Thats about how hard it is to make money online with a blog about making money online… I mean I know its the cool thing to do now and stuff but I will be honest with you… if this blog was the only thing I did I would be very much in the red. Course I guess I would not need the staff that we have now or the legal and accounting bills that come with it… hrmm maybe I should just retire and be a full time blogger.

OK I GOT OFF POINT (add moment) basically I have been playing around with some of our other sites and its really like fishing with dynamite. You can put in affiliate links everywhere and nobody is none the wiser.

Seriously while it make look like a cool thing to do to have a make money with $yourname site…. that horse has been beat. The point to all this is if your just starting out (and i get that question like 5x a day) don’t start a “how to make money online site” unless you truly are already making money. Its MUCH easier to make money from other niche sites where your audience doesn’t scream every time you put in a affiliate link.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

100 thoughts on “Harder Then Picking Up Strippers In A Strip Club”
  1. I just need traffic… anyhow back to reading bloggers sites that are trying to make money online through their own blogs.

  2. Great point. And there are a ton of niches that are 100x larger than the webmaster/SEO/affiliate space, if you truly want to make money online.

  3. Great point.

    Another good point to add is dont write an ebook about how to make money online unless you really are making money online!!! 😉


  4. … make money with an affiliate site, before you make money with blog… thats right..?
    Some people think by blog is enough to make money online….

  5. If I was able to gain a significantly increased readership, I would see greater $$ than what I’m seeing now… My site is certainly NOT the “Make Money Online” type.

    Then again, my site isn’t even a year old….


  6. I agree completely. I find my blog sucks time out of me when i could be doing more profitable things…. but also my blog is my outlet… so it is nice but i agree if i was just starting off i would focus on Making the big bucks… but do think ahead and atleast register a domain.

  7. Yeah. This has been talked about a lot lately. It seems that a lot of people are starting out with blogs like this, I see it a lot on DigitalPoint alone.

  8. I can markov content better then all these money making blogs popping up all over put together.

  9. I think you might have better luck in strip clubs! Then again, I’ve never started a “Make Money Online” blog before 😉 I think the particularly annoying ones are the ones where the person is all like, “follow my quest to become a millionaire!” Like what is this, reality blog TV? I don’t want to see anyone’s lame attempts and failures. I think we’ve all got enough of those to go around. You start a blog AFTER you’ve made money!

  10. No the annoying ones are the ones that take the basics to AM, SEO, whatever, that can be found everywhere and make a EASY step guide plastered with affiliate links…what’s even more funny is some of the “big/up&coming big” “herder’s” do this.

  11. Its so funny that everyone who is just starting out wants to make a “how to get rich online” type of website

  12. Exactly look at all the blogs making good money, none of them are “make money online” blogs except a few people who were already making money online, I dont know how well it did but even chow had TTZ media.

    My blog accounts for maybe 10% at the most of money I earn online, so after a month of writing about making money online and reading all the billions of similiar blogs, I decided to switch to more important business and financial topics.

  13. I have to agree and disagree at the same time! Of course, I cannot fit into the popularity size of your Shoes 🙂 (Pun intended) BUT – I DO still think there is a HUGE number of folks out there starving for more and more information every day! Myself included, or I would not be here!

    I view your blog as an authority on the subject and thus I am a dry sponge each time i visit the site – I usually leave, 30-45 minutes later, soaked with new knowledge and off to another venture!

    It seems that every day, I learn another new way to use the skills I have honed over 13-14 years of working on the web – one of those ways is to blog about it to others, and share the way I am making money online now!

    Oh – and the easiest way to pick up a stripper in a strip club? make sure that lump in your pants is thick and has little pictures of dead presidents on it!

    Mark – Always enjoy the topics!

  14. I completely agree. I think your point applies to blogging in general and not just blogging about making money. A lot of people starting out look at blogs like this one or john chow and think “They are just writing about stuff they know, how hard can it be?” and I think anyone who’s ever done it can attest to the fact that it is MUCH harder then it looks…

    Plus, no one ever factors in the reader aspect. Running a blog is as much about catering and interacting with a community as it is writing new and exciting content. So if you can’t deal with criticism or don’t want to interact with your visitors, it might not be the right choice for you starting out…

  15. I had a friend of mine that was good at picking up strippers for free. He would just get a lap dance and show the absolute least amount of interest he could in what they were doing. Not surprisingly, they are so used to getting tons of attention when a guy shows them very little, it piques their interest!

