Paralysis by analysis you see it every day. People sit and wonder about what they could be doing. They get all excited about owning there own website and making it happen. I get emails every day from people asking me what I think of there great idea. The ones I do answer I am very blunt with and I tell them exactly why i think it will fail or succeed. I am ALWAYS stunned when they respond with “Well I emailed x and x and x about it and they really liked it. They I always respond with SO FRICKIN DO IT ALREADY. I probably come off as a complete jerk but I mean seriously if you have this revolutionary idea of something that has never been done before do you think that I have some insight on how it will do? I mean I can take a stab at it but really you need to fricking do it? What are you waiting for?

I know people that have had what are probably million dollar ideas that have been sitting on a business plan for over 2 years… I mean seriously….

When you sit on the pot a few things will happen to you.

1) You email enough people your idea someone will run with it themselves and you will be pissed when they do.

2) You wait long enough technology will pass you by and your service will no longer be needed.

3) Someone will do your idea.

Take for instance my mobile dating site that I started 4 years ago. I did this even before ring tones. Basically I wanted to make a site where people could date over SMS texting. The thing is after I got it so it worked I lost interest in it. I never thought there would be much interest in it… meanwhile now 4 years later all these companies are poping up with mobile dating services.

Also people are always afraid that they will fail… One of the things that irritates me the most is when you tell someone they have great idea and they need to move on it they will sit there and come up with excuses why it wont work one after another after another…

When I was working on my first ring tone community website so many people told me it was a waste of time… including my wife but I really thought allowing allowing users to create, upload and share there ringtones with the world was a cool idea. I had no idea how it would make money back then but I just wanted to make a cool service people could use. Now those sites have made more money then I ever dreamed possible and they opened up many doors into other markets. And now while ringtones are dying off more every day we were able to leverage the relationships we made in that market to make some of our other corporations thrive.

Here is the thing. I have ALWAYS learned more from my failures then from my successes. In fact many times I think that early success is the worst thing that can ever happen to you because you settle for it and you take it for granted. You want to be a internet millionaire? Get busy and start trying stuff today. It doesn’t matter where you start. Expect failure and learn from it.

So ya not to be all rah rah rah but seriously… get after it!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. People should not be afraid of failing. A lot of my ideas have failed but in turn the things that I have learned have helped other ideas work and grow even bigger and better then they could have.

    Get the wheels in motion when you have an idea. Google, Ebay, Myspace and Youtube were all my ideas and I was just too slow.

    Ok I made that last part up.

  2. Ideas are not hard to come up with, executing them is far more difficult. There are a lot of search engines, but Google is the biggest (even though they weren’t the first), so it’s important to DO, not just contemplate.

  3. “When I was working on my first ring tone community website so many people told me it was a waste of timeÒ€¦ including my wife but I really thought allowing allowing users to create, upload and share there ringtones with the world was a cool idea.”

    I had to hit this up because I experienced it myself. Don’t ever listen to naysayers… if you believe in it, do it. If you fail… who cares, move on. Sure, there might be people who are right sometimes, but some (not saying your wife is one of them) do it because they dont want to see you succeed.

  4. I get quite a few people asking me for advice on an idea they just had. Some were crazy and some were cool. I used to follow up with friends and encourage them to crack on with it. They never do though. I just leave them to tell me their idea and say great… go do it. I am yet to find a friend who has acted on it. LOL.

  5. Flashbacks. The only time I’ve heard “Shit Or Get Off The Pot” is when a girl i dated for 7 years mom would say it about marriage. (we never married)

    it’s an excellent quote about internet marketing as well, thanks for the perspective.

  6. Fantastic post, and I have to admit I struggle with this all the time – “its all been done already” “It wont work” etc etc.

    The irony is I didn’t do this, back in 1996 when there were already 2500 free RPGs on the NET and everyone said “too many MUDs” already I started one, it is now one of the most popular out there. Even with this lesson learned, I still fight with it on new projects…

  7. btw… this post means you are not going to answer to my mail about my idea? πŸ˜‰

  8. Some of the best advice I was ever given in terms of making money online was “Just do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, just DO IT” basically the point was, as you’ve said here, just do something and get moving and then learn from your mistakes as you go. I don’t know if it’s my personality or what but I have to remind myself of that constantly.

  9. Excellent post, Shoe. I think this is something many people struggle with when they’re beginning something new. I’ve just been reading this great book of interviews with some of the best tech entrepreneurs called “Founders At Work” (published by Apress) and it’s amazing to see how so many of these people just kept going despite numerous failures until they found the right idea.

  10. This reminds me of a similar inspirational post from SEOBlackHat called Do It Fucking Now. Both yours and that one should be required reading for any wannabe entrepreneur who is scared of failure, including myself.

    Thanks for the great TFS series, Shoe!

  11. Failure can be a success if you learn something valuable from it. Procrastination is a curse that unfortunately I too, suffer from.

