Here is my answers to your questions you posted. Next sunday we will take questions for the one… the only…. David Dellanave AKA Dillsmack!

Mark asks:

Do you think your sponsorship of that UFC guy has actually improved business or did you just do it for bragging rights/love of the sport?

ShoeMoney: We actually never were able to sign with Matt Hughes for sponosorship. We were all set to do filming and stuff, Dillsmack even flew down last minute to do the video and stuff but then at the last minute Matt’s wife had a medical emergency and we just could never reschedule. However we do now host and also consult for other UFC fighters. We get the hook up for fights and the afterparties after the fights.

Matthew Blancarte asks:

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

ShoeMoney: Do you think I am a entrepreneur? I never really looked at myself as one. Maybe I should look up the definition. Anyway… I never planned to what I do now. I just had some ideas and tried some stuff.

Side-Line asks:

I wonder if you sometimes still get inspired by what other people do? Reading through some of the comments on here I tend to believe lots see you as a halfgod whereas you are just a regular guy who happens ‘to have a nose for business’ as we say here in Flemish.

ShoeMoney: Its true I am just a regular guy. A lot of times when I meet people at conferences I think they are a little amazed at how I just like to talk to them and hang out. I really enjoy talking to people and see what they are doing. Its amazing how people constantly build a better mouse trap. It is inspirational.

What is going on, blog asks:

What are your thoughts on the speculations that a Google phone might be made. -WIGOB

ShoeMoney: I was suprised to see that the speculation points that google will make a branded Google Iphone. Its really not there style and I think it opens them up to some anti-trust issues. Google has always been really smart funding open source projects like the unofficial Google Browser FireFox and contributing to the unofficial Google OS Ubuntu. It would be more Googles style to get behind a provider and manufacture and just provide some extra tools. I just would be surprised to see Google selling phones directly. I think that crosses legal territory that Google does not want to get into. But we will see.

Thomas asks:

You made reference once to the “neighbor” kid on your tips for success. What happens when the neighbor kid goes crazy?

ShoeMoney: haha Thomas! You know I was just joking I dont want any trouble!

Anna asks:

Who are the most inspirational women that you work with in the business?

ShoeMoney: My Wife would be #1. As I have talked about serveral times on there her work ethic and drive as a example its hard not to be successful. The most powerful person in my organization is Susan Baron who controls all finances with Shoemoney Media Group.

Cornetto asks:

It seems like right now is a great time to get into earning money through a website / blog. Do you think these opportunities will come to an end, or increase more in the future?

ShoeMoney: I think it will just always evolve. The internet is just starting to see regulation and that will play a big part in the future of making money online. We have already seen an amazing revolution in affiliate marketing in transitioning from the email marketer to the search engine marketer. That will continue to evolve for years.

Brent asks:

Do you use any kind of source control software to protect the code for your sites and projects or do you just burn backups to a disk?

ShoeMoney: We do not use any source control. We shoot from the hip. We do tons of backups though.

eTown Landlord asks:

How do you balance the time you spend on your business vs time spent with your wife and daughter ESPECIALLY when you come up with a burning hot idea that is dominating your thoughts?

ShoeMoney: Its hard. We have a full time nanny and thats nice for working out of the house cause I can go upstairs and spend time with my daughter whenever I want. With my wife its double hard because she also has a very demanding career. We make it work. You just have to make time.

Maxtastic asks:

I was wondering if you have done any local online marketing? A lot of people dance around the subject and say try Craigslist, make sure you are in all the major directories, etc… No exact advice with numbers or anything. Just wondering if you have any answers.

Also, I didn’t know you live in MN, and I have been reading your blog for a year. I live in Minnetonka.

ShoeMoney: I actually don’t live in MN I live in Nebraska. Our datacenter is in MN at iphouse ;). I have had some offline success with craigslist but I am not sure how much it would play into search engine marketing. As far as paid directories Yahoo directory and BOTW is a must for any serious website.

Ron asks:

Is there a software you would recommend to help produce “mass” keywords? Those keywords beyond what Google gives.

ShoeMoney: Scraping is pretty good. I have not seen any commercial software that really I would consider worth it.

Gary R. Hess asks:

Do you have any comments on how to help monetize non-commercial, non-technology websites?

