I don’t know if this admission will piss off most of Shoe’s readership, but I’ll do it anyway to make a point. I am not a fan of Family Guy. I largely hate the show–it typically elicits one (if that) chuckle out of me per episode, but overall I think the show’s comprised of lazy writing and “derp” jokes (for a good rundown of why Family Guy sucks, check out this post). I don’t find the show offensive or anything, nor am I trying to be too sophisticated for its humor (I did write “ass” and “poop” in my last post, after all). I just don’t respect the show at all.

Which, of course, brings me to my point. Family Guy is a popular show. It was popular when it debuted but got canceled, only to be revived after its mass success on DVD and on Adult Swim. Fox learned quickly that, for some mind boggling reason, people like Family Guy. Despite the show’s success, however, it gets largely eviscerated by critics and peers alike. South Park’s two-part “Cartoon Wars” episode is a great example of just how much respect Family Guy gets (hint: zero) from other animated programs (in fact, if you listen to the mini commentary of those episodes on DVD, you’ll hear Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about their hatred for Family Guy and the show’s lazy writing, and apparently the writers from The Simpsons and King of the Hill agree wholeheartedly).

So, you have a show like Family Guy. It’s watched by lots of people, sells a lot of DVDs and crappy merchandise, and probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But it’s not respected. Not by the majority of critics, and certainly not by other well-respected and revered animated programs. I’ll segue this example into focusing on your website. Sure, it could have a ton of links, but how respected is it? Do other sites in your industry or niche link to you? What do they say about your site? Do they even say anything at all?

Authority and respect isn’t something you need, per se. Family Guy is doing just fine. Yeah, it hasn’t won any awards or isn’t critically acclaimed or respected by Simpsons or South Park writers, but it’s on the air and it’s pushing merchandise, so no big deal. However, maybe you want to be the South Park or the Simpsons of your industry, or at least earn the respect of whoever is.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many links you have–if they’re not from respected sources to indicate that your content is high quality, relevant, and great, all you’re left with is a fat guy with a testicle chin and a stupid baby who drags his jokes out far too long. Or something like that.

Feel free to bash me in the comments for disliking Family Guy. I also hate Shrek and mint chocolate chip ice cream, in case you want to switch gears. πŸ˜€

By Rebecca Kelley

Rebecca Kelley is the Director of Marketing for This or That Media. She also runs Mediocre Athlete, a hobby blog about exercising and training, and My Korean Mom, a blog about her harsh but amusing Korean mother. In her spare time, Rebecca is a freelance blogger for hire, loves food and movies, and trains for marathons and triathlons.

91 thoughts on “How Respected Are You?”
  1. I think the question to be asked here is… does Family Guy even want to go anywhere? There is a strong sense of going against what is normally done in animated comedy, and I truly think that is what most of their success can be attributed to.

    That being said, I’m not the biggest fan either.

    I’ll go back to eating my mint chocolate chip ice cream now…


  2. I can’t believe you don’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream! And South Park and Drawn Together are the only two cartoons I watch πŸ˜€


  3. I am with you on not liking Mint chocolate chip but Family Guy and Shrek, come on now! 😐

  4. Fox makes money either way. I think a good example is johncow and johnchow operate. Money talks…

  5. Agree with LeGo…as long as Fox makes money the rest doesn’t matter. As for johnchow and cow-uhh-boy I guess they will soon marry each other πŸ™‚

  6. I am not a big fan of Family Guy but when I watch it, I do laugh quite a bit.
    Its all about giving people what they want. People dont always follow reviews or opinions from experts/critics etc. If they like something, then they like it period.

  7. Family rocks. Dont like it? Dont watch it. Knowbody likes everything. πŸ˜‰

    I cannot help think that every post i read now, is in someway trying to help shoemoney beat John Chow. Am i being paranoid??? It’s like this post.. will it help get lots of pingbacks from fg fans???