    Sometimes it really does take a kick in the arse to get things done. When they are, you wonder why you left it so long!

    – Martin Reed

  12. That definitely motivates me to get some of my ideas out there as fast as I can! Thanks a lot.

  13. I’m beginning to see ideas as threads that you catch a hold of, and if you don’t do something with it, it will move one and someone else will;-)

    I wrote on a very similar topic in April – when the guy who insisted he could manage multi-million dollar projects from start to finish balked at the thought of running his “own” project…

    All of the Rewards … None of the Risks

  14. I’ve got a great idea for a business.

    Take some rocks and put them in cardboard boxes. Call them pets and give out instruction manuals on how to train them and maintain them. I’ll call it the “Pet Stone” or the “Pet Rock” or something.

    Nah, who am I kidding? It’ll never work.

  15. I think you should take your own advice and s— out your web based paintball target free gas station idea. I have a gas station right up the street from my house that would be perfect. You and all the shoemoney sherpas can shoot at me every day when I fill up my hauling truck & trailer. it would be great.

  16. Steve at SaveAndMake helped me finally make the leap, but about ringtones, since you mention the community, user uploading, etc. I wonder what happened to – know anything about that site? Those ****heads owe me $20 bucks for money I put in but never used!

    I thought that was a great site, and still think it’s a great idea…

  17. Amen. Your comments are right on. How can any success be attained by thinking and not action. T.S.Elliot say it best…actionharacter.

  18. Wives can make it hard to succeed at times! My wife, like many, loves her security blanket. She’s not a risk taker and prefers a steady income.

    I say she’s killed many of my good ideas. In reality, she probably saved me from making a few mistakes, but we’ll never know, will we? Sometimes you have to acknowledge their fears and concerns and keep on truckin’ down the same path. They’ll get pissed, but they’ll get over it πŸ™‚


  19. There is also another type of paralysis from analysis. There was a time when I was frequently checking my stats (adsense, feedburner, uniques etc.), trying to think up more ideas, researching stuff on DigitalPoint then when I was done, Id go check my stats and the loop went on. Rather than actually closing all browser windows and doing some actual work.

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  21. People should not be afraid of ideas. Ideas should be afraid of people! In Soviet Union, all your idea are belong to us! Wait, this doesn’t look like Slashdot…

  22. Yep, I can’t agree more. I’ve wasted tons of time thinking, planning, dreaming but not implementing. Then I started implementing and things started to happen.

    Most importantly money started to come in.


  23. you need to learn when to use THEIR vs. THERE
    very painful to read your posts … yeah, i know it didn’t stop you from making millions but it’s still very painful to read

  24. I’m trying to learn how to except failure if it happens but the fear comes from making contacts who I’d still have to live with seeing everyday. Failing after selling them that my service is the next best thing. That fear.

    But, like Shoemoney says, screw that fear and know that more comes from failure then success. So its all good.

  25. This is an interesting comment. My EX wife used to prefix most of the crap that came out of her mouth with “you cant just…” (learn how to rock climb, build a boat, become a snowboard instructor, make a coffee table, start a business, take a big risk like that, sell a product, act on an idea, find someone better than me). But it’s funny, b/c as soon as her title changed from MRS to EX (by her choice), I found out “I can just…” Today I’m the Ex husband that’s snowboard instructin boat buildin risk takin big idea havin’ woodworkin’ high school sweetheart marryin (2nd wife) sittin’ on 1.2 million in rental property and diggin life. And her? living pay check to pay check, collectin pseudo allamony (child support) no boyfriend havin dinky townhouse squatin, INSIDE the box livin conservative sucking up her parents resources when ever the rain falls.

    So when they say “you cant just” say f you, yes I can and I will. Didn’t babe ruth strike out more times than he hit home runs? Wasn’t Donald Trump broke in the 80’s?

    Ok, i’m off my soap box. Can you tell I have some feelings about this one πŸ™‚

  26. […] Shoemoney has a great approach and warns you of the risks of delaying when it comes to taking action on something in his ongoing tips. “Shit or get off the pot“ […]

  27. I’ve had many many ideas, and I always say to myself as soon as I think of one – great 7 other guys around the world thought about it with me. Someone will probably do it before me, so get to work.

    Sometimes I just let it be and just put in some hard work. If it works it works, if it fails I learned why I failed and do better the next time.

  28. For Pete’s sake Shoe, you’re a smart guy. There is a difference between “there” and “their.” If you don’t want to bother with elementary grammar, consider hiring a proofreader.

    Other than that, thanks for a great letter! πŸ˜‰

  29. “THERE” refers to a place, i.e. “over THERE.” “THEIR” is possessive, i.e. “go to a Univerisity and take all of THEIR English courses.” Learn it, practice it, use it.

