In my life I have had the following jobs in order:

Happy Joes Pizza – fired
Eagles Grocery Store – fired
Target – walked out after 2 days
Best Buy – car audio – fired
Montgomery wards – Left for Sears
Sears – Washers & dryers – Left for Internet Express
Internet Express – Quit to goto college
Internet Revealed – fired
Neo Computers – fired
First National Bank – fired
Wells Fargo Financial – fired
Commercial Federal Bank – fired

Did my own company full time.

Firings happen whether your the employee and you quit (your firing your job) or when your boss fires you. When it comes time to fire someone always try to be very broad. This is a moment that will stick out in the persons mind forever and also how they will remember you also. Always in a firing the person being fired will want you to name a specific reason or example as to why they are being fired. You will want to do this also as it will appear to provide you a “out” to the situation. However naming a specific incident is the worse thing you can do. The fired person will always remember that 1 incident you named as the reason they were fired and they will always chalk up there failure to that 1 incident and come up with reasons in there mind why that 1 incident is bullshit and they should not have been fired. Instead when firing someone focus on the facts that they were not a good fit for the job and how they will be much happier doing something else. Do not get suckered into a debate over a specific incident. Stay strong.

This really applies to anything in life. When your parting ways with others don’t make it about a specific incident. Because really its probably not about a specific incident but rather a series of incidents which indicates that you must part ways with the individual.

I can tell you from being a person who was fired many times that the few times the person firing me stayed strong and told me – I was just not a fit and it was not working out… that I would be so much happier in a position that was a better fit for me – Actually made me take a step back and really look at myself and all the times I think they could have been talking about that was the reason I was not a good fit. I always knew in my mind there was 9000 reasons I could have been fired and being I did not get one specific answer from them I had to consider all the times I did not meet expectations and see how I could better myself.

With me I really can only work for myself and I can only work with people who can manage them self. I do not like to be “managed” and I certainly don’t like to “manage others”. Anyway Thats my Tip for success #14 – How To Fire Someone

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Great advice, Shoe. Another even better reason not to be specific when firing is that as an employer you gain nothing by telling people why they are being dismissed.

    If you want to be nice to them and try to give them advice, you should have done that in their last review. Its too late for that in the dismissal process.

    The ONLY thing you accomplish when you are specific about an incident or a reason you are firing someone is you open yourself up to a potential lawsuit.

    Keep in mind that to cover your rear, you technically need specific incidents DOCUMENTED ON PAPER with dates and actions taken. It is dangerous to fire someone because they have a “bad attitude” unless you can quantify that attitude and back your position up.

    I have had to fire employees for drug use, chronic tardiness, chronic absence, inappropriate behavior, an just because the person turned out to be less than advertised on their resume. I am never specific, but I am always polite. If I can provide a good recommendation, I be sure to tell them that I will do so if they need any help finding a new job.

    Firing people is not fun, but when you own a business you have to do it. It comes with the turf.

    1. The documentation is definately a necessity when it comes to the possibility of the employee filing for Unemployment Benefits or if the benefits are denied and they file an appeal.

      1. Yes indeed, furthermore there are a lot of labor laws involved particularly for foreign owned companies in certain countries who sack employees!

  2. Great post shoe. I have never worked anywhere long enough to be fired I guess, but your points are great. I also think its a good point to tell an employee you fire, as long as you didn’t fire them for complete incompetency, that they can use you as a reference and that you will put in a good word.

    Stressing that its not something wrong with them, but rather a mismatch with the position should help ease the tension.

  3. You never write about what you do for fun. Do you have any hobbies? Are you a cornnhuskers fan? If so, Go Buffs! What are your interests outside of work and family?

  4. Great post–getting fired is definitely a learning experience. There are definitely certain things I do and the way I conduct myself professionally because I, too, got fired (once or twice) LOL!

    I cannot believe you walked out after working at Target for 2 days! Was that after or during the training they were giving you? Seems to me that when I worked there (I worked at Target for like 2-3 years during college), I had to go through their “Target University” training for like a week or two.

  5. Donald Trump on how to fire someone “Whether you’re supernice or just plain blunt, the result is always the same: the person has been fired, and they’re going to hate your guts. Time might lessen the impact, but initially they aren’t going to take kindly to your trying to make it seem okay, because it’s not okay by them. So just be honest and let everyone move on.”