ShoeMoney: I think it depends on the site. I would not use adsense cause it will just drive people away from your site… for the most part. Instead I would try to first go after a subscription model if possible. Course I am shooting blind not knowing what the site is about… You can also go the donation route or if its niche related try to find a affiliate.

Screenprinting Information asks:

You expertise is requested.

With the bulk of t-shirts you receive on a weekly basis, what percentage of those are silkscreened, as opposed to dye-sublimated (ie. cafepress style). And which do you prefer?

ShoeMoney: I <3 all shirts. I honestly cant tell the difference between them.

Landy asks:

What is your opinion on the value of gambling (sports betting, poker, horse racing) communities? Given that these can’t advertise using PPC (AdWords, etc. have a ban on gambling related sites), how do you recommend marketing them for growth?

ShoeMoney: I am really not qualified to answer this question since I have never had a gambling site but I think poker will be coming back within the next year. As far as promotion you need to think outside the traditional marketing space for sure.

Ron asks:

A headline in this mornings news(8-6-07) said there may be a shortgage of IP addresses in a few years. Can you give us your take on this anoucement?

ShoeMoney: Sure eventually they will have to run out.

Mong asks:

What’s your daily working time table?

ShoeMoney: I get up at 7am with my daughter until the nanny comes at 8 then work until 6 then workout come home at 7:30 to 8 see where we are at for the day and spend time with time with my wife. Then when my wife goes to sleep ill get in a few more hours of work until midnight or so.

Dave asks:

do you think exist a bubble 2.0? if yes do you think the bubble 2.0 is going to burst soon?

ShoeMoney: I think there is always a bubble but as far as bursting soon… I dont think so. I think in the tech sector now we have so much better analytics that you dont see the buckets of money being poured in with zero return. HOWEVER we are like 8 years into a bull market and I expect a major crash in the stock market soon which is why I am light in there.

Kevin asks:

Have you considered a project which is targeted towards a non-english country? (eg. China/India)


ShoeMoney: I haven’t.

AdamZ asks:


About your blog do you maintain this blog for SE Optimization or because you like teaching people?

I know some users do get some benifit from my blogs content, but I blog for seo.. gotta feed my db tons of content…its like shark week..Just an eating machine!

ShoeMoney: I am not a seo and have never done seo work. This is not a seo blog.

Bob asks:

How many functional websites you have in TOTAL.
(not counting parked domains)

ShoeMoney: Off hand maybe 25?

Rob asks:

Who is that beautiful girl modeling the shoemoney shirts in your store?

ShoeMoney: Our babysitter.

koen asks:

I was wondering, which plugins do you use?
Thanks, Koen

ShoeMoney: I use the akismet plugin and 3 others that I developed in house. (top commentors, advertising)

PR 5 Auction asks:

What inspired you to loose so much weight (I mean it must be a hack of a job to transform from that Shoemoney to this Shoemoney)? How did u do it?

I would like to see more of your old days pictures in your picture album. If you have any or if you would like to share it with public.

ShoeMoney: I really did not have much of a choice. I was in really bad shape health wise. I had surgery you can read the full story here.

lopette asks:

How do you manage your work/life balance ? Any tips to share ?

ShoeMoney: Answer

kate asks:

How much money do you make from ringtone for last month?

ShoeMoney: no idea

PrintnPost asks:

I signed up for adzoogle and had a talk with my rep. She suggested i do an incentived site vs just landing pages or a bizrate type site. Whats you view on this?

ShoeMoney: I hope you have a lot of money to spend on ppc.

browie asks:

How long for my free T-shirt to show up on a friday :D?

ShoeMoney: I have over 40 shirts in queue I meant to post for people to stop sending them but forgot.

Paul Porter asks:

What are your favorite cpa networks/ which cpa networks do you recommend joining, other than Azoogle (i’m pretty sure this one is your favorite)?

ShoeMoney: Ya Azoogle is my fav. I am starting to like incentaclick though. They have some pretty cool incentivized offers.

JC asks:

What is the fastest way to make $100 per day with affiliate marketing… without using PPC?

ShoeMoney: Buy a nice site already doing good traffic

Matthew asks:

I got a question/offer. Would you be interested in four days of my services (cut your grass, build you a deck, go get your lunch etc.) for one day of affiliate training?

