I was really surprised this morning to see the feedburner count go past 10,000 RSS subscribers.

Sometime I think it was February I decided to use Feedburner and I was impressed to see that we had 4000 RSS subscribers at the time. Then shortly after that it jumped to mid 6k for a bit then has been slowly climbing since. There was a big jump when Google reader starting reporting true readers and then a dip when I screwed up my feedburner redirect (dillsmack came to the rescue though).


Also this post is the 800th post written on shoemoney.com. Technically its the 808 post but some of those were duplicates or later removed so this is the 800th post with actual content. If someone would have told me 1.7 years ago that I would write a blog that would have 10,000 rss subscribers, get over 15k uniq hits a day and people would actually pay to advertise on it I would have told them they were crazy.

SO where do we go from here? Well I hope more readers! Someday I would like to see the number as big as Darren Rowses almost 30k RSS readership! But it is

Really making money is my passion. I have tried to make that clear. So writing about my opinions based on my real life first hand experience is not work for me. It is kind of bitter sweet though. People always surprise me. For a while when I talked about making money online people wanted screen shots and logs and stuff to back it up… so then I started posting VERY specific details and even put a Adsense check from a few years ago up…. shortly after I was no longer the guy “full of shit” I became the “braggart, self promotional, showoff guy”. Mostly from the threadwatch/webmasterworld trolls who have never had a ounce of success them self so they need to try to put yours down so they can feel better about there shitty lives. Thats the other thing I learned. Some people will HATE YOU for your success and there is no satisfying them unless you fail. At first it bugged me but after a few good talks with David Naylor and others who have been around for much longer then me they showed me the light. The really funny thing is I actually keep a shitlist. I never forget names and that I dont like someone but I will forget why… anyway it happens all the time these people need a favor sooner or later which is usually accompanied with an apology… amazing eh? omg i got off on a rant a bit πŸ˜‰

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

56 thoughts on “800 Posts and 10,000 readers!”
  1. Amazing shoe! And congrats … keep up the great work cause BlueDevilMedia is coming for you!

  2. So… what were the deleted posts? One was the rant about revenue magazine, I remember looking for that and I couldn’t find it.

  3. Congrats on breaking 10K, Jeremy! We’re all here for the first hand experience you have about making money so don’t bother about the haters.. ^_^

  4. Congrats, one of these days those numbers will look really really small (70k RSS subscribers, anyone?). Keep up the good work.

  5. i have over 1,000 posts on a blog and 7 rss readers…and page rank 1/10


  6. The Eagles’ ‘Dirty Laundry’ comes to mind, so as Brad Pitt’s father says in that awesome movie while he’s stricken with a stroke: “fuck’em!”

  7. Congrats. I found your blog from the john reese interview and i’ve been back reading most of your posts. Some people might hate on the ‘braggart’ stuff, but its the main reason i like your posts. i HATE HATE HATE when the guru bunch say stuff like ‘yeah, then get some traffic through ppc or the search engines’ without actually going into any detail about anything. not that i want handholding, but sometimes you saying a specific technique that you used awhiel back will give me a new way to look at something…or i pick up one small tip that you’ve never thought of.

    Just the other day i was listening to your old podcast and you said you load up the searches in your site to your ppc campaign. so simple, but i never thought about it and i started doing it immediately and just adding tons of keywords to my campaigns.

    I hear you on the haters too…i think the SEO crowd is totally like that. some, which will remain nameless, are so friggin cocky and quick to write off other more successful SEM’s, but that particular SEM is the one that’s making the money.

    Anyways…congrats on 800/10k.

  8. John Chow is hack. Sure he has a blog that makes 12k a month. Big deal…”dot com mogul” my ass. Millions of Americans make that at a 9-5 job. I can’t believe people read that crap.

  9. So that works out to over 1 post per day is that correct?! Is that what it takes to reach shoemoney status do y’all think!?

  10. well done! I was watching your feedburner chicklet closely the last couple of days to see when you’d make it πŸ™‚

  11. And the graph doesn’t count people like me who isn’t subscribed but reads the blog daily.

  12. congratulations! 10k is very impressive… it’s so much harder to increase the rss audience than the web visitors, as it requires constant quality.

  13. I’m not a hater, but when I saw the “as seen on tv” banner ad on the top of your site, all respect was lost. I guess anyone will sell out for the right price. What’s the payout for each fool you get to sign up for that b.s.? It just looks bad, in my opinion, because a lot of newbies probably look up to you, and that looks like a total endorsement. Good marketing ad for this site, it should convert well, but your are sell out just for running it. You know it is b.s., I know it’s b.s. but all your newbie readers will jump on that sh!t. Congrats, your now a whore!

  14. why keep a shit list? why carry dead wood around in your head? why stoop to their level? forgive and forget, dude, you’ll soar even higher.

  15. I’m hating all the way. LOL. Congratulations! That is alot to accomplish in less than 2 years and all from just being yourself on a blog. Great work!

  16. Congrats with the success. You deserve it though. You have helped a lot of others do well. Good energy goes around.

  17. damn rooster, what’s up your butt today? I don’t see the “as seen on TV” banner anywhere.

  18. WOW that is really good going. I only have 19 subscribers, but then again I only started on Monday !

  19. Hey that was me who popped your cherry! I was the 10,000th subscriber πŸ™‚ I just started my site and added your feed. Glad I could help. I’m just kiddin’ (even though I did just subscribe), but seriously congratulations. That’s sweet!

  20. Great news mate well done!!
    I read your blog everyday — yesterday was amazing with like 4 new posts in a single day. I love these new Q&A’s. I found your blog on google from a video link about directories. It was well cut together. haha. people asking you questions and stuff. Q&A are the way forward now mate!!! Video Q&A — Get your own Kevin Smith kind of following going πŸ™‚

  21. There is no doubt that this blog is among my favorites. If you keee posting I, and thousands of others, will keep reading!

  22. love the rants man, honesty is why people read blogs… if i wanted to read some bs i’d go to mainstream media πŸ™‚

    don’t go steve buscemi on us though, you woudln’t look good with lipstick

  23. As good as I am getting people on my forums, I never seemed to get people interested in my blog. Congrats Jeremy.

  24. […] while this guy and this other guy are celebrating their new RSS subscriber milestones of 7000 and 10000 respectively, I’m 2 months […]

  25. Thank you. I’ve never thought about feedburner before, but now I do. And have just installed it. Great tool – great post.

  26. First of all i would like to congrats you for this achivement.

    You know what it is your blog that gave me hope and inspiration whenever i see that Adsense Check i feel myself motivated and work hard to achive goals. I learned so much from you and i think it isnt possible without this blog. I am regular reader but didnt comment as i want to live in my own worlds and not like public interaction. But few months back with the soical media hype i start commenting actively on many blogs to interact with people.

    I would like to thank you for all the motivation you gave me and all the article you wrote in easy english that help me understand much better than other blogger. Aaron Wall English is too good and i have to read line carefully to understand. πŸ™‚

    Thanks alot. For being their for all of us.

  27. Congratz on the landmark….though you’re a bit low on comments. Most blogs with 10k readers would have 100000 comments or so.

  28. Hmm….the sidebar shows TLA ads via Ads by Google….why cant they target you directly, shoe?

  29. 800 posts… that’s pretty crazy. I’ve been reading this blog a while now, but wasn’t here in the beginning. Am just enjoying looking back through the older posts.

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