  6. Thanks for bringing up this discussion point Shoe. When I was fired from my previous position, my employer did it with class and respect and let me know it was a business decision that they couldn’t escape. I tried working on my own for 6 months after that and then started the job hunt again. When my previous employer found out I was looking, they asked me to come back a different, more fitting role.

    I think that if the situation had been different, if they named a reason I didn’t agree with or if I left in a fury and burned bridges, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m very happy with where I work today.

  7. Despite never having been fired, I have a similar job history 😉

    Currys, Oldham, England – Store closed down
    Currys, Hull, England – Store closed down
    Fanny Farmers, Lancaster, PA – Store closed down
    Royal Doulton, Lancaster, PA – Store closed down
    Kerek Trucking, Lancaster, PA – Company closed down
    Delmarva Millwork, Lancaster, PA – Going strong
    Systems & Information Dynamics, Philly, PA – Almost closed down, scraps bought by SAP
    AMP Inc, Harrisburg, PA – Closed down many locations after being bought by TYCO
    ObjectShare Inc, Irvine, CA – Almost closed down, scraps bought by StarBase
    SynXis, McLean, VA – Almost closed down, my division spun off as Innovectra
    Innovectra, Vienna, VA – Still in business
    RedBoots Consulting, McLean VA – Going strong 🙂

  8. Good point, it’s never the one incident becuase if it were, they could work past it… it’s usually a bigger overarching issue of fit, even if it sounds like the cowards way out. If you fit but just messed up, you can work past it, if you didn’t fit… well it’s hard to get past that.

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  10. Firing people because of one incident is typical of this impulsive idiots type bosses – seen this happen many times, actually. I am the kind of person who has a hard time firing people, and for me it must be a really long series of incidents.

  11. I LOVE happy Joes Pizza! Shame there isnt one closer to me, I have to have it as a treat now and then because the nearest one is an hours drive.

    Ok, more on topic. Know the laws in your state. Most states are whats called “At will” states – meaning you can fire someone for no reason at all. If your not in an ‘at will’ state, then you need to deal with that state’s laws.

    Your better off with a vague answer because then there is no debate. You’re not a good fit – is a great reason, because it cant be debated.

  12. I have to say, it takes balls to post an employment record like that! I’ve never heard of anyone who has been fired 8 times.

  13. I am 21 and I have had the joy of firing eight people, anywhere from $15/hr to $100k+ a year. I still remember my first (I was 20), and I was so nervous… I mentioned a bunch of specifics and he got very defensive (stupid me). He actually came to me after and said no hard feelings, you almost teared up (LOL).

    Now I hold strong, you are not right for the company, sorry about this, it’s me not you. We provide good severance packages and I always emphasize that.

    I was worried at first that it’s hard to start the conversation because they know it’s going to be bad, until I realized, so what if they realize it’s bad from the start or 3 minutes later.

  14. Affiliate Money Maker, I am with you on this.

    I usually give my employees multiple opportunities. Every time I call their attention, I make it clear what is it they are doing wrong.

    In the rare situations that I have to fire or one of my mangers fires somebody, the employee in question is pretty much waiting for it to happen.

  15. Wow, you’ve been fired a lot. I don’t think I’ve every been fired; however, my jobs always allow me to manage myself and have a strong opinion.

    I did get kicked out of a water park today for, “not obeying the lifegaurds.”

  16. After reading some of these posts I feel better about myself! At 51 I’ve been fired 3 times. All of them were because I was not a fit with the ‘culture’ of the business. Found out late in life I’m a better boss than employee.

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  18. If there’s anyone who mastered the art of firing, it’s the Donald alright.

  19. I agree; when firing someone, it has to be quick and as painless as you can possibly make it. Now, if they demand that you give them specific reasons for their termination, then that’s completely their right to know.

  20. I came across your blog and this was the first post i read. Seeing your work history made me think of my own. I never fit in any of the companies that I worked for.

    I started a small home based business (I still work full time) and enjoy that small business better than my regular job.

    Your blog is great and has given many ideas about what I am doing with my career.


  21. Learn the difference between “you’re” and “your”. Trying to sound like you know what you’re (note the apostrophe) talking about doesn’t work well if your (note the lack of apostrophe) writing looks ignorant.

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  23. Shoe, I don’t know how the law works over there, but here in the UK you have to be specific about why you’re firing someone. It is easy to fire someone if they’ve worked for you less than a year, but if it’s over a year, you have to go through a disciplinary process which would normal require you to discuss specific reasons why you’re not happy with the employees performance. It’s a real pain, and things do drag out, as you have to give them some warning that you want them to attend a meeting, then you have to have someone write everything down – you also have to give them the chance to appeal. Thought I better mention it incase anyone from the UK is reading your post, and gets themselves into trouble.

