Rand recently posted his 5 websites he could not live without and asked for others to post there’s.

Here is mine:

Yup thats the whole list.

My wife and my daughter I could not imagine living without but godamn SEO BLOGS?!?!?

I am amazed at how many people in the comments list all the sites they cant imagine life without… I guess I am in the minority.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

163 thoughts on “5 Websites I can’t Live Without”
  1. There’s this site about some party with lemons that I just don’t seem to be able to make it through my days without.

  2. I could totally live without this site. Its BY FAR the lowest return time/money that I have ever done. Blogs are the biggest timesinks =(

  3. Haha. Guilty of not reading the question.

    “couldn’t live without” is a little strong….

  4. i didnt get it i thought that my ad blocker was blocking them, but then i got it. i could do without the web, it would be hard at first, but i could do it.

  5. haha… he wanted to say that he could live without the websites, and that his family is the one that it’s the most important in his life.

  6. I did without the Web for the first 20 some-odd years of my life. I was happy then. I do like the Web and all the fun it brings and the promise it brings to the world of brining it closer together and sharing ideas, but I could live without it. I don’t know what sites I rely on.

  7. right on, Shoe. I just unplug when I’m away and it’s fine. The blah-blah just goes on whether i read it or not. What cracks me up is that I can fire up the reader after 2 weeks and see another dozen “google changed its algo” or “5 ways to improve your….” post. It just doesn’t change.

  8. Yep, the web is just another way for people to tie themselves to something, my last vacation I logged back on and then just mass deleted the emails from the 3 days I was gone and it seems like I missed nothing.

    Hey on another note, this guy tried to buy one of my domains and he followed the shoemoney buying domains strategy you have in an earlier post, now that I’ve thrown out the $5000 figure for him to pay we’ll see if he will either sh1t or get off the pot, lol.

  9. I can’t wait til the next q & a. I am new to reading about people making money on the internet, so hearing things such as the above surprise me. It seems most people try to go the other way…

  10. i personally thought for few seconds that my network was really slow loading an image or so… then i understood.

    I would just change the title to “5 websites i could not start working without visit them” (not sure about the grammar) and I could see that. I personally never start working before reading my favorites newspaper sites and blogs.

  11. Shoemoney, what do you actually do besides this blog? I am a new member and don’t know much about you except hearing that you made millions doing online stuff like I do.

  12. I agree, I could live without any sites at all, though I wouldn’t want to live without usbank.com ..do all my banking through that site.

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  14. Of course I could live without electricity too, but that would be boring at first and then I’d find other interests.

  15. Oh here is my list:


    Now you tell me that you miss days without typing Google.com?

  16. It’s hard to imagine not using the Internet daily, but after a week or two on vacation I’m ready to abandon it altogether…then I crack the lid of my MacBook Pro and I’m instantly hooked again…it’s a drug!!!

  17. Hahaha, i love it when people say ridiculous things like “I can’t live without XYZ.” Yes, yes you can. People lose parents and grandparents and other loved ones and they still live on… to attach that meaning to websites? C’mon…

  18. Hey I’ll take over shoemoney.com If you want to get it off your hands πŸ˜‰ Hahaha. J/k of course.

  19. Hehe. The only sites I couldn’t live without are the ones I own. Why? Because I literally couldn’t live since they’re my only cash source. πŸ˜›

  20. And obviously this is not just a scam to get people to look at the actual site to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Allowing you to hit them with the rss popup. I wonder which one is going to win. You are both devious, that’s for sure.

  21. no, I meant I heard that Shoemoney makes millions, I don’t make anything lol. I wanted to know what other stuff Shoemoney does besides this blog, I thought he made millions on this blog but he said otherwise on a recent post.

    I guess once you get a good name and are successful in something, it’s much easier to build new projects. Would love to discuss this topic with Shoe, but will probably move it to the forum before getting carried away and making a huge post in the comments…

  22. hmm well then you’ll have to destroy it somehow, as it’s practically everywhere!
    Hmm google resembles the matrix in some weired way…

  23. I’d have to say blank list for me too. They are just websites for crying out loud. Although I think the “can’t live without part” is just hyping up the title for better link bait. Sounds better than “5 really great websites”.

  24. I don’t think there are any sites I can’t live without. I do have five sites that I hit more often than any other (more out of habit than anything), but I don’t have cravings for them in any real sense.

