I am just not feeling the iPhone.

I know I know… its the greatest thing ever… I do think it looks very cool and hip but functionality wise… which unfortunately using it for business purposes is my main thing… its not adding any value. Sure if I was a teenager and wanted to show off to all my friends would I buy it? ABSOLUTELY. Heck it can probably even get you laid.

Its actually quite a downgrade from my Treo with EVDO on sprint. The network speeds are like 10x slower. The mail client (which I use all the time) lacks TONS of functionality. The web browser looks really neat but with weak caching and super slow Cingular network speeds.

I think apple is really good at INNOVATING things but they have a pretty piss poor track record when it comes to improving on already existing services. (see top 10 apple flops)

I am a married 30something male with a kid. I need functionality over flash. My treo will do everything this iphone does but 10x slower. See ITV

Also- Me and dillsmack debated a bit today about whether Cingular’s network can even withstand the onslaught of new network users. I think its going to crash. Dillsmack thinks they have thought that through and will be able to handle it. I guess we will know in a few hours.

Basically the bottom like is I just see no “value add” to the iphone.

Now with all that said… I do think once apple opens the development kit open to 3rd party developers who will make useful applications that can improve my productivity mixed with moving on some faster networks like Sprint/Verizon and ALSO will have gone through about 3 hardware versions and 20+ software then I will probably have one.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

58 thoughts on “I Am Not Feeling The iPhone”
  1. OMG First!

    …well actually I think iphone is way overpriced. The service is going to cost some serious coin and I don’t think it delivers the functionality that warrants the cost.

    Maybe it will just be a status symbol…for morons.

  2. I agree with you completely. The iPhone is for the hip look not for the functions of a Treo and other items that can do more. Apple sure has some nice commercials making it look sweet.

  3. As much as I love Apple, and I do think the iPhone looks cool and such, it really is just another gadget, plain and simple. I’m going to be one of the few folk on the planet 30 years from now who still listens to music on his computer instead of an iPod, perhaps it’s just my investor mentality, but I just don’t see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on another gadget when I could invest in stocks or something.

  4. You’re right, they definitely are good about innovating things. I’m not excited about the iPhone, but what I’m excited about is that the market is changing, and the cost (re:the $20 a month unlimited data plan) of these devices is coming down. I’m looking forward to the new phones that other companies are going to come out with to catch up with the iPhone.

    Besides, I’m used to typing on physical keys, not a piece of glass. I like to feel the keys so I don’t misdial, especially when driving.

  5. I agree, the only lesson here is there mastery in marketing. They really didn’t even need to spend any money creating commercials with all the mainstream media attention this thing has gotten!

  6. I like the plan that comes with it. $60 bucks buys a pretty good plan but only comes with 200 text messages. I use that in the coarse of a week.

  7. Honestly, to me it looks like a brick of a phone – portable -ish, I suppose with some sort of holster. Not exactly pocket able. And I am not such a fan of the touch screen. Ok, cool you can surf the web and do all kinds of stuff, but do you really need to do all that? I think there will be some comparable phones out shortly, plus….it is cingullar after all…excuse me, the New AT&T..;)

  8. While I think that the iPhone is VERY overpriced, I believe that the iPhone will be remembered, along with the blackberry, as the 1st generation of intergrated portable online systems. Now all we need are either monitor glasses, holigraphic HUDs, and GOOD voice reconition software, who’ll need a computer?

  9. “Now with all that saidÒ€¦ I do think once apple opens the development kit open to 3rd party developers who will make useful applications that can improve my productivity mixed with moving on some faster networks like Sprint/Verizon… ”

    From what I’ve read and know about Apple, they like to keep developers away from their portable gadgets. Personally, I’d love to port one of my Apps to the iPhone – I’d have to get one for testing purposes…yeah, that’s it but I doubt they’ll release enough control for developers to do that.

  10. If we talking about terms of getting laid… most places $40 will get you laid… and some places $5 worth of crack will get you laid…

  11. You know what would be really nice is if by the 3rd generation they are using that paper LCD screen stuff… a roll-up iPhone πŸ˜€

  12. I agree that the iPhone is really over hyped. But please a treo? Not that I love Microsoft Smart Phones by far, But compared to a Treo speed wise n the same network they blow it away. Ive had plenty of people bring back treo’s because they crash and are so slow. Im sure software wise even with the over hype of the iPhone that the software will still be smoother than a treo.

