On 1938media.com today Pamcakes video blogs about whats missing from social media.

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Go over and tell her how awesome she looks in shoemoney blue!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

59 thoughts on “Great Idea & A Great Shirt”
  1. Not sure i think her idea is 100% great but she does indeed look great in the shoemoney shirt 😉 !

  2. Thanks to Pamcakes for telling it how it should be. Shes totally right about never logging in after you do the initlal account setup.

  3. That video has the most annoying beeping at the end… had to turn up the volume to hear her then at the end the beeping gave me a semi heart attack.

    Shoemoney shirts look great when properly filled out.

    She makes an ok point, but its nothing even close to earth shattering… maybe boob shattering?

  4. what do they call it when someone make lots of stupid comments on a blog to get your name at the top of the commentators list so people will come see a lame site?

  5. If she hadn’t been wearing the shoemoney shirt I wouldn’t have even listened to her. Wait, if she wasn’t wearing the shirt the presentation would have been a lot more interesting.

  6. My Shoemoney shirt doesn’t look that good on me, but it looks ok. I fill it out too, just in the gut.

  7. She’s looking hot in that Tshirt. I have one hehe.. Thanks shoe 😉 It’s an interesting idea, but it will take a lot of work to implement it…

  8. There should be more girls wearing your shirt and making movies… Dont you plan also some underware?

  9. this is actually a great idea! Shoe, you should follow up on this one… why don’t you get people sending you female shirts and them having hot models wearing them instead of you?
    You lost a lot of weight and you are working out hard… but you are still married and MALE… 😉

  10. I just did a podcast on my blog about this a few days back,

    I didn’t get the attention she got thou 🙂

    I wonder why 🙂

  11. I agree. Online business is really boombing these days and I think the Internet should embrace it more on a social standpoint. A ‘business facebook’ would be briliant, built for an entrepreneur. I would love to go ahead with something like that if I had the money.

  12. Facebook actually announced that this feature will be coming out shortly. Sadly there was a company that had just built a widget specifically for managing separate profiles… there was a write-up about it on techcrunch, too lazy to find the link 🙂

  13. I agree this is a niche that needs to be filled, but I think it’s going to take a phase shift to do so. The problem: social media sites have the stigma of being just as she described- for school-agers and 20-somethings (which I belong to). I think that the site would gain popularity in the microcosm that is the blogging/tech-savvy world, but more generally will need something more to become a credible site business people visit, and return to. I own my own company- and participate in communities for the social marketing as well as networking capabilities. I agree this needs to happen, but doubt a an average businessman’s ability or desire to use it. I think this will work in the upcoming generation of businesspeople (the 20-somethings), but you’ll have to pull teeth to get a 40-something that isn’t already tech-savvy to use it.

  14. It’s pretty easy to pick out too… when you only see one line of text, with insanely poor grammar, and the poster has nearly DOUBLE the comments of the next closest individual… spam city. Don’t get me wrong – I comment on most posts on here, but I try to add some value with my comments. I don’t feel like a total comment whore then when I show up in top commentators. This is obscene.

  15. The beeping scared me too. As for the idea… meh. I’m not huge into social networking sites myself, as I talk to my friends in real life and find I have very little to say on their myspace or facebook pages. Still, it seems an awful lot of trouble to go through to display separate profiles for different groups of people. I don’t have anything personal online that I’d be afraid to have a client find. It’s a good rule to live by. If you need separate profiles, maybe you need to scale back the information you’re putting out about yourself.

  16. Shoemoney writes great blog ….he is the man
    Any body know , the list of sites Shoemoney runs ?
    so we can check it out
    where we can find his his site list ?

  17. I thought that was going to be an entirely different sort of video cast. I had my credit card ready too, curses.

  18. No kidding! Oh well, I’m sure a few comments will be deleted (I think some of mine have…) when Shoe peruses the latest comments.

  19. OK Jeremy listen up. This post indicates that it may be time to consider expanding the product offering to Shoemoney Lingerie; or, for that matter, Shoemoney Saunas. Pamela is almost as sexy as Rebecca, albeit apparently slightly less geeky!

  20. I have visions of dozens of people videoing themselves in Shoemoney tshirts and putting them on their blogs as a sneaky link bait tactic. May the most outrageous win.

  21. mmm maybe i should convince some female friend to tape a video wearing ONLY the shoemoney tshirt 😉

  22. Who can afford (time and money) to build such an application ? The idea is great, but it’s not for me

  23. well thats why so many ideas never get developed because they arent for certain people. Its all about coming up wiht the idea and bringing it thru to completition most people lose the drive over time.

  24. I have the know-how, I have the imagination, but just don’t have the time and money. Maybe it’s that time of year when I should quit my job again

  25. I agree – this is a very nice niche that no one is currently filling, but I think that there is a bad stigma to social networking caused by myspace – with time people will realize it’s not all about 20 year-old EMOs

  26. Yeah I read about that too. I think it was profil.es or something. The one stop shop to link all of your profiles.

  27. You guys should get tons of shoemoney t-shirts and make people wear them in your own individual countries during some small time conferences. You would defintely grab shoes attention!

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