In the last week or so it seems that everyone is talking about the Google PageRank update. The thing is, people need to stop worrying about their PageRank and start concentrating on their traffic. Nine out of the ten people I asked who’s PageRank decreased said that they did not see much, if any, change in their Google traffic.

At the end of the day, does it really matter if your PageRank decreases and your search traffic stays the same (other than the purpose of selling links)? What you need to do is start diversifying your traffic so that you aren’t as reliant on Google. Google may convert better but it would be a terrible mistake to let your businesses faith rest solely on Google alone.

So, now that you don’t care about PageRank or hopefully a little less, here are some things you should think about doing:

1. Look at the other search engines out there. Yahoo and MSN may not drive as much traffic but something is better than nothing. If you think you are getting no traffic from Yahoo or MSN, it is probably because your rankings aren’t as high on those engines.

2. Start leveraging the social web. Sites like Digg,, MySpace, and Facebook are just few of the social sites you should consider leveraging. The traffic may not be as valuable but with enough quantity it will be worth something. Three of my clients get more than 100,000,000 pageviews from their Facebook application every month and if these non-marketers can do it, then you as a marketer can as well.

3. Build partnerships with other websites on the web because this is a great way to expand your traffic as well as business. This is easier said then done but if you spend enough time on it then something will happen in your favor.

Anyone have any other recommendations when it comes to diversifying your traffic?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

63 thoughts on “Stop worrying about PageRank and start diversifying your traffic!”
  1. I have red news about google pagerank, that it is going to be closed soon as the pageranking system is becoming a bit buggish. But page rank got some real value when it comes to link exchange and advertising or selling website out.

  2. Never Ever rely solely on Google, I just got dumped from them and am now without any ranking in the SERP’s. I would not have minded taking a PR hit, but being nuked from the Search Engine is a Bitch.

  3. At first I thought it was gonna be another disregard PR post, but those are some great tips!

  4. I head pagerank system is going to be closed as it is becoming bit buggish. I have red article about it. PR really stand so strong when it comes to monetizing your blog or website.

  5. If you are already in that situation where you rely on google traffic, you can diversify as much as you want. No traffic beats google traffic.

  6. make a video, they always rank higher in search engines. (even if its a still camera video with elevator music or your favorite song.)

  7. How about just look for more “targeted” traffic,

    Its NOT about the #’s its about the conversion, at least for me it is 🙂

  8. This is such a great post because so many people falsely believe that all that matters is pagerank. This is one of the most common PPC misconceptions. If the question is how do I simply drive the most volume of clicks, then yes, #1 is obviously the best. And achieving this placement is not magic, it is just a question of cost. However, in addition to paying a cost per click that results in an unfavorable cost per conversion, you most likely have a daily budget that is too low to maintain #1 positioning throughout the day. This means that your ads will shut off when your budget is reached and you will have no ads running for the duration of the day, or if you spread the spending out, that your ad will show up in only a fraction of the search results. For example, if you have a $100 daily budget, your bid to be #1 results in a campaign that if run without budget limits would spend $1000 per day, your ads will only be live for 1/10 of the day or show in 1/10 of the search results. Nearly always, this is not the optimal way to run a campaign. Far better would be to bid lower and show up in a lower placement in all search results. This will results in far more clicks, and therefore more conversions, for the same budget,

  9. PageRank lost a lot of weight after the drama it caused. Thus, whilst bloggers still wish they had a PR7, deep down they actually know PR is not what it used to be. But a hight PR still demands more money for ads.

  10. Diversify your traffic the same way you want to diversify your revenue streams. Build up link partnerships, promote your site in social networks, link dumps, forums, blog comments, offer up link bait to make people interested, RSS feeds, submit articles, submit press releases…all these things can only help. It’s your time so spend it effectively.

  11. 100,000,000 pageviews from Facebook! You gotta show us how, drop a pebble in the bucket and let us make the ripples!

  12. You are correct and most know this but the fun of watching your Page Rank is embedded in anyone that’s been in this business for a while. It’s a like a drug and takes a seven step process to stop watching it.

  13. I think the best way to diversify your traffic is to see what sources other than search engines are sending you traffic.