  24. mmmm nah id rather get the job done myself, hiring someone only increases my work.

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  26. I was never fired as I can remember. I had to leave always from other not related reasons. But I do like work under presure and than it is time when I manage other people to help me. so I like managing others even I dont have the power.

  27. Excellent post – I don’t think I have seen anyone else write about this before. I fired my first employee after only 3 days and later realized I was just expecting too much too soon. I really regret it now – he won’t work for me again.

  28. I was fired once and laid off another time. Between the ages of 18 to 25 I worked something like two dozen jobs and quit most of them after only a few months time. Talk about being bored!

    I have been working for myself for nearly five years now, before that 10 1/2 years with one company. I guess I have finally settled down!

  29. I love this!

    Getting fired is one of the best things that can ever happen to someone. It really makes you become aware of the fact that you never really liked your job in the first place. Otherwise, you would have done better at it!

    Much like women and dating. Men get “fired” before they even approach a woman, because they often don’t realize that the simple truths of eye contact, body language, and…

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  33. I hate having to fire people, and to that end, I’ve been pretty lucky. I was let go once (from Blimpie, of all places) WAAAY back, and I was fired once, back when I was lazy and playing pool 2 nights a week was more important to me than showing up for work those nights. These days, it’s the opposite and owning my own company gives me the ultimate in job security.

  34. Hahaha, that cracked me up. I took working at home full-time too, nobody to fire me now! and i’m certainly not firing myself… anytime soon anyway =p. Great post shoe!

  35. The politicaly correct term is now “We thought you would be a better match for this position when we hired you” or something similar. The employer takes the blame.

  36. I’ve had to fire people for 15 years now have companies in 5 states. The way you have to look at it is firing someone is a confirmation that they are simply not right for the job and you are in fact doing them a favor in firing them. This gives them the chance to go find a job that they are good at and get satisfaction from. By keeping them in a job that they show is not their ‘cup of tea’ as they say, you hurt all of those around them, your company and even them as you delay them in finding their true calling.
    I’ve had maybe 30 different jobs since I was 12 and never had the experience of being fired from one. I’ve quit them all when they weren’t right for me. I think I was lucky in knowing my strengths and weaknesses and knowing when to quit.
    For those of you who are about to be fired or think things are not so good, there’s a good book called What Color is Your Parachute that maybe you should check out. If you must work a full time job and don’t have any business that is viable yet, listen to ShoeMoney and sites like this for advice. Keep a blog or site and start planting seeds everywhere in business. Shoemoney is great to learn about affiliate income, and alternate income sources. Also check out Dosh Dosh, Andy Beard and John Chow.
    Also one minor note – finding the job of your dreams isn’t always possible. I had so many jobs and was unfulfilled in my life. I’m 38 now and have offline businesses in 5 states and do well. But to do that I worked a job that wasn’t the greatest ( Stockbroker) for like a decade. I look at it as sacrificing my life at that time for a better tomorrow. It worked, so maybe even my own advice to you is BS as I made the most money possible for myself in a relatively unhappy position.

  37. the best way to fire them is to have an ‘off the record’ chat. tell them that unless you receive there resignation today, you’ll make sure they never work within the industry again. it sounds harsh and unfair, but that way they resign and dont get fired with a crappy mark against there name and you get rid of them, oh and it works

  38. OMG! I’m sorry, I laughed hard because I thought it was so funny you just kept getting fired. Now, who can fire you? You’ve done a great job with this blog. I’d welcome your contributions to my Profitable Business Blogging program ( Best wishes and don’t fire yourself!

  39. Actually, your readers (or lack thereof) “hire” or “fire” a blogger. If you don’t care if you get read, then maybe you don’t have to worry, but if you’re writing to get noticed, then it matters a LOT.


  40. I like the way you are not ashamed at all about getting fired–but I guess that’s because you proved people wrong. I think my ultimate goal is to run my own business the way I think it should be run. Like you, I definitely don’t want to be “managed” by anyone else–nor do I like “managing” others.

  41. Personally I’ve never really been fired before, however I have had to terminate a few employee’s contracts. I think you hit the nail on the head, especially when stating it’s best not to get into a debate about a specific situation.

