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62 thoughts on “Microsoft Adcenter srsly”
  1. Random errors, downtime, and glitches? From Microsoft? No way! Seriously though – I just put a new client on Adcenter PPC and definitely feel your pain.

  2. I just started on adcenter getting the same damn email over and over again…
    I marked it as spam now, everything went calm lol

  3. I have the inbox filled with the same emails 😉 so it’s not just you haha.. that’s microsoft, the most powerful corporation in the world.

  4. Unbelievable. I have never used adcenter because I’ve heard some bad things about it. This just confirms it a bit. Google gets it!

  5. Microsoft and Peace of mind never go together. Same case with my laptop i brought today with windows vista loaded. I was first time using vista, got pissed off making some softwares work 🙁

  6. whats the point? If they (MS) can’t tell you what words are exactly the problem, why even mention them? Pretty stupid

  7. I always wait a year or so before using any new Msft launch or new product/service to give them time to work the bugs out. They have had plenty of time to clean up Adcenter. I’ m glad I’m still not using it.

  8. Same thing happened to me this morning. My entire account was effected – even the campaigns that were already paused. Great.

  9. I can feel your pain man I am getting the same messages. It is crazy man i dunno what they are doing.

  10. im not even paying attention to MSN – they move too slow for me and really dont seem to be able to get anything going online.

  11. At least it isn’t pharmaceutical emails, or “Re: Hello” that make you want to take a look at them. You can easily mass delete them without worrying that one is legit.

  12. whenever i see a microsoft error now it sort of just falls to the wayside, it’s to be expected from them now.

  13. If I didn’t need to know which keywords needed change, all these emails would be direct to my spam box.

    Hilarious how many you get…

  14. They fucked up ad creation pretty good the last couple days too. Need to import them, click back, then click continue to get them to show up.

  15. I dislike how difficult they make it to actually cancel an account…seriously, let me pay the final charges and close it out. It’s no wonder virtual credit cards are such a hit.

  16. You should click them all in case they’re important.

    Maybe some of them are offering V!agr@, r01ex w@tches, or pre@pprov!ng you for a h0me 10@n!!!!!!

  17. It sure doesn’t seem to be one of their top priorities.. then again nothing at microsoft does… with such an ENORMOUS company, could they posisbly be losing out on productivity by making unneccessary employee cutbacks??

  18. Lol on second thought… watching them spam my hero (shoe) so badly.. gives me all the more reason so spam them back :p

  19. Hey, is it just me or does Adcenter tend to default to the max bid on keywords too, I have went in to add keywords a couple times and then when I saved it noticed they had changed the bid price for all keywords to max bid so had to go back and crank it back down to affordability, I don’t have Shoemoney money, lol.

  20. Well, lets just hope they won’t be in beta for two years like another large corporation and get some things figured out soon.

  21. Ya adcenter cant become like adsense even after 6 years, because Microsoft mainly aim no high earning programs.Lets hope atleast Vista will be good in next version.

  22. Sadly the majority of the people in my niche use MSN so I have to work with adcenter but hopefully either they were change or my audience will switch to google.

  23. Oh i have also brought new laptop saw vista for 2 days and deleted it and using my linux back.Windows will never improve its security and bugsfixes.

  24. I will take the editors at Microsoft over Yahoo! any day. When I follow up the Microsoft edits, they are at least based in logic and sense. 90% of the time what Yahoo! editors do make no sense.

  25. Well, its the regular spam that we all do receive from MSN. Spam filter would be the choice.

  26. I know! I basically stopped using them because I am so annoyed. Why don’t they just copy Google’s interface? Hey, it worked for Windows!

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