(Veterans America aims to be your source for all things military. They are building a community of military service members, veterans and retirees from all branches of the armed forces, along with their spouses and families.’s mission is to serve our nations finest.

I am a huge supporter of all our troops. I have written a post in the past about going up and thanking our military at airports and I encourage you all to do so if you feel the same 😉

Thanks for the shirt!

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

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38 thoughts on “VAJoe Support Our Millitary – Free Shirt Friday”
  1. I don’t really know what “your source for all things military” means, but the candidate calculator they have is a pretty cool resource, and it’s pulled in good publicity for the site. They’re over a million submissions on that tool alone. They’re running some pretty smart promotions to encourage user involvement (free shirt after enough forum posts, nfl pick ’em game, etc), but I don’t know if it has enough functionality to hold people there. Maybe if they made it more social networking oriented… facebook for the military?

  2. And don’t forget your gratitude for America’s allies, including coalition partners and others, without whom America’s military achievements would be VASTLY more difficult and costly.

  3. “facebook for the military?” – Good idea… I know I’ve entered my data from past military service on but the response/activity there is pretty low. Great for old school connections but definitely didn’t grab the military action. Will be cool if someone could capture that audience, I’d love to find some old buddies from my time overseas.

  4. I think you should run a graph showing traffic difference in sites once they have been a part of your free shirt friday, so everyone can see the power of the Shoe. That is a nice looking shirt.

  5. Great t shirt. But you always seem to look unhappy in this shirts. I’m guessing that you hate clothes shopping.

  6. We are suppose to support a bunch of idiots that enable our government to steal from others? Not me.

  7. This is a great idea. Even if Shoe doesn’t, it would be very wise for the site owners of those sites to do it. It would be pretty solid linkbait. It would be fun if Shoe could add this in to his FSF post (highlighting traffic spike of the previous week’s shirt).

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