  42. yep, i’m playing the “working on my business at my job… until I get fired from my job for working on my business” deal… so far I’ve gone about 3 months producing absolutely NO results for my company…
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  43. You have to be cold. The worst thing you can do is to hire ppl just because u like them (e.g. friends, family members). Their work will suck and it’s hard to get rid of them!

  44. I thought that you’re supposed to fire people like “The Donald”!

    If the boss is actually giving feedback, the person being fired should not be surprised.

  45. The best line I ever used was: “I’ve lost confidence in your ability to do this job.”

    I’ve fired quite a few people in my career. I always try to boost their ego by telling them it was a business decision (duh), and that they can always use me as an employment reference. When I get that call, I just tell them the starting and ending dates and that this person just wasn’t a good fit for the position.

  46. That is a good point. If you’re not giving feedback, then the fired person would not know what improvements are expected of them.

  47. gotta fire an employee for time theft/ gas theft (company car) in the next couple of days… wish me luck!!! thanks for the tips along the way.

  48. A lawsuit? Seriously? What ever happened to good old fashioned layoffs? Hiring someone is not a contract that says you wont fire them. Just be human about your firings. That’s all I ask.

    There’s 2 main reasons for firing: personal and financial

    Most people don’t want to hear they are not wanted. Company downsizing is a much better thing to get fired over. “We like you, but we cant keep you.”

  49. fire someone – used to burn there things when their employment was ended by manager
    sacking someone- not as bad used to put belongings in a sack and throw them out

  50. 12 jobs changed so far! and hopefully there won’t be any new addition to the list above :d I also feel its better to work with people who can manage themselves. Dealing with people who are inexperienced or not motivated enough to work can be a major problem.

  51. That’s a nice way to fire people. Some bosses become too bossy and don’t even give you an employment reference, which is very painful for the employee.

  52. I have not been fired directly, only let go, so I don’t have as much experience with firings. I am in the position where I may have to do this for my own employees, so this is good to know.

  53. That’s a lot of jobs you’ve been through! Pretty impressive haaha !

    At least you’ve found what you wanted to do.


  54. wow you can be a true success story .. after all those drops in your life … you still made it to the top 🙂

  55. Great tip for success. I hope the day never comes that I have to fire someone but if it never comes then I guess my company really is not growing. I don’t want to fire someone but if it meant keeping my company growing in the right direction then I guess I would have to do the dirty deed and fire them. Trump makes it look so easy.
    Rob West

  56. Great tip, will probably help a lot of businesses to deal with workers not fit for their job

  57. Donald Trump has taken the words “You’re Fired” to new levels. He even tried to trademark them.

    I probably would use some different words to fire someone. “Your services are no longer required at our company.” or “We enjoyed your time here, but our company is going in a different direction.”

  58. Great point. Whenever you end some position, either you got fired by your job, or you fire your own job because its just not working out.

  59. I think most of the people are not brave enough to keep record of their firing history. But that’s good that you are proud about it lol.

  60. Hmmm… You are a living evidence that change is the only thing that is constant. 🙂 Whether one likes it or not, there comes a time when he is either fired from a job or he fires his job. At least it must happen once in a lifetime.
    Often times, when a guy has fought so well to resist being fired, they make the guy feel better by informing him that he is RETIRED!
    But come to think of it, using 3 letters RET in place of 1 letter F doesn’t change anything. The guy has just been fired (at the age of 60). I will rather fire the job while I am still young 🙂

  61. Being fired can be a life-learning experience. The last decent job that I was fired from taught me to try hard as hell to get my own business up and running.

  62. Your resume reads a lot like mine – I’ve fired many employers and now am working full time plus working for myself. Though this does not apply to everyone, I never thought there was a perfect job for me, unless I could work for myself. I’m the toughest boss I’ve ever had (and my wife is starting to think I’m a tyrant!), but I’m living my dream – just waiting for the money to follow.

  63. i only had one job before doing online marketing. but i quit so never felt the pain of being fired before. lol!

  64. Hiya Shoe, am new to your blog and am in process of exploring favourites at present. This post is very relevant, and the advice you give is sage and sound. Labour issues are always a pain in the backside, and here is South Africa there is tough legislation to protect the workers. The only way to deal with labour issues this side is to employ specialised outsourced brokers that do all the mediations and paperwork, making the process a lot less personal. Willy nilly hiring and firing is definitely not on the cards for any business, as it gets expensive when you add a dash of bad decision making.

  65. Getting fired could be the best thing that ever happens to you. Just think if it would have worked out at WellFargo, whos blog would we be reading everyday?

