Josh Koscheck George St PierreThis UFC might be called “Respect” but I think the headlining underdogs will prevail.

Randy Couture is a slight underdog and I pick him to win over Gonzaga. He is a smart fighter and knows what he will need to do to win. Also Gonzaga does not have near the take down defense of Chuck Liddell which I think was the big show stopper for Coutures last 2 losses. I am going with Randy Here.

I like Roger Huerta Over Alberto Crane

ShoeMoney Sponosored figher, and Friend Josh Koscheck will shock the world beating Georges St. Pierre. I think St. Pierre is mentally weak and Kos will break him. I suspect it will be a very boring fight if Kos wins because he will be the human blanket but I think he will be smart enough to know thats what he will need to do. Koscheck is almost a 2:1 underdog to the overrated KFC errr GSP and I am laying some cash on my boy Kos.

I am picking Joe “Daddy” Stevenson over Kurt Pellegrino
I like Kendall Grove Over Patrick Cote
I like Renalto Babalu Sobral over David Heath

I think Frank Mir will upset Antoni Hardonk. I am not feeling really confident but Mir is SO DUE for a win and hungry too. Mir has the skills he just needs a bit of confidence.

I also like Clay Guida over Marcus Aurelio in the LW division.

SO who are your pics?

BTW our guest on this weeks shoemoney show will be the UFC JUNKIE himself from (the best 0-sec UFC/MMA news site on the intarweb)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

45 thoughts on “UFC 74 Koscheck/GSP Couture/ Gonzaga – Im Going With The Underdogs”
  1. I’ll be darned Shoe, we have the same pick for once, hehe. I’m a big fan of Randy and hope to see him tear apart Gonzaga. I predict we’ll see Gabe start to falter in the second and the fat lady’ll sing. Kos wants it so badly, GSP is in for some arse-whoopin’. Not sure how that one’ll play out, but I don’t see a long future for GSP, especially if he loses like I think he will tomorrow night.

    In any case, I’m pumped and can’t wait for the event.

  2. I have to take GSP on this one. He is a very technical fighter, and after the loss of the belt, he is going to be hungry fir a win. As Shoe put it, Kos is a ‘human blanket’ although he is improving. I’m not 100% on this yet, but my gut says to take Gonzaga on this. This should be an interesting night. Some of the other fights look good.

  3. We’re all just waiting for the day that Shoe completes his training and enters the ring himself…

  4. Hey Shoemoney,

    Once again your are disrespectful against GSP which shows a bit of your character once again and your lack of knowledge about MMA. Being friends with some fighter doesnt make you an expert in MMA nor does it allow you to disrespect other fighters… I just wish GSP would squeeze you in a corner and show you how much of a KFC he is, you wouldnt last 2 minutes. GSP has got off his Celebrity Cloud and now ready for a come back. I am taking him over Josh Koscheck anytime. You would too if you had a clue about MMA Mr. Ex Couch Potatoe! No hard feeling!


  5. wow you really think gsp could kick my ass? thats your defense on why he will win?

    GSP fans crack me up

  6. I want Couture to win just as bad as everyone else, but you are crazy if you think he’ll pull one out against Gonzaga.

  7. Shoe, come on up to Toronto and I’ll train with you. I just posted two vids on my blog for debut fights for our rookie MMA team in Ohio at War At The Shore.

    I trained with GSP and Joe Daddy this summer, both are going to win tonight. GSP by TKO, Joe by sub (ankle lock)

  8. David believe the next time I am in Toronto I will take you up on that!

    I like Joe Daddy a lot. GSP is obviously the overwhelming favorite (2:1 on bodog) and I think probably 7 out of 10 times he wins that fight but I think kos will pull it out tonight

  9. thats going to be a little hard considering the fight is in vegas and I am in lincoln nebraska ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Hey Shoe,

    Your blog is great, but when it comes to MMA you are way off scope. I’m actually upset that you even posted these picks publically, but hey, your name is on the blog, not mine.

  11. Modern Worker,

    Stop brown nosing. The only fight you’ve seen of “Gabe” was probably the Crocop fight. Pipe down homey, Biel has thick skin.

  12. […] and meat temperature for perfect low & slow cooks. I’m cooking a big fat pork butt for UFC 74 and I’ve got the Stoker hooked up. Check out the real-time […]

  13. Shoe,

    You and I probably have opposite picks for who we think will win. I love Randy but Gonzaga is no joke. I think people are so enamored with how Randy beat the deadbeat Tim Silvia the last time around that his stock is overvalued. He’s a great fighter and a really smart one…but he’s also lost 5 of his last 10 fights. I’ll be rooting for Randy though.

    GSP seems hungry/angry and my money is on him. The only chance i give kos is by being a blanket. I don’t believe he has real KO power to do anything on his feet. I’ll admit I’m rooting for him though (I love underdogs)

    I think Stevenson is awesome so I pick him though I know nothing about his opponent.

    I pick Grove…though he is looking scrawnier than usual. Did you notice that?

  14. Off Topic – Ads by Yahoo is back? Your decision or something they said? Quite interested in knowing.

  15. Yikes, looks like I touched a nerve here eh? Please son, I’ve seen more fights than most have, so don’t worry about me… be worried about your boyfriend Gabe =)

  16. While i have never been a big fan of UFC the more i seem to watch the more i want to watch.

  17. GSP all the way man. I don’t care if you support JK. I am telling ya he’s a real JK. (joke)

  18. I guess I was right Mr. Big Mouth! And btw, I am still positive that you would get your ass handed over by GSP. Do you want me to organize it for you? GSP lives a few blocks from me and I see him often… I am sure he wouldnt mind kicking your ass after I tell him that you keep on calling him chicken! No hard feeling once again!


  19. Hey mike if you get GSP to fight me I will fight him now lets see if you can produce. I think your so full of shit you even know him lets see now eh?

  20. I will try when I see him and direct him to this post but I doubt he can do such thing while being under contract with the UFC. And I think its better for you and your ego…


  21. Randy is a class act. He is respectful and works hard. He shows people that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still kick ass at any age.


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