For about the 10th day in a row I have gotten email about “Can you really get rich overnight?!?!”

Hopefully it makes sense =P

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

124 thoughts on “Getting Rich Over Night Making Money Online”
  1. LOL I love the ending.

    “What do you think about this get rich ebook? Can I make money overnight?…Good luck with that” 🙂

    I would think that this is one of the most annoying parts of success, people constantly asking your opinion when all of the answers are out there already. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out – ever heard of a google search? And if you want to know if an ebook works, buy it and try it out. When you fail, you’ll learn. Take a risk for heaven’s sake! You’ll never make money by trying to dogpile on someone else’s success, and you obviously annoy the successful person by doing so 🙂

  2. Shoe, thanks for the book tip. I know one of your goals for this year was to do more videos and I hope you continue down that path, they are simple but pack a punch.

  3. Damn man. You seemed PISSED at the end of that clip. Take that frustration out on some weights at the gym!

  4. Doesn’t he have the right to be pissed (and I don’t think he sounds that pissed)? I mean, this question has got to be so annoying. Basically they are asking if Shoe can do all the work for them so they can follow the ten step program to success. He said one of the best things about this (I think better than this rant), on his last webmaster radio show. If I remember right, it’s towards the end of the program that he says that it would be great if the get rich fairy tail was true, but it’s not, and you don’t want it to be. Great program.

  5. so your answer is yes, shoe? haha just kidding. Those who get rich over night are lucky. Luck runs out. Hard work pays off!

  6. Shoe,

    I hear you loud and clear man..Cycle’s thats the key word, Most People have no freakin clue, how hard it is to not only identify the hot product, but to have enough balls to ride the beast while its hot and to simultaniously keep the vision that it will end.

    As the need to move too the next oppertunity..ever becomming visably clearer from the decreased revenue streams..Most fail people will fail initially, as they have no endurance for the drastic change’s & new sector learning curves to stay ahead..Hence usually only the strong of us survive. Since 1999 we have endured the commings and goings of over 20 hot new products and verticals and its not getting easier to forcast or sustain product conversion life. I have about 100 reasons why.

    Cheer up! That feed is not like you and it sucked!

    Thats it in a nut shell..

  7. I worte a blog on this the other week Here.

    There is no book you can buy to make money over night. If it were that easy upfront everyone would be doing it, and then it simply wouldnt exist on the pure fact that everyone and their mom would be doing it. I feel for you Jeremy

  8. Great post Jeremy. I do a lot of cycle studies trading stocks. Having the guts to ride it out ain’t easy sometimes, whether it’s a profitable marketing campaign or hot stock. And cutting loser stocks, or failed marketing plans is a shot at the ego, but also must be done.

    I liked what you touched on in a recent radio show. People aren’t ready to get rich overnight. It’s about putting in the time to handle the responsibility when you do make it, so you don’t lose it.

    Getting rich overnight isn’t going to make anyone happy over the long term. It’s the struggle… and accomplishing… and holding on… that’s the best part.

    and that takes work.

  9. From one Jeremy to another. The harder I work, the luckier I get. Nice video dude.

  10. Gotta chime in and echo devtrench

    You nailed it on your show the other day Shoe….If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed. Just go for it, if you fail, learn from it and move on to the next thing.

    oh yeah, the guy buying the ‘get rich e-book’ isn’t going to be getting rich, its the guy writing the e-book that is getting rich.

  11. if you find a sugar mommy (or sugar daddy) it isn’t hard to become rich overnight… every night 😉

  12. To the guys (and girls) who keep asking can you become rich overnight….the question is, would you be able to keep it? What are you going to do with that money? Spend it on rubbish and you’ll be back to where you started and will have lost the opportunity. But if you invest it into learning how to make more of it (via ebooks or otherwise) and if you end up going back to zero, at least you’ll know how to get back up…rather than waiting for your next lucky break…which most likely won’t happen.

  13. You can make money virtually doing anything. It’s the “doing” people have a hard time with.

    I bet a lot of times the real question is: Can I make money without doing anything.

  14. Thank you for good advices to this lazy people… In this case i would like to tell my short story.
    I began to work with my website ManhattanService back in 2005 and it took me 1 year of everyday work… Every day i was building links, working with content, promoting my site. In 1 year i spend about $7000 to promote it and only now in 2007 it makes good money for living.
    So, you have to work hard and it will bring you money.