  66. I have never been fired before, but have quit. Those are some interesting pointers especially stating the incident for the reason being fired. That is a bad idea because it will lead to a debate or worse.

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  68. Solid advice shoe, but then there’s times you get fired for something so specific it’ll always stick out! Case in point:

    I worked at a carpet warehouse that was busy all winter and dead all summer because everyone was outside building decks. Winter I worked my ass off, summer I’d have little to do so I’d stay out of the manager’s site by climbing to the top row of carpets (20′ off the ground) and read Dragonlance novels all day. It was dark up there near the ceiling, so I bought an electric lamp. I brought blankets, pillows, snacks… soon I had a nest up there.

    Well one day I walk into the warehouse and find out someone bought one of the carpets right beneath my ‘nest’. As the warehouse manager is pulling free this 18′ roll of carpet with the forklift… out fall my books, lamp, blankets, pillows, drinks, and a whole assload of BBQ potato chips.

    My manager who was standing next to the forklift looks at me, dumbfounded. “Fired?” I shrug. “Fired” he says. So I grinned, grabbed my books, and left.

    THAT one sticks out in my mind no matter what my manager could’ve said. 🙂

  69. just wanna know u got fired or quit all those jobs plus without a college degree u got jobs?
    i dont think its possible in my country to have a job without going to college

  70. I really enjoyed that last part. For me, I can’t work in the corporate format. Corporatism (in this sense) represents a form of collectivist mania, that expects you to conform, and then punishes you when you succeed by giving you more responsibilities with not necessarily more pay. Oh, and then there are the deals with them losing your pensions, stocks, profit sharing, etc. Working for yourself is the best thing can happen to you. One wonders why children aren’t encouraged to go into business for themselves instead of being indoctrinated into someone’s ‘company.’

  71. It is easier said than done. For me firing someone spoils everything. I mean seriously no way, I would rather consider improving my hiring policy. If the hiring policies in all the places you worked at were good, I am sure you would not have got fired as many times! 😉

    anyways for interesting discussions on hiring, firing, pink slips, layoffs and other related topics including employment laws and the economy, you can visit

  72. Thanks god I didn’t even went for a job and directly started out in online business. I would have hated being fired.

  73. good post. I only had one job before doing online marketing. but i quit so never felt the pain of being fired before.

    1. Never let the boss fire you, in case you heard he/she will fire you, better move faster by fire them first 🙂

  74. Great advice. Getting fired is nothing to be ashamed of…it happens to everyone. Don’t feel too bad, everything happens for a reason and I guarantee you’ll be better off in the long run

  75. Jesus….you’ve gotten fired like crazy. Reminds me of Abe Lincolns story and how he’s failed so many times. He kept at it and look where he is now…dead. jk Being your own boss in everyone’s dream, unfortunately, most people just can’t do it. This is why being average is easy,but being successful is rare.

  76. We just had a guy get fired here last friday. Thing was he was working from home that day via company laptop. Being he was a contractor his firm at to let him know. Sad walk up to security disk to collect his things from him

  77. I’ve only been fired once and the person doing it was TOO nice, I would have prefered if she was more blunt to the facts instead of droning on about appreciation and how she didn’t really want to do it (lies).

  78. A very funny post though it is not that funny.
    FIRING – How many times has it happened that the person firing explains the actual reason for firing the person being fired. I (in my profession) have been a party to so many such decisions, but when it comes to explaining the reasons for firing, there are some vague philosophical reasons that are quoted.

  79. This post reminds me something. I stumble over this post, because this is the most favorite post by your readers. Firing maybe a good start for better jobs.

  80. I just had standard chartered financial advisor fired lol. Not a professional services I got for these years, lack of updates

  81. We should try to give him a responsible for his job…
    so he can show his talent

  82. Well,
    what should I say. I wonder, why this post is posted and why it is so popular. Should we learn something about that? There must be something, which fancies many people, but for me it is odd.

  83. I will fire my boss in the next 3 months (once my interviews with other companies done), seems like I have no future here 🙁

  84. loool , but the best way to fire someone is simply by saying the magic sentence ” you’re fired “

  85. Rarely are people told the real reason for being fired , unless of course it’s an obvious case of doing something unacceptable such as stealing or bonking the bosses wife…

  86. The fact that you are fired many times made you tough. You found a career for yourself. The statistics would have been more interesting had you included how many you have fired since you began your own business.