  13. I went to the closest Apple store and checked one out today. I wasn’t really siked on it going into the store, but when I left I sorta wish I had one. It has its strong points (web browser, google maps, ipod) and its weak points (keyboard takes time to get used to, edge, price).

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  15. I think the iphone is shocking, Jasjar and o2 xda are way better especially for travellers

  16. To be honest, the Apple iPhone isn’t doing alot for me either. I’m all for trendy mobile phones but my Samsung D600 does the job perfectly and still manages to ooze sexiness. Go Samsung! πŸ˜‰

  17. The iphone is a ipod/phone. It is not a smart phone like the blackberry or Treo. Kids will love it, business class users will need something different. That is all.

  18. I think Steve Jobs is a frickin’ genius. But I agree that, so far, the iPhone doesn’t really have my interest. I do believe they are going to be driving innovation in the market very soon…and if they can offer very significant upgrades in services WITHOUT replacing the phone…then they HAVE really accomplished something. I like the business model. I have a T-Mobile Dash now…it’s OK. I don’t love it. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to something better. But I’ll need compelling reasons…which the iPhone doesn’t yet offer me.

  19. Ok, I bought the iPhone and all I can say is that it’s badass. It does Gmail, YouTube, iPod, Photos, etc. all quite well just as advertised. I don’t think it’s really meant to be a “business phone” as of yet. It’s more of a consumer device IMO. That being said, it’s an amazing device that does exactly what Apple says it does. It might seem overhyped, but I think it’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for the mobile internet. Sure, Cingular is a bit slowish, but it could be A LOT worse. Also, it’s only $20 a month for unlimited data. The WiFi works great and is wicked fast. Even just checking my affiliate stats on the iPhone isn’t too bad. All and all I say it’s totally worth the $500 or $600. Hell, I’m going to just have to blog a review for all you naysayers later today.

    P.S. the iPod functionality is really really good and beats the hell out of the traditional iPod.

  20. Costs pretty much the same the PS3 did when it arrived. I certainly am nowhere near buying the iPhone for now. I ll just let the reviews pour in for now.

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  22. Instead of buying the iPhone after 3 hardware revisions, I’m just going to buy the best iPhone competitor that’s 70% the price with more functionality (always debatable), just like what I did with the iPod. 2 GB Creative Zen for $40 anyone?

    I know people like the flash, but I’m the kinda guy that eats oatmeal for breakfast.

  23. yes, exactly. btw way: to be honest, the was just what I expected. It always takes at least 2-3 generations, before these things function properly.

  24. The service is actually not that expensive. Its cheaper then what Verizon charges me for the same plan. Also Techcrunch was reporting a recent boost in data speeds over the 200 mark. Who knows if it will last though

  25. Totally agreed, and a similar post was already scheduled for my blog later this week. I have a Sprint 6700 (known as an XDA II to most of the world). It’s Windows Mobile with EVDO, and I love it. I’ve had it 18 months, which is weird for me :), and I’m hoping my next phone is the HTC Advantage aka the Athena. That kicks iPhone butt if you ask me, but I like function over animated icons. πŸ™‚

  26. It is a bit on the impractical side, but I say if you like it and can afford it, go for it!

  27. My boyfriend and I have Treos, too, and we’re quite happy with our phones. Coincidentally, we also have iPods that still have lots of free space on them. I may want an iPhone at some point, but I certainly can live without it.

  28. I am a really, really late adapter when it comes to technology. Quite ironic considering its what my entire business revolves around. It wasn’t until last year I bought my first mobile phone. I started with a $20 pre-paid phone and within months I had the most expensive phone I could find.

    All of this technology is not really “needed.” Most of us can still do business on a Windows 2000 machine, or even 98, we don’t need XP let alone Vista. I don’t have an iPod, but I’ll bet if I got it, it would be hard to get rid of it.

    Most mobile phone users still have limited functionality in their phones. For most the iPhone is an upgrade. Having a real web browser should add more demand for high speed connections. Ultimately that means more people online, which is a good thing for everyone who owns web sites.

    Do we really need it no? But most technological progress is like that. Take half a step back, then two steps forward.

  29. I bought the iPhone yesterday and all I can say to those who think it’s over-hyped… how would you really know??? I could say how shitty the Treo is but WTF… I’ve never owned one. *lol*

    Anyway… here is my 18 hour review of the iPhone… [80’s voice]SWEET![/80’s voice] If you think it’s too much money for a device you will use more than any other (a cell phone) then you are a fucktard and/or really cannot afford it anyway.