  25. If I had to choose 5 sites that I would be restricted to for a period of time, I guess they’d be :
    – reuters.com (to keep up with news)
    – wikipedia.org (to look thing up)
    – php.net (reference for code)
    – maybe youtube.com (for entertainment)

    I can’t think of a 5th site off the top of my head. I guess I could LIVE without any of them. My wife is slowly showing me how to exist for days at a time without the Internet. I only go on once on our honeymoon.

  26. well some of the….more affluent IM marketers can say this after the INTERNET has created them an nest egg of other bricks and mortar ,shares etc investments that bring home the bacon on auto.
    Well so would i if the situation arises in the future.
    The internet is a time and life sucker,apart from sleeping and sitting in the crap house.
    But the truth is no one whom is addicted to this Internet shat can,stay away for more then two days without getting withdrawal symptoms..such has our lives been changes by online highway πŸ™‚ ..as for my fav sites hey ,i bookmark tons of sites i never get to,but shoemoney aint one of them thanks to non boring fresh honest fun content,which is well targetted to the likeminded visiting crowd.

  27. I can live with out these blogs – but I CANT live ONLINE without these blogs…


  28. […] In response to Rand’s article about the 5 sites he could not live without, I decided that sites you could live without are more interesting if you think about it. A lot of them are fun and great resources but when it comes down to it they can be production killers and time wasters. Even Shoe got in on this one. […]

  29. Huh! What type of blog are you running? It takes me around three hours a day to interview people. Another one hour to review and post the dang thing online. But I do it because I enjoy blogging, where as most people mainly do it for the money, or etc.

  30. Huh! What type of blog are you running? It takes me around three hours a day to interview people. Another one hour to review and post the dang thing online. But I do it because I enjoy blogging, where as most people mainly do it for the money, or etc.

    This comment is for this dude down there v

  31. It be hard to go without online banking. Who gets paper statements anymore?

  32. Pop up only worked once for me…

  33. Actually he did add…
    (or at least, couldn’t earn as much without)

    I’d like to know your answer to his question, shoe.

  34. I nominate this for the greatest blog post, no, make that the GREATEST POST EVER anywhere on the internet. Unfortunately Blogger’s Choice Awards doesn’t have that category or I would actually do it.

  35. I don’t think there are any websites that I couldn’t live without. Keyword is live.

    I like my internet hobby.

  36. my 5 webpages that I can’t live without
    Shoemoney Home, Shoemoney Forums, Shoemoney Marketplace, Shoemoney Photos and Shoemoney Advertising.

    Now thats what we call ButtKissing! Now gimme a link back πŸ˜‰

  37. lol… yeah for a minute there I had to pinch myself because I thought I was back in the 90’s again…

    Hey man… you gotta do what you gotta do. Keep those numbers climbing. πŸ™‚

  38. My online translation tools… life would be much more difficult..and I would have to study more… (;_;;;;;

  39. I have switched from neither one to nothing else. I just don’t see the point… it’s like I want to read for information and listen / watch entertainment.

  40. Jeremy makes sites focused on a service. He makes them really good and the traffic naturally follows. He’s also really good at monetizing them, which helps a lot. I’ve got a ton of respect for him and Dave both, and I don’t give out respect all that easy.

  41. Like… without electricity… geeks would totally cease to exist. We’d all be relegated to doing… uhm… real world stuff. The horror! The HORROR!

  42. I don’t search at all on the weekends, and probably 2 – 3 days during the week. I have a few sites I go to for information, and everything else is just spent working on my own sites or my 9-5.

  43. I totally missed the pop-up. I was trying to change to a different program and accidentally clicked on the blog page, making it go away. What was on the pop-up?

  44. There’s a few websites I cannot live without as a single hetrosexual man. Unfortunately I can’t list them here. Family website and all πŸ˜‰

  45. Well, that was a nice list, but i guess for me it would be DP(DigitalPoint) and techmeme.

    Thats about it..including gmail ofcourse! πŸ™‚

  46. Now that’s a nice list, I must confess I’ve highlighted the text to check if there was something hidden… :p
    I can’t live without my PC, that’s for sure, and probably without some of my websites, but then again I read this and that every now and then, but I don’t have that kind of list…

  47. lmao I know. I could live without any website. One thing I couldn’t live without with is money though, if I was a millionaire I would just be on the beach in jamacia or something about 60% of my time and then the rest spent working on new projects.