  87. Thats a lot of hit,s but it also shows you never gave up and got where you are could take alot of positives from this…nice article

  88. I fired many people in the course of duty as HR people. I’m getting pretty good at firing people, so much so that those fired ex-colleagues still called for chit chat.

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  90. firing someone need a mental practice and Thank God, I never fire someone and even being fired…

  91. I totally agree with you, I admire a boss who steps up and is honest with you about your performance and actually lets you learn the lesson. So many times being fired is layered with icing and sugar.

  92. So true. Hard to be on the receiving end of being fired and being the one doing it. If it isn’t a personality issue, then knowing an honest reason can help to build on. Thanks for the insight.

  93. I belive the honest and appropriate way is to call him to office.

  94. I had to fire someone, a person I liked, for the first time yesterday. Very difficulty and really tugs at your emotions.

  95. Firing anyone is probably one of the most stressful aspects of any managerial position.

  96. Sometimes being fired is a blessing in disguise – some people land a better job and others start what become successful businesses.

  97. I lost my job with everyone else soon after 911. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I have worked for myself ever since, and frankly have no business respect for my former employer. That company is out of business and I am now financially secure.

    If my former boss is reading this, i’d like to remind you that ‘ I TOLD YOU SO’ 🙂

  98. Awesome tip, its very important to give them one STRONG reason why they have been fired.

  99. Damn dude, I’ve had just about as many jobs but have never been fired. Not saying I’m better or anything but that’s quite an impressive ratio of jobs to firings.

    At least you’re doing a great job helping out people now and no one can fire you anymore.

  100. Hey Shoe,

    So you say fired….. Did you really get fired from those or are you just saying like you say in your opening paragraph….. Fired is when you get fired or you quit (you fired the job) Crazy if you got fired from all those places man…. but kind of awesome what you turned yourself into man!

  101. I am going to fire myself from some of the mundane task required in internet marketing and start outsourcing.

  102. When youdo have to fire someone they are not usually surprized. They kinda know things are not going well for them and many time they are already looking for a new job.

    Good Post!

  103. Lol!!! You must have really been a crappy employee 🙂 Definitely better off working on your own!

  104. Too funny I used to work at Target too and I walked out after two days….they put me on parking lot duty gathering carts! I’m no f’ing way I’m doing this and that was when I hopped in my car and left.

  105. Too funny I used to work at Target too and I walked out after two days….they put me on parking.

  106. Really good vita, i think it was the right descision to start your own business. cheers

  107. I am so glad i have never been in a postion to fire somebody. But I know there will come a time, where I have to be firm. This post really helps how to handle a situation like that.

  108. It’s so interesting. I didn’t have too many jobs yet, but definitely working for yourself is the best thing to do.

  109. I love the valuable data you be offering on your articles. I can bookmark your blog and have my kids take a look at up here generally. I’m slightly sure they’ll learn quite a lot of new stuff right here than anybody else!

  110. This was even more helpful than the great article I found on firing someone on I had already planned to keep things general, but you have given me a number of great reasons why I’m right to continue with that approach.

    Firing is a horrible business, and like all negative tasks I have had to undertake, I am going to try and make it as positive as possible, both for my company and for the person being fired.

    Thanks Shoe.

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  112. Where are you from that you were fired from Happy Joes? And even Eagles..I worked in Marketing for Hy-Vee Food Stores–they kind of fired Eagles… I am from the Quad Cities- Illinois– So fun to come across you blogging about getting fired from those 2 places.. Many people need moments that will make them have wake-up calls in order to truly realize where their true passion lies.. many times..getting fired does that! Wishing you much continued success..

  113. It all depends on what you want to hear versus the reality of the situation. When one gets fired they should generally realize that they failed to perform. Either the job was above their skill level or they were simply there to pick up a check every week.

  114. Lol, I haven’t got fired ever till now. Because my boss is similar to me only.

  115. now a days you cant just fire someone with out worrying about them bustin a cap in your ass

  116. Funny how the process of firing someone works in reverse through retrospection of the firer. You have to rationalize to yourself before you can pass judgement on someone else. From my own personal experience, never do it over lunch. Makes it real awkward to make small talk afterwards.

  117. Fast as fast can be, you can’t fire me!

    …cuz I work for myself, it’s the best career choice I ever made. On the down side my brother tried it too and he lost everything he had, it’s NOT for the faint of heart (or people who hate macaroni when starting out, now I love the stuff but hated it then ?!)

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