  8. Family Guy Episode (Fan Script Edition)

    Peter: Poop! (insert stupid laugh)
    Stewie: That Fat man said poop, I soiled myself, and Meg is ugly.
    Lois: Meg isnt ugly she is just a late bloomer, oh wait she is ugly
    Brian: Its peanut butter jelly time
    Fat Brother: Ahh angry monkeys help.

    see, easy I just made it up

  9. I completely agree with you about Family Guy and Shreck. But mint chocolate chip ice cream? Now you have gone too far!

  10. I don’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream either. I do like chocolate chocolate chip Haagen-Dazs tho. πŸ™‚
    I had never seen Family Guy, so I just watched a few YouTube videos of it as long as I am procrastinating working. It doesn’t seem as funny to me as SpongeBob. In terms of modern toons, I love SpingeBob. I’m not a big Simpsons fan either..to me, Matt Groening was much funnier in the Life in Hell books.
    You want super-funny, go watch some classic Bugs Bunny videos, with Mel Blanc doing the voices. – Julia “Old School”

  11. I mean SpongeBob, not SpingeBob. As for John Chow, you guys keep bringing him up so that makes me want to go Google him. haha.

  12. Im a huge fan of mint chocolate chip, and I like that damn Donkey. You’re officially off my christmas card list.

  13. Wrong “thing” to make your point with. Who cares if people respect The Family Guy show?

  14. I am not big either on Family Guy or Shrek, but to dislike mint chocolate chip ice cream is purely unAmerican.

  15. family is funy, its simplistic with some puns. it is what it is, dont read so much into it. sheesh. as far as respect. EFFF the world.

  16. “Feel free to bash me in the comments for disliking Family Guy. I also hate Shrek and mint chocolate chip ice cream,”

    C’mon, seriously? what’s wrong with you? I love family guy, i watch it on the treadmill on my iphone and probably people think i’m crazy cause i laugh so much by myself… but i can’t help it πŸ˜‰

  17. Stop talking trash about family guy or I’ll put you in a heel hook and send you back to Rand in a cast!

  18. Most people who dont like family guy are the same people who don’t get the references. Like every other show, it has bad episodes(last weeks for example) but its extremely popular. I think because some other shows have a problem with competition, you confuse that with a lack of respect. I get the point of this post, but it was a poor analogy.

  19. Meh, I agree that Family Guy writers are lazy and not well received. However, that is beyond the point. “Lazy” is what the show is all about. There are certain segments of the population who love random things. You don’t even have to pay attention to the show and you will still get a chuckle here and there because of the stupid crap Peter does.

    And that brings me to the another point: American’s along with an increasing number of Europeans are losing patience. Everyone wants something NOW. You could even argue that this competition in someway is an agreement with this. Both Shoe and JohnChow will benefit from this competition. They are pushing each other to gain subscribers and subscribers mean money. It might not necessarily be directly related, but it is related in an obscure way.

  20. Trying to get respect from critics is like trying to get permission from Weight Watchers to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken. It ain’t gonna happen. Critics feel their job is to point out everything wrong with a movie or show. Meanwhile, that show makes millions of dollars.

    I don’t have to think long and hard about what I’d rather have: millions of dollars or recognition from a bunch of people.

    Humor is subjective. Profits are not.

  21. I hate Family Guy too. But I don’t watch it.
    There are several blogs which I hate, but unlike TV shows, I still read them from time to time. Sometimes I post comments hoping to irritate someone into a flame war, but it never happens. Also, I never click an ad on a site I hate. The ability to directly influence or not influence a website is so much higher than it is to effect a television show. That baby on Family Guy is un-funny. What’s the deal?

  22. I think it’s an apt point. I was saying that Family Guy doesn’t care about respect, just like you don’t *have* to, but some sites may want the respect of their industry peers and be thought of as an authority. Family Guy doesn’t–they’re content with the viewership and the money, just like lots of sites on the web.