  16. See the title of john chow’s blog… funny indeed :p
    Making money online is one of the hottest niches in todays market… most of the people know that money can be made online but dont know how to do it ….

  17. The people wanting to make the “money making blogs” (or ebooks) are usually the same ones with the directories and other crap MFA sites.

  18. Good point. Every body wants to make money by blogging about how to make money. I think they should stop this blog nonsense unless you are authority in what you are saying. More than 99% of all those people who jump into the online money making band wagon, will not make any substantial money. Just because you play tennis, you don’t become pro. If you enjoy it as a hobby, do it.

  19. That’s not really true, Jeremy. Look at John Cow… started up three months ago and made $3,000 last month. I started up blogging a year ago, but only seriously promoted my site hard within the last few months. I made $9,500 in September. This niche is far from dead.

  20. I don’t think shoemoney was trying to brush away future aspirating bloggers from being successful but concluded that asking the basic question of “how to make money online” is really not feasible to ask or a quest to pursue if your intentions were just to make “money”.

    All great ideas and successful businesses started from a passion. A passion from one’s or more inner ability to translate it into dedication to make the fantasy a reality.

  21. You’re missing his point completely. Shoe is talking about all these noobs who AREN’t making money only, who want to be some “fake it till you make it-guru.” Shoe started this blog because made it first elsewhere and the “calling” brought him to give out advice. You cannot START out as a guru who has done nothing else. The fake gurus have got to go.

  22. You’re assuming picking upa stripper is hard. You just have to know how to talk to them, and play the ignore card. Also picking the right stripper is also key. Once you understand how a stripper thinks, you realize how easy they become to pick up, then you’ll realize just how screwed up they really are.

  23. Not sure what it’s like in the states but they’re easy prey in Australia if you know how to play it … and you’re not a scrubber from the suburbs.

  24. There are other countries where it’s even easier! All you got to do is show up baby! 🙂

  25. Well if you watched VH1 a few weeks ago you’d know that it’s easy to pick up a stripper. That show was great.

  26. Yeah. all those who says that they are making big money out of adsense and some are also showing googggl paychecks. Ethical? who’s who? they say that the Big Guys on the ecommerce are those guys on the money laundry business.

    Ask jeeves if you dont believe me. ‘Earn online websites are just babies on the business.

  27. What? You mean all those TV ads about making quick and easy money online for just an hour or two a day isn’t true? Awwww, man! 🙂 It might not be profitable, but your site is valuable to us!

  28. I totally blame John Chow for all of this 😀 The make money online thing is so crazy right now.

  29. […] about starting a blog about making money online, it’s been said that it’s harder than picking up strippers in a strip club.  But these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.  Just look at what John Chow posted.  […]

  30. I don’t use that “make money online” niche. I use what I’m good at, and I’m not good at making money online 🙂

  31. […] drove the final nail in the coffin, Sean proves that it takes a much stronger foundation before you monetize a blog, Chow makes me so […]

  32. Yeah, I saw a blog earlier today which had 0 comments, a ton of posts and the guy didn’t make much money at all (he posted his monthly earnings). I guess… at least he made a little bit before starting it…. more than most can say.

  33. I think Shoe and John Chow should have a contest to see who can pick up the most strippers in a strip club. I’d like to volunteer to officiate.

  34. I agrees that starting a make money online blog is not a great way to actually make money . It IS a good way to learn, meet people, get ideas, and generally surround yourself with like minded people, however.

    Mark at 454n5 convinced me of this with one of his video posts:

    “Now, imagine you attract some readership to your blog, do you think you’ll have a better time at building your sites doing it alone or with the input from a crowd?”

  35. Hi Shoe – totally agree. In fact, I don’t think people should start any blog on any subject, just with the aim of making money. It is hard work to write every day, and you’ve really got to enjoy what you’re writing about.

    I have only two blogs – my blog about business, and my blog which is part of my plumbing business site. The business one was set up because I like helping other people avoid some of the mistakes I made, and I like writing.

    But, I couldn’t imagine writing about something I didn’t enjoy. I guess that’s why a lot of bloggers run out of steam, because they don’t really enjoy what they’re writing about. And they don’t realise that you can’t be successful if money is your only motivation.

  36. The make money online blogs have really exploded in the past six months. – I guesws my site is just a practical learning site to get things going on my other themes . . .

