Last night Barry Bonds hit homerun #756 making him the all time homerun king. I have always been a huge fan of Bonds and I have seen him play live a few times. He is the only outfielder I have ever seen change up so much based on who is at the plate. Its to bad he will only be remembered for steroids. He is/was IMO the greatest player of our time steroids or no.

You can see the historic event here:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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45 thoughts on “Baroids Hits 756”
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  2. People need to understand that it takes more than strength to play good baseball. Sure strength will help you hit farther, buy roids do nothing for accuracy.

  3. You could pump horse steroids in me for the next month of Sundays and I still could not hit a change up let alone smack it over the fence.

    Give the man his due.

  4. The problem is not the steroids themselves. Despite baseball’s relaxed pace and All-American image, we all understand that it’s a high-stakes, intensely competitive sport. Players will grasp for any advantage they can, whether it’s fair or unfair. And they’re all grown-ups, capable of deciding what should go into their bodies.

    The problem for me is that youngsters in high school and college who will never play at that level or for that sort of money are obtaining and using steroids or other performance enhancers and risking sterility, disfigurment, chronic disease and even death.

    Baseball has an anti-trust exemption, and in keeping with the fact that the public interest is involved, they’ve banned steroids so that the players can be role models.

    Players who violate that trust shouldn’t get into the record books or the hall of fame, etc. If they are still feted, they become pied pipers of poison.

  5. I don’t know if he’s the greatest without steroids, maybe, I guess we’ll never know. Look at him in the early days. If anyone owns ‘rookie of the year’ watch that and take a look at bonds in it. He’s like 1/3 of the size he is now.

  6. Happy for Barry. Happy he did it at home. Happy that the one that broke Hammerin’ Hank’s record was a blast to dead center. Glad Hank decided to put together such a great acknowledgement. I did think it was pretty lame that they stopped the game for all of that nonsense, but I think it would have taken that long anyway if they were going to wait to see who came up with the ball. BTW, Danielle cried. πŸ™‚

  7. I have to agree with Hankins. Whatever the reason he took steroids it’s a bad message to send, and it’s illegal. Not only should his record not count, he shouldn’t be allowed to compete because of it.

    Sports commissions are to blame as well. If they really believed what they were saying the would do year round blood testing, and don’t give me any crap about the cost.

    Having said that I saw Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth’s record as a kid, and he managed to do it despite death threats because he was a black man breaking a white man’s record, and he did it clean. He gets my vote for this generation of baseball.

  8. Steroids do nothing for hand eye coordination or film study. The man knows the game and works hard to be the best. He took 45 minutes of solo batting practice before yesterday’s game to try to get his swing back. Two years ago he sat out basically the whole year due to knee surgeries, not one but multiple, but still kept himself in good enough shape and with enough mental focus to come back in September to jack 90+ mph fastballs into MacCovey Cove.

    I don’t condone steroid use but the man was on his way to one if not the greatest career in baseball long before anyone started speculating about what he was taking. Steroids don’t grow muscle on their own. If you’re sitting on your ass you will still be a fat ass, steroids or no. Barry has always worked to be the best and now he is. Celebrate the man’s determination to succeed.

  9. Wow. So then you guys think the tour de france dopers are the best cyclists as well? Bonds is incredibly accurate, but accuracy doesn’t put balls out of the park, it puts them where you want on the field. Its brute strength that puts them out of the park. If he is “the best player of all time” like you guys seem to think, why did he need to do roids? He cheated and his records don’t mean shit now. There were rules and he broke them. Thats like saying Sosa using a cork bat isn’t cheap and cheating. It’s the same thing, breaking the rules to get an advantage is grimy.

  10. I always think there should be a steroids olympics to see how far the human can get with modern medical advances.

    Ignoring that, it takes more than steroids to get that record.

  11. With steroids = 756 homeruns, without steroide = 500 homeruns and 256 deep fly ball outs

  12. LOL. Cycling doping has probably been going on longer than in any other sport aside from dead lifting.

  13. ehhhh… i dunno, its hard call…i mean yes the skill was there but he did cheat. Its one of those 50/50 on if you think its fair.

  14. I am so tired of Bonds apologists making excuses for him. It’s pathetic. The guy cheated the game, the fans, and the history of the sport, and people continue to line up and kiss his needle-stuck ass.

  15. Yes, my view on the whole thing is similar to yours. I don’t think Barry is the best, especially considering his use of steroids. He is great, but not the best. Hopefully A Rod can become the new homerun king in a few seasons, go Yanks!

  16. I agree. Also, it’s important to remember that he did this in a time where everyone he was playing against were using steroids….. including pitchers.

  17. Hah, Barroids, never heard that one up here in Canada πŸ˜› Congratulations to the man though, roids or not!

  18. Is this some sort of pro bonds slogan in the US? Bonds is bigger than baseball?! I can kindof see that..? someone explain?

  19. well steroids don’t make people hit baseball’s better… only harder. he still has a lot more skill than most in my book.

  20. I think steriods should be allowed…I dont want to see a million strike outs and only 3 hits a game.

  21. I think it’s great that Barry broke the record. Sure, steroids are bad and not a good influence on the game, etc. but so many players have done them that there’s really not that much competetive advantage. If people are going to complain so much about “bad influences” and “illegal” things and act like Barry is so bad, they need to stop and think about reality. How many stars out there do drugs, drink and drive, etc? Do you not still support them by going to or renting their movies? How many of those people complaining have done something illegal (driving drunk for example). Everyone has this holier than thou attitude about it, but nobody’s perfect. Eventually, Barry’s record will probably be broken. There are several people making good progress toward it. I’d love to see A-Rod do it. Like him or hate him, he really is the best all-around player in the game right now.

  22. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Suggesting that his elbow guard aided him hit 75-100 homers might be the most idiotic comment I’ve read concerning Bonds. And I’m not even a fan of his. The only thing it does is allow him to get closer to the plate. It’s available for anyone to use and pitchers can still throw inside to him. Okay…rant over.

  23. I’ve never been a huge Bonds fan, but then again my sport is MMA. Will they put an asterisk next to his name in the history books?

    I really do not care if an athlete is on steroids or not. Heck, one of my teammates was just suspended by NSAC. They are everywhere and aren’t going away!

  24. I saw him hit his 752nd and 753rd homeruns in Chicago.

    But I think that Hank arron will always be the best since he never used the equipment that Barry has to lock his arm when he is swinging(the hard pad on his arm) to get a better hit.

  25. I saw this on live t.v. and I was not pleased (to say the least). The whole place was filled with Baroid haters. Whether or not he juices, I still strongly dislike for who he is.

  26. It was running on News even here in Europe where this game is not so popular like in US.

  27. It will be interesting to see if anything comes from the whole roids scandal. He is a great player, but his attitude and possible steroid involvement has hurt big time!

  28. It’s kind of funny looking at pictures of him when he was younger, and looking at his pictures today. I wonder if steroids where a part of this?

  29. It was big of Hank – go 44 – to say the nice words he did about the cheater. In Atlanta we love Hank and can’t stand to watch his record beat by by a steroid user. Pisses me off.

  30. Thanks. Now I don’t have to wonder about what he wrote. πŸ™‚

    Folks need to chill and get over it. People act like they could do it.

  31. I just wanted to say that his wife is hot! πŸ˜€ Congrats to you Barry (for the home run title too).

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