So I just got a call from reguarding the auction. (guess who was the top bidder ya it was me)

They said they apologize but they are going to have to cancel the auction on

Here is what the dude told me. There was this thread on dnforums where the user posted it and put a Buy it now price. After getting a few offers the user decided to close that Auction and post it on Sedo.

After I posted the Auction someone went to dnforum and since the thread was still live they claimed the BIN (buy it now) price.

Dnforum contacted sedo and had them remove or cancel the auction.

They actually called me 2x to clarify exactly what happened because I think they thought I would post it or something. Imagine that. But guess what I kind of feel like a jackass for having a contest for a domain for sale that now is canceled.

I just thought Sedo was a reputable domain seller where if there was a domain for sale with no reserve… it was actually for sale.

I mean if they will take a auction down just because of some stuff going on at a forum then I am guessing they would for sure take it down if the seller requested which kind of defeats the purpose of a no reserve auction? blah!

Im such a newb at domaining (on this level). I have registered thousands but sold very few on a site like this most of the domains we have sold have been mass quantity .

We will figure out another way to do the contest…. (OR maybe the lowest bidder should win since it sold for 0 on that auction??)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. I’d say all ‘bets are off’ – as the domain didn’t actually sell via Sedo. Or, if you can verify that it was sold via the BIN price on the forums, use that amount as the winning amount.

  2. bastards! isn’t there something in their use policy that says that someone can pull an auction or every bid is bonded after going in. Then what’s to stop me from dropping my domain in there and pulling it if I don’t get enough for it.

    What would you do with anyways, man? i cant think of an affilaites out there selling perfume online in bulk. SRSLY

  3. Well that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing what you were going to do with it. (I had a feeling that you might have been bidding on it :D)

  4. That sucks. Buying used domains can be a total pain. It’s about the only way to get a good name anymore though.

  5. Well congrats on winning it and losing it Shoe, talk about domaining i am in your newb shoes too. Lol

    Sedo… this post cracked me up.

  6. SEDO have some extremely bad business practices if you get down to it.

    Looking forward to your next comp!

  7. I think I should win, only because I say so. Then, in return, I need to buy something from Amazon that YOU recommend, and I’ll have to provide my unbiased review of it. Think of it as… reinvesting $25 for a product review that you can slap some affiliate links on to make into MORE money.

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  9. Sedo sucks.

    Spend a little time around NamePros or DNForum, you’ll see quite a few people saying the same.

  10. I think I should win because although it went for 0 and I said $4,500 which wasn’t the lowest probably either. I should win anyway. Just because… I sort of… want to win like. So… yeh.

  11. At least now the rest of us can be more wary when considering where to bid for domain names. It seems to me that there must be a more dependable way to ensure that you are working with a legit company that won’t pull this type of stuff. Better luck next time!

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  13. What was the BIN price? Can you tell us your bid?

    I don’t see what SEDO could do in this situation. The owner has control of the domain. They can’t force the owner to sell it unless the domain was transferred to them, like using escrow. SEDO is a good company. And this is a tough situation.

  14. Dnforum contacted sedo and had them remove or cancel the auction.

    Was it Dnforum or the user on Dnforum who cancelled the auction? It seems a bit strange dfn acting on the users behalf

  15. I was going to bump it up to 3 g’s before end of day. Then thought of how high I would actually go. I guess someone got it at the $24,000 buy it now. I wouldn’t have gone that high.

  16. I got the same call from a guy named Brian. I had placed a bid as well, so I guess they contacted all the bidders.

  17. Well I think it is good since the seller had kind of deal with DNforum when he put price there… But on the other hand I would like to get also as much as possible and I think Sedo would get more money for him.

  18. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSo I just got a call from reguarding the auction. (guess who was the top bidder ya it was me). They said they apologize but they are going to have to cancel the auction on Here is what the dude told me. … […]

  19. I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a domain listed at Sedo. The seller accepted my bid and then Sedo took the money from me via Paypal. Two days later Sedo emailed me to say that the seller wasnt the registered owner of the domain so the sale couldnt go through.
    Then it took a full month for me to get my money back from Sedo, when all it really takes is to click the refund button in Paypal.

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  21. No one wins because even 1$ is more than 0 and you said that the winner is who the nearest amount but not more than the amount paid. Ok. my english is bad so:
    $amount_paid = $_GET[‘amount’];
    $guess = …;
    $winner = 0;
    while ($guess as $gu => $i) {
    if ($gu $winner)
    $winner = $gu;

    Ok. maybe it’s not a correct PHP syntax but I’m so bored that I wanted to post it without checking.

  22. This is too bad. This is unprofessional on the part of Sedo.
    I just hope I dont face any problems while selling my domains. I have a few domains up for sale on Sedo.