  30. I’m glad to see i’m not the only one that has done this. I’m wondering when this will be tagged with a behavioral disorder term. I was thinking…

    1. obsessive affiliate disorder
    2. payperclickanoid
    3. analysis paralysis
    4. affiliatitus

    All can be treated but not cured with three cans of Monster and upgrading to a 36 hour day from the obviously ineffective 24.

  31. Yup, it’s no coincidence that these two are so successful. Maybe Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign was on to something.

  32. exactly, I quickly found out that if you wait for the million dollar idea to fall in your lap you’ll pass up thousands of $1,000 ideas that would have added up to your million bucks.

  33. The net is one big cliche nowadays.. sometimes theres good reason not to proceed with an idea. Sometimes there’s also a good reason to seek the advice and perspectives of third parties.

    Were that not the case, the Elite Retreat might not be such an interesting prospect.

    Just remember folks – you jump in too soon and you could lose. The whole Gun-ho notion of just do it is what lay behind 90% of todays FAILURES. So if you prefer to learn through failures, get out there and join the masses.

    If you prefer to succeed, check, double check, sit on it a while, then check again. If it still looks good from all angles, THEN get out there and do it.

    Stumbling across success like Shoemoney is one thing. Creating it is entirely another πŸ™‚

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  35. My dad used to tell me that there are only two kinds of people in the world of business — those who succeed and those who are afraid to succeed. I mean, I’ve always believed him to be right; we all fail at some point in our lives. The only way for a person to truly fail is by fearing the possible. You move on, learn as much as you can, and do something to improve the world.

  36. Believe me, I have already had 4 ideas that I should have done and lost them on the way and then I saw them implemented, I told my friends to shot me if I tell about an idea and then not implement it…

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  38. Well, maybe not just anything (playing flashgame online won’t earn you that much money).

  39. […] Shoemoney wrote an excelent article on do it or lose it and his conclusion is that: I have ALWAYS learned more from my failures then from my successes. In fact many times I think that early success is the worst thing that can ever happen to you because you settle for it and you take it for granted. Posted in Make money online | (0) Comments – 1 Views […]

  40. There is nothing to learn, he should just code a mod that would automaticaly replace ‘there’ by ‘their’ and we would be their.

  41. I can relate to the part in this post about everyone saying your ideas are a waste of time, I also get alot of this and it can really slow you down. I just keep convincing myself that if I work hard enough and keep up these late nights ill eventualy get there, anyway thanks for the little push in the right direction, and I think ill just ignore the haters from now on πŸ˜›

  42. Good stuff! This is a key mindset for anyone, in any business. I must admit I’ve never heard it stated as “Shit or get off the pot” though lol.

  43. Great stuff! This is a key mindset for anyone, in any business. I must admit though I’ve never heard it stated like you did in your title.

  44. I think you’re awesome mate. I would say I love you .. but this isn’t the time πŸ˜€

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  46. Not to mention one should keep all great ideas to oneself until you’ve at least got your foot in the door starting the project!! A copyright would be even better before you go blabbing it to the world!

  47. Gosh, just keep it simple. You can really dig too deep, but it’s nice having deep records when you need to prove something very specific like sales.

  48. “Well I emailed x and x and x about it and they really liked it”

    Reminds me of every X Factor show that’s on here recently. Someone comes in who can’t sing for shit and when they’re told so, they get really nasty and often their parents come in kicking off at the judges!! πŸ˜€

  49. Mobile dating site is very good topic this days, you started such site 4 years before meance you are 4 years ahead of other webmasters.

  50. Nice post, good point. I wouldn’t think emailing somebody and telling everyone about your great new idea is a good idea anyway. If it is good enough to be stolen it will be then it’ll be done by somebody with more money more time and more resources. Also I think anyone who emails you to ask if it’ll work can’t have much faith in their new ideas anyway if they need to ask.

  51. I would pay for this information. You have answered the question I have been wanting to know and now I don’t even have to ask about it. Years ago I bought a website “toilettime”.com. I told all my friends about how I was going to make this site and most of them thought it was a good idea, I even had a friend willing to put up some of his own money to make it happen. Long story short, i never did anything with this site or the idea. I am sure i could have failed, but at least I would have tried and I would have gained valuable experience. Thanks for keeping it real.

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  53. Still one of my favorite posts to read. I’m a pretty analytical guy and sometimes get analysis paralysis. When I sense I’m slipping into it, I think of this post and the SEO Black Hat “Do It F’ing Now” post. Helps get me in the right frame of mind every time.

  54. So true – I never run out of mistakes to make. But I’ve learned from them – and they didn’t kill me yet.

  55. thanks for your blunt answer. I just started making some money. I need to digest more info though. I’m getting an overload.

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  58. Appreciate all your insight you’re speaking about it so others can know! Definitely will keep in mind. To tell you the truth, what I finally figured out is, you have to bring about the situation that first brought you together and also avoid a lot of poor decisions we all naturally make if you want to save marriage alone

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