Perez Hilton – (formally The “Gangsta of Gossip”) now the “Queen Of All Media” was on Geraldo at large yesterday. Cheers Perezito nice work! Perez Hilton’s site has now become the offical place to go to find the latest in breaking hollywood celeb gossip.

Perez is really a increadible site… bringing in over 100k/month in advertising the dude gets it. I would venture to say has become one of the most trafficked blogs there is. Now if he would only run instead of Pheedo…. (Perez they have stuff on eBay your readers would love – have your people call my people).

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

36 thoughts on “Perez Hilton On Geraldo At Large”
  1. I have to admit, I use his site anytime I want to find the latest gossip or photos on celebs. Amazing how fast he has grown it.

  2. This is awesome…. that blog, even though i hate celeb blogs, is funny and the ad cost is HUGE! 9000 a month for the right side skyscraper!

  3. the crazy thing is the site continues to grow and will only continue to grow as peoples need for the latest scoop or gossip grows!

  4. That’s some crazy numbers. What about – that’s another big site that always is quoted all over the news.

  5. Hey shoemoney, great blog. I just signed for auction ads, want to start making money. I guess you have to hang around people who know how to make money.

  6. I read that he steals the content. I doubt $100k would nearly cover the costs for the picture rights.

  7. I think TMZ will be coming up to numbers like this pretty soon (if not already). THose guys know how to run a media-circus.

  8. actually he gets pictures from people who try to sell them… thats why you see contact xxxx to buy this photo

  9. i had to drop him from my rss a while ago. He’s like those ketel one and tonics I like to down on the weekend… Good in small doses – makes you violent in larger amts. With 20 updates a day you can spend your entire day perusing…

  10. So funny that you post this today because I just stumbled onto his website yesterday and I was really intrigued.

  11. that is quite an amazing accomplishment…. but it doesn’t mat shoemoney 😉

  12. I was one of the first advertisers on his site. Got a link for 6 months for like $75 a month. That was the best investment ever.

  13. Those rates are incredible.

    It is one of the few blogs that you could talk about with non-webby types and they know who/what you are talking about though. I don’t know but I would think he would have the highest ‘brand recognition’ of any blogger out there.

  14. I don’t see any links like that? I thought he just jacked other peoples pics then put those white dots on them and claimed fair use because he was altering the pics. Actually wasn’t he getting sued for that, or is that over already?

  15. It is impressive that he’s made such a living with his Paint edited pictures in this Photoshop world we live in.

  16. I wonder where he is getting the pictures from, private source or somewhere from the web..

  17. He’s got the gossip and often adds a funny twist and pictures… with the US like it is who wouldn’t want to read!

  18. When are we going to see Shoemoney On Geraldo At Large.
    Should be good.


  19. I used to read the site all the time but thanks to my mobile operator they keep banning it from the network. I must get back into it soon

  20. looks like a tough one… it’s hard to make that kind of money with a couple of ads.

  21. perezhilton will never report any bad news on Paris Hilton in return money from her. She’s on record for being a racist and anti-gay and yet the perez who is out never calls her on the bullshit. Yet he went after Isiah Washington for a gay slur. The man is not consistent.
    He dumps on normal stars doing pretty average stuff but NEVER reports a single bad report on his best friend noted racist Paris. Many cool people now protest his site and go to Much funnier and wittier!!!

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