I dunno what fight the judges were watching…

It was clear after GSP refused to stand toe to toe with Josh that he knew he was out of his league…… disgusted…

Great fight for Kos. He clearly demonstrated he deserved to fight at that level. But GSP? Where does he go from here?

Couture rocked though. I think I was like 1 for 5 on my pics? blah!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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41 thoughts on “Koscheck Robbed Couture Kicks Ass Still”
  1. You obviously weren’t watching the fight. GSP owned Kos at his own game. Kos is a national champion wrestler and GSP went out of his way to make a point that he will dominate him at his own game. Then when they did stand up GSP controled the fight and landed 5 or 6 good punches, Kos landed none. Kos got out classed.

  2. I wasn’t gonna waste $40 to watch it online since I’m new on the ufc seen (a little over a month), but watching clips on espn.com and they seem pretty convinced that GSP “dominated” the fight and is “back and better than ever”. Sorry but I’m gonna have to call your bias on this one.

    You watching the same fight Rogan a

  3. cmon shoe. koscheck robbed? i was rooting for him, but gsp dominated him the 2nd and 3rd rounds. gsp was taking koscheck the world class wrestler down at will and getting damn close with some kimuras. gsp was impressive imo.

  4. Man, I’d say that tonight might well be the most exciting UFC event all year! I had a blast watching the fights tonight.


  5. Come on Shoe! Its wasen’t even close. A complete domination of KOS. By the end Kos was sloppy and defeated

    how about Cote defeating Grove?

  6. Shoe, I was right about GSP and Joe Daddy…maybe you and I should host a little UFC pre and post game internet tv show together, drive some traffic. BTW, when you come to Toronto I will show you that slick v-arm sub that GSP nearly locked in on Kos in round 2. He straddled the head, had the wristlock, Kos killed it brilliantly on his own shorts….GSP needed to lean forward, drive Kos’s own hand to the mat, then blast up and move the Kimura backwards. Kos is a tough dude, needs some BJJ to round out his awesome wrestling and much-improved striking.

    Prediction: Matt Hughes vs GSP next April in Montreal!

  7. Where are these fights on tv? I want to check them out. Is there a place online where we can see some clips?

  8. Not sure what fight you were watching but GSP DOMINATED Koscheck from start to finish. And not only did he dominate him, but he did it at Koscheck’s own game – wrestling. From the first double-leg takedown early in the first round to the closing bell, GSP out-wrestled and out-struck Koscheck.

    While I do agree that Kos deserves to fight on this level, he is not better than GSP.

  9. I agree with the other posters. I think you have a bias towards Koscheck. Either that, or we didn’t watch the same fight. I like Kos. and I think he’s one of the best fighters in that weight class, but he got worked bad by GSP.

  10. Time to windex up those glasses of yours Shoe. Kos jumped into the oct knowing he was defeated.

    On the other note, If gonzaga didn’t have so nuch blood in his eyes because of that WWF styled suplex Couture put on him, I was sure Randy was defeated. Randy stayed safe the whole time. He was very afraid to go toe to toe with Napao and our homey, the ref, stopped the fight when the whole world could see that Napao was defending. I HATE THAT.

    In light, we all see that picking the underdogs is the wrong choice. Shoe proved that. 1 for 5 is pretty bad.

  11. Koshceck cost me my parlay bet. I went against him with Diego Sanchez, but thought I overlooked something, so decided he would be bettable this time. Time to think again and not read your posts~!

  12. This was the first time I’ve ordered a PPV. Certainly was worth it. Kos was defeated at his own game. GO GSP!
    Couture was fantastic. He destroyed the big man!

  13. Shoe I think you are a little too close to Kos to really call this fight. While I wanted Kos to win he didn’t deserve it, cleary GSP won.

  14. Oh come on Shoe… why are you turning Shoemoney.com into FOX TV? Stop the bias and admit it, GSP DOMINATED the fight. Not only at that, he dominated KOS at his own game! Just give it up Shoe! Just give it up!

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  16. You are so full of it! I guess you were the one not watching the fight! Stop this Shoe, you are starting to look like an idiot which in my opinion is not true in term of internet marketing but leave MMA to people that know what they are talking about! Vive George St-Pierre!


  17. Shoemoney,

    Why no response to everyone else’s observation of the UFC fight? I’m sure if you admitted you were wrong we would all just chalk it up to having a few too many to drink and being dissappointed that your boy KOS got OWNED!

    To the commenter that said that the other fights were terrible, you’re wrong. This was probably the best UFC in a year. All of the others were boring and the fighters did notthing but stall. This time everyone went out with a lot of heart and fought. I mean come on Huerta using the camera to elbow his opponent was hilarious.

    Even though I’m glad Couture won I became a fan of Gonzaga. He showed real heart by still fighting even though his nose was broke.

  18. OMG I can not believe you said Koscheck got robbed. He got WORKED THE ENTIRE FRIGGING FIGHT. Let’s see, on the feet, GSP landed more punches, and about 10 leg kicks. Kos landed a couple of punches. Overall not terribly exciting, but the advantage goes to GSP.

    GSP took Kos down AT WILL. The ‘great’ wrestler getting completely dominated in wrestling by GSP. GSP got taken down once, and showed great takedown defense in the 3rd round (or was it 2nd, I can’t remember).

    Kos almost got submitted. His strength saved him there, GSP could not quite get it. But it showed the complete domination on the ground.

    Kos took about 20 elbows to his dome in the 3rd round. Did you miss that round? The round where GSP make Kos his bitch? Must have been in the bathroom.

    Come on man. Be honest. Kos is not at GSP’s level. He was too cocky for his own good. Hopefully this will humble him and he will realize he is not as great as he thought he was and learn from the experience. He’s still young. (course GSP is younger so he will only get better too..)

  19. GSP “pwned” KOS.

    The only time KOS was able to do ANYTHING to GSP was the second half of the first round. KOS belongs int he UFC, but this fight showed just how far he still has to go before he deserves a shot at the title.

  20. I didnt get to see the fight but have read a lot about it. And saw some great pics!

  21. your a fuckin dumbass, kos got his ass served to him, GSP beat the hell outa him at his own game while not given him a inch to play with, kos was outa his league against GSP , he just moved up to championship fightin an he found out has alot to work on before he can win

  22. I missed it. I was gonna watch it with some friends but ended up not being able to go.

  23. You gotta be kidding me GSP rocked and opened up his game by taking Kos to the ground and dominating.

    No real major upsets in any of the fights although was surpsrised to see Kendall get knocked out.

    Oh an Heurto using the cameras and big screen to elbow that guy in the head 🙂

  24. Kos got his ass dominated. He even knew he didn’t win at the end of that fight. GSP will have the belt back soon. I am happy that Serra and Hughes have to fight now. Don’t care who wins (GSP will beat either one), but do hope that Matt Hughes gets some more solid shots to the noggin.

    Couture is always the man!

  25. I think we should google bomb Shoemoney’s blog so that it ranks really high for “Koshcheck sucks”. What do you guys think? I think it would be funny.

  26. Does anyone have a link to the fight? I’d like to see Koscheck get smashed again.

  27. Don’t be hating GSP. GSP is the future of the sport. Not too big, but strong as hell.

    Go Canada!

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