  23. I agree with Robert G, this isn’t Sedo’s fault, I think they went out of their way to help clear things up, they don’t have the authority to force a transfer of the domain to someone else, seems like the seller and dnforum are the bad guys here, not Sedo.

  24. It sounds like Sedo didn’t know everything about the seller’s activities with the domain.

    Outside the auction space, just selling a domain at Sedo is not a binding commitment. You are not required to sell the domain. Some folks put domains for sale just to see at what level the fish will bite.

    Hey, at least they told you what happened and you got a free education. They could have just as easily told you that the seller removed the domain from the auction and it is no longer available.

  25. Sedo can suck both ways. and it wasn’t even for very much, but repeated attempts to contact the buyer went unanswered. I thought these things were supposed to be legally bound? Obviously not.

  26. Sedo has yet to impress me. Sure, they have a huge database of high-quality domains, but what’s that worth when they make stupid mistakes like this. I have (and never will) sell my domains on Sedo… I hate the idea that Sedo charges 10% for doing nothing.

  27. I’m wondering why it’s back up for sale on Sedo. Doesn’t make any sense if it sold for that $24,000 bin (unless the buyer is already trying a resell).

  28. The new buyer must be trying to capitalise on the current interest / screwup and hoping for a quick flip.

  29. I have recently started domaining a lot … Have already got some good domains with GREAT age and authority …
    What do you think should be the value of ?

  30. That’s a shame – it would have been nice to see how much it would have made.

    Beauty Girl – Etextiles is not a bad domain – at least it’s quite easy to remember – but I did read that 8 letters or less is more valuable. Anyway – I suck at choosing domains so I’m probably not the best person to ask.

  31. i saw the domain name for sale on sedo. that is a pretty good name for a new blog. you should pick that one up.

  32. as a buyer, we always hoped to get a good deal.
    at sedo, when we trying to purchase domain even with listed fixed price there, as long as seller dont like the price at that moment, he can still reject. nothing can be done about that and sedo cant really enforce anything. buyer will feel frustrated.
    unless there is some sort of contract which states, once price reached a certain reserve, it cannot be withdrawn and must be sold…

  33. today… sedo announce ” last mobi aution ” void before of their server problem

    and I wonder what will be their next move

  34. I’m in the exactl opposite situation. I received an offer for a domain I had parked on Sedo for years. It was a reasonable offer so I decided to send the domain to auction yesterday. After the auction started, I checked my domain list to see where it’s registered. Alas! I couldn’t find it. It turned out that I forgot to renew the domain last year and now somebody else owns it. Yes, it’s my fault, I know. I have already contacted Sedo to ask them to cancel the auction. But I have not heard back from them.

  35. Several days ago I have received an offer on sedo to buy a domain that matches my business name. After several hours of thinking I decided to buy the domain. I transferred the money to Sedo via paypal and…. 3 days later Sedo wrote me that the transaction has been canceled since it was a fake sale and they are dealing with the seller and Sedo suggested to me to take legal action against the seller. The seller wrote to me it was Sedo’s glitch indeed and showed me their correspondence, where Sedo actually excuses themselves to the seller for this mistake! It’s been 5 days now and Sedo stopped responding to my messages and did not refund my money even if they wrote they will. I am submitting a payment reversal (claim) with paypal to get my money back from Sedo (,,, which appears to be a dishonest and untrustworthy business.

  36. On SEDO recently (July 2011) I was offered a domain name for $160. I decided to buy it. THe SEdo backed out stating that the seller changed their mind. Seller stated it was Sedo’s error. It took quite some time to get my money refunded. What a waste of time! I cancelled my Sedo account.

  37. watch out see topic below when selling a website WITH content

    Sedo Transfer Agent

    We have unfortunately not been able to reach the buyer or have received a reply.

    As this is a project data transfer we are not able to take over control of the domain to release the funds to you.

    Please note that the Domain Transfer and Escrow Service is limited to the Domain and purchase price. Content, data, programming or other elements of the website/project and/or any additional consideration included in a purchase and sale agreement are outside the scope of the Domain Transfer and Escrow Service and are not protected as such. Buyer and Seller agree that they are solely responsible for the transfer of any and all elements of a transaction outside the Domain and purchase price and that once the Domain Transfer and Escrow Service is initiated, neither party will request cancellation due to a dispute over such.

    Full information can be found in the terms of conditions:

  38. sedo is absolutely going down in market
    when you see their auction market, you see only garbage domains on the list.
    that means many domainers have gone because of their very bad service and arrogant mind.

    maybe we can say that sedo was a kind of best market leader before.

    but it has died and they cannot show any better competent service anymore

    I also removed my whole portfolio long before.

    We all know that SEDO SUCKS no matter what they say like up above.

    Such a LOOSER!

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