  15. Yea the whole get rich quick thing has been played out for quite some time now…

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  17. Good point about the Transformers website. Last month when VoIP provider SunRocket closed their doors, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time after 3 years of writing about VoIP. My site got the greatest amount of traffic and sales last month on SunRockets demise. So where do I parlay the money I’ve earned from last month? A bar/pub/tavern fund of course to celebrate my bday today!

  18. What I liked in this video is the fact that you say “if you work…the ship will come in in the end”. That’s a good thing to hear cause sometimes it gets you and you loose it on the way.

  19. I didn’t think there were still people left who bought into that get rich quick BS. Just goes to show, there is still money to be made in the get rich quick industry…what a bunch of suckers.

  20. That was one of the coolest educational videos I have ever seen on the net. No BS and straight to the point. You kick ass Shoe!

  21. Wow, I don’t think you could have said it any better! Thanks for the blunt honesty for those that need to hear it!

  22. There are no shortcuts but yes siome tricks might do wonders in short term. If you wanna know about affiliate marketing / making money online you are welcome.

  23. I have several friends that IM me and ask me all the time, “would this be a good niche?”, “how do i reverse posts on wordpress?”. My answer every time is, “My name is not google”.

  24. haha this is great – I get several emails a day as well especially on ebooks asking me if they are scam etc.

    I should do a vid as well – but this is great – it does take taime and effort to become wealthy overnight

  25. Oh yea, I’d be pissed too. I get annoyed when my friends ask me to design a wordpress theme for them and I only get that once a month….I couldn’t handle that crap EVERY DAY.

    Then again, if you want to be in the spotlight, you gotta deal with the stuff that comes with it…

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  27. Funniest thing is book that teched me the most about earning money is not about earning money (online or offline, what’s the difference)

  28. Donald Trump once said “The suns rays don’t burn until they come to a focus”. Stick with something until it works.

  29. That’s a path to success I don’t mind taking myself! Let me stay @ home and watch Oprah! 😀

  30. Along with doing, it’s sustaining that action until you get the desired result. Most people don’t have the endurance or perseverance to continue even during the hard times.

  31. Hey man, that truly is an inspiring story. I sent you a message off of your website by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  32. No, he had to carry home one of those Google checks again. You know how hard that is for Shoe!!

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  34. Only people who take online oportunity seriously can make money. Those who think that it is like casino always loose. Today online business is the same thing like regular business. Quality website is the same like quality magazine or newspaper.

  35. Love the video, sometimes people just don’t get it – that there is work involved on the internet too.

  36. why is it not enough for people that they actually can make a lot of money working from home… a lot of noobs seem to expect money for nothing, and that’s definitely more than a little weird.

  37. That is my first thought as well. Especially the “good luck with that” comment at the end. I’m sure it’s frustrating though.

  38. no doubt. I take more of a “get rich slow” approach. It’s more realistic and happens more often.

  39. LoL, I love it. I’m glad to say I haven’t e-mailed “Can I get rich overnight?” Some just have more common sense than others.

  40. I know this isnt a long term get rich thing, but this web site gioves away money (and to charities as well) – one of my friends at work won, and actualyl got the check, and cashed it, and got the funds.

  41. Shoe, man, you’ve got to do more video blogs. Especially if you’re in rant mode. But seriously, great points. Nothing can top hard (focused) work.

  42. wtf?!?

    did you have to end on “good luck with that” in the most dead pan voice ever. i spat my tea all over the monitor it made me laugh so much.

    so besides that shoe what did you think of my make money overnight ebook 🙂

  43. Nicely said Jeremy,

    I prefer a business that is solid… I’m prepared to put in the time to cultivate it and make it grow.

    I’m not about businesses that are “lucky”!


  44. Of course you can, the people who question this do not have a basic sense of history. Interesting audio by the way.

  45. Damn Bro, you hit the nail on the head again! BooFreakinYa! It really PO’s me when I hear people whine about “getting rich overnight” or “winning the lottery”.

    It’s these same type of people who piss away a 15 million dollar lottery winning in 5 years. You have to get the will power and know-how to live and invest off what you make now. If your broke making 40k a year now, you’ll be broke making 400k.

    Yeah, my small biz is successful because I’m sooo lucky. I woke up one morning after working 6 and 7 days a week at 12-16 hours per day for over a year and I was making money. Yep, an overnight success!

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  47. Good video, but no matter how often you say it, those emails will keep coming ;).

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  49. Before you can start making thousands of dollars online, learn what it takes to earn your first $100 bucks. So many people just don’t know some of the online millionaires have lost tons of money during the early stage.