ShoeMoney: I am going to have to pass for now.

Ali asks:

Would you like to buy an idea I have, or willing to invest in the development of it?

ShoeMoney: I have to pass for now. (see last weeks answers)

freezer003 asks:

Do you use OpenSource or Linux in your company?

ShoeMoney: Yes we love Linux and various opensource stuff.

wholesale cowboy asks:

What factors do you look for in deciding when the time is right to buy and sell a website? Do you feel that revenue multiples are too low on sites such as digitalpoint?

ShoeMoney: Lee Dodd did a great presentation at the elite retreats about buying and selling sites. Maybe he will make a blog post with some tips. I have found some real gems on eBay. I think someone could just buy from eBay and resell on dp/sitepoint etc and do good arbitrage. btw check out the marketplace here

Kristi asks:

Your online store is really nice! Is osCommerce easy to install/use? We have shirts that are made already and want to start an online store. Google Checkout is easy for Buy it Now (one item only) but for anything else, they recommend an online store. Any tips for a newbie on how to setup a shop to sell tshirts and other merchandise or where to go for help?

ShoeMoney: Os commerce is pretty awesome. I have been dinking around with shopping cart software for a while and then someone suggested oscommerce and I tried it and had everything running in less then 2 hours. Its so simple to setup. I am still pretty shocked that people are actually buying shirts to be honest so I really dont have any advice to setup a shirt store.

mac26 asks:

Do you use any tools to automate PPC campaign processes?

ShoeMoney: Yes we use the Adwords API

Chris asks:

what’s your favourite ‘money maker’? (could be either program or project)

ShoeMoney: There was a satalite deal on CJ that was pretty awesome back in the day. It paid like 150$ per lead. Its long gone though =(

Parelle asks:

What income generating investments are you currently involved in offline?

ShoeMoney: Well we just purchased a stake in a new local bank in Omaha. I still want to open st. marys bar and grill. and we are always looking at property. I hate the stock market. I just piss around with some money in tech stocks (ill post more on this soon)

More M asks:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ShoeMoney: I see 1 more child in the mix other then that no plans.

Brent asks:

As far as you can tell, what is the most you have ever made on a single Adsense click?

ShoeMoney: Just guessing I would say $8 give or take 50 cents. I have asked Google for permission to disclose my stats from over 2 years ago on the panel at SES San Jose I hope they let me.

Grivon asks:

Do you think most of wordpress’ security vulnerabilities (as mentioned in your previous post) are self inflicted wounds? I mean, are they purposely coded in there by “volunteers” would you think?

OR are they just poor programming choices which have been discovered by hackers?

ShoeMoney: No they are not intentional. I would not even say they are that poor of programing I am sure its just something that was over looked.

PrintnPost asks:

When is the actual time for your live show? I never seem to find it..and want to get in on the live chat during it.

ShoeMoney: 5PM CST (GMT -6) Tuesdays

Increase WebSite Traffic asks:

Why do you run a blog when you have so many other successful things going on and around you?

ShoeMoney: Honestly I spend less then 30 mins a day on this and its fun for me.

JohnM asks:

what are the top 10 paid inclusion directories?

is it true you shouldn’t pay for inclusion ‘all at once’ on several different directories?

thanks shoe!

ShoeMoney: BOTW, Yahoo directory… i dunno after that. I wouldnt wait I would just get them in.

Luis asks:

What happened to elite retreat? I did hear anything about the July event? When will be the next event? I send an email through the website but didn’t receive any response.

ShoeMoney: For now the elite retreat is over. All of the founders just had to much stuff going on to make it work like it should have. It was a big success so its hard to just abandon it…

BlueDevilMedia asks:

Shoe, you are an inspiration and role model to many of us. I would just like to know who your role models were when times were rough…

ShoeMoney: My dad is a big role model business wise. He taught me everything I know about branding. My wife is a huge roll model in her work ethic and drive. My father in law has been very valuable to me in financial advice.

StrangeProgress asks:

Heres a break from the affiliate questions Shoe πŸ™‚

So you’ve been working out for a while now – what dumbbells can ya bench press these days bud? With a decent number of reps of course πŸ˜‰

ShoeMoney: Last week we did 12 sets of 8. I did 95 lbs. I am not sure what my max is but I am guessing about 155? I will give it a try tonight! When I first started I could barely do the bar =( so weak lol.

