Disclosure: I like Rand and think he is is very noble and high integrity. I consider him a friend.

Its kind of funny how completely opposite me and Rand Fiskin are on the whole full disclosure deal. I could make more arguments for my case but I would rather we debate the issue on my radio show next Tuesday! I emailed Rand and lets see what he says.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

23 thoughts on “SeoMoz Vs ShoeMoney”
  1. If anybody has integrity then it is Shoe: Last time I checked out the Seomoz blog it was nothing more than blog ilike with getting Diggs – nothing else… no usefull content on SEO or make good webpages…

  2. I think you two come from different perspectives, he’s offering an SEO service whereas you’re working for yourself. He needs to remain impartial (or at least the impression) whereas you don’t… if I’m paying you for an opinion, you better not be taking money from who you choose to recommend. If I’m not paying you for anything, you can do whatever you want, you gotta pay the bills.

  3. my point for the post titled “assume the position” was that you should assume everyone has motives for what they write then make your own conclusions.

  4. dude you smoke too much crack. Rand is a very prolific blogger constantly feeding the industry with interesting tips and insights. All who know him like him.

    Shoe and Rand are two great guys. This isn’t Shoe vs. Rand. This is about a public discourse on disclosure. It’ll be a lively debate with no sure outcome. An opinion isn’t ‘right’ just because it is yours. Shoe is wrong all the time, so is Rand. Though i lean towards – of course i am making money off of this – do i really need to SAY IT? But Rand is much prouder of his moral state than I am.

  5. I can see it from both sides of the issue but IMO you need to take everything ANYONE says with a grain of salt. One of my professors used to say “Never trust a preacher or a teacher.” I thought it was odd coming from a teacher but his point was to make sure what you hear lines up with the facts before you believe it. If someone tells you 2+3=9 it doesn’t matter whether they were paid to tell you that or not, you should be smart enough to realize it’s not.

  6. I was going to make this post earlier, but I forgot.

    Here is the US Law, from the FTC.

    Shoe is right and Rand is right.

    It is all about context: for Shoe, and his readers, they should assume everything is an affiliate -even if it isn’t.

    For Rand, who wants to be more careful, his readers need explicit disclosure because Rand isn’t out hawking everything.

    There is no absolute answer, it depends on the audience and their expectations. Saying that I expect Shoe to hawking everything is not a knock on Shoe – it is just a resaonble expectation.

    Similarly, with Rand, I don’t expect every reference to contain an affiliate link and so I look to see what disclosure there is.

    If Rand stared to hawk without disclosure or Shoe stopped being an affiliate marketeer, well I would be confused – but so then would their audiences. The FTC rule on testimonials would be the least of their problems!

  7. Do let us know if and when Rand agrees to the show. It would be a very interesting one alright.

  8. The way I see it is that whether it’s an affiliate link or not doesn’t come into play until the person who clicked on it buys the product. If they buy the product, why shouldn’t the person who introduced them get a kickback?

    I see where Rand is coming from in terms of the trust issue but the fact is that I wouldn’t buy a product just because the Shoemeister recommended it. It might put it on the radar but I wouldn’t instantly reach for the credit card just because.

    It’s pretty easy to see whether someone is recommending a product purely for financial gain and if you’re not smart enough to see it, you deserve everything you get. j/k 😉

  9. maybe Rand should take Shoemoney’s advice. Could be thats a reason why Rand’s #s that he disclosed while back are so low, and Shoemoney is ballin like a true pimp.

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