This afternoon I am installing a new theme so things way look weird here 😉 You might need to shift-reload your web browser to see what we are doing.

Update 1: I like your guys feedback but understand its a work in progress… I will be working on it on and off all week. I know your used to more professional bloggers but thats not me 😉

Update 2: just a few small quirks widths and crap to work out. I moved it to to play with it there.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

101 thoughts on “Installing A New Theme”
  1. Hmm I’m sure your old trial one was a lot better. Will wait it out though to see how it ends up!

  2. Ehm, the way it is right now… i don’t really like it, hope it changes.

    and like guk said, RSS ftw.

  3. I like it, its alot more cool to the eyes than your other one. Im curious what is going to be in the marketplace and friends post.

    Also thank you for making it so pressing tab goes to the submit button, having to scroll down each time was anoying.

  4. I really like it. But it’s a little to wide and doesn’t fit my screen (1024×768). Hopefully it will be changed.

  5. some title text on the main page is all squishified on the main page.

    I think is looks a little( a lot ) amateurish, almost like something one would find in the Digital point forums where people sell their non coded psd files for 5 bucks.

    it just seems a little clunky and such.

  6. I really like it but it’s a little to wide and doesn’t fit my screen (1024×768). I hope it will be changed.

  7. Looks pretty nice…. old theme was awesome to though, nice n simple. Still, nice update.

  8. I dont like the 2 blocks above the first post. Seems like you are giving less important stuff prime real estate.

  9. Too much scrolling? I dont think so. I think its bad position for those blocks but its not ‘too much scrolling’ unless your using a 8 inch monitor or something

  10. Are you sure you have 1024×768 because thats my resolution and I have at least half an inch of “white” space on each side.

    What happened to being able to press tab to press submit?

  11. Looks good, I like it. Finally don’t have to zoom in a few times just to be able to read the comments lol

  12. Yeah I agree, the two blocks above the post and sidebars… hmm, I think it would look nicer without them. Also this site used to fit my screen perfectly… now it stretches it.

  13. It does look a little wide. I need to scroll left & right on my 1024 X 768 monitor. it’s very rare that I view a website that doesn’t fit this resolution.

    The far right column is all-ads. I have read that you make more money by placing the ads column on the inside and the navigation on the outside.

    I like the big header and footer. The RSS feed could use an ad or two without hurting anything. Otherwise, it looks great.

  14. The “friends’ posts” section is currently expanding outside the “box” because the titles of the posts are wrapping.

    IMO, I think there are some nice features on this theme but from someone of your experience/stature I would expect more. It seems reactionary to the new designs from ProBlogger and John Chow yet it doesn’t do anything to stand out.

    I’m a little disappointed with this new theme Shoe.

  15. I really liked your “search” option before and I don’t see it anymore. Can you put it back please? Also some minor font formatting issues.

  16. I totally agree with you, dude. The weird shadows are making me feel as if I am in a haunted house with ghouls n’ ghosts. I am feeling very confined by these borders too, they are definitely weird in that way because it feels like the text is enclosed in a box or something. Those WEIRD shadows, man… those shadows…

  17. ya that is something I always wanted to do… for like 2 years now… it will be automated as of tomorrow I was writing the plugin for that tonight

  18. I really like it Shoe, except the font in the header that “Shoe Money” is written in. It just seems way too old-fashioned compared to the font you had in the old header.

    And your footer says “lastest q&a”. Otherwise it looks fabulous! Nice job.

  19. I like it. Couple of suggestions tho Shoe…

    1) The font is too small. Make it a bit bigger.
    2) In Firefox, the heading text isn’t bold, and the body text doesn’t have the same “warmth” it has when viewed in IE (looks ok though). May want to investigate the former, and look into a different font for the body.
    3) I’ll bet if you do some eyetracking, you’d find that almost no-one sees the AzAds on the side. All the stuff on the far right (your advertising stuff) looks too much like what it is. Some theme design to make it look better might be in order. And finally
    4) The links on the BlogRoll are too dark. Lighten them up a bit 🙂

    Hope that helps a lil.


  20. Nice radio show feature at the bottom. Haven’t heard any of these yet, gna check em out.

  21. Its a hell lot better than problogger’s ‘professional’ template and john chow’s ugly template

  22. It’s a lot of work changing themes and optimizing for them, I just spent ll of my Sunday and I’m about to go back and tweak more in my new theme. But my blog has grown and I had to accommodate it – so I’m happy for the changes, no matter the workload – Good Luck with it all!

  23. I’m sure its hard tweaking and changing themes, I know because I went through a lot myself. I am still not happy with my current one.

  24. Haha, I love it how Shoe just starts messing around with his theme and doesn’t really give a shit if it looks funny for a while. Very refreshing in this new age of bloggers pretending to be professional magazines:)

  25. I think he is talking about how it use to say “41 comments” or however many there is below each post.

  26. Pretty cool plugin and doubly impressed you wrote it yourself. Planning on releasing it? 🙂

  27. I love the way it is now — i like the “flat” 2d style, i think it rocks. The new style breaks everything up into blocks that are more noticable, which i dont like, reminds me of them old site managment cms things. Sorry 🙁

  28. Actually, I kind of like it. I think you should use the old logo though and double check some of your font sizes because certain things are hard to read (72 People have something to add whats your take) etc

  29. i think its the introduction of dark blue. i’m trying to do the opposite with a brand right now…ditch dark blues and greys in favor of more lively blues and white.

  30. I agree, Chow’s is very ad-oriented and the meat of the site (I use that term loosely) is cowering over in the dark corner

  31. Yeah, it is the thing to do at the moment amongst the a list SEO/SEM/problogger crowd. Wonder why?

  32. Every time I work with a new theme something gets goofy. It’s fun when a new theme works tho.

  33. Considering that most 2.0 websites can’t even get close to 1.0, I would say 1.5 is pretty good

  34. This is alot of work. Do you still enjoy coding? Sometimes I find myself getting really frustrated with tweaking templates but in the end it’s worth it.

  35. I think the new design is nice but old one stick to eyes and i simply love the simple design.

  36. It’s becoming more web 2.0 🙂

    Also, like stupid 3gp posted, you need a home link on the top left shoemoney logo.

  37. Your new theme rocks. BTW i have already paid Unique Blog Designs for a new theme for my blog. Lets see how they do. I know they did excellent for you so that they would get more recommendations from you. U r a big man offcourse 🙂

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