Went to Max Muscle today in Lincoln Nebraska where they had 2 UFC fighters – UFC hall of famer – Ken Shamrock and Omaha’s own Houston Alexander (who made Keith Jardine his bitch at UFC 71). I pinged my boy over at ufcjunkie.com to see if he could do some introductions before we showed up and he came through as always cause Houston was like hey man whats up when he recognized my logo.

We talked with both these UFC stars and when I get back from San Jose we are going to go up and hang out with Houston Alexander. He invited us to come up and train with him for a day.

Ken Shamrock was kind of a dick but Houston Alexander was fricking such a super nice guy. I look forward to getting to know him better.


BTW: Friday I will post up my pics for this saturdays UFC event!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

64 thoughts on “Meeting Ken Shamrock And Houston Alexander”
  1. WHy was shamrock a dick? Please tell more, this is juicy stuff man, you know we got nothing better to do. I remember him back from wrestling, sorry I dont keep up with UFC even though I should.

    Shoemoney got the hookup everywhere.

  2. So Jeremy, all this training, ufc stuff etc makes me wonder, you wanna become some badass internet marketer or what’s with all this ?

  3. Two great wrestlers – I also would like to know why Ken Shamrock seemed a bit of a dick? Please elaborate 🙂

  4. “Ken Shamrock was kind of a dick”

    heh, easy to say when you’re sitting at home on your laptop. I bet you didn’t say that to his face =)

  5. Acutally Ken Shamrock came off just like he came off on the TUF TV show. Just that he demands respect and that you kiss his ass. I have met many ufc guys and this guy was by far the biggest jerkoff.

  6. hmmm sometimes i wonder if the questions here are a bot or if people are actually this stupid.

  7. am i under attack? yes, was stupid Q, but why 2 soda cans? lol, I am just messing with ya..

  8. maybe you can point to the url wtf you are talking about… I only drink diet soda… so again…

  9. Must be nice. I keep getting the feeling that one day they will talk YOU (SHOEMONEY) into getting into the ring with someone you hate in a cool little match, is this to be anytime soon? Heck, its not like you don’t have so many haters out there to chose from. lol.

  10. Ahh okay, shame about the attitude problem then. Suppose its probably quite hard acting like he does when wrestling then going back to being a normal person

  11. still waiting to see the pic where I am.. as you say.. “but i saw one of your pics you drinking 2 cans of soda, is that healthy?”

  12. Heh yes many haters who hide behind their keyboards. I have yet to ever have words 1 time with someone at a conference. Its amazing when people meet you in real life how different they are then online.

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  14. Did any of the fighters or even the guy from UFCJunkie ever tell you that you look a lot like Marc Laimon from Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu over in Vegas? He has a smaller frame but you guys could possibly pass for brothers.

  15. wow you meet so many famous people… didn’t you say you were going to do something business related with another ufc guy?

  16. WOW!,

    Nice photos of all the UFC fighters man. Looks like we are both big into it. To bad that wasn’t Frank instead of Ken. LOL…I wish I got to go to more than the 2 events I have been too. Oh well, can always come here and catch up.

    Wish I would have known they were in Nebraska. I would have been there in less than half a day. Southeast Kansas. Anyway, it’s refreshing to know that with all the success you have, you go out and spend time doing fun stuff.

    I just went fulltime from home in November 2006, so I am still in the freaked out stage where I feel the need to be at my keyboards 24/7. Thanks for all the inspiration dude. If all the haters pull their heads out of their ass and realize you have no obligations to respond to them, they might value your responses more. Some people are unteachable though.


  17. Of course he has 3 diet pepsi cans, how else is he going to wash down that bag of chocolate doughnuts?

  18. Hahaha, you got the hookups Shoe.

    And re Shamrock calling Shamrock a dick, you got some balls too!

  19. Shoe, most people know Ken Shamrock from his days as a WWF/WWE wrestler, not his UFC fighting. I still remember him in UFC 1. He was never a very humble guy, but at one point he was an amazing UFC fighter.

  20. Your title should be Meeting Houston Alexander And Ken Shamrock. Not the other way around, why are you giving the dick’s name first.. Was it subconcious? Put the black guys name first show some respect.

  21. Ahh apologies, I didn’t realise he had changed sports. Only ever remember him from the WWF days, as Blackbeard said.

  22. Life if an internet marketer,hobnobbing with the UFC guys! Ken Shamrock a dick? Seems quite possible, although I wouldn’t say it to his face either!

  23. Shoe,

    just wanted to introduce myself. i’m a regular reader of your blog and hope you keep it up. you’re definitely an inspirational figure.

    that being said…i’m freakin jealous of your ufc perks. i think it remains to be seen how good houston really is. i always felt the dean of mean was a bit overratted and that liddell will run right through him. regardless, i’m jealous you met him. not so much on the shamrock part. hehe

  24. Wow must be nice to be the man and get to jetset around the world and meet all these awesome people.

  25. You should have challenged them to a match in a giant bowl of pudding. That would get their respect.

  26. I grew up doing martial arts so I love watching the UFC..but fighters are a whole different breed of people. they are 1) real humble 2) 100% jackass

  27. Hey Shoe, how tall are you – appears you have height advantage over the two boyz! As for the xlarge shirts you request for t-shirt fridays, why not go for the large – you’re in great shape dude, the xlarge looks way to baggy!
    If you’re a betting man, who’s going to win on saturday – your boy Josh or GSP?

  28. it’s cool to know that some celebs aren’t dicks, ken shamrock never struck me as a parituclarly nice guy anyway

  29. pretty cool shoe. too bad ken was a dick, he was an amazing fighter.

    and wtf is going on remembering him from WWF? holy crap I must be getting old, I remember him leaving MMA to do WWF for a while, then he came back to MMA.

    he didn’t “switch sports” from WWF to MMA lol…he has always been MMA 🙂

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  31. Hmmm, gonna have to disagree with you on that one bud. Unless of course you’re being sarcastic (which I hope you are).

  32. That’s an excellent idea! WEBMASTER CAGE MATCHES! Joel Comm has the next internet millionaire, Shoe can have the UFC version. 😀

  33. I would love to see you take on Shamrock. If Shamrock sucks then you suck times infinity. Yeah that was childish, but you only live once 🙂


  34. i met ken years ago at ufc 40 and he was a super prick.wanderlei silva has got to be the nicest fighter i have ever met.

  35. my only wish in life is that i could meet ken shamrock. the best fighter there ever was in my opinion. and ever will be. he stands for respect . honesty. and sportsmanship. he is truly a man i wish i could model my life after. i hope this could at least get to him. ken you rock. from dan dennis

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