    I find that my automotive sites are discussed regularly on forums for car enthusiasts and motorcyclists. Since I have discovered this, I’ve linked to forums from my sites and forum users have added my link to their signatures to say thanks. My traffic and backlink count have gone up up up.

    Look at your log files for sites that are sending you a few visitors, and then replicate that success to other sites of the same type.

  14. There are many ways to diversify few are very easy like having your contents translated in top 8 languages can increase your traffic 5 times. :p

  15. Do you mean stop worrying about SERP rankings and diversify traffic? PageRank doesn’t actually drive any traffic to a site. What’s ridiculous to me about this post is that the methods employed to diversify traffic inherently impact SERP positioning.

    Basically, we’re saying “Don’t rely so much on Google – go get links and leverage social media,” which is exactly what people who are worried about improving their SERP positioning are already doing. Meh. You also tell them to worry about other search engines – SEO is SEO. If you optimize for Google, you’re probably pretty close to optimizing properly for Yahoo or MSN.

    Really, nothing new here. It’s like talking to a baseball player and saying “Don’t try to hit a home run, just try to hit the ball as hard as you can.” What good is changing the end “goal” if the required action is still the same??

  16. Correction… maher is too young to say bitch… you can go ahead and say it all you want. Got a bit confused there.

  17. It’s true but my goodness my right had wrist is suffering from CTS already. I have been getting good traffic from Stumbleupon.

  18. Of course traffic and serps are important but Pagerank is an EGO think plus advertisers love it. I have so many bids to my bidding directory this week since the PR update.

  19. I think one of the main reasons why people were worrying about their google traffic was because they thought they were going to lose money.

    I haven’t had one advertiser flee since they got hit as well, I haven’t lost any money. Infact I’ve made more money! I say down with google :\

  20. What is the best way to bring traffic to a brand new site that only has 30 consistent distinct readers a day? I want to rapidly increase the traffic brought to my site.

  21. I am getting a bit bored with people telling me to use the social web. That is fine if you are selling stuff that is attractive to a large audience, what about traditional niche businesses?

  22. It’s not the fear that PR will lose you money, it’s that this move was the beginning of something bigger.

  23. I didn’t see any lost traffic but you never know when Google will decide to not want ot play nice anymore.

  24. Just rumors… how can they have people twist in the wind if they don’t have a little green bar to push people around? 🙂

  25. First off, this post wasn’t about PPC advertising. Secondly, your evaluation of PPC advertising is too broad of a generalization. In some very competitive niches, you might actually be better off to exhaust your budget with a #1 placement than receive marginal traffic at a lower ad spot. It all depends on your niche and the competition you face for your keyword.

    Also, more clicks doesn’t always equal more conversions, as you stated. For many keywords there are more desirable times of day, and days of the week in which to advertise. Your brush is too broad when discussing this topic.

  26. haha exactly forget about PR the reason why I wrote my report about PR and how to forget about it!

  27. he stated that “three of his clients” get this insane amount of traffic. is 33 mio pageviews / client more realistic?

  28. other traffic cant really account too much of those 1st time visitors.
    social bookingmarking sites like digg does not send quality visitors as google.

  29. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, too. I’ve been forced to, now that Google slapped from PR5 to no PR at all. All my sub-pages still show up, though, so the traffic I want from google is still there. Regardless, I’ve been directing my focus to many traffic sources because it’s always smart to do so. This is no different from how you shouldn’t just rely on AdSense for revenue.

  30. I think Facebook has been really under utilized since most people are happy to just spam myspace.

  31. I had written two posts on building traffic and links on my blog. I dont want to leave the links here as I dont want to be seen as a spammer. If you would like to see how I have been geerating traffic here are the post titles once you visit my blog:
    Tips On Generating Traffic – My Way
    Tips On Generating Links – My Way

    Both these posts deal with non traditional ways of driving traffic and building links which I think might be helpful for others as it has been for me.

    Thanx for the great post Neil! Also pagerank, yeah I don’t care much for those

  32. Niche, is even better as a person interested in your specific niche is more likely to stumble, digg or share your site than if it was a general site.

