The first episode of The Next Internet Millionaire reality web show has been released. Hats off to Joel for putting this together. The quality is top notch. It takes a lot of balls to jump right in on something like this.

I am of course rooting for Lincoln Nebraska’s own, card carrying republican, Thor Schrock!

Make sure you vote below after you watch the episode!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

51 thoughts on “The Next Internet Millionaire Episode 1”
  1. The video is playing fine for me. Man I’m telling Joel is really riding off the whole reality fad…Awesome idea

  2. We had him on SEO 101 yesterday (Thanks, Jeremy). He really put into perspective how huge of an undertaking this was. Very, very cool to see it up and going now.

    GO THOR!

  3. yeah, i watched the first episode today at work (don’t tell anybody tho). I loved it. Kinda cheesy sometimes, a little The Apprentice wannabe, but I’m pretty sure we can learn something from it.

  4. I’ve never really got reality show, if these people are good online why would they go on a reality show, though it is cool to see a reality show online.

  5. What this really needs is sexual tension between the contestants. That’s the staple of all reality shows. Where’s the hot tub? πŸ™‚

  6. I checked this out a while ago and thought it might be cool. Well after watching the first episode I have to say: It Sucked. Very boring, just a copy of other reality shows done with a smaller budget and less experienced producers etc.

  7. Good or bad, I’d like to know the number of sales the casting alone has driven to him. It engaged and raked in a very targeted audience. Fortune 500 companies are struggling to do this kind of stuff right.

  8. Cool show. I didn’t agree with the ending though. If they really didn’t want to cut anybody, then the weakest links should get more of a work load on the next project, not a time out.

  9. The video does work in the browser. This is an Ubuntu system with Flash 9 on Firefox. I have probably 25 tabs open and the video streams just fine.

  10. Why would they go on a reality show if they are “good” online?

    Exposure for one. Did you hear how many times Gutzy Women and “do you see, I see” was mentioned?

    That fruitcake henderson got his foam noodle thingy and Better Posture Guaranteed website on the show for little petey’s sake.

  11. You want sexual tension between contestants of the next internet millionaire? Go to the Big Marketing Blog and subscribe to the feed.

    Laura Martin and I were at a internet marketing party with Nitro Marketing.

    Once the season is complete I will be able to release my exclusive behind the scenes info and video that nobody else has. One contestant even told me “Jason, don’t you show that. I was drunk when I said those things!”

  12. I can’t see it(:. Is it on youtube yet anyone? I will follow through and see this video sooner or later and I will vote on who i think will win, without being swayed by shoemoney’s choose:).

  13. I love the idea! I thought it was pretty smart how they used Hackersafe. (Joel probably made alot of money having them there) – Looking forward to following this show!

  14. One of the best ideas I have seen on line for a long, long time. Fun to watch too.

    Although how much did they spend on Adwords at the start? I was seeing ad links to this from completely unrelated contenta while back

  15. Never actually seen this program or heard of it, will definitely watch these videos though.

  16. The Next Internet Millionaire, Episode 1 – My Ramblings ……

    If you don’t know this already, it aired already. Just for the sake that it’s there, I think you should check it out. I don’t know if anybody has ever done a reality show totally on the Internet before.

  17. actually I was just about to post that. I watched like 30% before turning it off. I just didn’t see the talent behind these contestants. And the question of… “can these guys really make a million?” didn’t capture my attention throughout the episode. It’s a fine production though. Kinda funny how they blurred out the gateway boxes though…

  18. […] Shoe Money says: The first episode of The Next Internet Millionaire reality web show has been released. Hats off to Joel for putting this together. The quality is top notch. It takes a lot of balls to jump right in on something like this. […]

  19. I was very disappointed that we didn’t get the chance to hear more internet marketing advice. Donald Trump always gave some very good tips.

  20. frankly saying i didnt know much about the person listed here so i cant vote for any particular person.

  21. Marshall for the winner! Joyner handed out some great tips in there – didnt’ like the whole Hacker Safe heavy sponsorship though. πŸ˜‰

  22. Are you really enjoying this so much? I didn’t make it to the end of the episode… I mean: I really like the idea, but the whole thing is damn boring. I’d rather make some money online than watching this.

  23. I’m sure you actually had to watch the video to make that comment too eh?! πŸ˜›

    I did watch it though and it is quite good :p Already recommended it to a bunch of my “peeps” just getting into the internet millions game!!

  24. Some thought it was boring. I thought it was really good. I thought it was corny when Joel said he was going to put the two girls into the sandbox. I was like, “LAWL!?” But yeh… it’s good stuff. Jason Marshall definitely has some leadership material. I’m rooting for him. =]

  25. I agree on the blurring of the Gateway boxes. I was like, “Geeze, they’ve spent so much money on this show and they can’t show a freakin’ Gateway logo!” Like we couldn’t tell what brand it was anyway. Everybody knows the freakin cow label.

  26. Thanks for the mention Shoe, and thanks for all of you who are rooting for me. If you think the first couple episodes are good, just wait – it gets even better as the show progresses. If you want to see drama, you will see it!

  27. I think Jason Marshall is doing a fantastic job. He appears to me to have what it takes to do a joint venture with just about anyone and I think that his personality is going to take him to the top!

  28. The production on this show is amazing. But I find the actual show itself abit bland, the contestants… well, Joel says he’s picked the best. I don’t think so. One guy is just a YouTube marketer, hardly the cream of the crops.

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