  37. I can’t count the number of people I’ve tried to teach this online gig to that lose interest when the money doesn’t pour in the first month. No one wants to stick with it and work or they don’t even get started. It takes a plan and hard work. I worked three years on my sites before I made more than $200 a month. Of course building my sites was a hobby first and the money came later. One point may be that you have to enjoy it first or you won’t be able to go for the long haul to make money.

  38. […] brutal truth, shoemoney has the lowdown. I’m off to start a billion dollar wiki, whos with me ! This entry was posted on Tuesday, […]

  39. According to that wierdo on VH1’s Master Pick Up Artist, picking up a stripper is easily done. You just have to make sure “you do not decrease your value”. He even taught one of the nerd mentors how to do it successfully.

  40. I don’t know how many people still are stuck with the idea that “if you build it, they will come” mentality. Sure, make it the best you can, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg….very few realize the amount of work that’s lying under the surface…..

  41. who said picking up strippers in a strip club is hard.. 🙂 mystery method baby! 🙂

  42. He is no weirdo. that is Mysteryl. I have been using his methods for several years, not only to pick up women but in business.

  43. I think that expecting to make money of any kind from a blog is insane..

    A blog is a place to drive people too that have an interest in a topic that the blogger has knowledge in with a following of subs who share the same interests.. Shoes blog is a success cause his subs like his rants and either find him to be smart, funny, an expert or all of the above.. Simple

    I feel if you make money on a blog its pure luck! Not Skill.
    Tons of variables to consider..
    I see lots of skinny bloggers at shows eating the free food and re-selling the kashka’s on ebay for rent money.. Thats a horror.
    Don’t want to discourage anyone ..Just be realistic a good blog takes a few years to condition your subs to take the bait and lots of baiting stratigizing on your part..
    So i try to focus on why I have a blog in the first place thats what keeps me grounded.If it makes money hey cool if it don’t who cares..

    My advise is if you want to make money create a D2C site and sell a product people want or need. That will increase your chances of making money 10 fold. Thats my 2 cents.. Thxz

  44. AMEN, Cathy. Focusing on the meat n potatoes will bring in the cabbage. Money can’t bring in money alone (well, almost always).

  45. Picking up a stripper or making money online with a blog….. hmm, what if you just combined the two, and hired strippers to do the blog for you while you made money, then you have the best of both worlds.

  46. […] below the header. These ‘feature bars’ seem to be all the rage right now in blog design (seen here, here, and here). Since Nate Whitehill designed all three of those designs, maybe it isn’t the best […]

  47. Good points. How many blogs are there out there? maybe millions? How many make more than $100 a month? Probably a few thousands. How many make enough to live off of? Probably a few dozen – if that.

  48. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is very tough to make a good amount of money. Beleive it or not, it is very difficult for some to even make $5 with their blogs.

  49. I couldn’t agree more. I did one JV promotion on my blog, for a product I really believe it, and I had a bunch of my readers bitch and scream!?!

  50. Niche is the way to go.

    Why blog about making money when it only gets 1400 Google searches per day, when something as simple as ‘japanese restrauant’ gets over 17,000, with 10% of the competition. *Real stats from Overture*

    (Feel free to steal that idea anyone, and when you start pulling in $10k+ checks like Jeremy, send me a tip!)

  51. Yeh so true man. I only started a blog about 3 months ago. I always hated blogging until now, I always just prefered making quality content sites. But you’re so right, I started a blog about… making money online and realistically it’s about the worst choice you can make unless you’re already making a ton of money, but I think as long as you keep posting quality though and don’t give up it can still just about be done with a money blog. But I’m definitely moving into pop culture blogs a lot now.

  52. I always get a chuckle when I see “make money” blogs where the author doesn’t have any other sites running yet. To expect people to read your musings about making money online when you have yet to gain expertise is just silly. The inverse of that is why this blog does so well and is such a joy to read – Shoe’s at the top of the game and he shares what’s worked and failed in his own life. I do think that once you’re big, though, it’s a great niche to be in. While people who read a “make money” blog are more likely to spot affiliate links, there’s lots of opportunity to sell them into programs where you’ve already achieved success. Think about all the people who signed up under Shoe’s BlogRush account (sure, it’s free but it still illustrates the point). The bottom line with “make money” blogs or any other blog is it helps to have credibility in the subject.

  53. OK seriously though…. what if your site says you’re a noob and you talk about “TRYING” to make money online even if your’re really not……like me? Then is it OK?

