So yesterday I asked just in general what would happen if Mozilla would start using Yahoo! as its default search engine. I also alluded to the fact that Google gives a lot of donations to Firefox/Mozilla and perhaps Yahoo! should step up there donations to gain marketshare.

Asa Dotzler from Mozilla responded in the comments:

Donations or other financial contributions and arrangements have nothing to do with why Google is the default search service in Firefox. Google is the default service (and was long before there was any money associated with it) in Firefox because our users tell us it’s the service they want.

Or to put it another way, Yahoo couldn’t buy the default slot in Firefox. No one could. Not even Google.

What Yahoo could do, something Google does, is to distribute a version of Firefox with Yahoo defaults. Mozilla has a broad partners program that allows for this and Yahoo could help Firefox and at the same time help themselves by participating.

– A

Thanks Asa for your response!

P.S. Asa has a great blog here with a lot of info if your a FireFox Fan.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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66 thoughts on “Mozilla Repsonds To My Google MarketShare Question”
  1. So I guess that brings us back to the original question – should Yahoo distribute a version with their search built in, and if they did, would it make much of a difference to their share?

  2. Makes sense to me. Google is what people want so that is what is there.

    Sidenote: How did you drop 300 rss subs overnight? Is that an error or do you really have fluctuations like that?

  3. cool that you got a response from them. If Y was smart they would take MZ up on it!

  4. Interesting. But I am sure Google is paying the Mozilla Foundation. Probably they get a share of the ad revenue of searches through the search box. I don´t think that the Mozilla Foundation has no financial interest in prefering Google over Yahoo.

  5. I dont think it was that high, they only cleared a profit of $50 Million Last year. Not bad for a not for profit organisation.

  6. He probably does have fluctuations like that, and I don’t think that little thing’s reports are all that accurate anyway. Mine’s fluctuates like that too at times. I don’t sweat it though.

    Now if it were say, 5000 subscribers that dropped, then you may have a real problem that needs to be investigated.

  7. I think it was because he didn’t update, but seriously when you have more rss subscribers than weblogtoolscollection and so many other big sites who cares. I envy the shoe!

    For some reason though when I dont update my blog for a day or two my rss subscribers actually goes up?!?!? Whats up with that?

  8. What makes you think the numbers are wrong? If they profited $50M, then the rest was operating expenses. Where are you getting your intel from?

  9. Yahoo are never going to be the no.1 search engine ever again. Google is too big now people aren’t gna switch to Yahoo for no reason, they need to think of something Google hasn’t got. But then again I think Google is still too big to even be beaten by improvement.

    It’s just like… I don’t think Firefox will ever be more popular than IE. No matter what they do.

  10. Also I think news that hit Digg lure a lot of spiders and people who load the feed once.

  11. Clever marketing by Mozilla… Distribute our software for use and you can control the default settings.

  12. “our users tell us it’s the service they want.”

    Can someone link me to the poll or whatever where this was done? I don’t believe it.

  13. I mean got hacked

    And sorry for the duplicate comment, please delete the other.

  14. Hey Jeremy, what’s up with your directory listing being displayed. Did you really get hacked?

  15. I see shoemoney has dipped below 10000 again. What’s up? Is it b/c of the 13 year olds post? 🙂

  16. Controversy is good for blogs! Almost any press is good press. But like him or hate him, you can’t deny that the lil dude will do better than 75% of the people who read this site. I can almost guarantee that!

  17. I think that the general population that gets apps like Firefox/Mozilla usually just want to get searching after the download so in the long run it is a factor in some way that is positive for Google. Whatever it takes to make deals like that and getting on people’s computer screens really is profitable for a large search engine like Google. What all big companies online really needs is to be seen and known and the other things at are great about the company just shine through like they are made and distributed to do.

  18. Well that number is calculated by the number of people who load the feed that day. So some days people may not read their feeds and they wouldn’t be counted in your subscriber number. The number on the chiclet is always of the day before and it is the number of people who accessed the feed that particular day, so it just depends on how many people accessed it.

  19. somebody is saying IE executes extensions 10x faster than IE7….

    a dubious claim, no doubt.
    and why are you here and even saying this, if you’re not interested?

  20. FF is heavy if you install a bazillion extensions only. on a vanilla FF install, its quick 😉

  21. Not sure what your point is… Just because it “makes money” doesn’t mean it actually turns a profit — they have a lot of expenses, as well.

  22. That looks like a response from an executive type. Everyone has a price. I do see Firefox as an “ethical” browser, if a browser can be rated on ethics. Firefox has a good future, and I’m interested in seeing Firefox play out over the next few years.

  23. Non-profit or not you’d be surprised. A lot of non-profit organizations are among the richest in the world because of donations, sponsorships, etc.

  24. Actually it reminded me of a DOS attack – shoe’s site was loading slower than (insert funny here) but still managed to show the favicon/headers most of the time!!

  25. When people buy new systems, if Firefox could somehow be the default browser, then it could beat IE. But as long as Microsoft has the dominant OS, they will be #1 by default.

  26. When we fixed the blog a few weeks ago (dave totally rebuilt the database) I forgot to re implement a lot of the object caching and it was chugging the other day when we hit the front page of digg

  27. I think firefox could use the zoom feature like in IE and Safari, and I dont like there updating personally on startup.

  28. I believe its the search not the homepage that makes them money. Also non-profits are allowed to make a “profit” just as long as its put back into furthering the purpose of the non-profit.

  29. Nathan, Firefox 3 (in alpha now) has a full zoom feature. I’m using it right now 🙂

    – A

  30. I know Asa has said Google doesn’t ‘buy’ the slot (and I personally believe him) but I wonder what sort of return on investment Google received for their donation.

  31. man if I was yahoo, I would take that as a direct invite and be all over that. Heck, what do they have to lose:).

  32. I Googled about Yahoo & Opera and found out that yahoo is already done partnership with opera for being the default slot in opera mini .

  33. i will ask question about one thing why i can coment and i dont need login or what? on sites like this is so much spam…

  34. […] reason Google is the default search engine on Firefox is because Google is funding them so much but Firefox developers commented on my post saying they only use Google because “its what the user…. I am sure they would switch to Yahoo “if the users wanted it”. Regardless of […]

  35. […] Yahoo could gain instant market share simply by outbidding Google to be the default browser. I immediately got a response from Mozilla lead developer Asa Dotzler saying: Donations or other financial contributions and arrangements have nothing to do with why Google is […]

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