A while back on the ShoeMoney show I talked about David Naylor’s new social powered search engine AfterVote. AfterVote is looking great. Out of all the social influenced search engines I think Aftervote has the most potential.

(the first real pioneer in social searching) looks good until you search for something then all you get is AdSense… well not all Adsense there is 2-3 real results…

Check it:

chacha sponsored

Mahalo is off to a good start but I am not really feeling it. Its kind of like combining human content like wiki into a search. Most results dont have anything on Mahalo and just show you Google results… So what does Mahlo do again? I can just use Google if I want Google results…. I can use wikipedia if I want hand written wiki content… Mahalo?

Search results - Mahalo

is pimp and here is 5 reasons why:

  1. Placement showings on other engines – I love how on the side they show you what other search engines think of the result. It shows the rankings for MSN, Google, Yahoo and also even shows you how many diggs that url had. The Google PageRank of the page is also included.
  2. Sort by preference – If you do happen to prefer any one source you can. I think the one thing in common with all search engines is that they all excel in different areas. Aftervote recognizes that.
  3. Voting – Social Voting weee! This is the meat and potatoes
  4. Comments – Comments are a key component to social sites (thanks cpt obvious) People love to have there little say.
  5. David Naylor – You know how they say crooks make the best cops? Well if thats true then a Search Engine with David Naylor at the helm should be pretty spam free 😉
shoemoney - aftervote Search

So.. whats your thoughts on Social Search Engines?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

40 thoughts on “Aftervote Tops Social Search Engines”
  1. Aftervote looks good. its clean and the usability is great. Thanks for sharing that I might start using them.

  2. I just tried AfterVote and its pretty cool. I’ve seen DaveN advertise it on his site, but never clicked on it. I should have. Granted, when I try searching for something, it takes a little bit of time to process it. Maybe that’s because I put it on advanced.

  3. “Granted, when I try searching for something, it takes a little bit of time to process it.”

    Same. Bit wierd, but as long as it works well I don’t care!

  4. I dont know how much I would use this, but it looks like a nice design with some excellent features…

  5. Did you just call Dave Naylor a spammer? ROTFL!

    I have to agree with you, aftervote is pretty great.

  6. Right on the money. Aftervote is well designed and easy to understand. not sure what the social functionality will do to the results but you can bet there will be less spam than anywhere else.

  7. This is the first time I have been motivated to check out AfterVote and I have to agree that it does have some unique features. Although on a regular basis I don’t tend to use Social Search Engines, this is one I may be tempted to use more frequently!

  8. Mahalo is not a good one.
    So many popular keyphrases can NOT be found in the SERP. I dont have experience on Aftervote but chacha is better than Mahalo.

  9. I’m not feeling Mahalo either, the idea of a search engine powered by people seems so forced. Aftervote is cool because it shows you the rankings from three search engines, which is good from a research perspective.

  10. Aftervote is cool and all, but really it’s just a well done meta search engine. Granted, using meta search + voting would make for some great results. I still think that while Aftervote is maybe the best attempt at social search, nobody has really hit the nail on the head as far as a legitimate stand-alone social search engine.

    Mahalo and others are trying to redo what Ask Jeeves attempted to do a long long time ago and failed miserably at. Aftervote starting at meta search and adding social layers on top is a much better approach, but it still doesn’t feel like a true social search, because for your site to get noticed it needs to be in the top 10 to begin with based on the meta search results.

    What would be really interesting to see is a social bookmarking approach taken to search. Perhaps a Stumble Upon toolbar type concept where people vote for or against pages they visit and tag them accordingly. Actually, I’m surprised Stumble Upon hasn’t gone that route yet. They’ve already got the data, they just need to write a search engine. C’mon eBay make it happen!

  11. AfterVote has some cool features, like the Google ranking sort, but those features are illegal.

    I asked Google if we could do them and they said no, and their terms of service do not allow people to take their ranking data and use it for Metasearch.

    Metasearch has been around a looooong time and it is AMAZING as a concept… but illegal as a practice. AfterVote will be shut down shortly.

    best jason

  12. This is the first time I heard of Aftervote and just tested it out and its much better than the rest, however I still wouldn’t use this over google. You can type a question into google and it will bring up that exactly. I can type a question to my son’s homework and get the results I want in google. Sometimes I am looking for the exact thing I type and the interactions from the new search engines interprets it as something else. Chacha sucked after a while. Alot of people that used it were independent contractors that were getting paid and it didn’t give me anything that google didn’t give me.

  13. I think they’re a damned easy and legal way to make money off other people’s copywritten content… just like google – monkey see, monkey do! I’m gonna give it a shot once my skills ramp up a bit :S

  14. I agree with Ginene. If Google doesn’t give correct results at once, one should learn how to use Google properly.

  15. Gotta agree that Malhalo blows. Like anybody else, they have an opportunity to do…something, even if it’s different. Rather use the Goog.

    I’m liking the Avervote. Of course, I’m really liking the Aftervote because my properties come up in the top three. Neat. This is a very cool SE, er thing.

  16. It’s nice but I dont see where i would get the benefit from social search? I want the same results as everybody else

  17. I like AfterVote. It brings the fun back into search. When I first discovered Google years ago, it was fun to search. When you make money online, the internet can become more business-like with less fun involved sometimes, and so I think the social search that AfterVote brings is really a breath of fresh air.

    Now they just need to add the social aspect to the image and video searches. It’s also really cool to see that they are using ASP.NET 🙂

  18. This is a cool idea..jum wales is saying he is out to crush google with this…he better catch up

  19. Maybe they just dont want you destroying there image any more than you already have with your 1995 search strategy? Meta search is not illegal. Why dont you look @ some engines like oh… hotbot? Dogpile? Yeah they have been around for years now. Spend less time commenting on blogs, and more time spending that VC money on something before they call the company a wash.

  20. I highly respect David Naylor his little invention is great.
    WE need some one that Free us from Google Trap.

  21. I just got some inside information that Aftervote may be shut down soon due to the fact that it’s violating some Ts and Cs…

  22. Now that I read that DaveN started a search engine all his constant whining about Google not doing this and not doing that perfectly makes sense. I had to unsubscribe from his blog, because it was just too much for me.

    BTW, is graywolf also involved in this, or starting another one? It just seems that he’s going down the same “Mommy – Google doesn’t do what I want” path recently…

  23. Your inside source is jason calacanis, who is a idiot. Dont you think dogpile/hotbot/snap/url/clusty/metacrawler/metaspy/mamma would be shutdown by now? Tell jason yahoo called and they want there 1995 search strat back. Not to mention, Mahalos entire existence thrives upon being listed in google for its “human made” pages which IS against googles terms. “NO MORE RESULTS IN OUR RESULTS” was googles saying. I hope dave naylor personally brings this up to matt cutts attention, and has mahalo delisted asap.

  24. How did I get dragged into this?!?!

    For those of you who care breaking TOS is not illegal, it will get you kicked out/banned but you won’t go to jail, do time, or even end up on the group W bench. Google is a public company, not the goverment, or even a regulatory board. They have no ability to pass laws or enact sweeping policy changes, despite what they would have you believe.

  25. lol, yeah Im sure they will be shut down next week once big G gets word about this

  26. Nathan – I was thinking the same thing about the comments. Not a bad idea at all…

  27. So it’s similar to digg in the way that users determine which search results are valuable?

  28. Blah, after struggling with Mahalo for a few minutes I vowed never to return again.

  29. […] instincts kick in. That’s why he’s going after Aftervote so hard. His response to a review declaring Aftervote “pimp” and superior to Calacanis’ Mahalo? He Twittered that […]

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