Dick MastersonYou might remember on free shirt Friday a while back I was sent a shirt from Dick Masterson of Men Are Better Than Woman. He emailed me today to tell that he is going to be on tomorrow’s (Tuesday November 6th) episode of the Dr. Phil Show on ABC.

The show is the first in a Dr Phil reality series that will take place over the next few weeks.

He also let me know that he will be at Las Vegas Pubcon possibly doing some signings (for men only) for his new book Which will be available from Simon and Schuster this spring.

I have to say I have been following the Men Are Better Then Women phenomenon. I mean… I have a daughter and a wife. I find the site extremely funny… Yet sometimes I want to punch him in the face.

So… just out of curiosity:


By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

82 thoughts on “Dick Masterson On Dr Phil”
  1. Choosen for punch in the face. Do not take is personal… It’s just because I want to punch something at the very moment. If I voted tomorrow, it could’ve been “Buy Him A Drink” !

  2. I don’t know this guy and I don’t know what context he is speaking about but sometimes men can be better than women and vice versa. It really depends. That’s why it’s best to team up with someone.

    But then again, on TV sometimes the obnoxious ones get most of the attention and they are the ones who can be remembered. Remember Omorosa in The Apprentice? I remember her but not the other contestants. Now, I don’t watch that much TV. I’d rather blog for molaah!

  3. Punch him in the face. For being a fake and a fraud who’s putting on a show to make money

  4. Only in America would you need a website and a book to tell you that men are better than women.

    Why cant a women dirve?… Cuz you dont need a car to get from the bedroom to the kitchen! I AM ON FIRE!

  5. You have cleverely planted another post which will no doubt create a buzz and give you traffic but at what price? By giving a stage to that low life bigot you have to ask yourself what is says about your brand.
    I am a man who loves and respects women but there are some easily influenced people out there who will read his garbage and think that it’s ok to abuse women and beat them because “they are all whores”.
    As a husband and a father to a baby girl you should ask yourself what your daughter and your wife will think about you endorsing a women hater.
    To answer your survey question, I wouldn’t punch this guy . Just looking at his picture and the way he is sucking that cigar and hiding behind the shades,he looks like a sorry loser with a small penis who is either still a virgin at the age of 30 something because of his mother , or a gay muppet trying to hide his gay tendencies.

    So Dick, or to be more precise- Tiny Dick,if you’re reading this comment, do us all a favor and take the butt plug out your ass and put it your mouth where it belongs.

    Whatever it is you have to say, we’re not interested.

  6. What makes shoemoney shoemoney is the fact that he does not give a shit… and thats why we keep coming back for more….lol

  7. dang, this guy is really off the wall. I predict this post to be one of the most commented in the shortest amount of time. Any woman bloger who sees his sight will hate him instantly, if not before that because of his book. As a man, who is married with a daughter, I can not say I agree with anything this man says. But, just like any person with opinions, he is allowed to share them. His post about holloween costums did have some truth though.

  8. what’s even sadder is that most readers on his site wouldn’t know how to spell satire. Here is a quote from one of their women beating readers:

    “Easy Test for Women who are Superiour in thinking and strength.
    Go find a really pissed off drunk dude in Texas/Oklahoma at a bar.
    Go slap that man. After he demolishes your Pilsbury Dough-Body, you will then have to re-think your superiour everthing concepts.
    (The south is still not pussyfied like up north, you are equal to a man until you fuck up and start a fight like one, here you still have to pay for your big f@@@@@ @ mouth)Easy Test for Thinking: If you are so fucking stupid you start a fight with a man, ever, then no, dumbf@@@@, you are not superiour in your thinking.”

    Hope you make lot’s of commission from Amazon and Simon and Schuster

  9. The blog seems tongue in cheek, it also pulls no punches. Don’t know what to make of it. We are all equal.

  10. Oh come on! You can still love women and have a good laugh on their behalf. Sheesh, they do it to us all the time. How many times in the media (commercials, sitcoms, etc.) do you see men portrayed as hapless fools that couldn’t tie their own shoes without women? The fact is that men’s rights have been slowly eroding over the last 30 years to where they get screwed in divorce court.

  11. lol that’s funny…

    i’d just point at him and laugh. just kidding…i don’t know anything about the guy and am not interested in learning about him 🙂

  12. honestly i just feel sorry for the guy. why hate when we women know he’s just stroking his own…well…u know…….ego 😉

  13. let her do it. and video tape it. and post it on ur blog. and all the female bloggers will love you 😀

  14. I do not have time to read this posts comments or even look at dicks website but is “dick” Dax Herrera? It has his signature all over it, man, that looks like some funny stuff…almost as interesting as “adopt a bunny”. =P

  15. Oh so he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I’m a woman and I agree w/ his Halloween post.

    But anyways, as long as I’m not a part of a gender that provides the world with rapists, serial killers and child molesters, I’m content. 🙂

  16. I don’t know much about him, but it sounds like he has reasons for thinking men are better than women and who knows what those might be. If I saw him at Pubcon (not that I’d recognize him), I’d just keep walking.