Adnan asks:

If you’re partnering with a programmer for a site or a project (like AuctionAds) – how do you come up with a figure for how much equity you can give them if you don’t want to pay them in cash for the job?

ShoeMoney: The first time working with someone I would give them no equity and just give them a hourly rate. If you get some lazy ass then you just gave away something and they can sit on there ass and not do anything.

Ginene asks:

Did digitalpoint help you with your blog or websites in anyway if so how?

ShoeMoney: without a doubt. launched from digitalpoint. digitalpoint still continues to be a HUGE source of referring traffic. I kind of built some street cred there then when I started my own blog it followed over.

billy asks:

What is the deal with the awful blending on the sidebar?

ShoeMoney: Its actually a feature

dan asks:

what offer / network are you pushing the most / having the most success with?

…I don’t really expect an answer for this πŸ˜‰

ShoeMoney: Right now this minute we are rocking it with a xerox offer on incentaclick. Its a single page form that pays 4$ish

Blogging Experiment asks:

How do you decide which projects or ideas to pursue?

ShoeMoney: my wife came up with this : prioritize the profitable projects

eTown Landlord asks:

What is the next best PPC program after Google (aside from yahoo which is still in beta)?

Thanks, Corey

ShoeMoney: I dunno

Robert asks:

Just like to know if you think its worth buying google cash or perry marshall to learn more tricks with adwords?


ShoeMoney: I had not heard of either until you mentioned them… they both look like ebooks? I think all information you can get is worth it. Even if you dont agree with what they say they will inspire you in some way.

Sabrina’s Money Matters asks:

If you had to walk away from everything you’ve worked for, fought for and earned today and had to start all over and recreate what you have, would you be able to?

ShoeMoney: If you are talking business wise… yes. Because I have done what it takes to get where I am at it would be easy for me to do it again. In fact I have been working on a competition to see if that is true hopefully it wont be another thing that gets put on the back burner πŸ˜‰

julien asks:

here’s my question: once you get to the next level– you’re making six figures, or multiple six figures a year, what do you do from there? i mean, do you just continue, or do you evolve it somehow?

ShoeMoney: The money really does not matter to me. Its all scalable. Mo money mo problems.

PrintnPost asks:

I’ve been trying to really understand what makes the differance in the adsense contexual ads. The title? the seo url or the content. I’ve seen a targeted article have whack results that seem to be from the title/url..any words of wisdom for this?

ShoeMoney: The url no doubt. If you want to test it just make a file called like ringtones.html and put google ads on it and see what ads show =p

Tony asks:

Is there a project you would/want to get involved in even if you knew it wasn’t going to turn a profit. For fame/exposure/fun/passion etc..

ShoeMoney: For sure. My most profitable things all started out as fun things.

CristiÑn asks:

What is your biggest fear?

ShoeMoney: I fear hillary will become president.

Search Marketing Sense asks:

I am an intermediate level PHP/MySQL web developer who would like to make money on the internet. What is the one thing you would recommend I focus on to get started.

ShoeMoney: Learn marketing. Programing mixed with marketing is a super badass combo

jim asks:

a lot of successful business people spend a lot of time working with nonprofits, given how you guys reacted with the 35W bridge disaster, I’d expect that you probably work with a few groups – care to talk about your volunteer/non-profit work?

ShoeMoney: I council men who are thinking about having weight loss surgery. My wife and I contribute to a bunch of charities in the Nebraska area. My wife volunteers and does stuff for the local breast feeding bank… We kind of just do things as they come up.

Drunk and Unruly asks:

Are ringtones dead?

I know you were always ahead of the curve when it comes to getting ringtone traffic. How much has the profit decreased in the past few years?

ShoeMoney: Ringtone communities are not dead but affiliate marketing ringtones is way down thats for sure.

BMW European Delivery asks:

What car are you driving? πŸ™‚

ShoeMoney: h2 hummer

PrintnPost asks:

ok..ok..Last question for today!…Which do you think has a better payout yahoo or adsense. I only use adsense but just got approved for i have my options open

ShoeMoney: Its kind of a wash. A lot of times Yahoo! pays more cpc but there targeting sucks so bad the ctr is way down.