  23. Sorry about not liking mint chocolate chip. I’ve just never been a fan of the combination of mint and chocolate, hence no Yorkshire patties, chocolate mints on my pillows, or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  24. Dude, I get the references, I just think they’re lazy and obvious and unfunny. In my opinion (and of course, it’s just my opinion, so don’t take offense if you disagree), it’s not a clever show. It’s a show that pretty much plays on nostalgia, and quite lazily so. Hey, remember any 80s show or reference you can think of? Well, we’re going to cut to one right now! Cha-ching!

  25. It’s been said time and again, the most beautiful or clever sites aren’t the winners. It’s the ones who get to the hearts of their readers. What is it about Family Guy? It humbly touches the average American psyche somehow. Personally, I saw it once and would never watch it again. I felt Israel’s post got it right. People don’t always want clever or have to think too hard. The same with a web site. I’d rather have the respect of my readers than my design/web peers. That’s ultimately what counts.

  26. I love the show because it is unique. If you look at it from a serious attitude, you will hate it. I think it is much like Napoleon Dynamite. You either love it, or deeply hate it. (I personally hated it).

  27. While i agree that family guy is pretty lacking. I find it far funnier than the simpsons and king of the hill.

    King of the hill recycles their same lame jokes year after year, it should have died after two seasons.

    The simpsons!? give me a break, while i can watch the simpsons, when was the last time you got an honest gut laugh from it? A lot less times than from family guy, thats for damn sure.

  28. This post seems like lazy writing to me – you only half develop a correlation between FG and developing a website, but you never committed to it. You never really address the title of the post. In your closing paragraph, you basically state that if you want respect from the “South Park”s of your industry, you need links from the “South Park”s of your industry… um, okay. That’s kind of obvious, no? If you’re going to bother with a drawn out metaphor, have it go somewhere. Disappointed with this post.

  29. I don’t watch it a lot, but the occasions where I have been watching TV and family guy has been on, then I’d switch the channel to it. When I watch it, it’s not laugh a minute stuff for me, but when I do watch it – I do generally end up ‘rolling on the floor laughing’.

    Taking the topic off cartoons though, Scrubs is the ‘bee’s knees’ xD

  30. Couldn’t agree more. Mint Chocolate Chip. Bleh!!

    Seth McFarlane is widely despised by the writers of South Park and The Simpsons because he regularly steals their old material. Kinda like how other comedians feel about Carlos Menstealia. Google it and check out the comparisons. There are plenty of them out there.

    As far as the show itself I find Stewie to be annoying as hell. How about a final episode where Homer drops by grabs Stewie by the ankles and bludgeons the entire cast? THAT would be cool.

  31. Yeah, but all of that is pretty self evident. At the end of your post, you raise the question about people who DO want respect from their peers and just leave it hanging. With the title “How Respected Are You?” you would expect this area to be addressed some. How do you gain that respect when it’s elusive? What do you do if you wake up one day and you are the “Family Guy” of your industry, and that’s not what you want? That’s the interesting topic, not just pointing out that some people like making cash and don’t give a rip about respect. Meh.

  32. It’s all how you perceive things. Sure, some industry peers might not respect them but that isn’t everyone. Generally when you step into an industry and go against the status quo, you won’t get a whole lot of respect from veterans that are set in their ways.

    If you also think about it those veterans, the ones that shun the heretic, most likely did the same thing themselves back in the day when they were trying to break through and get noticed.

    Respect is good, but it should only be given out at arms length when it comes to business.

    Note: I don’t like the Family Guy.

  33. haha.. I was totally with you until you started talking about Shrek and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Shrek has to be the best movie my son’s made me watch over and over and over again, and well, anything with chocolate and mint (two of my favorite foods) has to be good! πŸ˜‰

    I have always found the family guy VERY annoying… never can stand to even watch a few minutes of it let alone a full episode.

  34. How dare you bash Family Guy just like that? Family Guy happens to be a pretty good show and the rest of the other cartoon writers are simply jealous and your reasons for not liking Family Guy are simply incoherent and it’s just like I don’t like, um…I never liked The Sopranos, I think that was a stupid show and I HATE Desperate Housewives…OK, so we are allowed not to like Popular Shows.