  33. Amen. 3 years ago I was banged down hard by G. Zapped. As bad as that was, traffic was down by 50%. 50% is a lot, but it wasn’t the end of the world, and the traffic it did take away was the poorly targeted traffic. I stayed a float from word of mouth traffic and quality links. I think it’s easier than ever to diversify now with social media so long as you have a GOOD site worth linking to. It’s that whole quality content thing again..

  34. My PR0 page disappeared completely and now after a couple weeks is back with a whopping PR1, wooohooo.

  35. How many times do I have to be told this before it will sink in? I’m still obsessed with PR but now I’m just becoming obssessed with traffic too!

    …anyway back to creating those backlinks 😉

  36. I think it’s the other way around. Large social networks can have sub-genres that are perfect to market a niche product. Take a look at all the Myspace groups, or search for some networks specifically created around a small niche. Not everything out there is as large as Digg.

  37. Great thought, but I have a blog with Typepad. I notice that Google is Typepad friendly, but Yahoo and MSN won’t index bloggers. Any suggestions on who to blog with or what we should do? Point our blog to our domain? Not sure where to put this question, but I thought you might know. : ) Peace out!

  38. Neil,

    Thanks for providing a clear reminder and tips that anyone can implement re: SEO.


  39. We CAN’T rely on one source. Didn’t your mommy or grandmommy tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket? It’s suicide. Google is the number one game, however, if you are not diversified you can lose everything – and not get it back. How’d you like to go from top 5 to not even listed? It happens. Could happen for you. Are your other sources of traffic of sufficient breadth and quality to begin to make up that traffic? What if you just dropped a little bit in Google? 10 places? Surely there are 10 other blogs competing in your niche that could edge you out over time – aren’t there? For me, I’m going to write solid content that’s fun to read and market as much as possible through social networks and the rest of it. Google has to be a small part of the efforts, but you can’t game Google forever!

  40. Yea I’d like to bust my site with 100,000,000 hits, to get that on google it would cost a fortune. but I guess I’ll just keep trying everything ells. really would like to know some cool secrets, but I guess secrets are secrets and if they were told they would not be secrets would they? I think there’s a lot of mis leading on this money making game on the internet, but I’ll stick to it.

  41. This is very true. Social media sites bring as much traffic ( if not more ) when compared to organic searches that land on my page. For blogs that have very specific niches, social medias sites are very useful in driving traffic and gaining readership.

    Cool post!

  42. […] “does it really matter if your PageRank decreases and your search traffic stays the same (other than the purpose of selling links)? What you need to do is start diversifying your traffic so that you aren’t as reliant on Google. Google may convert better but it would be a terrible mistake to let your businesses faith rest solely on Google alone” […]

  43. I should have added that my customers are also not tech savvy which means the likelihood that they will digg anything let alone my site is extremely slim.

  44. I have never really understood why pagerank is important. I read all these articles saying it is important – then in the next breathe they say it won’t increase your search engine ranking.

  45. Pagerank went crazy this update, and as you said i had already made plans for getting traffic by ways like social bookmarking etc. Not caring about the PR

  46. People often confuse toolbar PageRank with the PageRank technology that forms the basis of the Google algorithm. The former is just a visual representation of how “important” (Google’s definition) a particular page is. It’s only updated several times a year. And yes, you should not obsess about it. Use it as a general indicator of how well linked a page is. A move up or down by one PR point will have little real effect on your rankings.

    Real PageRank is far more complex and important. Best not to obsess about it either. Just get on with creating keyword-rich, theme-based, original content and update it often. Then build links from trusted sources using the wide variety of techniques available, and that includes Web 2.0 sites. Simple really.

  47. I agree. People shouldn’t worry so much about what Google is doing.
    Try building some pages at Hubpages. It’s an active site that gets alot of search engine traffic.

  48. ya we just need to diversify our methods of generating traffic. can’t just put thing in one basket. go around search for new ways and take action.

  49. Many useful informations. PR dont really matter that much. In last update nearly all my sites went down -1 PR but it doesnt mean that im getting less traffic.

  50. Another site that is worth mentioning is I have found Mixx traffic to be far more valuable than traffic from Digg. Mixx also has a much better community, and people at Mixx vote more based on the quality of the content than for the sake of politics.

  51. […] Shoemoney – by Neil Patel, Diversify your blogs traffic […]

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