I dunno when they started with this but today I was search for my favorite local place to eat and I got this:


I left them a rating and a review of course 😉

Which you can see here

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

48 thoughts on “Google Maps Now Has User Feedback”
  1. I was just thinking, if Google worked hard enough. They can easily create their own Local Business Directory. And if they did, all major businesses such as Yell would be really be taken over. The online business anyways.

  2. Good catch! Never noticed this. Sushi rocks by the way.

    Someone has gotta aggregate this and show a map of which cities/regions have the best restaurants etc.

  3. Chiefs? There? Yikes. I’d run for the hills after reading that review – what kind of people do they let in that place!

  4. It is really annoying that you cant type anything on the internet without someone jumping in right away and pointing out that you spelled something wrong. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF SOMETHING IS SPELLED WRONG?

    I really hate these people. Are you that bored that you need to correct everyone?

  5. shogun is an awesome place to eat me and the wife love it :)! the adding of comments on G is cool to.

  6. Please – get a life. The fact that thousands of people read this blog each month is proof that incorrect use of grammar does not matter. And by the way – since you think you’re so perfect – he didn’t actually spell anything wrong. He just used the wrong “there” for the sentence.

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  8. Yea – I saw that about like a month ago , Its kinda a cool thing,

    I also listed myself on google maps which helped get me some traffic as well.

    and its free and they even let you make coupons for the users,

    You should check it out

  9. I love sysgi as well living so long in san francisco its all over the place. Yea thats a pretty neat feathure they got there. Boy would i like to see yahoo turnout features the way google does;);)……..

  10. It’s great that they’ve added reviews to the site maps – and hopefully more people will check out the site maps just to read the reviews.

    But – I am hoping that if competitors deliberately give you a bad review, you’ll be able to remove them.

  11. I dont really care about little misspellings or bad grammar every now and then but without people like radu correcting people english on the web would die.

  12. I wondered when they were going to do this.

    I have thought about for a while setting up a local review site, but it looks like google’s move might trump that idea.

  13. heck if that grammar nazi wants to correct someone he should surely start with me. My spelling is so bad that i don’t even try to put up a fight when corrected.

  14. I’m surprised they didn’t add this feature a long time ago to compete with CitySearch.

  15. I dont get the point of feedback for maps..unless it is directly for biz location reviews.

  16. probably a result of their new program of paying people $10 to get local businesses to populate and confirm their info… they’re gonna take over the freaking world…

  17. I noticed it awhile back. It’s useful when comparing two locations. I used it the other day to compare two gun ranges…

  18. How long before this feature is filled with spam? I have been thinking about it more and I’m not sure what the real value is.

  19. As with anything, reviews are great but will definitely be a target of spam. I’m wondering how much, if any, weight it will give to a local/maps listing.

  20. OK bottom line
    do we add more reviews to Google ourselves for our local community and this will help our rankings? traffic?
    i am new but excited to learn

  21. Google, how I love thee! I’m gonna get started on reviewing my fav local spots, hopefully drive them some added business.

  22. Never even knew this feature even existed! I think it’s a great addition to Google Maps. However, as with all reviews of this sort, if there is only one or two reviews submitted, their validity is suspect. Hopefully it will catch on more and as more reviews are submitted, their helpfulness will increase as well, as you will not be limited to one person’s extremely positive or negative opinion.

  23. Yep Yep, I’m so inspired too but I’m in Sri Lanka still my country is not have to find a way to map. At least main roads.

  24. You communicate on the Internet through text. Grammar and spelling are important to convey your best self. If you want to be “OK” then make posts with misspellings and grammatical issues.


  25. I assume this is a sushi bar or Japanees steak house?

    I wonder if you could somehow upload reviews from your own site or maybe pull them down from the current google maps page and insert them into your own review page??

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