  50. Makes alot of sense, and I agree completely Jeremy. Work hard and dont assume any income source will sustain forever. Keep building new ones.

  51. Hey,

    I guess thats why all the investment type scam sites get so many members. They offer a do nothing, sit and wait for payments, with little money down- Dream Scam.



  52. If somebody wrote an ebook about it then the market is probably saturated or the technique is total BS. If they really knew how to make money they wouldn’t be selling an ebook. Use your own ingenuity to find out what works then take that information to the grave with you… if it is profitable.

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  54. I dont think anyone really gets rich overnight. It just takes a lot of work and persistence. But if you put in the effort, rewards will come – maybe overnight, but probably with many months of work beforehand.

  55. I really liked the part where you say if you keep working hard, the rewards will come, and people will start noticing you. This is so ture. Hope you get less emails asking about getting rich quick now :p

  56. Great point on the distinction between short term gain and long term business success. There’s a lot of people who do affiliate marketing, have some short term success, but then cannot duplicate it and quit.

    The ability to systematically make money online is really the mark of success.

  57. That’s how business is. You don’t make money through a business just to have money. You trade that money for another opportunity to create more money. If you spend it, its gone. To use a idea from Rich Dad Poor Dad, you build a pipeline for your money to come out of. Use the money coming out of the pipeline to make the pipeline bigger.

  58. just started with adzoogle and talked to my rep..she was great, very informative. She suggested i consider setting up a site like a coolsavings, mall type setup..where i just drive traffic to one site vs landing pages…have anything to say on this?

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  60. What is it about people that they always seem to think you won’t have to ‘work’ to earn money online….?

  61. Getting Rich Overnight…

    Shoemoney – one of the favorite persons in the Internet business people I listen to – has done a nice little video answering to the question if it’s possible to get rich overnight. The last comment sums it up very well.
    Just watch the video now,…

  62. Finally had a chance to watch this, excellent points. I think that the “working hard until it makes it” is something that a lot of those “get rich overnight” folks are trying to avoid. unfortuantely, those are the same people who won’t parlay the smaller funds into something bigger… oh well, better for the rest of us.

  63. Thats absolutely necessary. Many people give up in the first year of their online making money plan, which is quite sad.

  64. I think many people get scammed by those get rich quick videos and dream of getting rich quick overnight. When they actually have to do it and fail at it, is when they start asking questions like ‘is it really possible’???!

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  66. Jeremy, I was watching the video again and I just love the expressions you use at the start of the video. It’s looks kid of funny and cute :p

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  68. Overnight is too short but couple of years is possible… It also depends what you call rich. For me is rich person flying for vacation to 5 star all inclusive hotels and playing Golf watching his shares to grow. And someone is happy with stable income and with knowledge how to keep those aernings steady and slowly growing.

  69. Everyone is looking for “something for nothing”, and they usually get what they pay for..

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  71. I have several friends that IM me and ask me all the time, “would this be a good niche?”, “how do i reverse posts on wordpress?”. My answer every time is, “My name is not google”.

  72. In the literal sense, no. Its not. But in a short period of time, yes. Getting rich isnt the measure of success, staying rich is.

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  74. Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the video and thanks for the cool informative website! I’ve been involved w/ IM for about 2 years now but until May I’ve been very passive. Since then I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on. As a grad student, I’ve been studying a lot and am trying to find the big picture. I think your site will help.
    Keep up the good work and congratulations on all of your success!
    p.s. I don’t think your openID login is working.

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  78. You may participate in not intended to do so, but I think you obtain managed to reveal the style of haul that a tons of people are in. The brains of disappointing to escape, but not meaningful how or where, is something a kismet of us are present through.

  79. well of course, everyone loves to get rich but not everyone would love to do hard work “~’

  80. I have read and understand you guys and want to be like one you over night.
    I wish to fulfill all the above mention information and become a millionaires overnight and do wish to listen to the master command and do as he will says.
    Thank you.
    My regard.
    Romeo Anyu.

  81. Its surely possible to get rich over night, if you find the right niche and know what people look for, but to find this, is a hard struggle.

    Good Video btw 🙂

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  84. I don’t think you can get rich over night, sorry. Becoming millionaire and successful would require a lot from you. Hard work, discipline, continuous learning and commitment are the things you will need to really become wealthy.

  85. I don’t think you can become rich overnight. You can surely become a millionaire but only through proper discipline, hard work and continued learning.

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