Gravatar has been acquired by wordpress parent company Automatic. This was a very cool pickup for them imo. I really liked gravatar and wanted to use them back in the day but they had some serious issues with uptime so I kind of gave up after a while.

Cool news.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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31 thoughts on “WordPress Gets Some Cool Avatars”
  1. I can easily see this taking off for but I’m less sure about in the codebase.

    MyBlogLog does something very similar and although they’re relatively new I suspect they have a larger slice of the market than gravatar. It’s going to be a battle for dominance between Yahoo! and Automattic, I’m not entirely sure who to back.

  2. Jeremy, you didnt answer the last 100 questions post you made. It was before you went on vacation…. Do we get to see those questions answered? Thx!

  3. Oh this is excellent news. I have created a gravatar to be the same avatar as my MyBlogLog one so whenever I surf through blogs with either one of these my avatar comes up the same. But of course I dont think many people used Gravatar.

    Presumably we’re going to be seeing these avatars embedded into WordPress functionality in the near future. That would indeed be cool.

  4. Yeah I plan to sue them on an upcoming blog myself.

    As mentioned earlier I don’t see this affecting the users much. But couldhave big implications for users.

  5. I use a plug in in my blog called myavatars, it looks for mybloglog avatar and if it doesn’t find it then looks for a gravatar.
    First I used a gravatar plug ins with caching, but gravatar didn’t work well, as recently as last week! It’s a good news that someone serious is taking care of this thing now! I’ll keep my plug ins myavatar in the meantime because I did open an account on mybloglog, so I’m not going to spend much more time switching between one and the other!

  6. Like Jonathan said, its going to be a head on between Automattic and Yahoo – I have a faint feeling Automattic is going to be backed by Google here. Google has increasingly been patronised by Automattic and these days.

    It remains to be seen who emerges the winner.

  7. hopefully they won’t keep developing only for the wp platform, leaving behind everybody else…

  8. I guess this will make free WP sites more interesting. I don’t do much with free WP anymore though.

  9. yes it is good. Puts a more personal spin and a community site to your blog.

    They had caching problems in the past and were often down.

  10. That’s a good move on behalf of WordPress. I can see Gravatars being a default option in WP soon.

  11. Talk about improving services, the link of mentioned blogpost at gravatar, I never seen it. Its returning 404. Seems they deleted the blog post so soon. 😆

  12. Right now one of the sweetest things that could happen to any company that wants to see its base of users explode is getting picked up by the WordPress folks. The Gravator folks might not have hit a financial home run but they brand will rock out now.

  13. This is a great idea for branding and promoting your own site, but how many blogs are really Gravatar-enabled? Case in point being the blog I’m at right now….

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