  54. just as long as you tell them they are gonna make alot of money its cool…as far as the strippers…they take one look at this huuge wang of mine and they have been picked up immediately!!!

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  56. This is really very cool post, recently i tryed some clickbank affiliates, how to make money online and cant make single sale.

  57. The “how to make money online” market is over saturated and the readers are very picky about what they want. There are many niche markets out there with far less competition and flexible readers.

  58. That’s Shoe’s whole point here – people think their blog is going to make them gazillions of dollars when they fail to realize that Shoe’s blog makes money BECAUSE Shoe makes tons of money in other ways online. His ringtone posts are legendary, and its content like that which creates a loyal readership that believes in the author’s opinion. Hence, he can score affiliate sales, and he’s generated recurring traffic, which helps sell more ads. People don’t read this blog to see how well this blog is doing. They read it because they’re interested in all the other stuff Shoe does to make bank.

  59. Yeah …. try selling some affiliate products on a make money online blog …. make a post “Hey hide your affiliate links or the visitors wont click” and keep a affiliate link on the sidebar … who will click the link 😛

  60. “thats what they say!”

    I take it from that answer you haven’t tried.
    Mrs.Shoe probably reads this though, so don’t respond if you have tried.

  61. I think monetized blogging is over rated in general, there are much easier ways to make money

  62. It’s easy to pick up strippers in a strip club, (until the bouncer makes you put them down again.)

  63. It’s easy picking up strippers in a strip club, until the bouncer makes you put them down again.

  64. There will always be people making money in every market no matter how saturated the market is! You were right with a niche, but the niche can be in the market of online money making sites. I just started mine I plan on doing very well.

  65. Very true and I can confirm that myself, running a blog about making money as an affiliate. I however found it easier just talkign about my own experience – people see it, take it as an inspiration and join the affiliate programs I am talking about as my downline 🙂 Getting them to start making sales so I get my downline % is quite another thing tho…

  66. […] News is always primary and the author is secondary. Ghost writers are extremely common in this industry. Disclosure just isn’t important when the integrity of the author is not an issue of concern. Everything goes. It’s like fishing with dynamite. […]

  67. yeah..hehehe… it is definitely ALOT more easier to make money from blog AFTER the person become celebrity or famous/infamous in some way. Because they can immediately attract regular readers and virally promote the blog by words-of-mouth and “words-of-blog” 😀

  68. I totally agree! That’s why I combined my blog with a webcomic so that it was something different.

  69. […] News is always primary and the author is secondary. Ghost writers are extremely common in this industry. Disclosure just isn’t important when the integrity of the author is not an issue of concern. Everything goes. It’s like fishing with dynamite. […]

  70. I almost picked up a stripper at a stripper club. However, I think its a shame how many people have how to make money on the web blogs. Wouldn’t it be better to blog about something you actually know about, like dogs, cars, desks,… you get the point, and I am sure you have said it before, and I am sure most readers of this blog get this–it should go without saying.
    I have been struggling trying to make my website idea happen. Maybe I don’t have what it takes? I don’t know, but what my site is (going to be) about, I am all to familiar with because I do it for a living.

  71. Some people start make money online blogs and start making money after launching a blog, sharing their experiences as they work and make money online.

  72. I don’t think one one has to become a celebrity to start a make money online blog or site. If one has achieved something, then they can start a blog, and in return get fame from the blog.

  73. I’m so very tempted to agree with you, but I have to say that I have a sort of “make money online” blog – but for a different reason.

    I’m doing it because I want to have a way to track what I’m doing all over online in an attempt to make money. It’s not just about affiliate marketing, it’s not just about getting people to ebay auctions… it’s all things. That way I can look back, and maybe can learn from my mistakes as well as help others.

    Now, am I stupid enough to avoid monetizing that site? Nope. Any of the sites I’m doing? Nope. 😛

  74. : : Blog » Blog Archive » Four Reasons Why the Entertainment Niche is Great for Making Money says:

    […] News is always primary and the author is secondary. Ghost writers are extremely common in this industry. Disclosure just isn’t important when the integrity of the author is not an issue of concern. Everything goes. It’s like fishing with dynamite. […]

  75. Is picking up strippers hard? I’ve never tried, but Make Money Sites that I’ve tried’ and it was a great learning experience. Let’s just say, I didn’t lose any money – but the profits were scarce.

    Most of us are more comfortable copying others as we learn than moving in a unique direction. Instructions like ‘find a niche you’re familiar with’ is too vague when you’re starting out.

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