Jay Tillery asks:

Do you think your dad will go fishing with me for peacock bass in Brazil?

ShoeMoney: yes

Football Gossip asks:

How long do you take to design a landing page for ppc campaign. How long do you let it run before changing it or scrapping it?



ShoeMoney: we contract out design… we let it run for 2-3 days before making a decision depending on niche

Pat asks:

Do you have any tips for marketing a speedsolving puzzles forum? A lot of people are interested, and it is a good place to learn. How can I convince this?

ShoeMoney: Sure since its a game I would have a contest to launch it.

Matt asks:

Do you have a college degree? Do you think it is something valuable for someone who isn’t going to seek employment?

ShoeMoney: I do not have a college degree. If you are never going to seek employment then I would say college is a total waste. I do think some core college classes can be very important though like for me business law, cash flow management, marketing I still rely on what I learned for that.

unfunny asks:

I have an idea for a web related “thing.” I think it’s a pretty interesting idea. The problem is, this thing is WAY out of my league. My normal ideas for “things” are typically very small and simple.

I’d love to just be able to give this idea to someone who can actually do something with it, and then basically say “Hey, here’s the idea. Do whatever you want, but give me a small percentage of whatever money you happen to make from it.”

Do you think something like this is actually possible and, if so, where would I even find the person to give this idea to?

ShoeMoney: Its probably not possible for you. If it was you would find a way.

chris asks:

You recently mentioned that you were still going to be concentrating on the mobile industry. Since you yourself have said it was saturated as all hell, care to elaborate in what direction you are going in?

ShoeMoney: The mobile industry is not saturated at all. Just affiliate marketing and ringtones. We have a bunch of things going on in the mobile industry I will probably be talking about soon.

Glen asks:

Do you think you would be where you are today without the ‘Adsense Check’ in terms of popularity on this blog and your brand

ShoeMoney: I dunno… I posted that check July 8th of last year. The only reason it was posted was cause it had been leaked out and some people were claiming it was their own. The popularity of this blog actually hit about 3 months prior to that. It is however the most viewed url on this site by far.

Matt asks:

What are the specs for your computer(s)? Do you run Windows, Mac OS or *nix?

ShoeMoney: My main computer is a quad core 3.ghz (8 nodes total) macintosh with dual 30″ monitors. I also have a windows computer that I RDC into and a linux box that I use for various tasks.

Aaron Todd asks:

I want to set up a small business but I’m afraid of all the legal aspects and getting sued, any advice or a cheap way to go about this?


ShoeMoney: What really do you have to lose? The difference between winners and losers in almost every case is winners were willing to take risks.

questions wear me out πŸ˜‰

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions. I may stand to be corrected but not sure any guru(not sure you class yourself as that though) would take time out and answer everybodies questions.

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  6. The powerful liberal media supports her and other Dems and that is what gives the false perception that she has a lot of support. She won’t even emerge as the Democratic nominee. But, she is definately doing the Dems a favor by running. She has not a chance in hell of winning though. πŸ™‚

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  9. Thanks for taking the time out to answer questions. Pretty interesting how digitalpoint helped you get famous. I thought it was the other way around. I really like it there even though I can’t give much input being as though I feel like a retard over there. LOL.(Half of the SEO words are like Chinese to me) I just sit back and read read read. Excellent site! I’ll get the hang of all that computer lingo soon.

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    While reading this post, I discovered your “i used to be fat” pics and read your weight loss surgery. I think it took a lot of guts to show the photos and tell the story.

    After hearing how you had this problem your whole life and what it felt like to be the last guy picked for sports etc….I’m glad you can be an arrogant prick at times.

    Good for you. It is nice to see the guy that was once in last place on top of the world. America loves the under dog. Give em heck Shoe.


  23. She will never become president. The overall feeling about her in illinois is fear…. and our state is mostly democrates.

  24. I did the same thing with Arbitrage on eBay. I found a supplier who could sell iPods and desk scanners lower than the going rate on eBay. I would post the auction, sell, then direct ship to the buyer from the supplier. Worked well until Apple came out with new iPods, so all the older iPods’ prices fell.

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