  48. They had geeks before electricity ie Ben Franklin,Aristotle, Da Vinci, Archimedes, the list goes on.

  49. Ha funny how people actually think they cannot live without the internet.

    Even funnier is how involved and caught up in the whole “internet” we actually get. I for one am certainly guilty of it and I certainly notice a lag time to try and “de-clutter” myself from common technological gadgets.

    Ah the simpler things in life are sometimes the best.


  50. Honestly there isn’t one site i couldn’t live without… as i would probably jsut spend more time with friends and family

  51. You forgot Socrates and Abraham Lincoln, those guys were great in the Bill and Ted movie

  52. I could live without the Net. Period. Some people have forgotten we once had no net other than phoning a friend or neighbor. With that being said, I would be extremely disappointed to lose access to it on a permanent basis (ELE, comet, ice age, Hillary Clinton, etc.). πŸ™‚

  53. The pop-up was a chance to sign up for Shoemoney’s RSS feed to his blog (the contest, you know!)

  54. LOL – hmm, either I have to believe a smart cookie like you doesn’t understand “hyperbole,” aka “linkbait” (not likely); or admire your digital hat trick: 1) Link-baity post title, 2) Comment-baity content, 3) Subscription-baity… AJAX craziness…

    Ack. This is the last time I comment on a blog while taking Nyquil…

  55. Way to stay focused. Family is the most important thing! You should do another post about you are balancing family life and your work. Has it changed since you’ve moved your office out of your house?

  56. Well, I agree that it’s not that I can’t *live without* these sites..hopefully..but my five faves? Or five I use the most? ebay.com, youtube, amazon, facebook, and, increasingly, shoemoney…when I am not blogging on “bidbits,” my typepad blog about ebay and such, the url of which I shall not give here because that would be blatant self-promotion, but hey, I’m sticking a toe into the tiny opening you gave us. πŸ˜‰ Whoops..is that six? πŸ˜‰

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  58. i think you dont really care how much this shoemoney blog makes. it is just bonus if there is revenue. this is for you to make some ranting. there is no fun if no one is reading your rants πŸ˜€

  59. I dont think I can live without text-link-ads.com they pay me a lot of money πŸ˜› .

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  61. how many times does your mrs nag you to get off those top 5 websites though lol πŸ˜‰

  62. thank you for pointing out the obvious which most people miss. SEO blogs and forums come and go. people move, every word posted is not gods law. You have to think foryourself a bit and you have to have priorties right.

  63. I think if you have a can’t live without list it should be people πŸ™‚ the web is a tool, and should be viewed as such. Once again Shoe points the way

  64. I can live without Yahoogle moogle toogle …. or any other site ( read crap ) .
    But i can`t live without … air , because if i don`t breathing i will die … And food too … OK maybe and couple of beers …
    Seriously i can`t live without my son Matija , my two daughters Miljana and Milica and my wife Daliborka .

  65. […] i can`t live without my son , my two daughters and my wife. ShoeMoney is the only person on whole internet who has similar opinion as mine […]

  66. Wikipedia is the only site I couldn’t live with out – it’s such a great information resource for assignments πŸ˜› /sarcasm

    ~ Dave

  67. This is a great post. Some people get wrapped up into life online and lose track of it offline. Remember what matters most.

  68. I could live without the entire internet but it would take me a while to figure out what to do with my time, and I might be broke too, so maybe I couldn’t live without it. I couldn”t live with out google, to find everything else. And the forums that are now half my social life.

  69. Of course Shoe is having fun! People that meet him keep asking for autographs and pictures. Isn’t that right Jeremy? πŸ˜‰

  70. True. If I was living without that site before discovering it, I can live without it now also πŸ˜‰

  71. Hi,

    Well, I’ll sure bookmark your website since my Adsense has given me really small money.
    Since I’m an artist, my preferred site is Wetcanvas.
    I have many bookmarks on my favorites, but none that I would say it stands out.

  72. 5 websites i can’t live without is


    These are a must go every day for me.

  73. I don’t see the sites—or I guess that’s the point. I’m a little slow right now–it is 5 oclock. I get it—you don’t need website to live, but family is essential.

  74. Wikipedia is sooo cool. I just love to be able to go to one place and get the basic info I need on just about everything on the planet. I just discovered the other day that in IE7 up near that little magnifying glass in the top right corner that you can list it as a search provider, To search Wikipedia then you can just enter the work in the search
    box, select Wikipedia from the drop down menu and go.

  75. Me together with my lady were thinking regarding this issue. However the thruth is usually, people cant believe in details authored in world-wide-web.

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