So I placed a offer on when it was on dnforum…. but now dude just put it on sedo with no reserve.

Here is the Auction

I am guessing…. $5,000.000

Ya i mean its so… thats pretty hot… however its not .com so not THAT hot… yet.. Man I have mixed feelings on this one… I would love to here some good thoughts from experienced domainers.

Ok maybe this means its time for another contest.

Post in comments the dollar amount in USD what you think it will sell for WITHOUT GOING OVER the winner will win a $25 amazon gift certificate.

EDIT: ok a little more though on this one from me… Ive been research the .com and .net version and they are pretty shitty. There basically appears to be no authority site…. IMDB is the #1 result SO…. maybe this would be able to kickass if a good SEO got on it.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

76 thoughts on “ on Sedo for NO RESERVE – Guess The Price And Win $25”
  1. So, How do you determine the value of a domain?
    I recently bought the domain a and still working to launch a new site on it.
    I really was thinking what to pay for the site, and ended up maybe paying to much.
    On the other side, maybe I had a bargain.

    What are your experiences?

  2. $6,500

    perfume is also a word in the Portuguese language which gets to 230 million people. I just don’t know how many will type .org instead of .com.

  3. $4450. I think sold for 6 figures or something. (could be mistaken) It’s hard to say. Sometimes these things skyrocket and sell for way more than they should in my opinion.

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  5. Indeed, it would be interesting to know the procedure of appraising it. I have bought domain a few days ago and started a blog there about it but I still can not figure out the right price for it in case I’d sell it.

  6. The largest .org sale this year was for $75k for I don’t think it is of that calibre due to the returns that can be amade of the domain but to the right end user (e.g. Chanel) I would think it could be sold around the $50k mark. So I will guess $25k as sedo is mainly a platform for domainers, investors and webmasters.

    I am also involved with a site called www dot perfumeshopping dot com and have managed to get that ranked on page 1 of google co uk for terms like perfume and perfumes. Lat month these keywords brought in around 2k uniques and also had poor conversion to sales. So not as great from a keyword perspective as you might think…


  7. Apart from anything I think that the interest that will be sparked from this post will make the domain go for a premium

    I’m going to guess


  8. org means free, so dont look to make a lot off of an organizational website. i mean if you ranked in the top of the serps for “perfume” im sure you’d be able to earn your fair share mind you.. but i dont see this going for more than $5500

  9. ya thats true this keyword is hard to get and we cant earn much.There are many good niche keyword beside.

  10. Well i would say US$ 8000.00

    Its dot org, so with good SEO techniques you might be able to make something out of it.

    Best Regards

  11. I think .org is too official sounding for perfume buyers. So I’m saying $750. But I never win competitions so I’m probs way out. And it is a one word domain I suppose.

    Of course it will really depend on who wants it and how badly. I haven’t checked on daily searches for perfume, but as it’s close to christmas someone may pay a lot.

  12. The Answer: None..

    No one types .org address, just to try them out. Sure, people do try .com and .net, but that’s about it..

  13. $11,550.

    I’m guessing the Shoemoney effect will impact the price on this one. I bought a year ago when it dropped, maybe I should pay Shoemoney a commission to “pimp” it for me?

  14. I used to manage the affiliate program for in 2005/2006 and the company Domain Holdings Inc. out of Vancouver, BC (Website: & ticker: CMNN) still owns it to this day. They are doing about 8 million/year in sales last time I checked and the majority of that is from And most of its traffic is direct type and organic search. In this case, the business was built around the domain. The domain is definitely a high six figure domain today, but my guess for the .org version of it would be close to what you said Shoe, but i’ll wager $6450 for it!

  15. Someone is going to go crazy on it because they see a common noun.

    I wonder if there is some sort of association that covers the fragrance industry? There has to be. Everyone has an association. Lovely that they’re not ranking…


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  18. No one types .org. The only way that’s going to show up anywhere is if a good SEO gets their hands on it and it winds up in a search engine.

    I’d be impressed if it went over $3550.

  19. Hey Shoe,

    I used to run I did the SEO and marketing for it. But since I left a year and a half ago, it has gone way down hill and then the movie ‘Perfume – Story of a Murderer’ Ousted it from #1 in many places. did about 6MM in revenue in 2005. With the site and its reputation and revenue – it is worth 10 Million easy, if not a fuckload more. The Domain on its own is easily a Million dollar domain, if not 5 mill. A .org is worth about 1/100th of a .com IMHO, So i’d say it is worth 50k. But it likely sell for closer to 20k, and that is if the right people hear about it. is owned by a public Domainer company – same company that owns,, etc etc etc

  20. Hmmmm… wish I hadn’t auctioned off my crystal ball on eBay! So I will just guess $8900.

  21. BTW – (the largest Online perfume retailer and dropshipper to most of the other big sites) bought about three years ago for 30k. But that was three years ago. Domain values have been doing the same as real estate in that time.

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