Last week I made a contest where the person who had the #1 score on the hard for the shoemoney group on desktop tower defense would win a 100$ shopping spree on Amazon from me.

When I woke up Tuesday TylerC had just destroyed all competition with a score in the 9,000 range.

I emailed him, congratulated him on his victory and asked him what he wanted. I also asked if I could ask him a question to get a quote from him on the blog.

He selected this from the amazon store

The question I posed to him was pretty simple:

Shoemoney: You pulled out a huge victory in the ShoeMoney DeskTop Tower Defense challenge. Can you give us a little insite on how one achieves such a dominating performance?

His answer?

TylerC: Well, after looking through the rules I noticed that nothing was said that we actually had to play the game. Using this to my advantage, I opened up my trusty memory hacker that every shady blackhat should have (how else would you send traffic with highscores?) and got to work. In about 10 mins my 1337 skills granted me access to unlimited money, unlimited time, whatever the frick I wanted. I know there was some whiners but its not my fault they where afraid to test the waters, I saw it as a way to get some new office supplies for free 🙂 Thanks for the competition Shoe, and shout-outs to Ice and Mick 😉 Also, look forward to a little tutorial on how to do it at


I was pretty surprised this game was so easily cheated and while I wish someone would have won playing the game straightup I am a man of my word and paid out as he was the #1 (dont hate the player hate the game).

So I guess no more flash games contests lol.. I have a few more ideas in the pipe though for a contest soon.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

42 thoughts on “Congrats TylerC On The DTD Challenge”
  1. you aren’t really lucky with you contests… i still remember the seo contest 😉

  2. Dangit! I should have known. I couldn’t even touch that score on the easy level.

  3. Ha Ha, that’s class. Though, to be fair, he was only doing what Shoemoney has himself suggested a number of times in the past. I often recall him saying at one point on a show that ‘The gray area’s where you make the money’ – as in not doing the obvious. I think there should be a special prize for showing such devious initiative.

  4. Doesn’t require a special prize though. I think the main prize is pretty appropriate.

  5. This reminds me of all the guys making huge cash from virtual goods using World of Warcraft type bots. SEOblackhat had a good post about virtual goods about a month ago.

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  7. Hahahah. That’s awesome! By the way, my kids and I are now addicted to DD. Thanks for nothing… 😉

  8. That shouldnt count. I mean, its kind of impressive that he figured out what to do but the contest was about playing the game straight up.

    “nothing was said that we actually had to play the game”

    Are you kidding me? Its a game, of course its assumed you have to play it.

  9. at least this one didn’t lead to a lot of spamming and people hating him 🙂

  10. Just another true-life example of those who know how to cheat the system come out on top, and those of us who don’t know how, or who follow our parents teachings to not cheat, continue to plug away by the rules and come out on the bottom.

  11. Congrats to him… that game was hard and I sure didn’t have the time to sit and battle it out….haha.

  12. Wow TylerC. I don’t have any respect for your cheating ways. But now I have a tiny bit of respect for the fact that you finally came clean about it.

  13. Put it this way… If I had said anything before and people found out it was okay everyone would have done it and I would not have won. Stop crying.

  14. damn this game is addictive! been playing it for 30 minutes and got around 2000 on hard, is that good or just average?

  15. I swore off the game, never to touch it again. But NOW that I know you can backdoor it…hmm…unlimited money would be pretty cool. OK, I’m in. Looking for the RotInPieces guide soon…

  16. Congrats to TylerC

    Hey man anyone complaining is just trying to wash away the taste of sour grapes 😉 If I’d found a hack I’d have used it – maybe a few others would have too lol.

  17. All you did was take Shoe at his word, nothing wrong with that, although you did miss out on all the fun and lost productivity. =P

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  19. Shoe, I don’t know whether to curse you or praise you for turning me on to desktop td. =) I’ve already wasted so much time on it lol. Thanks for the contest and congrats to TylerC! Now I have to get back to it, defense that is….

  20. C’mon people – Tyler C just smoked ya! Looks like from the comments I’m glad I never clicked the link.

  21. […] Tower Defence, “some guy” of course fired up Tsearch and throw a lot of points his way. The result was of course, that he won (even though he cheated), and afterwards he posted a simple guide to do […]

  22. That if you want it bad enough you will do whatever it takes to make it happen..

  23. “Its a game, of course its assumed you have to play it.”

    Why do you have to assume that?

  24. I’d say Tyler won the prize fair and square. He did read the rules after all, which is saying a lot. Some people never even bother browsing game rules. Congrats on the win, T. I suggest beating other people the old school way some time though — could be a whole lot more fun.

  25. Yea man…?! Givin’ away anymore sooooon!?!? Guess you don’t really need the promo anymore though huh..

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