Tomorrow night is my man Kris Jones bachelor party in Vegas! We have reserved the whole upper floor of the Spearmint Rhino and plan to send him off correctly!

This will also mark the 6th or 7th trip to vegas this year… but this will be the most memorable i think 😉

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

39 thoughts on “Heading To Vegas For King Peppers Bachelor Party”
  1. Wow… that sounds like you’re up for a Roman orgy 🙂 I wish you a great party! btw: what kind of sound are you into? (I’m just curious as we run a music mag in Vienna and I regularly spin the vinyls at our parties).

  2. Im sure it’ll feel that much better after the sale went through yesterday, don’t cash your check for all singles though shoe!

  3. Seems some guys have all the luck these days. Sounds like a good week for you sir.

  4. Oh boy, sounds like a dangerous weekend. Try not gamble away all the proceeds of the auction ads sale!

  5. Wow, the Rhino is amazing. So expensive too, I cant imagine what you guys are paying to reserve the entire top floor. baller indeed.

  6. Like we say back home – shoe’s BOC aka “Ballin’ Outta Control” :p :p

    Enjoy sin city!

  7. I wonder what type of bankroll ShoeMoney strolls into Vegas with – hey Shoe, what’s your average gambling budget on these trips to Vegas?

  8. ..Should be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys! Or, is it monkey full of barrels? Or, maybe..

  9. Should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Did I post that, already? More fun than a barrel of monkeys!!

  10. You know you’ve been to Vegas a lot when you can’t even remember how many times you’ve been there!

  11. I actually dont gamble or id I do its just like 100$ on red or something… If I want to gamble ill drop cash on ppc and test out some stuff 😉

  12. you know it’s time well spend when you go to Vegas but that’s all you remember

    i never been to vegas

  13. Nothing like a bachelor party in Vegas! I’m sure it will be a memorable trip, but the problem with Vegas is someone has to be in charge of remembering it!

  14. I still have yet to go to Vegas, but I will be there within the next year! Have fun!

  15. I’ve seen the sun come up a few times in Vegas. That’s nuts if you consider that Vegas is 3 hours behind my time. That means I’m getting in around lunch back east. It’s just so easy to keep going there.

  16. lolx . shoe in bachelor party .. it is fun to have some naughty stuff 😛 Does your wife allow you to go to such parties?

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