  35. I think there’s a solid post here somewhere clouded by a reference that doesn’t make any sense.

    Family Guy is a raging success and IS respected byt those that matter most its audience.

    If FG also had the respect of its peers that would be icing on the cake, but as you proved yourself that respect isn’t needed at all.

  36. actually like family guy a lot i think it is hilarious other shows of course hate on it because its overshadowing simpsons and south park

  37. I can not discriminate ice cream based on flavor but choose instead to love each and every one of them for their unique creamy differences. And I tend to enjoy partaking those variations while watching Family Guy, though Shrek has steadily declined since the first installment.

  38. I couldn’t agree more! I’d much rather be well-respected by my clients, than #1 on search rankings. I’d rather have the WOM referrals that happy clients bring.

  39. I understand your point but I disagree with you.

    Sure, people in the industry dont respect family guy… but they’re not the ones that they’re trying to get respect from.

    The respect comes from the fans who… are the ones who are either indirectly or directly paying their checks…

    Hope that makes sense…. Good post though.

  40. Its seems like everything in SEO always points back to one thing… Good Content! The real problem is that people want to get rich over night by not doing any work and thats why we have made for adsense sites and crappy sites with ads all over them but unlike tv online we can buy links and buy respect so really people if you want respect and dont want to earn it, buy it. πŸ™‚

  41. Napoleon Dynamite was only good because of its “low budget”. I hated the acting, the script, but most of all the branding of certain types of people made throughout the entire movie. Now there is a whole generation of children saying “Gah!” and “Eat the ham!”

  42. I don’t like Family or Shrek either! For me it boils down to this – bathroom humor = not funny. But loads of people love it

  43. How can you say Family Guy is not respected by other shows when the very episode you mention talks about Family Guy being a good show that is not too “Up its own ass to be funny”?

  44. sometimes respect isn’t as big of deal as you have to look at also who you are getting the respect from.

  45. Some of the characters in Family Guy are hilarious … some i absolutely hate! But agree with you, respect is a huge thing.

  46. Respect and integrity is everything. I hate people who want to be famous for the sake of being famous. One of the most integral celebs of our era is Ricky Gervais. He made The Office with NO compromises, other people wanted to direct it but he said no, if he couldn’t direct and do everything, it wasn’t getting done. Now that’s integrity.

    Also, I used to hate Family Guy but it is quite funny. I think it’s just become ‘cool’ to hate it because most people like it for it’s stand-out quality. I do think it completely ripped off The Simpsons though and it’s nowhere near Simpsons calibur or South Park. But fuck cartoons anyway, The Office UK forever!

  47. After reading this post I started to think which cartoon represents which SEO/SEM firm. I can’t decide if seoMOZ is Thunderbirds or Pokemon…

    Link Moses is King of the Hill easily. Greg Boser is Initial D. I think Shoemoney is Naruto.

  48. There is a video on YouTube showing all the scenes Family Guy ripped off from Simpsons.

  49. You speak the truth San Diego SEO – good, legitimate content is necessary in order achieve success with respect in the online publishing world. Where I think you’re off is the “buying respect” bit at the end. You’re more likely buying success, but not respect. Drive enough content to a site and it can be profitable (success). It may be completely disrespected, however. Look at MFA. It lines pockets but it negatively impacts the experience of using the internet.

  50. Well shit. Family guy has an audience that some folk just dont understand. Seems to me they’re authoritative enough to operate outside the bounds of an algorythm and relax with a little laughter. That’s niche. Thats money. Thats life.

