Charles. Not taking anything away from Charles’s product. I think they are both great. I just think that Jaime’s book and course has a much wider audience appeal. The key of course will be marketing. He who markets best will win.

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  26. A free book is not a great bribe, Jeremy has said in the past that he doesn’t read books. Audiobook on the other hand….

  27. Don’t think it’s a French thing. Je viends d’Ecosse and I can’t see it either.

    Good luck to both Charles and Jaime.

    I like both domain names.
    CubicleToMillionaire might catch the interest of the DIlbert crowd.

  28. i think charles trippy will win. he looks like a very talented person and know how market and attract people. and since video marketing is one the hottest marketing strategy ant the moment i guess he will got a lot of sale.

    Jamie Luchuk is a bright women. she looks like a person that love knowledge but she lack in presenting what see knows. anyway they both a winner.

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  32. Charles sold 39,000 copies @ $29.00 and they only gave him a crappy check for $10,000.

    Damn he got totally screwed!!!

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