  30. I have a Treo with the Windows Mobile OS on Sprint, similar to Jeremy. I had a Toshiba 2032 previously, which was a pre-Bluetooth Windows mobile PDA phone with no keyboard. Having been with a smartphone for nearly 5 years, I can say that what I have found killer about the Treo is the keyboard and the EVDO speeds (I also apreciate that it’s Bluetooth and works like a normal phone instead of just a speakerphone like the Toshiba, but that should go without saying).

    What do I see in the iPhone? Innovation in the interface. What set the original Mac apart? Innovation in the interface (although those innovations had appeared previously on the failed Lisa, which people forget). When my wife saw the interface, she said “Minority Report” which for her defines the concept of a cool interface.
    There is another phone comiing this fall (I’m not going to go dig up the Popular Mechanics or Popular Science or whatever that I saw it in) that’s going to be open source and that has a lot of what the iPhone has. Soon it will have a cool interface too … but iPhone will have been the first, and they have an advantage in the market that’s theirs to lose.

    Now my wife reminds me that she said “I wonder if they sped it up” when she saw the commercial. But hey, as long as it doesn’t underdeliver too badly they’ve got time to find the speed.

  31. And right after everyone picked up their new iphone they attended a protest to demand minimum wage increases because they can’t make ends meet.

  32. This gives me inspiration for a new humor post:
    “10 ways your iPhone will get you laid.”

    I already know #1. Throw your iphone away and go talk to a girl.

  33. My uncle in China had a Samsung touch screen phone that I played with, knowing about the iPhone and all; the novelty kind of died down after the first ten minutes. I mean touch screen is nice but people have fat fingers and for some it might be frustrating… btw, i’m not a cell phone fanatic either so maybe I’m biased.

  34. I really like the iphone, but I probably won’t get it unless they make it available for Verizon because it is faster and I have tried a couple of networks and Verizon has the best service.

  35. I spent some time myself tinkering with the iPhone yesterday at an AT&T corporate store. I must admit, I liked it and may buy one some day in the future. Must also admit, it is real easy to get caught up in the hype.

    BTW… U R My Hero…:-)


  36. Hmm I don’t know what so wow about the iphone except the all touchscreen and some other things everyone can live without.

    And reading about it, it operates on a standard gsm line.. is it the 90s?
    The Iphone will not get any remarkable market in Europe as it’s slow and useless.
    Who wan’t to go back to friggin gms and other slow lines when we are used to turbo-3G etc?

  37. it is no doubt a little entertainment piece. I guess to free yourself of carrying around three different gadgets. Hopefully now the cost of the high end ipod will fall.

  38. everyone can have there Iphone i love my Cingular 8525 it rocks πŸ™‚

  39. I dont like generaly things that are limited to use only with some other services.

  40. im the same to be honest. i dont like the look of it either. and i can say that im not getting one either.

  41. i dont like it either and have to agree with some of the above comments

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  43. unlike a new Treo or Blackberry, this is the first IPhone. It will have bugs which I am not interested in finding out for Mr. Jobs.
    But yes, people will buy it to be “first”. Sad, but true.

  44. I also am unimpressed. And if it takes a phone to get you laid, you probably need a new hobby. πŸ™‚

  45. I think it kicks the crap out of the Treo. I appreciate your love for the EVDO speeds, but since I am normally some place with WiFi the amount of time spent on the EDGE network for me is minimal and it works really well on WiFi. Heck I went by McDonalds today and it told me the network was there and did I want to connect. Now anytime I go there my phone will automatically connect and stop using EDGE. You can do that with WiFi pretty much anywhere you go.

    I think the biggest issues with the iPhone right now have to do with e-mail, and I think almost all of those are fixable via software.

  46. I’m actually looking forward to your last point there; I can finally upgrade to a decent 80GB iPod as soon as the prices go down a little.

  47. I think most of the hype will go away before it even comes to Europe. We are used to phones with 3G (EDGE) and at least 3 megapixel cameras.

    It’s a shame that Apple didn’t put any of that into it. I’m more interested in what it can do, than what it looks like. I’m married too and will be a dad soon, so I’m not out there picking up ladies anymore πŸ˜‰

  48. I Like it. I don’t have one, but finally someone has stood up to the phone companies and said “this is what the phone will do.” Next step: developers insisting that all the phones they sell in the U.S. will be unlocked to work on any network.

  49. Thats the kind of review I wanted to hear! Seriously man, it makes one feel a little better for nothing being able to own and iPhone. I live in Sweden so we have to wait 1 year for it to be released in Europe…

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