    So what next ? Playschool analogies ? Perhaps a handy brecolage (I hope you’re not reading this on the dunny). Get back in your box dammit !! πŸ™‚

  51. OK .. now you’ve gone too far. Family guy RULZ ! If you don’t like it, don’t watch, but let the rest of us enjoy it

  52. Greetings all
    my god what a bad analogy, understand the point completely, but seem to think you only blustered out such a statement to put controversy into the post, if that was your objective well succeeded there.
    Cartoon humor is not for everyone and I agree it can be a bit on the toilet but all three are better than most of the crap mainstream TV. Myself I watch maybe a few hours of TV a month and they would mainly comprise Family and a little Simpsons but that has become very old hat now and quite stale.

    Have a B L O G G I N G good day!

  53. Hi Rebecca – I don’t watch much TV aside from films. So, I’ve heard of Family guy, but don’t remember what it is.

    But, I guess what you’re saying is that you could have a shit blog and still be popular. And this is definitely true. I have noticed a couple of blogs with content that is not so great become really popular.

    I think the way to avoid this is by not trying to appeal to the majority (unless you want to be popular but not very good). Because it seems to me that the average Joe will like something because other people do (not because it is good).

    But, this human sheep like behaviour is brilliant if you’re selling something, as once someone buys from you, you just let their friends and neighbours know and they want the same thing too.

    I think it’s all down to marketing. Something average which is marketed well will sell better than something excellent with rubbish marketing.

  54. Whilst I don’t think many of the more recent Family Guys episodes are up to the standards set by the first three series, I’m still a big fan.
    I don’t really see why comedy has to be related to the plot – if something’s funny then it’s funny, and part of that humour comes from the total randomness of it all. Maybe it’s because I’m British, and was raised on sketch shows where there was no pretense of a continuing plot. I’d compare Family Guy to The Young Ones in its use of non-sequiturs.

    I’m in total agreement on Shrek though – I really don’t understand why anyone over the age of 12 would find this amusing. There are plenty of example of kids films that work for adults too – Toy Story is a good example, but Shrek is just dull.

  55. I couldn’t disagree more. Family Guy is very British in its style of writing and humour (note the spelling of humour) and is in more sophisticated than either South Park or the Simpsons. They resent it because it is better than they are, and they hate that.

    I would argue that if US critics constantly slate Family Guy then it is because they just don’t understand it. In truth I’m amazed anyone in the US actually gets Family Guy at all, but then Monty Python was quite big over there as well – so sometimes the British style does translate.

    Before you say it, I know Family Guy isn’t British – but it’s style of humour is.

  56. Erm, but I do love Stewie soooo much!

    Afraid I don’t have enough access to Fam guy to have much of an opinion – I do consider the Simpsons to be over-rated – but thought that it could do with some competition.

  57. I hate all Mike Myers movies. Chocolate chip ice cream though, is pushing it.

  58. basically if you replaced all the references ot the family guy mentioned in this post with shoemoney.com, i would get more from it.

    psst…you just lost one and chow gained another

  59. Nor are you trying to be too sophisticated for its humour? You’re kidding me right? I’m sure 95% of the implicit, ambiguous and cultural humour is wasted on you! There are so many examples of sublime parody and satire in EVERY episode.

  60. I dont think a shows respect should be based off south park, they dont respect squat which is what makes them funny.

  61. Ugh, I am also not a fan of The Family Guy. I hate shows that are suppose to be funny, and when I sit down to watch it – I never once laugh. There have been scenes in Friends, Sienfeld, Fraiser, Late Nite w Conan, Six Feet Under where I laughed out loud. Never even close with The Family Guy.
    Catherine, the redhead

  62. I agree with you regarding Family Guy. In fact in June the quality of TV generally had dropped so low here in the UK I decided not to renew my TV licence (yes here in the UK you have to pay a tax of about $300 for the privelege of watching TV).

    Shows like Family Guy just pander to the lowest common denominator (or what they think that is) in order to remain popular.