  17. He is an affiliate marketer who also goes by the name J.V.C – I am not giving out his full name because he launched an affiliate software product I and I won’t give this scumbag free traffic. either that, or they are both using the same voice over freelancer.

  18. I voted for punch him in the face, though it might be more practical to buy him a few drinks to get him liquored up and then punch him in the face. I am a girl, after all, so I’m going to need every advantage I can get.

    It’s not the anti-girl jokes that I take issue with; it’s that this guy needs to learn to edit himself. The ratio of jokes that totally hit the mark to jokes that seem forced and unfunny is not that great. He needs to take every piece he’s every written and cut it in half.

    And yeah, I’m not totally fond of the fact that he’s teaching impressionable young people to despise women – but I’m sure they’re getting just as much of that from their parents/coaches/teachers/friends/etc.

  19. I had figured Dr. Phil would be ripping a new one for anyone who holds the opinion that one gender is better than another based on gender alone, and I just saw the preview. It looks like this guy probably didn’t have a pleasant experience. I’m sure he’ll sell a bunch of books, though.

  20. One of the cool things about this world is that controversy will never die so there will always be a reason for talk shows and more importantly- blogs.
    This guy is just like The Rick Jerk- both great marketers and wanting to look like d*cks. I have no problem with it, I’ll probably even watch the show.

  21. The underlying issue of gender inequality and glass ceiling practices where the advancement of a qualified person is halted at a particular level because of sex discrimination is a worthy topic to satirize as seen here: yourdesignhere.com/better-than-them.htm

  22. I think the guy is being sarchasitic. I doubt he believes all the stuff he writes. If he does, it is pretty sad.

  23. I just checked it out…it really looks like Dax! Spill the beans Shoe…is it the man from Hollywood?

  24. It wouldn’t be funny and people wouldn’t get so mad if there wasn’t at least some truth to what he’s saying. It’s like when Tom Leykis says women don’t know anything about current events then thousands of women call in and say they do and he’s an ass for saying they don’t. He then asks them to list topics from the front page of any newspaper within the last week. Guess how many can?

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  26. i never really know that site until i saw this post. it is somehow entertaining. showed to some of my girl friends 😀

  27. His website is obviously tongue in cheek. He is just like Maddox, but he mocks women instead of small children.

  28. a great way to get traffic! I must say that even though I wanted to punhc him on his face and break his nose…I felt the urge to give him a peace of my mind and then I was going to post a comment and noticed that people post their comments like crazy…he must be doing something good. But Dick is a dick.

  29. What a wussy – a real man isn’t scared of women, or pretends to be scared, like he is 🙂

  30. Buy him a drink and kick him in the balls, use to win a lot of bar fights that way !
    (when I was younger and stupider!)

  31. ” Sheesh, they do it to us all the time. How many times in the media (commercials, sitcoms, etc.) do you see men portrayed as hapless fools that couldn’t tie their own shoes without women? The fact is that men’s rights have been slowly eroding over the last 30 years to where they get screwed in divorce court.”

    Well said. Men are better than women.

    Mary, no one gives a fuck what your definition of a real man is. You only use it for your own self serving purposes, bitch.

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  33. […] him or his women-bashing career until I read a poll Shoemoney.com wrote in which the majority of people said they would rather buy the guy a beer than punch him in the face. I opted for the middle ground, in which I would likely just walk right by him, oblivious who I was […]

  34. Ha ha ha, you sure you aren’t a woman? Making fun of his dick is a pretty lady thing to do. and making fun of his name is really really lame.

  35. No child molesters, you say? so how come everytime I turn on the tv I see a story of a 7th grade teacher having sex with a male student?

  36. @ Mary: Hope on down Dick’s site, open your eyes and see what Dick has to say. Ignore the invectives and READ the message. WILL YOU BE ENLIGHTENED? OR EMOTIONAL? Go on, join the 10,000 emotional harpies.

  37. I dont think you are a man for several reasons. Firstly your email is long. Generally guys arent that long. Secondly you insults are extremely predictable, and are used by women throughout the net to try to intimidate people into changing their opinion. Okay to beat women? (He never said that) Small penis? Virgin? Gay? Not very original. And it also shows you dont have any good arguments about this guy Dick.

  38. I love reading Dick’s work. Although i agree with pretty much none of it, as a woman i take it as a joke and i think it is very funny. This man doesnt say to beat women or even that he hates women, he just makes fun of them, and well women are an easy target. Respect and equallity of women is a major issue, so why take his writing offensivly? How many women out there make fun of men and make degrading comments about them? alot. take what dick has to say as a joke, both men and women. Men shouldnt feel they have the right to treat women poorly after reading this shit, and women shouldnt be offended by it.. lighten up

  39. hey i know you Mans Voice…urr that sexist asian chauvinist pig who called me a dumb cunt because i wuz standing up 4 women’s rights on ‘Dick’heds website….lols u gotta sought out urr problems mate…yeh && i voted 2 punch him in the face..mite knock sum sense in2 the prick

  40. haven’t read or looked into any of his crap, but I wonder how he views/treats his mother…if he’s ever known his mother that is.

  41. hey, i don’t know how anyone can take this guy seriously. the idiot compared himself to Jesus!

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