    Websites aren’t run to gain the most respect. Most people running a website are just either publishing content and earning money from ads or running some kind of business through it selling products and or services. Both can be done to the level whereby it earns a person a living (most webmasters goal) and beyond that anything extra is a bonus. It’s essential for search engine relevancy and decent SERPs to have other sites in the niche or industry link to you. That’s not necessarily a show of respect – but with most being link exchanges more a case of you scratch my back if I scratch yours. Most links don’t say anything about a site – they just link with the name.

    When your site is as popular as seomoz.org you can start worrying about things such as what other sites say about it etc – but until then it’s a case of competiing with all the other websites in your niche successfully for traffic.

    Even if no more sites mentioned mine or linked to me, I’d still have 5,000 visitors a day coming mainly from the SERPs and existing links.

  63. I hear your complaint about Family Guy. The problem is that they overdo it so much in some scenes and the joke runs waay too long. Like getting hit over the head with bad jokes that repeat. It’s not funny and gets old. Although I do like Stewie and Bryan. They are the charactars that make the show. Peter just blows as a character.

    I really like Futurama the best. Really clever writing with a lot of understated humor. I would say The Simpsons come in just below Futurama.

    As for South Park… That show was novel and funny the first season, like 10 years ago. South Park has totally sucked for so many years it aint funny in the least. Talk about PLAYED man. Just wish they would deep 6 that thing and put Beavis and Butthead in it’s place.

  64. well getting respect in your field, kinda tricky there. some might think of you as a competitor but if you do it right, and not coming off as a jerk, yeah you can get respect, that is if your work is credible

    they don’t show family guy here, that’s a shame

  65. yeah thats the bottomline, enough viewership to roll in the dough, no matter respect or not

  66. The Simpsons has inventive writing? South Park is respected and has great writers? I don’t think so. Family Guy is not respected by its peers because it ireverant, it cracks jokes about The Simpsons and SP all the time.. that kind of humor is not for everyone… but to make the analogy that a website should be respected like the Simpsons or SP?? hmm no I don’t think so. – I.E. John Chow is not respected but still gets tons of traffic (and quality traffic for that matter)…

    Let me break it down:

    – Content makes your site.. period.
    – Quality Links from authority sites.
    – Original or contraversial material os key.
    – Advertising.

    Stop being such a snob and stick to the Internet.. and if, after a season of Family Guy, you’re still not getting the jokes? Get yoursefl checked out.

  67. I’m afraid I’d have to disagree- I’ve never really been a fan of South Park and find Family Guy far better. Although I do enjoy the Canadian Content of South Park πŸ™‚

  68. Both of them I don’t like it… and mmmm I don’t like chocolate (Anyone can believe that?) :p

  69. What is family guy? ohh.. I think I saw 2-3 minutes here and there and got bored to death and switched the channel. See, no need for bashing anybody.

  70. […] posts a question of her own on Shoemoney’s blog – How Respected Are You? which is followed-up by yet another question on the Shoemoney blog (this time it’s a bit more […]

  71. Yeah Family Guy is the best show ever. They make it so freakin easy to laugh at you really should be concerned if you dont get it.

  72. I like Family Guy about as much as I like the Simpsons. I hardly watch either, but when I do, I like them both,

    Respect from competition is a hard thing to get.
    Has SEOMoz ever been quoted as saying “Man, that [insert witty seo company title here] is REALLY good and we hope we can reach their level someday!” or even vice versa?
    Naw, I didn’t think so.
    I doubt there are too many SEO companies that would tell a potential customer: “Man, you really need good help. That’s not us. Go to SEOMoz, they can help you!”

    Maybe Rand should approve guests posts by his staff before they get posted, as this post, with link bait yet no content, really does do a disservice to not only you Ms. Kelley, but also SEOMoz (who you are employed by) and ShoeMoney.

    This post only added to the signal to noise ratio on ShoeMoney, in a negative way.

    This reply is only ment to respond to your post: the lack of quality, followthru, and any semblance of an actual interesting article. It could have been outsourced to a third-world content creator, and fixed up a little… Or WAS it…

    Oh, and this is only my opinion. That seems to cover me from being held to any high standards, as you make it do for you.

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